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RT @gabrielscheer: Yup: MT @frogdesign: "expectations of privacy, once unspoken, must be made manifest, across all realms of our lives"
Photo: #frogSF collage & assemblage workshops are back. Photo via @izaakb
RT @CGAP: Clients won't adopt e-payments until merchants do - & vice versa. How to crack that dilemma? #Indonesia @frogdesign
Sensing technologies in the workplace offer insights and raise questions: #InsightsSensing
Job alert: (UX) Expert to collaborate with frog, GSMA, and leading mobile operator to innovate on Mobile Agriculture:
"Our expectations of privacy, once unspoken, must be made manifest, across all the realms of our lives..." #Sensing
Developers, designers, and technologists come together at #frogMilan:
Photo: #frogNYC discusses design research methodologies and insights from the field at the weekly creative...
Code the Future at frog Milan -
Code the Future at frog Milan
"What will happen when there is a perfect record—accessible at all times, from anywhere—of last night’s argument?"
(Im)Perfect Singularity: The Fallacy of Digital Appearances -
VIDEO: watch @new_matter Mod-t win first Tech Crowd favorite on @CNBC:
Crises, Conflict, & Data: Creating an Open Platform for Humanitarians #InsightsHDX #frogImpact
Finding Meaning: Enriching Our Stories with Sensing -
Three Questions for Ben Waber, Founder of Sociometric Solutions -
RT @emilyachong: Votes are in. @new_matter & @frogdesign's 3D printer won @SquawkAlley's crowd funding battle!
#tbt How smart accessories are disrupting markets and reshaping our world. #frogOriginal:
RT @DesignBureauMag: "good design today has to stand for something - it needs a reason for being." Jonas Damon of @frogdesign
.@CNBC asks: A drone or a #3D Printer? Cast your vote: More on frog + @new_matter:
RT @BizRadio111: Tonite 7 ET/ 4 PT @robconeybeer welcomes @jw of @lastguide @JPManga @dflieb & Carlos Elena-Lenz & Ethan Imboden of @frogdesign #LaunchPad
RT @ahmedriaz: How do we bridge the time to market gap between entrepreneurs and city government? #NCS2014
RT @dsnazarian: @newcitiesfound Cities should promote citizen co-innovation, promoting grass roots adoption - or healthy rejection - of technology #NCS2014
RT @mayonissen: @newcitiesfound Competition can be healthy, so long as it's not considered a zero-sum-game, and never as opposite to collaboration #NCS2014
RT @dsnazarian: On the subject of Uber: is it truly an "accessible" service? What does a useful degree of service literacy and presence feel like? #NCS2014
RT @mayonissen: @newcitiesfound All innovation inherently empowers some while threatening others, necessarily creating contested outcomes. #NCS2014
RT @zainabimam: @newcitiesfound As @URESG76 pointed out, many don't have access to tech. Urban innovation is bad if limited to those with access #NCS2014
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