Nathan Chase
I think it would be really useful to have a mechanism that allows us to sort our subscriptions by their last usage date, or by level of engagement via commenting or liking - that way we could see who are the "ghosts" of FriendFeed, and unsubscribe to those folks accordingly - especially now that real-time is the paradigm for the future
want :) - Meryn Stol
Good idea. - Roberto Bonini
I wish I could "Like" this multiple times! - Pat Hawks
@Pat - just continue to comment on it to keep the awareness level high :) - Nathan Chase
Maybe I could be that guy that just keeps commenting "Bump" - Pat Hawks
you could be that guy Pat. :) - Nathan Chase
Bret, Paul... what do you guys think? - Nathan Chase
Nathan - DM them :) - Roberto Bonini
@Roberto - I would if they subscribed to me. :) - Nathan Chase
Ah. Right - Roberto Bonini
I just figure eventually they'll see the post, since it's in all of the FriendFeed Feedback rooms - Nathan Chase
Bump :-P - Pat Hawks
Yes it would. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Woah, hi, it's me. I'm never in these things. - Akiva
@Akiva, you just happen to be right at the top of my alphabetically sorted list of people I'm subscribed to. :) - Nathan Chase
Thanks for reassuring me that it'll never happen again. Heh heh heh. - Akiva
@Akiva just rename yourself to _Akiva - you'll be first on everyone's list. :) - Nathan Chase
I may not be the first in everyone's list but I'm the first in everyone's heart. - Akiva
The way I used to see who was a "ghost" (and also the way I would decide whether to subscribe to someone), was to check and see if they made "native" posts to FriendFeed or only fed in other services. I don't see any way to do that in this beta interface and that concerns me. And Akiva, you absolutely are first in everyone's heart (or funnybone at least). - Laura Norvig
I don't follow your point. Why would you want to unsubscribe from these people? They certainly aren't contributing to noise. What's their harm to your stream? - Nick in Manila
@Nick, they are contributing to noise if they have several services set up that flow into my home feed. I don't have any way of knowing if they're still "here" and participating unless I know either 1) when they last "liked" something, or 2) when they last posted a comment - basically signs that they're actually on and interacting with other people. I also happen to be more OCD about pruning people that don't add value for me - I have the same issues on Twitter. - Nathan Chase
=.= - Ivan Lee
Nathan: Thx. I see your point. - Nick in Manila