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FriendFeed Talk

FriendFeed Talk

A group for talking and chatting about the social media site, FriendFeed, and posting any mention of FriendFeed elsewhere on the net.
Kol Tregaskes
FriendFeed Turns 5. The One-Time Pioneer Is Still Here - -
FriendFeed Turns 5. The One-Time Pioneer Is Still Here -
"Five years ago today, a small aggregation startup called FriendFeed opened its doors, in beta, to intrigued early adopters who wanted to bring all the updates from different services they used into one place and follow friends. As was evident from initial coverage of the site from outlets such as the New York Times and TechCrunch, what grabbed attention as much as the product itself was its founders - a group of four former Googlers who had made their name on products like Gmail and Google Maps." - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
✔ Crino
+ improved entry layout; * fixed error on posting entries with '*' char; * fixed auto realtime updates scrolls; * fixed error response from FF server; * fixed realtime updates timeout; - ✔ Crino
Great - Ahmed Khalil
@Signor Frank: fammi sapere se continuano i problemi e se mi confermi solo nell'eliminazione e modifica ;-) - ✔ Crino from FFHound(roid)!
@vecchiogiovine: arrivo... :) - ✔ Crino
Great update, thank you. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
hello dear crino, im from Iran , can you redesign your software(ffhound) to version that it support persian language(unicode language) such as firefox and opera? - سام.کیا
can we get an option to invert the default theme, that is, get grey/white text on black background? that would be great for conserving battery! - Michael Bravo from Android
Cristiano Fino ®
Share this news, plz ;-) - Cristiano Fino ®
well fellows, wait a little bit more. because I'm writing free friendfeed wp application. - Sinan Yuce
WinForFeed trial version is available with almost all functions available for free ;-) - Cristiano Fino ®
is it limited for a month or so? - Sinan Yuce
There is no time limit. All basic functionality is free forever. The advanced features are only available in paid version. - Cristiano Fino ®
cool - Sinan Yuce
You can subscribe on the official WinForFeed group on Friendfeed :-) - Cristiano Fino ®
Nick B.
is it just me or is ff not importing my tweets?
I had to switch to Advanced Tweets. - Jeanine W.
^^^ - Halil
^^^ - Absentee
Thanks for the hint. trying to set this up but "Status Twitter Error: @advancedtweets is unable to follow more people at this time. " - Nick B.
It's weird, but I got that same error, and then it worked anyway. - Absentee
Chicago Artists
Chuck Kahn
January 2, 2007 I guess - Chuck Kahn
Lets do a FF Zeitgeist 2011. This thread! Drop in your suggestions for the memorable posts of the year gone by.. :)
up.. - Abhishek
That one where whoever said that thing with that odd photo that the other guy didn't like and the thread was like huge and people kept commenting and bringing it to the top. Yeah, that one. - Andy Bakun
Thanks ANDY.. :) - Abhishek
Nathan Chase
Regarding FB/FF - Here's how it's [probably] going to work. You will most likely have an account merge, all of the services FriendFeed supports will now be aggregated on Facebook, and all of your FriendFeed friends will be in a "list" on Facebook. The FF Groups will become Facebook Groups. The FF lists will become Facebook Lists.
the only thing that might get lost in the shuffle would be the Saved Searches - those don't have an equivalence on Facebook, and may be hard to port over... - Nathan Chase
that's my guess anyhow. - Nathan Chase
still the issue at hand is the past data... if they could figure out how to port over all the previous conversations and comments to Facebook - that would be a monumental achievement - Nathan Chase
I'm feeling a little nautious just thinking about it. - Daniel Sims
I dont't want this. Don't like facebook. Don't want to be there. I think Friendfeed is over for me:( - Ozgur Uckan
Yup. - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
It did not happen. - Ahmet Yükseltürk
Kinda wish it did. - Nathan Chase
Not me. While I wish FF had regular maintenance, I'd much rather be neglected than get the constant UI/privacy issues that FB has. - Spidra Webster
Seconding Spidra. - Absentee
What Spidra said. - John (bird whisperer)
Agreed. - Andy Bakun
For better or worse, FF walks its own path. - Micah
؛ patrick
JaFFa (Java FriendFeed App/Tools) ver_1.1.4 has been released. You may download the executable file from:
12/12/2011 - Version 1.1.3 - Added Spam Cleaner || 13/12/2011 - Version 1.1.4 - Added ability to delete comments from blocked users - ؛ patrick
For instructions please see readme.txt: - ؛ patrick
Well this looks interesting... Is there any documentation on what it is/does?? - Lindsay
Please see "readme.txt". I sent the URL earlier. It basically gets a backup of your FF Feeds plus their files (images, mp3's, etc.) - ؛ patrick
@Marco, thanks for reporting it. I fixed it and uploaded the new version - ؛ patrick
Change Log: 11/08/2010 - Version 1.1.1 - Fixed the issue with reading backup_dir setting - ؛ patrick
دوستان اگر سوالی دارید بپرسید، جواب میدم - ؛ patrick
خسته نباشی‌! - apar(اپر)
مرسی اپر جان - ؛ patrick
کسی اینو تست کرد؟ - ؛ patrick
Eclipse project files come with the source. Download/install eclipse ( Then use Import -> General -> Existing Projects into Workspace - and it will compile it for you. Shoot questions if you have any problem - ؛ patrick
مرسی گل آقای عزیز - ؛ patrick
nice! - .LAG liked that
Thanks. Did you get a chance to test it? - ؛ patrick
@ ؛ patrick: not yet, but will import it into Eclipse when I get a chance - .LAG liked that as advertised. i now have a folder full of XML - .LAG liked that
very nice. glad to hear that! - ؛ patrick
پانته آ جان اجازه بدید من فردا نگاهی به کد بندازم ببینم چه کاری میتونم انجام بدم که یک سری فیلتر بشه براش تعریف کرد - ؛ patrick
خوب من به برنامه فیلتر اضافه کردم ولی مطمئن نیستم این چیزی هست که می خواستی. مساله اینجاست که اگر برای لینکی لایک نزده باشی یا کامنتی ننوشته باشی، در لیست مای دیسکاشنز ظاهر نمیشه و در نتیجه دانلود هم نمیشه - ؛ patrick
بله حالا ورژن جدیده. فرصت بشه این قسمتش رو هم درست می کنم - ؛ patrick
any mac version? :D - نیک
شرمنده نیک جان. من مک در اختیار ندارم. اگر زحمتی نیست اون بچ-فایل رو یه نگاهی بکن ببین چطور میشه تبدیلش کرد به اسکریپت برای مک. اگر کار کرد که زحمت بکش به من هم یک کپی بده. اگر هم سوالی داری بپرس که جواب بدم - ؛ patrick
12/12/2011 - Version 1.1.3 - Added Spam Cleaner - ؛ patrick
13/12/2011 - Version 1.1.4 - Added ability to delete comments from blocked users - ؛ patrick
برای کسانی که می خوان اسپم ها رو پاک کنن، من یک قسمت جدید به برنامه اضافه کردم که میتونید لیست افرادی که اسپم می کنند را به فایل کانفیگ اضافه کنید و برنامه رو اجرا کنید. خود به خود تمام کامنت های این افراد را در هر جایی که زیر لینک های شما باشه پاک می کنه حتی اگر اونها را بلاک کرده باشید. ولی شرطش اینه که پابلیک باشید. مثلن اگر پرایوت هستید، میتونید قبل از اجرای برنامه برای چند لحظه پابلیک بشید و وقتی برنامه تمام شد دوباره پرایوت کنید - ؛ patrick
پاتریک، این چه قابلیت‌ها و ویژگی‌هایی داره؟ - آرشیو
ورژن قدیمیش که میتونه از فیدتون بک آپ بگیره. حالا هم یک برنامه بهش اضافه کردم که میتونه کامنت های اسپمر ها رو از تمام لینک هاتون پاک کنه - ؛ patrick
برنامه سراغ نداری که لیست کسانی را که بلاک کرده‌ایم یا ما را بلاک کرده‌اند را نشان بدهد؟ - آرشیو
;-) - ؛ patrick
it's a batch file. they don't need eclipse for it - ؛ patrick
it's okay :)) - ؛ patrick
دانلودش کن، به درد می خوره ;-) - ؛ patrick
اون دو تا بچ فایل رو باز کن، کامندش اونجا هست. شرمنده فرصت نشد برای لینوکس هم اسکریپتش رو بنویسم - ؛ patrick
مرسی. اگر ساکس رو اضافه کردی کدش رو به من هم بده اضافه ش کنم. یا اگر می خوای میتونم اضافه ت کنم به پروژه خودت تغییرات رو کامیت کنی - ؛ patrick
دو نوع فایل اونجا هست. یک سری فایل سورس هست (اس-آر-سی) و یک سری فایل باینری (بی-آی-ان). باید اون فایل باینری رو دانلود کنید. بعد توی یک فولدر آن-زیپ ش کنید. بعد یک فایل داره به اسم رید-می (مرا بخوانید) که همه چیز توش نوشته شده - ؛ patrick
بهتره به جای هارد کد کردن مقادیر تغییر پذیر از کانفیگ فایل استفاده بشه - محمد لی
پاتریک جان اینجا هم ببینید فکر کنم اگر چند نفر با هم دیگه کار کنن جالب باشه - uɐſʃɐʌ uɐſ
Chicago Artists
Chicago Artists
Chicago Artists
Franc, a rememberer
A simple extension for Chrome I just made. / Pequeña extensión que acabo de hacer. / Basically the same ol' bookmarklet wrapped in a distinctive ff button. Check it out:
Love it! - Jesse Stay
cool! extension's first success! - Franc, a rememberer
Well, not sure it's working :-) I'm running OS X Chromium nightly, and clicking it doesn't seem to do anything. - Jesse Stay
But I like having the FF logo next to my URL bar, so that's a success :-) - Jesse Stay
It's right next to the Facebook logo - Jesse Stay
// EDIT: ok that's messy. here: Anybody know hoe to make it work on OSx? - Franc, a rememberer
Works fine on Mac OS X 5.0.335 dev channel release. It looks like extensions are disabled on the extensions website and on Chrome internal pages, but if you go to like the bookmarklet pops up just fine. You can try to remove the %20 in the action_url string, but removing it didn't seem to affect my usage either way. - Mark Trapp
Good work, Francisco. - Micah
Thanks, Micah. @Goadkicker Super! - Franc, a rememberer
Actually, it seems to work, just wasn't working on the link to the extension. Seems to work fine on other pages though so I think we're good. - Jesse Stay
Great to hear, Jesse. Btw. What does the facebook button do? :-) - Franc, a rememberer
Francisco, here's the Facebook one: - from what I hear it was written at a Facebook hackathon by an intern there. - Jesse Stay
I really like the small scrolling bar they styled there. Sweet. - Franc, a rememberer
If you could combine FFcheck with the bookmarklet, that would be very useful - Shey
and friendfeedTranslate - if someone does this, I suggest using kynetx to do it. It will give you one jquery-based language to write extensions with one code base across most browsers: - Jesse Stay
*ears perk up* - Micah
Jesse, are you an advisor to kynetx (I see they're based in Lehi)? Do you know what their business model is - have they stated anything as such publicly. It certainly looks interesting. - Micah
Micah, I am not an advisor, nor do I have any vested interest. I just really like what they're doing. Their business model is in building custom apps for brands interested, or in consulting. I'm not sure what other types of deals they do. Their developer platform is free though. You can ask @windley or @fulling on Twitter though and I'm sure they can answer more detailed questions than I'm aware. - Jesse Stay
Of note, @windley wrote the Digital Identity book for O'Reilly, and has a very strong identity background. I fully expect them to go full force into the identity realm with what they're doing. Imagine completely customized context (such as this extension, but even more), through extensions, action cards, and bookmarklets, across all browsers. - Jesse Stay
@Shey do you have a link to ffcheck? never heard of it. EDIT: never mind. ..I think it's doable. ;-) as for ff translate ... - Franc, a rememberer
Lol, if it's doing so, I had no idea. @Slippy - Franc, a rememberer
Wow, just what i needed, thanks Francisco! - Majento
@Slippy ¬¬ haa I should have seen it coming! I'm glad it's useful, Majento. - Franc, a rememberer
cool, but like the bookmarklet doesn't work in recent builds of chrome (e.g. 5.0.375.99) - scott willeke
I'm gonna test that and update. - Franc, a rememberer
what seems to be the issues?, it does work fine in 5.0.375.99 (Build oficial 51029) beta and 6.0 dev channel (windows 7) - Franc, a rememberer
it's not working for me, too. can we solve this problem? - ToMtOm
Yeah, seems to be broken in the current stable version. Clicking the button doesn't do anything. :( I guess it's back to the regular bookmarklet for the time being. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
It broke for me too. - Skyler Call from Android
I've been checking it for the past week or so and it only seems to be broken in old installs of chrome. new installs are ok. I dunno what could be causing this. :P - Franc, a rememberer
doesn't work any more: chrome 15.0.874.121 on OS X - благодарю, вас так много
sorry, eugene I've been having trouble to make it work on all installs. are you testing it outside of the chrome extension gallery as well? If you or anyone could help reviewing the background page code, here it is: - Franc, a rememberer
Bruce Lewis
Does FriendFeed cause awesomeness or just accelerate it?
It is a virtuous loop! - Todd Hoff
LOL That's one for philosophers! - Anika from FFHound!
Kol Tregaskes
Bruce Lewis
My esteem for Facebook increases a little every day they keep FriendFeed up.
This inspires me to add this to our dinner time grace. My husband usually says, "thank you for one more day of life." The boy usually says, "and thank you for another great day." I will add, "and thank you for keeping Friendfeed alive." - Laura Norvig from iPod
A Gunny named Slickback
yeah yeah I know don't use IE. But I am and it seems to have a problem, see the image below. This black bar shows up here and on some other website where add files should be. When I right click it I get Adobe Flash player settings. Anyone have any ideas?
flash player out of date? - Sir Shuping is just sir
updated it, The only add on I have is ad block. I've disabl;ed that as well and still see it. - A Gunny named Slickback
Kol Tregaskes
Only just realised my YouTube is not feeding into FriendFeed. :-(
Kol Tregaskes
Interesting, tweets are not coming in to FriendFeed now. With this and others, FF is slowing dying as a service. :-(
Delicious links are also broken. - Nils Sandin
Other services are broken today as well, won't login. - Nils Sandin
tweets are importing for me. - Big Joe Silence
Hmm, maybe it's Twitter itself. I'm trying to browse my profile and it's dog-slow, - Kol Tregaskes
In regards to other services, yep. I've just re-added GReader and that works. My YouTube likes go through G|Reader so that's at least fixed YouTube import. - Kol Tregaskes
Youtube favorites have been working for me. I didn't have any issues with delicious today, but I see other people who I'm following did in the past few days. - Andy Bakun
I've heard that some people have to manually update Tumblr but I refuse to verify that. - Akiva
My Flickr and Tumblr imports have been coming in on their own lately. I use Advanced Tweets for Twitter importing, so I'm not sure what's going on with the standard Twitter connection. - John (bird whisperer)
Considering I have the option TO import stuff (working or not)... Still better than Google+ *runs off giggling* - Johnny from iPhone
Google+ never presented itself as an aggregation service, has it? - Akiva
My Twitter import stopped about 2-4 weeks ago. Twitter export stopped well over a month ago. Very well noted in FF feedback room. - Joe - Systems Analyst from iPod
Akiva, nope, thankfully. - Kol Tregaskes
Most tweets are not importing (look at the news feeds like CNN -- -- last tweet was on September 12, or Wire Update -- -- same date; same with LA Times and NYT, where only their Tumblr and YouTube accounts are coming in). This has happened before. I bet it will happen again. - Stephen Mack
My Twitter import hasn't worked since February. =\ Most other services seem ok if a little slow. - ronin
Gave it a kick start. Thanks for the patience. - Benjamin Golub
Thank you, Benjamin! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Thank you, Benjamin! Any chance of FF-to-Twitter getting fixed? ;) - Victor Ganata
Twitter import still doesn't work for me. =( Any chance you can take a look at it Benjamin? - ronin
Looks like Twitter import is working now. - Kol Tregaskes
Twitter import not working again... - Joe - Systems Analyst
Oh yeah, boo. :-( - Kol Tregaskes
Kol Tregaskes
I got a Service not available page a minute ago. - Kol Tregaskes
Kol Tregaskes
82,099 comments until a million comments on FriendFeed:
82,098 now. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
82,097... ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Beat that, FriendFeeders, hehe. :-D - Kol Tregaskes
I'd have to make 965,859 more comments to meet that level. - John (bird whisperer)
Do-able then. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
You just have to make 4 times the total comments I've ever made in order to get a million (or 50 times the total comments I've ever made). That's... hard to believe. - Stephen Mack
Someone has got the calculator out. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Seriously though, like I said in my other thread I think only a fraction are by my own hand. A lot are form imported comments. Wish FF split up those stats. - Kol Tregaskes
(dont poke the sleeping giant or we may all get the fb boot, :o) - chaz2b
Oh yeah, sorry I better go back to sleep. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
I won't tell anyone. ;-) - John (bird whisperer)
Ta. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Kol Tregaskes
Odd, this new social game has a link at the top of it's page called "Friendfeed": :-) -
Odd, this new social game has a link at the top of it's page called "Friendfeed": :-)
that is cute - janeesha
✔ Crino
+ added longpress e pinch zoom in internal image viewer (api level >= 7); + restored browser on images for older devices (api level < 7); + edit accounts; - ✔ Crino
like... a quando per il supporto ad HC? - Davide TheSgrash from FFHound(roid)!
mi si è scaricata ieri sera (ma solo sul transformer). quali sarebbero gli old devices? - degra
@degra: api level < 7 ossia < android 2.1 @Davide TheSgrash: appena posso - ✔ Crino
grazie, era quel api level che mi lasciava perplesso. ora aspetto che mi si aggiorni sul desire :) - degra
@Signor Frank: fammi sapere se continui ad avere il problema, forse potrebbe essere legato sempre ai server pigri di FF - ✔ Crino
Kol Tregaskes
FriendFeed: I've created a FF group on Please add yourself by adding your Google+ ID here:
Kol Tregaskes
How about this? Use FriendFeed in Google+? - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
pɛbə, have you tried Google+? - Kol Tregaskes
If I could have FF+G+, rather than G++FF, then I *might* consider it. - Steel Penguin Slippy
I think the issue here is that every1 is cobbling together social apps' and cross docking of the same across various ecosystems. Without a hard install, we get gett FF into G+, but why should a user need to have these install's in the 1st place ? - Peter Dawson
Kol Tregaskes
Which are you using atm? Are you using both? If you've moved to Google+ what made you move? If you've stayed on FF, what is keeping you on the service and not moving to G+? You can follow the same thread on Google+: - Kol Tregaskes
For me I'm using both but a lot more of Google+. Google+ has a variety of discussions, including tech (which I love). FF varies too but has a lot less tech. I like variety but think I've missed the tech discussions we used to have on FF so G+ is appealing to me for one reason. - Kol Tregaskes
The community is far stronger on FF than G+ though but that is to be expected from a brand new social service vs. a service that has been going to several years. This will change over time but I already see a lot of FriendFeeders on Google+ so it's kinda a home from home atm. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
As I've pointed out here: the features and feel of Google+ are impressive but it lacks some important things like groups and search facilities which FF has implemented very well. The Googl mobile app is great but the site itself really needs a bookmarklet in the form of FriendFeed's or even Amplify's. - Kol Tregaskes
In regards to aggregration, I won't miss it if it's not added into Google+. Gone will be the days of empty accounts with just an RSS and Twitter feed with no one at the end of it. I like responding to users imported service, such as their tweets, but can certainly live without it. Google+ seems richer in content with everything being native. There is enough posts on Google+ already, I... more... - Kol Tregaskes
The bugs in FriendFeed are the most annoying thing on the service. It breaks regularly and features drop out occassionally. Search was down for months at one stage and I lost the use of my saved searches, which I relied on so heavily. G+ is not without its bugs of course but you know that they will be fixed fairly quickly. Facebook are just propping FF up atm and you fear if it breaks hard it breaks for good. :-( - Kol Tregaskes
Overall, FF has the community, Google+ has the features and future. I'm staying on both but G+ is getting more and more of my attention as each day passes. What about you? - Kol Tregaskes
Actually, FF is still killing Google+ on features. The major thing Google+ has that FF doesn't is growth potential. - Spidra Webster
Kol, but you don't have to follow people who just have RSS feeds as accounts. Without bookmarklets G+ is really missing a key feature. Without the ability to import the RSS feeds of my blog then how could I use it? - Todd Hoff
Blog with G+. - Kol Tregaskes
i still feel that Stream here are much better the G+.. as such FF does not have Hangout and sparks is ridiculously stupid.. no options to import RSS/Twitter into G+ ..makes it a small playground - Peter Dawson
And when you fall out of love with G+ where is your content? Putting all your money content in something you don't own is always a disappointment. - Todd Hoff
Peter, like I say I won't miss imports. There is a ton of content on G+ already. - Kol Tregaskes
Todd, very true but I don't have my own blog so not going to affect me. I appreciate it will affect others but I've trying blogging and always come up issues. - Kol Tregaskes
I'll never close my FF account. It will be there till the day the FF closes is ever but I'm using G+ far more than FF now - though my FF usages has decreased dramatically over the last year or so. There are mainly reason, most unrelated to the service itself but G+ are sparked my interest in a social network again. - Kol Tregaskes
i use both. not leaving FF for anything except the servers being shut down. - Big Joe Silence
G+ has a LONG way to go before it comes close to matching FF on features. the main thing G+ has going for it at the moment is an expanding user base and rapid dev. but then so did Buzz, and we know how that turned out, eh? - Big Joe Silence
I have to say I do like the ability to like comments on G+. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
ACtuallyKol, I have pvt rooms setup on FF ..which I import only industry /vertical specific Feeds.. this makes it more 'streamed' in terms of what I need and monitor.. whereas with G+ theres a lot of content which I personally need to manage.. this means more effort on my part ! - Peter Dawson
I've posted the same thread on Google+ btw: - Kol Tregaskes
Blogger integration into G+ and the release of the G+ API to developers will definitely shift more of my attention to G+. That and a bookmarklet, of course (I have one for Posterous as well as FriendFeed). I'm waiting for Google to add more of the features we enjoy on FF, and actively asking. There's lots of room for improvement at G+, and Google are improving it. Still, I'm sticking with FF till Facebook shut it down (and G+ may be Zuck's excuse). - Dennis Jernberg
Peter, I did that too and used this to them share to FF publicly. But I always go back to Google Reader. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Dennis, I hope they don't shut down FF but it's always a worry. - Kol Tregaskes
I've certainly been enjoying G+ more than FF over the last week. I don't know if it's the new shiny or the focus on native and manually shared content, but it seems more active/engaging. It needs work on search especially and a few other things, but I'm liking it over there. - Jandy
maybe Zack should pay more attention to FF and this is truly the competetion to G+ Streams. hey if we had hangout and Circles ( in the same tech side as G+), I bet you that FF will be kicking G+ butt.. just because FF has only streams.. does not mean that its NOT Best of breed for Aggregation ! - Peter Dawson
@Kol, google Reader does not allow you to gather comments (i.e threaded comments ) around a single thread :)- - Peter Dawson
I'm using both. - Ruchira S. Datta
As I said on someone else's post, I'm using both until some of the kinks are worked out over at G+ and they add things like audio posts & better search inside G+. - Bluesun 2600
Peter, GReader has comments. What do you mean exactly? - Kol Tregaskes
I'm using both. I love FF more because of the community. - AJ Batac
I'm using both and will be here until they turn off the 486 they have running the site. - A Gunny named Slickback
"I'm using both. I love FF more because of the community. - AJ Batac" Same. - batuhan icoz
@Kol, thats only for peeps that you are following..what about the regular sub that one has aggreated as an RSS ? - Peter Dawson
Using both. I hoped that Google+ would be FriendFeed+ but right now it's just Twitter+. With no equivalent to FF's groups it's effectively broadcast only so I can see why it would appeal to the tech crowd who just want to get their message out, have a bit of a chat, and move onto the next shiny thing to promote. With the right Greasemonkey script FF could look like, act like, and completely surpass G+ in almost every respect. - Mark H
I will be on FF till its dead. Google+ has a long way to catch up FF's features. G+ stream is so buggy. - Ozgur Uckan
Both and find FF more useful than G+ so far. - Egor Kunovsky
As far as the Persian users are concerned, although most of people use FF for sending links and short discussions, Persian users usually use FF (right or wrong) for their actual contents - something like a mini weblog. So shutting it down would be really painful for them as they lose their contents. Secondly, since Persian users mostly use the web site for political activities from... more... - ؛ patrick
@Patrick.. G+ security could be an issue.. never the less. we have all seen how google deals with the same issue in china.. so what makes your think it will be any different in Persia ? - Peter Dawson
I am still on FF and will go down with the ship as I love the community. I like Google+ but am not on there as much. - Mathew A. Koeneker
@Patrick I concur that privacy is going to be a huge issue. If I am not mistaken, doesn't the Iranian Revolutionary Guard pretty much own their country's telecom infrastructure? Not to say that our own NSA isn't sniffing out much of what we communicate about. - Mathew A. Koeneker
Mark, I'd definitely have to disagree with you on Google+ being broadcast only (sorry :-)). My feed alone proves that is not the case. Twitter is a void for me, no one replies. Google+ is very active. - Kol Tregaskes
Agreed with Kol on the last point, G+ is no more broadcast only than FF is. The level of interaction is on par with FriendFeed in the early days. - Jandy
@Peter/Mathew, after so many years, the users have become much smarter and the techie society is consistently helping them to avoid the revolutionary guard. For instance, many of us provide VPNs for the people inside Iran so the data gets encrypted. But one case for security concerns could be the private messages. I know Google had a disastrous security hole for gmail a few years ago... more... - ؛ patrick
Good show, sir. Most peeps talk the talk bit don't walk the walk. Keep on helping. :-) - Mathew A. Koeneker
both, but ff works better for my needs right now. I'm sure I'll move to G+ only once they finally just get it over with and clone all of ff's features ;-) - John
I use both, but spending more time on FriendFeed. - imabonehead
I'm on both. I'm using FriendFeed and dabbling in Google+. I think I'll be using G+ almost solely for the Hangouts. I tried G+ out of curiosity. I think it would make a good alternative to FF if FF were to disappear. So I guess I'm using G+ as a bit of a FF back-up, adding all my FFeeps there "just in case". On FF, I like the bookmarklet; being able to pull in stuff from other services;... more... - Melly
both=) - 空气.sk from Android
Friendfeed is much superior to Google+. But I question whether this entire genre of software has any important future. - Sean McBride
Both. I imagine -suspect, really - that the day will come when FF does shut down. G+ is the first close-to-viable alternative I've seen, and, Kol, like you, I do also like the tech discussions. Hope that the team, in working on satisfying Robert Scoble's zeal for noise control, doesn't find a way to shut us non-elites out of those. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
I do hope they add all the FF features, though. And my FF circle is by far the biggest and most important. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Both - LANjackal
Can there be only one? - Todd Hoff
Todd, nope. I use both. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
I am signed into google + but it's a little to overwhelming to me right now and the only people i'm interested in are from here anyways. - Dough Balls
Google+ - KΛΛN
Friendfeed, because of community - MugeCerman
Im getting more interaction at G+ so far. - Burcu Dogan
Friendster. - Derrick
friendfeed. - Kenny
Both of them :) - علیرضام
Both, but GP is winning. I still use FF because all of my FF contacts are here, and I'm still not able to find everyone on there. - Ciaoenrico
Here is what I am missing in GP: hide all (with advanced options that FF gives), subscription history, predefined and/or custom feeds (Favorites, Business, etc.), groups, and direct messages. May be some of them are already there in a different form but I don't know how to use them. Now I feel that I was taking FriendFeed's features for granted. I hope they don't shut it down. - ؛ patrick
bah you can't compare these! - testbeta
Of course you can. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Kol Tregaskes
Google+ is the new FriendFeed - Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life -
Google+ is the new FriendFeed - Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life
"I’ve been joking with Omar that Google+ is the new FriendFeed. I recently posted this on Google+ and was asked to explain what I meant since Google+ doesn’t support importing of content from other services which was the key feature FriendFeed. The reason I say this is that Google+ fulfills the same need that FriendFeed when it first came out." - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
What do you guys think? - Kol Tregaskes
It is true. - imabonehead from Android
I have finally joined the Google+ ranks sorta kinda. I am in some sorta light version, Have yet to know enough about it to make an evaluation. - Brent - Yes I am
Brent, what's your profile address? - Kol Tregaskes
no. Google+ is missing most of the important FF features. - Big Joe Silence
Kol Tregaskes
In response to Jason's comment and migration from FF to Google+ here:, I like a few here are using both FF and Google+ atm. Most FFers appear to be on G+ now (though some are back and forth) but some are not quite happy with the features and the community. But I feel that's just a matter of time.
As for now if y'all are here I'm here, if y'all are there I'm there. But Google+ is definitely looking good going forward. I'll be honest though and say I hope we all are there sometime in the future. Once shared circles (I purpose these are FF's groups or the like) then that will make a huge difference to Google. - Kol Tregaskes
What are your thoughts? - Kol Tregaskes
Kol Tregaskes
For bedtime reading.... I've put all the suggestions I compiled from everyone on here for FriendFeed into a public Google Docs here:
ff logo.jpg
Some of the suggestions might be relevant to Google+. So feel free to post here: - Kol Tregaskes
✔ Crino
What's New in this Version: + added images on sharing posts; + optimized unread DM; + added crash report; * fixed unhide entries command; * fixed list disappeared in groups/lists view; * fixed scroll on comment compose; * fixed typo in italian lang; * fixed commands with remotekey; * fixed hangs on login with remotekey; * fixed crash when type recipient's post; * fixed a couple of memory leaks (login view, file object); - ✔ Crino
Non ancora me lo vede, come aggiornamento.... - Giovy
I cannot see my groups. It says me that i do not have any group. I swear that i am member of 42 different groups... - Bülent Kıyışkan
For the iPhone version, how many pictures can you have when you post? - Stephen Mack
@|BK|: can you try the 'preferred groups' options? - ✔ Crino
@Stephen Mack: as your iphone's memory can load :) - ✔ Crino
It looks perfect. Thank you ;) - Kazım Taşkın
I cannot see any Preffered Groups. There are groups. When i select it i can see my groups, but 2 seconds later all the groups disappear and says "you dont have subscribed any group". iPhone 3G by the way... - Bülent Kıyışkan
@BK, bende sorun yok azizim. - Kazım Taşkın
Bende de hiç düzgün çalışmadı azizim... - Bülent Kıyışkan
Hesabı silip yeniden denesen? (Hoş, pek mantıklı değil ama törkiş stayla) - Kazım Taşkın
@|BK|: on version 2.0.1 there was a problem on group list, they disapper for few seconds or disapper after open another view - ✔ Crino
Finally 2.0.2 and done. Thank you. This second version is awesome. - Bülent Kıyışkan from FFHound!
@|BK|: ;) - ✔ Crino from FFHound(roid)!
I'm iranian user of ffhound and speaking in persian. Ffhound can't search persian character! Please solve this problem in next version. Thanks :) - Mehrdad from iPhone
Agree with mehrdad - Mil∂d
@Mehrdad @Mil∂d: fails only searches? saved searches work? - ✔ Crino
L,'avevo comprata ma mi crasha al login :( (LG Optimus One) - Oskar NRK from Android
@Crino: saved search doesn't work and failed immediately - Mehrdad
@Mehrdad: subscribe me so we can dm ;) - ✔ Crino
@Crino: OK :) - Mehrdad
@Oskar NRK:qualche dettaglio in più? :) - ✔ Crino
@Crino: Android 2.2.3 su LG Optimus One non rootato, appena installata ho provato ad aggiungere l'account, sia con password che con remote key, ma crasha in fase di login. Premetto che non ho riavviato, magari avrebbe aiutato, scemo io. - Oskar NRK
se hai modo al limite prova a mandarmi il logcat subito dopo il crash ;) - ✔ Crino
@Crino: alla fine ho disinstallato e fatto il "recesso", ma siccome mi interessa la acquisterei volentieri, e ti mando il log - Oskar NRK
@Oskar NRK: se vuoi riacquistala, da parte mia avrai tutto il supporto necessario per farla funzionare ;) - ✔ Crino
@Crino: ora sono al lavoro, stasera o più tardi la riacquisto :) - Oskar NRK
@Mehrdad @Mil∂d: searches fixed and will be available in 2.0.3 ;) - ✔ Crino
thanks Crino :) - Mehrdad
dopo l'ultimo aggiornamento ho notato dei crash continui quando cerco di fare crossposting, e si blocca parecchi secondi prima quando scrivo i DM, appena dò le prime lettere per la ricerca dell'utente. Che fu? - Laura Fujiko
@ǝsıʍʞɔolɔ: ebbyba!! - Laura Fujiko from FFHound!
@Crino, ti potrebbe interessare questo confronto: . Avendola acquistata, chiedo: c'è qualche possibilità di eliminare i due difetti citati? Intanto complimenti, bel lavoro. - tekNico
@tekNico: ho letto e grazie per le 'riflessioni' ;) - ✔ Crino
Top class work gentlemen, yet again. Excellent application. - JSLeFanu
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