friendfeedExpandAllCommentsLink - new user script released - Adds a link (next to Tools link) to expand all rolled-up comments for every post on the current FriendFeed page - http://userscripts.org/scripts...
The genesis of this expand all comments link script was the frequency with which I wanted to Control/Command-F find text on a page of FriendFeed search results. Until N more comments is clicked, a large number of comments are often inaccessible. This script enables you to un-roll all comments on a page with a single click. - Micah
This initial release [v0.1] has been tested on Firefox/greasemonkey and Safari/greasekit http://userscripts.org/scripts... - Micah
When the script is active, you will see at the top of the page: Advanced search {next line} Tools | Expand All Comments .... Also, in the Configuration section of the script, you can use var onlyShowOnSearchPage = true to only have the expand all comments link appear if you're on a search results page. By default it's false, therefore appearing on all pages with a feed display. - Micah