OMG People is dying! Somebody found a method to post to FF for any user via email! He or she can post in the name of other users. AND These users reported this issue!
A big security vulnerability. They must be using Something is also wrong here: - AlpB.
A true story. OMFG! - İbrahim Uzun [ j ]
think bigger MVB... now 'you' can post duds in Nayyar's feed ;P - vijay
Bret is pwned, too: - AlpB.
LOL MVB and vijay - Josh Haley
We're working on it right now. Email posting is disabled until the problem is fixed. - Casey Muller
Thanks. - AlpB.
Email posting is back up, the bug has been fixed. - Tudor Bosman
Good to know the FF team is still there to fix the bug! Thanks guys. I really hope Facebook does something useful with the platform so all is not lost. - Kris
OMG OMG OMG - joshed