Mike Fruchter
What is the best twitter iPhone app?
of all the free ones (haven't bought any so can't compare) TweetDeck's easily the best IMHO. - felix from BuddyFeed
TweetDeck. I even bought Twitterfon Pro but TweetDeck's got groups and does it well. - rønin
Thanks guys. What are some other essential apps I should d/l? Just got the iPhone today. - Mike Fruchter
grats mike, I knew you'd come around to it :) I don't really have specific recommendations at the moment, most of the ones I used to use heavily have not seen any use at all lately - mjc
Mike, HA! It took me 2 years :-) - Mike Fruchter
TweetDeck is by far the greatest with its list and syncing support BUT it's only first release so it's still buggy. Give it some time and keep something like Twitterrific or Tweetie as backup. - Andrew Trinh
go look at Robert Scoble's feed, he asked the same question and has over 100 replies; I wrote down 3 notebook pages of apps that I have been looking at and considering (and most are free) - Sandra
Welcome to iPhone land!!! - Justin Korn
Tweetie is still better than TweetDeck in my opinion. - Louis Gray
iPhone app or iPhone client? Despite the silly name, have to go with Tweetie as the best client. Great interface and love the way it handles mutliple accounts. - Joel Postman
You did say "Twitter iPhone app," sorry, just reread that - Joel Postman
I use twitterfon. The groups of tweetdeck are nice, but it's still too buggy for me to use (many contacts disappeared, slow, crashes) - TobiasVerhoog.com
Mike, I really love Pano for taking panoramas, but recently I've been playing around with AutoStitch a lot, too. Get 'em both. :) - felix
IMHO-Tweetdeck is the best and has a great user experience, minimum touches/clicks...Steve jobs of the apple fame - would be proud !!!! - Sai