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Kenneth Coppens
The greatest gift you can give to a special someone is your TIME. Its like you're giving the portion of your life that you can never bring back.
Alexander Kucera
Is it possible (in the beta or the regular version of FriendFeed) to unhide a category of items. Say I have hidden all Twitter posts that have no comments or likes, but I want them back. Is there a way to do that. Or can I only unhide specific items at the bottom?
Hello Everyone ..Are there alot of different businesses on here?
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Andrew Deal
This new CelleCast program was set up to allow McCain friends as well as foes weigh in on the issues by speaking their mind. Just call the Direct Dial Number: (206) 400-2847, listen to the latest entry, and make an intelligent audio Talkback. Anything not blatantly nasty will publish. -
Alan Bernier
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YouTube - YoU FaiL , FaiLuRe ,EpiC FaiL!!
Alexander Kucera
“Is it just me or is the notion of "liking" a post that you want to share, but actually dislike, weird? Like "liking" how a killer slit his victims.I refused to share several stories based on the grounds that it feels wrong to "like" them. How about you? Should we have a different verb?”
Hey Alexander, I just signed in for the first time and saw your post - so sorry for the late response. Ms. Amber Mac and leo laporte had the exat same discussion in their net @ night podcast from 2.1.2009. They both ruled for that the 'like' be changed and perhabs to share. Just as your arguement they mentioned the case that Hitler had risen and they didn't wanted to say they liked - merely wanted to share it. - jakob
“Do you like live tracks on your albums?” -
sometimes. it all depends lots of times i skip the live stuff if it's on an album - Angela P. from twhirl
Alan Bernier
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Susan Beebe
Friendfeed "FAN" page on Facebook -
Friendfeed "FAN" page on Facebook
Ronald S
Anyone know a way of getting 'Best of Day' type of results from a filter in the beta? I really miss having the BOD on my lists I've made. Will they be bringing it back to lists?
April 16, 2009 - Comments disabled - Share
maybe filter it with big likes and comments count... ;o) say... 50 likes.. - Rob Sellen :o)
I would be interested to know if you could do the exact filtering that they use for the BOD. If not... PLEASE bring it back to lists! - Ronald S
Not possible, but would be great to add. - Kol Tregaskes
Please Friendfeed gods... add 'Best of Day' to lists!!!! - Ronald S
yes ! i am not using the beta just because of that... - David Berrebi
Next thing you know, people will want to be able to write their filters in SQL... - Karl Knechtel
If only we could. Can't query into a pickled BLOB with MySQL, though. (Would save everyone so much trouble if we could.) - Chris Charabaruk
I was being facetious anyway. But still... there's so much potential here, though I feel like only the power users would get much out of it, no matter what. - Karl Knechtel
I just want BOD on lists... I am happy with most everything else. - Ronald S
Ronald S
OK... taking my delicious and digg feeds back out of Friendfeed. I was hoping to use the publishing to Twitter with them, but it only seems to work on FF posts right now.
April 18, 2009 - Comments disabled - Share
I don't know about Delicious of Digg but it certainly works for me for Amazon and - Kol Tregaskes
Ronald S
Now the beta has been around for a little while, what do you use to view and post from the iPhone?
April 24, 2009 - Comments disabled - Share
I've been testing the Buddyfeed 2 beta and use the iPhone page at times, but wish it worked like the beta!!! - Ronald S
The beta seems a little slow and kinda hard to nav on the iPhone. - Ronald S from BuddyFeed
started a war on Wee War. Nobody came. :(
Ronald S
I was creating Private Groups for my twitter followers that are not on FF, but I am getting Access Denied error now.
May 2, 2009 - Comments disabled - Share
Anyone else get this error? - Ronald S
tomit, so you have created a group and now adding the user's Twitter account as a service? - Kol Tregaskes
I wasn't letting me make any groups. Maybe I made too many too quickly. Seems to be working again. - Ronald S
Ronald S
The new Friendfeed is an AWESOME way to view TwitPic photos. Will be making lots of imaginary friend accounts on there for that filter!
April 12, 2009 - Comments disabled - Share
Anyone know a quick way of adding your twitter friends into friendfeed as imaginary friends? This is taking a while. - Ronald S
The main barrier to my using FriendFeed as my main social networking site is that you have to add tweeps as imaginary friends one at a time. Ideally there would be a way to add them all at once, and, even better, an option to tell FF to automatically update our imaginary friend list when we follow/unfollow new Twitter users, and, even better, automatically detect when an imaginary friend starts using FriendFeed and automatically make them a real friend. - Karen James
Yeah... I'm surprised no one has done anything to make this easier yet. I wish I knew more about programming. It would be very useful. - Ronald S
I have one imaginary friend who had one feed (delicious) he signed up for friend feed, added his delicious feed, and it now seems like I'm following him.. but maybe not.. I'm not sure. - Bill Rawlinson
I used to have an imaginary friend, but he blocked me. - Stan Scott
You can add all your "tweeps" (twitter-lingo is starting to drive me mad!) into a single private feed, if you prefer. - Karl Knechtel
I would follow karls advice - Bill Rawlinson
where did it go? imaginary is gone!!!! - NoahDavidSimon
it's not gone, you just add it as a feed (which is really all it was before), and then make it private. - holly #ravingfangirl
I think it is gone - doesn't work any more for me - Michael
Ronald S
Is Friendfeed's search functions broken?
September 16, 2009 - Comments disabled - Share
is for me :-( - immaterial
sad! - Ronald S
its broken for me too. - batuhan
sorry about that. Should be back now! - Private Sanjeev
Susan Beebe
I am really loving the new Facebook LIVE Feed. I think Paul Buchheit and Bret Taylor had something to do with that :) Thanks guys, it looks really awesome. FB feed is highly useful now; much better engagement, relevancy and the photos rock, too! Wondering if this will keep FriendFeeders like Robert Scoble, Louis Gray, Jesse Stay, Dave Winer, MG...
love facebook.jpg
It will. Already it has become 5x more interesting because now it's not just a copy of Twitter that I'm seeing. - Robert Scoble
I'm slowly removing those that are just importing Twitter over to Facebook from my FriendFeed favorites and I'm now tracking them over on Facebook. - Jesse Stay
Robert - yep, I agree with you there. FB is now much more interesting for sure - Susan Beebe
Funny how, at least to a UK sensibility, 'tracking' sounds like 'stalking'.. - Andy Connell
Nothing really new about it - Facebook has had the Live tab on the homepage for 18 months. - Jamie
Jamie, it was removed back in March. They're bringing that back, and adding the "Hide" drop-downs that the previous feed had back to it. - Jesse Stay
It wasnt removed - they actually just improved it in March and made it the default, pushing the old style static feed to the Highlights section on the right. The Live feed update in March added the network and application filters so you could see a live feed by family, colleagues etc. I have little doubt the FF folks have had input into this release though... because it basically mimics the Live/Best of Day feel of FF. - Jamie
I sat next to Paul Buchheit yesterday and he said the FriendFeed team had nothing to do with it. But he likes it too. - Robert Scoble
Jamie, my feed never automatically updated after March. I had to click a link to get it to refresh. Yeah, it gave me the number of new posts, but it didn't automatically update. Maybe you were on a beta test of some sort? - Jesse Stay
I think I'm starting to understand. The Live Feed gives you everything that happens, in reverse chronological order, and you have the option to set filters on it. That's great. But when you log in you land on News Feed, which choses stuff for you, and in unexplainably non-chronological order. You have no power to adjust this? Ack - this smells like potential manipulation/advertising or something. - Michael Slattery
Michael, correct :-) - Jesse Stay
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Alan Bernier
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Niall Connellan
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