friendfeedFilterByService - just released (greasemonkey script) - Shows only FriendFeed feed entries based on user chosen service types via either an inclusion (services to show) or exclusion (services to hide) list. http://userscripts.org/scripts...
In this initial release, selecting the services to filter is set by installing the script, then opening it to update the "Configuration" variables (near the top of the script, it's clearly marked). A future version will have a better interface than this. By default (it's meant to be changed right away by each user) the configuration is set to: filterMethod = "HIDE" and servicesToHideArr = ["Twitter", "Some other service"]. A side effect of running the script is (whether on your home feed or friendfeed.com/public or any realtime view) as new entries come into view, there is less of a smooth transition: entries more so just pop into place; the page also wiggles up and down in a more pronounced manner. Steps have been taken in the script to reduce the vertical movement, however. If you find any more caveats, let me know, and enjoy! - Micah
This script is dedicated to tonight's FFundercats podcast event http://friendfeed.com/ffunder... - Micah
What's the killer app / a usage example for this? Sorry, I am slow. - Josh Haley
If you want to see all Twitter, all the time on the public feed (and nothing else): You've got TwitterVision. Of course others will take Twitter out and want to see everything else :) - Micah
trying now - Josh Haley
I'll be back on FF around 8:30pm MST to answer any questions. —See ya— - Micah
pretty cool. Using SHOW tumblr then SHOW bookmarklet. If there aren't any entries that normally would have been on your front page, then the page is blank. crank up the ?num=100 and then you have a better chance at seeing the entries. Way to go, Micah! - Josh Haley
I like it. But the "SHOW"option conflicts with the Cleaner FriendFeed script when you have a lot of services in there. - Willem (@wim66) ☠
Works fine now with Cleaner FriendFeed for widescreen script. - Willem (@wim66) ☠
So does this get applied across the entire site? I want to hide all of Twitter in http://friendfeed.com/public, for example, but not in any of my lists. There I've got it hidden natively s.t. I only see tweets with Likes/comments. - Ken Sheppardson
Oh, wait... I can just set it up to work on http://friendfeed.com/public in the GM script management screen... duh... - Ken Sheppardson
OK, this is officially slick. Thanks, Micah! Feature request: I wish I could just have it strip away or hide everything other than div#feed, I'd configure it to only apply to http://friendfeed.com/public, and I'd just stick it in it's own window (or the sidebar) as a little real-time FriendFeed ticker. - Ken Sheppardson
version 0.112 released! - Embed styles added for a compact layout when using ?embed=1 querystring. Ken, start the ticker tape parade =) - Micah
So, it auto-activates with any URL with the ?embed=1 tacked on (e.g. http://friendfeed.com/public... ) - Micah
Updated to v0.266 - Fixed non-appearance of "Entry hidden - undo or hide other items like this one." option after hiding a post. - Micah
ah, I just realized I've had my greasemonkey scripts turned off for awhile now - maybe I'll turn back on and check this out. thx! - Laura Norvig
No problem, Laura :) Ping me with any questions. - Micah