Paul Buchheit
We added a 1-click login for Twitter users, so now it's easy for all your friends to try
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To RT, click It uses OAuth, so no password is required, and it automatically finds your Twitter friends on FriendFeed! It also imports your profile and picture. Big thanks to for making all this happen! (also, existing users can go to to find Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail friends) - Paul Buchheit
fan bloody tastic! So we can post here and Twitterers can comment away without any complaints! The only think you need to try and do is bring in comments (about a share) from twitter into here! :) - Zee.
This is great...should help new users quite a bit. - Mark Krynsky
Bravo!!! Very nice! - David Cook
nice - Joe Azzara
thanks for making it effortless - Vedran Agovic
That's fantastic! Keep it up guys!! :) - iTad
I'm hoping this will help to entice people over here. I'd much rather talk to people via FF than Twitter - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
FrF + OAuth. Like. - tobe
Refresh your FriendFeed to see an updated first comment from Paul, including a link to RT this news: - Dan Hsiao
OK, I admit I'm dense. As an existing user will this help me find the folks I follow on Twitter? - Laura Norvig
Cool, is it possible we could have the ability to bulk import or non-FF Twitter friends as private feeds so we can track them in FF? :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Laura, existing FriendFeed users should just go to and click on the Twittter (and Facebook and Google) icons to find their friends. Kol, not yet, but I'm hoping to add something like that soon (improved imaginary friends). - Paul Buchheit
Thx, Paul - guess I haven't been to that page since the launch. btw, I'm definitely coming around to the new friendfeed (colors notwithstanding). - Laura Norvig
Great to see the standards working -OAuth fro Gogole and Twitter login on Friendfeed - Kevin Marks
That's a great tool, Paul! Found a few from Twitter and Facebook I didn't realise were on FF...:) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Oh man, that is suh-weet. Works really well. - Laura Norvig
Paul, that would be wonderful, thank you. I'm keen to use FF as a kinda Twitter client. I'd love the ability to import my group I've created on Tweetvisor too but that would additionally require exporting facilities from Tweetvisor, and from asking them they've told me it's low priority (which is fair enough). - Kol Tregaskes
That's fantastic! Sharing with all of my not-yet-friendfeedified twitter friends. Thanks, Paul! - Eric Johnson
This IS good. Thanks for the hard work, Benjamin Golub. - Micah
this is fabulous!!! - Angela P.
It's so convenient for new comer like me! - tsssimon
Just tried it and it works great. - Iván Abrego
i have tried this too and am richer by 33 Twitter friends - jagannath rao
Nice work. Keeps getting better around here :-) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
WOW! 313 new Twitter people! Amazing what the OAuth did. Amazing. That just completely Rocks! - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
That was just too easy, and found a bunch of Twitter people. I just subscribed, but I hope they participate. I'm sure I'll have to trim later. - Eric - Final Countdown
Thanks for everything Benjamin and the others, that is really great. :) - Alp
I was subscribed to exactly 100 of the people I follow on Twitter. Added 93 more. Funny, this is actually helping me find people I *don't* want to follow in either place. - Laura Norvig
I'm looking forward to the "advanced imaginary friends" section which lets me as an existing FriendFeed user view all the twitter updates from people that don't use FriendFeed. - Brian Sloane
很好,继续努力 - Kunshou(困兽)
Sweet! - Don Strickland
Just posted this to my stream then saw this, Cool stuff Paul - Charlie Anzman
Some time ago I spent lots of time in removing my Facebook-Friendfeed integration, and didn't succeed, Facebook refused to remove it. Since that - no info about any other my services to Facebook, ever. - orie
Happy to hear that there will be an improved imaginary friend option! - Jacob
The improved imaginary friend feature will be great. No need to visit Twitter much then! - Pinksy
FriendFeed is constantly bringing new value to the service. I'm loving it! - Amie Gillingham
its relay cool - Kaspar Minosiants
great idea - andy brudtkuhl
Oh Thanks i was looking for something like this - Asahi
Is the imaginary friends feature completely disabled for the moment? Or am I just not looking in the right place? - Mark Jacobs
Mark: imaginary friends have been replaced by groups. - Robert Scoble
When is OpenID coming up? - Mohammad Abdurraafay
This feature is AWESOME :) Bravo! - Iain Baker
I just imported 8,000 new Twitter friends. Worked MUCH BETTER than last time. - Robert Scoble
Smart move guys. A quick way to grow FF users is to tap into the current hot properties. Can't believe other Social Networks are so slow to respond. - Neill Adamson
Great news on the advanced imaginary friends. That plus the ability to comment back to Facebook posts as easily as we reply to Twitter would be killer. - Kevin Kuphal
Finally! :-) - Richard Joerges
Not sure why this wasn't implemented a while ago but it's a welcome addition. - Jason Williams
None of my Facebook contacts are on ff. - JECO Photo
So how do existing FF members use it? - Tiffany Monhollon
Ca passe 50 fois par jour ce truc là sur FriendFeed ! C''est pas possible d'arr^ter, j'en ai marre de le voir franchement ... ^^ - Jean-Marie Gall™ from twhirl
Tiffany, existing FF members should go to to find their Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail friends. - Paul Buchheit
Encore ?? C'est pas possible ! ;( - Jean-Marie Gall™ from twhirl
RT'd ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
@Robert cannot seem to do that with groups. What I want to do: Concentrate different RSS feeds (e.g. newswires) which do not necessarily have an account in any other social network into one imaginary friend's collection of feeds. - Mark Jacobs
Mark, "groups" (formerly "rooms") are able to import feeds just like regular users (and imaginary friends). See for example (imports the blogs of all known xoogle startups). The only thing special about imaginary friends is that they don't have usernames (or rather we assign a random 128 bit username). - Paul Buchheit
Paul, the DM option on imaginary friends should perhaps be removed. Also, imaginary friends do not show up on the search dropdown list when you type in their name in the search box. - Kol Tregaskes
Paul, is it possible to automatically create "imaginary friends" from twitter following list? What I would like is to read all my Twitter in FriendFeed; many of twitterers though are not on FF, so I have to create them by hand which is tedious. Also, it would be nice to allow to add them to some special list. - Ihar Mahaniok
Ihar, see my comment up in the middle and Paul's reply. Looks like FF are working on it. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Nice tool, discovered some more contacts ! - François Granger
love this guys wonderful - Thomas Power
This must be the reason for all the new follows I've been getting over the last few days. Congrats! - Michael Fidler
That's actually quite useful. Thank you! - snapixel
Still would like an imaginary friend than making bunch of Groups to simulate peoples that doesn’t use FF. BTW, unlike the Facebook Connect login, when I tried logging in using Twitter, it made a new account for me on FF instead of opening my own (which also has Twitter activity added). - Natsuki Seika
ditto to natsuki... - Steve Austin
Wow, real nice and simply to add my Twitter friends :O - Rosenkrieger
Good move! - Lantrix
Is it possible to add this to a wordpress blog? - Arturo Pelayo
hi me sid m new member of dis site......... - Sidra Kanwal
Hi...Iam new member of dis site...I like it...! - Nima Tamang