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ff mentions

A place to share all news stories and blog posts about, or mentioning FriendFeed. Feel free to contribute links.
I just registered... trying to figure out how all of this works exactly :)
ff mentions
And we're back! We apologize for the outage.
ff mentions
FriendFeed has the hiccups. We are working on restoring the service and apologize for the inconvenience.
ff mentions
FriendFeed majorly down due to major power outage for multiple racks. Embarassing; we apologize, and we are working on it.
Willem (@wim66) ☠
Merry Xmas Willem :) - Franc, a rememberer
Merry Christmas! - Iván Abrego
Merry Christmas! - TrafficBug
Merry Xmas, Willem! :-D - Kol Tregaskes
ff mentions
We're having some network problems at the moment, but are working bring FriendFeed back as soon as possible.
Willem (@wim66) ☠
ff mentions
ff mentions
Willem (@wim66) ☠
I’m not sure what Streamy is, but it’s not FriendFeed -
I’m not sure what Streamy is, but it’s not FriendFeed
Less? I'd say more :) - Sasha Kovaliov
I even couldn't get it loaded yesterday from 3 different browsers. Today, when it finally agreed to work with me - looks like crap in Opera 10. - Sasha Kovaliov
Crashes for me. Plus, it's just too much on the page. Somehow it's a lot of the stuff I don't care about and then too little of what I do care about and I can't be bothered to see if I can change settings to deal with it. - Kate
Too crashy for me. - Victor Ganata
Willem (@wim66) ☠
Paul Buchheit
Steal! Ben Darnell Leaves Google Reader Team, Joins FriendFeed -
Steal! Ben Darnell Leaves Google Reader Team, Joins FriendFeed
"Ben Darnell, a key member of the Google Reader team, has left Mountain View to jump into startup life. Darnell bailed Google for FriendFeed, which was founded by ex-Googlers and notably in part by Kevin Fox, who used to work with him on the Google Reader team. Darnell is FriendFeed’s first hire in over a year, and will get employee badge number 13. He starts today, and according to the blog post announcing the steal, he’ll be bringing his “ninja-fu data-storage and scalability skills” to the startup." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
This article is actually a bit off on one detail -- Ben left Google about six weeks ago, but just recently decided to join FriendFeed. - Paul Buchheit
The fictional version is more dramatic. The fact that he left Google 6 weeks earlier ruins the whole Steal! angle. - Bruce Lewis
Plus I actually left the Reader team about 6 months ago, so it's even less of a "Steal!" - Ben Darnell
And Reader has only gone downhill since you left. :-) - Jesse Stay
Also, you haven't actually "left Mountain View", either, unless FriendFeed secretly moved to Pleasanton or something while we weren't looking. - ⓞnor
祝贺PB啊,又拿下一员大将 - 阿石
still, it's a good steal! :) - sha-mayn teh
growl. don't they have a fact checker? or do they only go for drama? :( - Jenna Bilotta
But fact checkers wouldn't be real-time, while drama often is. And we all know that real-time is all that matters anymore. ;) - Ben Darnell
Bummer. But congratulations too. :) - Matt Cutts
Who cares about reader. But is this the guy behind duckmylife? What's going to happen to that crucial project now?!? - Bruce Lewis
Congradulations! Friendfeed Team. - pastas9 from BuddyFeed
Bruce, as you can see in the photo, duckmylife is behind me. (but no, I don't have any connection to DML, just a friend with photoshop) - Ben Darnell
Congratulations! - Ruchira S. Datta
Does the FF team now have enough brain power for world domination, if so is the team going to get bored of this whole internet thing? - Steve C, Team Marina
That would be interesting if tech had a trade deadline like MLB Baseball. - Nathan Johns
I'm sure it's already been done, but Fantasy start-up? - Shirley Wu
Swaroop looks like the accounts page of FriendFeed :P
Friendfeed is mentioned in China Xinhua news||美国新闻学院承认社交媒体作用 开设相应课程||文章提到Friendfeed -
不是什么好消息了, Friendfeed应该是第一次被官方提到吧~查了一下,其实也不算是第一次,但不是作为科技新闻,而是在“媒体语境“里出现好像不多见~ - K.D. from Bookmarklet
该来的总会来的 - 0M0M
树大招风…… - yagami
惨了,被盯上了 - 太阳黑子
感觉这篇文章的内容是介绍”如何使用社交媒体的10种最普遍的方式“,但是标题读起来怪怪的,”承认“..... - K.D.
真盯上了ff,首先肯定就盯上了这个中文组,盯上了这个组自然就主要盯上了moses:)原来moses还有这个功能 - kelvin
该来的总会来的。想想也无所谓,反正早就被盯上了,看e开头的用户就知道了 - yagami
e开头的用户? - K.D.
moses是坦克用来吸收仇恨,囧 - 太阳黑子
大家不用那么担心:)更不能怪Moese同学了,现在只是提了一下而已~ - K.D.
在天朝,随便打开一个e开头的用户页面,就会出现连接被重置。据说是屏蔽了* - yagami
我说moses的功能不是恶意,我是说他牺牲自己以高频率吸引了注意,而保护了其他个体,也就是太阳黑子说的坦克功能,呵呵 - kelvin
不过,既然friendfeed是好东西,那么曝光也是正常的,至少短期ff不会像twitter那么招摇或者说耀眼.. - K.D.
我这篇分享到了friendfeed mentions群组,基本都是ff团队+一堆老外,他们看到我们的讨论,应该会迷惑不解,或者看懂了也会觉得好笑吧:) - K.D.
ff的传播效应也不是那么大的。因为ff圈子效应很明显,大家订阅的源都差不多,内容很少重复,再分享的次数相对较少,点个like就可以说明很多问题了。所以我觉得相比满天飞RT的twitter,ff有它简洁、清晰的优势 - yagami
Paul Buchheit
"One of these conversations took place last Thursday in the wake of FriendFeed’s announcement of what they call Realtime Search and what I call the return of Track. Paul Buchheit and his co-founder Bret Taylor have been on numerous editions of the Gillmor Gang talking about FriendFeed’s adventures in realtime, and since Bret will represent the startup at Friday’s event, I filmed Paul." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Paul, is there a list of of blogs/services that have integrated SUP? - Zee.
Zee, not at the moment. The two biggest services currently are YouTube and Reddit. - Paul Buchheit
Reddit has too eh? awesome... Please do announce once feedburner does though, thats probably the biggie that everyones waiting for...Cheers Paul - Zee.
Comment liking is already here and lurking in the shadows??? Awesome! - Mitch
Mitch, it's not here yet, but it's a feature that I would like to have. - Paul Buchheit
I will bribe Bret or Kevin or Ana with alcohol if it helps get it here sooner. - Mitch
any thoughts on 4 stars rating?, plus right click on each of them might post to different /Twitter/ account .. or, thumbs up/down ... all this as UI option to appear or not .. all with keyshkatze - pb:
Paul, I hope not. :/ I know I'm in the minority here, but that sure seems like it would clutter up the page. I really like how clean FF looks. - Rochelle
That's the trick Rochelle, we need to find a ui that won't make the page ugly but also doesn't completely hide the feature. - Paul Buchheit
eachtly :] ..... have selectable levels of UI Advanced features, that is, of useless clutter :].. so that everybody can select their comfort level .... and all on keyboard shortcuts - pb:
You mean like Gmail Labs Petr? :) - Bwana ☠
well ... similar .. but smarter ... the FF way, you know ... my ui levels orig idea, /who knows/ ..pres 1, its clutter a little bit, press 2, and Rochelle goes home .. pres 3 - for real advanced cluttz .. pres 4 turbo head spins FULL FEATURES Cosmos de luxe .. pres 0 - you never knew what was happening - pb:
Great post by Steve Gillmor and an excellent conversation with Paul Buchheit. The videos are almost like an episode of the Gillmor Gang with Paul getting pressed for answers about the FF feature roadmap. Great stuff! :) - Daniel Chow
Willem (@wim66) ☠
Paul Buchheit
FriendFeed Debuts Real-Time Search Spanning 50+ Social Sites -
"Best of all, the service isn't asking you to change the way you do searches, and all saved searches on FriendFeed work, but they now execute in real-time and continue live updating as new entries are added to the service. For example, I could now embed a vanity search in my blog and see it in real time, thanks to FriendFeed." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Paul Buchheit
How FriendFeed Could Become the Ultimate Social Media Tracking Service -
How FriendFeed Could Become the Ultimate Social Media Tracking Service
"FriendFeed was already the best way to learn what early adopter social media users were saying about any topic across blogs, Twitter, delicious and other diverse social media sites. If FriendFeed wants to step it up to the next level and challenge business-class conversation trackers, we believe there are four steps the company needs to take." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Paul Buchheit
FriendFeed Adds Real-Time Search Results -
"the coolest aspect of FriendFeed’s real-time search might be that you can extend it to your own website via an embeddable widget. To embed a search, you can simply click the “Share / embed search” option that accompanies each search result and grab the embed code" - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Paul Buchheit
FriendFeed introduces real-time search | VentureBeat -
FriendFeed introduces real-time search | VentureBeat
"Given the large amounts of data that people already share on FriendFeed — whether from Twitter, YouTube, Flickr or dozens of other sites — and given FriendFeed’s low-latency, easy-to-use interface, this is one of the most useful ways yet to get genuine real-time information." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Paul Buchheit
FriendFeed Makes Its Search Results Real-Time Too -
FriendFeed Makes Its Search Results Real-Time Too
"Ever since its redesign a few months ago, FriendFeed has been one of the standard-bearers of the real-time web. That’s because while a lot of sites claim to be real-time, FriendFeed is one of the few that actually updates continuously as data comes in. Starting today, any search you do will also get that same real-time treatment. Enter any query into FriendFeed’s search box and you’ll see a constantly updating stream of items related to it. It works for advanced searches too. Best of all, it also searches through comments left below items. And these results can even be embedded in other blogs, as you can see right now on the FriendFeed blog (or below in this post)." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Vedrana Janković
FriendFeed Icon Pillow by Craftsquatch on Etsy -
FriendFeed Icon Pillow by Craftsquatch on Etsy
"Why FriendFeed Pillow? It's simple- It takes just a couple clicks to buy this FriendFeed pillow or to start a discussion about it. It’s conversational- Your friends comment on the pillow when you share it, and you see their awe in real-time. So talk with your friends about the FriendFeed pillow, not at them. It’s open- sleep and cuddle however you want — checking your email, on the phone or even with the Facebook pillow. Publish your FriendFeed pillow to your website or blog, or with pillows you already use." - Vedrana Janković from Bookmarklet
We have one here at the office! :) - Ana
Bret Taylor
FriendFeed Feels Pretty, Oh So Pretty -
FriendFeed Feels Pretty, Oh So Pretty
Io amo FriendFeed | My social network -
Io amo FriendFeed | My social network
A video from one of our Italian users :) (Google Translate for the entire page into English here: - Ana from Bookmarklet
ff mentions
SVColo is rebooting the core switch in our datacenter. The outage is longer than expected, but we hope to be back soon.
Real Time Blogging With FriendFeed - -
Real Time Blogging With FriendFeed -
"How? No need to reinvent the wheel – you just need FriendFeed… After you post something to FriendFeed, just click the “Share” link and a popup will appear similar to the one below. Just copy the “Embed” code and drop it in your blog post. Now you are liveblogging on FriendFeed… Pretty cool right?" - Ana from Bookmarklet
Paul Buchheit
FriendFeed Blocked In Iran, The Service’s Most Active Region -
FriendFeed Blocked In Iran, The Service’s Most Active Region
"In fact, Iran is one of the service’s most active countries, and it is the most active region as defined by comments per user per day, according to Taylor. Now you can see why Iran apparently wanted to block it. FriendFeed is great at facilitating conversations around topics. The reason for this is that it’s so quick to post a comment and have it be added to a thread. While this can sometimes lead to an angry mob situation, it also can be extremely effective at having a conversation about an important topic in real-time. Except, of course, when the Iranian government blocks you. The only people getting on to FriendFeed from inside Iran now are apparently doing so through proxies." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Damn. - Heather
By like I mean, dislike. - EricaJoy
woah. - zeroinfluencer
no surprise :| - Frohiky
Strange that MG Siegler doesn't mention that one of the reasons FF is so popular in Iran may also be due to it being available natively in فارسی [Farsi]. - ianf ⌘
Also, since the headline is ambiguous, I should clarify that Iran is the most active in terms of "comments per user per day", not in total activity (the US still has the most activity in absolute terms). - Paul Buchheit
I love the troll that's in the comments there who is baiting friendfeeders. Ahh, lame. If no one cares about friendfeed except for me and Louis, what are all you doing here? And how come these posts have so many likes: - Robert Scoble
TC loyalists are on the defense... it's been a rough week and a half for them :-) - Chris Heath
All of these services are showing their value at a time like this. I wish the social media showdown would stop long enough for people to see that. - Eric - Let Me Know
Chris: on the other hand, maybe "Karen" is right. Maybe you're all in the mob and Louis and I are the mob bosses. Heheh. - Robert Scoble
To tell you the truth, I didn't even hop over to TC to read what all the hubub was about... I haven't had enough alcohol in me yet... :-) I try to stick to that old mantra: "don't feed the trolls" - Chris Heath
Amazing how helpful a service can be when it can operate in the language the users use... - Aron Michalski
@Robert: I'll admit that Friendfeed has it's mob-like tendencies, but no more so (and certainly not worse than) many other services. It's a danger of any hyper-connected online community. Hive minds form because people congregate around the concept that ideas are shared, as is Trust. When you trust intrinsically your sources for information, you're less likely to fact-check everything, and can be quickly mobilized into action. Sometimes this is a good thing, and sometimes it can go overboard really quick. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
Some folks would rename "mobs" to the term "swarms". Interest runs high and often passionate in a number of different areas, and you're absolutely right about shared ideas and/or affinities. - Karoli
Karoli, good point - I would add that 'mob' would be a more overtly pejorative term. Lots of people claim semantics when they're misunderstood but fail to understand themselves the meanings of the words that they're saying/typing. - Chris Heath
Some might rename "mobs" to "swarms." I wouldn't. At least not always. There have been times, at least a handful that I've personally witnessed, where it rightly *should* be called a mob, though you're right to say that it isn't *always* the case. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
Mark, agreed. My point really was that intent is the defining point. I consider a mob a group intent on destruction. A swarm is more of a group intent around discovery. One is certainly more benevolent than the other. Sometimes, like with the Iranian elections, the swarm is also a mob, but in that case, destruction may not be a bad thing, if the goal is to enforce the true will of the people. I'm not sure it is, by the way. I do believe the results were bogus, however. - Karoli
@Karoli. I'm with you re: results and whether they're the will of the people or the mob (or swarm) mentality in that both candidates have(had) serious issues with the concept of freedom and democratic governance. Since NO ONE becomes a viable candidate in Iran w/o the authorization of the mullahs, I would hazard a guess that the protesters on both sides are merely choosing between the... more... - Molly
Dan Hsiao
Web Series Tied to ‘Blade Runner’ Is In the Works - Bits Blog - -
Web Series Tied to ‘Blade Runner’ Is In the Works - Bits Blog -
"[Ridley] Scott, his brother Tony and his son Luke are developing the project in conjunction with the independent studio Ag8, which is run by one of the creators of “Where are the Joneses?” a British Web sitcom that solicited storyline suggestions from the audience. Similarly, “Purefold” will harvest story input from its viewers, in conjunction with the social media site FriendFeed." - Dan Hsiao from Bookmarklet
You can find their FF group here: - Kol Tregaskes
Jesse, we are interested in both the aggregated and real-time experience of the web for developing storytelling for product development - FF was the obvious choice. - zeroinfluencer
Dan, thanks for posting it here in FF mentions. - zeroinfluencer
David, no problem. Thanks for choosing "the obvious choice"! :) - Dan Hsiao
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