When you are reading something in the main page of friendfeed if there are new updates the display starts scrolling down for pulling up the update which is quite disconcerting. May be you can take a leaf from how shows "3 new updates" or something like that which unless clicked wont pull up the updates.
Just hit pause and refresh with manually. - Kol Tregaskes
also if you move the mouse over the post it will pause - Mike Chelen
++ Mike Chelen, I'm using that technique when I get a call, treat it, get back to the page, and because I'm active moving the mouse between panels/apps it gets to pause, as soon as the call end, I have to deal with 300+ queued items, and with a proxy, you can be sure it flows down like crazy , exactly when I get back to the web page hehe. That is a valuable tool when in a rush. 1. Shake a bit 2. Not interesting? Stop shaking, 3. Else, repeat. - Zu from AOD