Jesse Stay
Hey FriendFeed team - any chance you can enable the streaming service on FriendFeed work with the iPhone-generated m4a voice memo files?:
Jesse, AAC files, specifically for the use case you describe here, is something Bret said they are looking to support: - Mark Trapp
Mark, awesome - I think that will be very useful for mini-podcasts from the voice-memo app on my iPhone - Jesse Stay
This is what i'm thinking too: mini-podcasts right from the iPhone. How cool! - Mark Traphagen
I spent the last hour going over this with Harley and Worthington. audioboo is good for now up to 5 minutes - Josh Haley
Josh, what's audioboo? - Jesse Stay
Cinch is a good option as well - Bwana ☠
Bwana, yeah, I've used Cinch and I think the phone posts are useful. However with the voice memo option on the iPhone it makes it so much easier, and more flexible. - Jesse Stay
Sorry, was driving... Audioboo is a micro podcasting util. Audio only plus take a picture. Meant for use with iPhone pretty exclusively I think. I used the free app and it works great. Set up RSS feed into FF and voila. - Josh Haley
Josh, ah, sounds like another Cinch equivalent, although no iPhone app for Cinch. - Jesse Stay
"Christoper: (via Bret) "Unfortunately we only can play back MP3s at this point. The iPhone voice memos are in M4A (AAC), so we really want to support them, but it is a bit more difficult with Flash and our media setup at the moment." - Ross Miller" - - Tim Hoeck