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April Russo
Real Actual Listing Photos: Guess What’s Amiss Edition -
Real Actual Listing Photos: Guess What’s Amiss Edition
Real Actual Listing Photos: Guess What’s Amiss Edition
Real Actual Listing Photos: Guess What’s Amiss Edition
"It’s time for a special edition of Real Actual Listing Photos, where we play a game I just invented called “Guess What’s Amiss.” Here’s how this game works: I’ll post photos from a handful of listings, and you see if you can guess what’s odd about them that would cause me to feature them here. Feel free to click on the photos and head over to the real actual listings for some additional context. Ready to play? Okay, here we go." - April Russo from Bookmarklet
Can't be Seattle - the sky is blue. - Kevin Johnson
Well, they all have the same clouds in the sky. - Anika
Good one Anika, I didn't see that. - Todd Hoff
I agree with Kevin. Way too sunny for Seattle. - Rochelle
The cloud thing might be specific to Seattle but being at the selling and buying real estate at the same time state I can tell you that manipulation of photos, fake HDR, staging of pictures for real estate sites (and for open houses) are a big part of the real estate game. The first line of offense(or defense) is attracting prospects which is all about the online listing and the pictures with it. - Brian Sullivan
Brian, when the house next door to us was for sale, we checked out the listing online. I was shocked to see that the furniture in the house in the photo was not the furniture that was actually in the house. I really doubt they moved all of the family's real furniture and personal belongings out, put in other furniture, took a picture, and the moved the real furniture and personal belongings back in. It was all Photoshop. - Rochelle
Rochelle - I suspect that they did move furniture in and out -- one of the agents we talked to had a storage unit full of furniture specifically for staging, I am pretty sure that moving furniture in and out is cheaper than 'shopping. - Brian Sullivan
The more expensive the house the more room there is for staging cost. - Brian Sullivan
I dunno! The family who was living there had a very full house of furniture, baby stuff, personal items, several bedrooms, etc. etc. It would have been a huge ordeal to move all of that out and then put it all back, since they continued living there until the house sold. - Rochelle
Well, I think the family was probably told to have the room empty and clean on a certain date, the stuff was brought in, snapped, and taken out, leaving the family to move everything of theirs back at their leisure. - April Russo
I guess it depends on the cycle in the area -- where I am currently(I am in the process of preparing for sale) -- the cycle from listing to sale is typically 7 to 10 days. The agent is suggesting that we move out. Where we are looking to buy the prices are a lot lower -- houses tend to be presented au naturel. - Brian Sullivan
We were told to remove 50% if our belongings when we sold our condo, and we put it all in storage we didn't take the stuff it until it was tine to move - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android