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The Lord's Prayer (Atheist's Version) & Proud Atheists -
A reworking of 'The Lord's Prayer'. - furlan
A 300 baud modem from ca. 1964 connecting to today's internet. Amazing! - furlan
A little rant by John Cleese - Soccer vs. Football. He sums it up quite well. - furlan
A piece about what's in WD-40 and various uses thereof. - furlan
Fun Meme Humor &Jokes | Linux Versus Windows Versus Mc OS X - Funny Pic -
Oh, humor... ;-P - furlan
Ignazio Di Salvo Stella By Starlight -
Ignazio Di Salvo Stella By Starlight
A rather nice version of "Stella By Starlight". - furlan
Swimming with dolphins - Things to do before you die - BBC -
Swimming with dolphins - Things to do before you die - BBC
From the page: "Swimming with dolphins - Things to do before you die - BBC " Incredible footage of dolphins interacting with humans. - furlan
Blink tag considered harmful - Boing Boing -
A little something about the HTML blink tag... - furlan
Jesus General: You Get What You Pay For -
An essay about our value as humans with a discussion of the recent miners deaths and the implications thereof. - furlan
Jesus General: Department of Book Reports: April Poetry -
Pocket poetry for the win! - furlan
A Brief History of Light : Built on Facts -
A brief History of Light! From the "Built On Facts" science blog. Good stuff... - furlan
How to Transform a Hoodie Into a Computer Sleeve, Backpack, Pillow or Baby Bag. & THE FIRE WIRE -
Folding tricks w/ a hoodie. - furlan
Annual Brown Recluse Spider Warnings : Greg Laden's Blog -
Some discussion about brown recluse spiders and friends. - furlan
Mr Deity needs a lot more Jesus : Pharyngula -
PZ talks about yet another Mr. Deity episode... - furlan
Lala Song Player - Heaven by Talking Heads -
Talking Heads - Heaven A place where nothing ever happens... - furlan
Modulate This! - A Blog for Electronic Music Artists: Absynth 5 LFO Tips -
Some Absynth LFO tips. - furlan
YouTube Video Turned Into a Virtual Piano - Clever Use of YouTube Annotations! -
A virtual piano, have fun... - furlan
HNU W.A.T.E.R.S.S. -
Solar Water Disinfection (SODIS) Cheap Potable Water. - furlan
Docky in Launchpad -
A page about DOCKY, a dock that I use in Ubuntu GNU/Linux. - furlan
One-Hand Popover Trailer -
One-Hand Popover Trailer
Aaron Fisher's latest offering. - furlan
A call to 911 by a (now ex) police officer who thought that he was overdosing on pot. - furlan
You only have a few days left&then youre going to DIE! : Pharyngula -
Yet another deadline, heh. The last one was last month. Thanks to PZ for the heads up - furlan
Photojojo - The Perfect Pano at the Photojojo Shop -
An interesting device for producing panoramas with your camera. I am definitely considering purchasing this. Maybe even with the tripod discussed in the article. - furlan
What do you have on your Quick Launch bar? Does anyone else use it like I do? I have it docked to the top of my screen and it has everything I use a lot on it... Can't do without it.
From left to right: Desktop, Window Switch, RDP, Outlook, Evernote, Notepad, Notepad++, Paint.Net, FireFox, IE8, Chrome, Safari, Visual Studio, SQL Server Manager, IIS Manager, Web Service Studio, Command, QC Explorer (a QA thing), Environment reset batch file, Environment config batch app, Hosts file editor, My Computer and various shortcuts to directories for project source drops locally and on the network. There are also a few things hidden in the "drop downs" such as some other less frequently used tools and some saved RDP profiles. - Lindsay
You need Windows 7 like no tomorrow. The new 'dock-like' start bar kicks ass. I used to do what you do, and now I just leave it all in the start bar. - Sparky, lurking
I JUST got this Vista box at work... I imagine it would be another couple years till I could get Win7. - Lindsay
That's what I do now - and as Sparky said, I am really chomping at the bit to get 7 on my work machine for the psuedo-dock. - Jennifer Dittrich
Do you have to type stuff in to find things or can you set up icons/shortcuts? - Lindsay
yep win7 got rid of the need for quick launch for me. Some of the stuff you have on there is easily replaced with keyboard shortcuts, and shortcuts to directories you can pin to the explorer icon in the taskbar. - Ben Reierson
Harass your admins. While the general availability date hasn't hit the Win7 media is already available in the VL channel. - Sparky, lurking
I kind of do, but mine is set up in rows on the right side of my screen, turns from rows into a column when I open iTunes. - NOT THE CRICKET
I don't even keep things in that. Too much clutter. I just keep everything in the Start menu. - Anika
I hate typing and remembering keyboard shortcuts... I like to point and click... more of a visual person, I guess. - Lindsay
Lindsay - it's like the dock. All the icons are there, and a box shows up around them if they are running. Launching and switching to an app has been collapsed into a single action. - Sparky, lurking
It's completely point and click, with extra functionality for hover and click - Sparky, lurking
I don't type anything ever. It's all icons or just clicking into menus. - Anika
In vista, the window key is your friend, it takes you straight to search so you can find files quickly. - NOT THE CRICKET
@Jimminy, I just hate typing for something when I can just click it. :) I have to hit the Windows key (or click the Start button) and then type and then select from a list... bleh... - Lindsay
Windows 7 gives you a lot of flexibility - us keyboarders can Win-type and you visual people can launch apps in a single click without needing both a task bar and a quick launch bar. - Sparky, lurking
Well good to know... I will probably be upgrading my Vista box at home to Win7 this weekend. - Lindsay
Demand it for your work PC too - it's way faster than Vista. I hated Vista, but am head over heels in love with Win7. - Sparky, lurking
this is what my dock is for ;) - mjc
How do you type to find your things? I'm curious about this. I've been using computers forever and after Windows 3.1, I don't think I've ever typed anything (or used my keyboard) to access applications/software on my machine. The only time I've ever typed, is to search for files I couldn't find in the correct folders. I guess what I'm asking is *how* do you type to get to applications?... more... - Anika
Anika, in Vista if you hit the Windows Key, it opens the start menu with the focus inside the search box, if I want to open up calculator really quick I just hit Windows Key -> calc -> Enter, though it's not always that simple. I also use this in tandem with the quick launch though. - NOT THE CRICKET
Ah...Thanks. I don't use Vista. So, I was really, confused here. I sat here trying to figure out how to do it! - Anika
Visual Studio, IE8, Explorer, WMP, Firefox, Snip Tool, Chrome, Remote Desktop. - Roberto Bonini
I don't have anything on my Quick Launch bar, I run Ubuntu Linux. :-P - furlan
I don't have 'QuickLaunch', I run Linux. I DO have a bunch of apps there, similar to what you run... - furlan
*clap clap* - Sparky, lurking
Right with the Universe | Petermans Eye -
A bit of background on the origins of teatime. - furlan
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