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Mike Fruchter
I need recommendations for Wiki software. Self hosted and easy to use.
I know about MediaWiki already. - Mike Fruchter
You should get out and find a good fit at That said, I've run PmWiki and Screwturn and found them both pretty straightforward. How many users do you have? Are you looking to have multiple namespaces within your wiki? - Daniel J. Pritchett
Disclaimer: I have an MS in CS, so my concept of "easy" or "fun" might be unrealistic. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Ushahidi uses DokuWiki. I'm not too fond of it though. - Meryn Stol
Oooh! Here's your question asked and answered on StackOverflow: Also click through on the "wiki" tag to see related articles on SO. - Daniel J. Pritchett
WordPress Wiki Plugin -> - andy brudtkuhl
@Daniel, thanks. The amount of users will be a 3-4 max. You lost me at multiple namespaces . I will check out the links you provided. - Mike Fruchter
Andy, thanks. The Wiki will be independent from WP. It's for the company I work for. - Mike Fruchter
Multiple namespaces would be like "MainPage::MarketingDepartment" versus "MainPage::SupportDepartment". In other words, as a wiki grows you could have multiple discrete sections of the wiki that contain pages related to a single project. Those projects might want to have the same basic page names in effect, and namespaces allow you to do that. 3-4 people can work around it without much trouble. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Wikis are great *because* of the lack of official structure. Develop your own internal wiki usage conventions and people will do just fine - as long as they can search. - Daniel J. Pritchett
I was pondering on using Drupal as an alternative. Any downside to this? I know its primarily a CMS system. - Mike Fruchter
Great recommandations on stackoverflow. Thanks, Daniel - Mike Fruchter
I strongly recommend you get some advanced login capabilities, e.g. linking up with a windows domain or using Facebook Connect or something. Remove as many barriers to contribution as possible. Layman's version: If people have to log in, they won't bother. - Daniel J. Pritchett
I have not used Drupal or any other CMS as a wiki... I'm not even sure how you would do that. Sure you can create posts/objects and link them to one another, but that doesn't feel like a wiki to me. The #1 thing that makes a wiki is the fact that I can type [[Name of a new page]] and that becomes a clickable link to said new page. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Using Drupal as a wiki is possible: there are installation profiles that'll set up and configure everything for you. That said, it's not dedicated wiki software, and it feels like shoehorning a wiki experience into Drupal's user experience. Edit: looks like there's no Wiki installation profile for d6, which stinks. - Mark Trapp
@Michael - I've setup WP instances with this plugin for wiki only purposes.. .just like you are thinking for drupal - andy brudtkuhl
I'd recommend Deki Wiki by Mindtouch. There's an open source version that installs under Apache or as a virtual machine. Editing and organizing information is extremely easy, and rivals some blogs. Includes hooks into multimedia, video sites, etc. - Glenn Batuyong
Mike, if you want to use Drupal, another way to go might be the Book module: since you can customize permissions all over the place with Drupal, the Book module might provide a reasonable alternative to the wiki experience: - Mark Trapp
If Deki Wiki is not too hard to install (no experience), I'd surely try that out. It's also used by Mozilla. (interview: ) - Meryn Stol
I will always suggest Zoho: - Anika
I would've suggested Zoho as well, but Mike insists on self-hosting. The big reason I like Zoho is not its UI (kinda irritates me) but the fact that it accepts Google and Yahoo! logins. No new account required! - Daniel J. Pritchett
For installation and testing purposes, be sure you try JumpBox-style virtual installs of these wikis. It will save you a lot of time for testing different systems you might end up discarding. Here's one for MindTouch Deki: You can run it using the free VMWare Player. - Daniel J. Pritchett
MoinMoin is my favorite (featureful, community, Python, themed), but has a little admin setup upfront cost. TiddlyWiki is the simplest/fastest/lightest I've used and is all-in-one no admin, plus mobile. Being a single HTML/Javascript file, you can even put it under VCS. - Micah Elliott
Thanks for the feedback everyone! - Mike Fruchter
SocialText has a pretty good self-hosted solution. And they're Perl so even more bonus points. - Jesse Stay
Mike: If you know PHP, be sure to take at least 10 minutes to look at PmWiki. Doesn't get any easier. I've installed/managed MediaWiki, TWiki, DekiWiki, a .Net engine called Flexwiki... and no matter how easy *any* wiki claims to be, none of them really seem to deliver on the promise of being... well... frictionless. They all have a learning curve, idioms, etc. My recommendation would be to just pick your poison, chose something that's well-supported and popular built in a language you know, and dive in. - Ken Sheppardson
Great thread! Ounce for ounce, high level of nutrition. Thanks, all. If I recall correctly, PmWiki was used by (before it moved to Trac) as a bug tracker, and was so quick and simple I submitted a bug report that I otherwise would not have bothered with had I faced more complicated software. - Micah
One very good commercial (but free for non profit) wiki is Confluence from Atlassian. To my knowledge it is the only wiki that natively supports distinct spaces. Although it is a good wiki, it is not the silver bullet that addresses all our community needs. - Olivier Biot
Regarding Drupal and wiki support, there are possibilities to implement a "wiki page" content type for which you can enforce unique page titles with the "unique field" module ( Or get inspiration from resources like - Olivier Biot
I went thru this exercise recently, used wikimatrix for research - was going to self host and tried a few but then opted for hosted instead - - the wiki space is very full and socialtext is still the best enterprise at scale option though for 3-4 users it'd be overkill - mike "glemak" dunn
Doing a major ERP implementation and using Confluence for the documentation of the design during blueprinting. Team of 50 using it. Works well, but like any wiki, content is inconsistent at times and requires editing. We won't use it long term. Also using Sharepoint within our corporate portal. Would NOT recommend it.. - Dave Ploch
For easy and hosted and good integration with videos, online presentations, etc, try Google Sites (aka JotSpot) - Scott McMullan
@Dave - Sharepoint is great if it's the only wiki your IT department will let you install. I agree that it's rarely a first choice for any particular project though. - Daniel J. Pritchett
FOSWiki (was TWiki) might be interesting. - Tyson Key
actually socialtext and sharepoint work well together - - mike "glemak" dunn
Thanks for that link Mike Dunn! I just shared it with a blog commenter who was looking for e2.0 collaboration addins for sharepoint: - Daniel J. Pritchett
We have done multiple wiki projects in our agency. The best enterprise wikis are Foswiki for open source wikis and Confluence for commercial high-end-solutions. MediaWiki is only for public wikis similar to Wikipedia best of breed. - Martin Seibert
just had some good experience starting to use pmwiki for hosting some documentation on my blogs - out of the box installation on - Jeroen De Miranda