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RT @fivefifths: Here y'all go calling every single piece of criticism "outrage" to subtly belittle people for not being as serenely unbothered as you again
Poet or window decorator.
I can't keep getting the same answer over & over & over.
Do they have aptitude tests where the only results are marketable things?thats what I need.
RT @stenoknight: Confession: I don't let myself have coffee unless I've had fewer than 8 hours of sleep, so sometimes I deliberately stay up past my bedtime.
RT @PiaGlenn: SO rude but still gonna RT@saladinahmed: Everything Superman does is superpowered. EVERYTHING. ht @bigwhiteball
Long a fan source of jokes/parodies. Namely a Wonder Warthog story on that theme... - Spidra Webster
"Man, dick is good." “@bigwhiteball: @e_dythe via @perpetua” :P
RT @AdamKingXV: @e_dythe @hoplitnet I hope no one favorited this because they misread Cheetps as Cheerios.
RT @hoplitnet: @AdamKingXV @e_dythe both are equally funny/true.
Yeah, people who unfollowed me, I'm still favoriting your tweets. Sigh. That would be me.
RT @Bojangles1977: This could be us but you playin.
RT @paintedhuman: @bad_dominicana The hell? I've had work swiped for use in advertising. Bites right out of my heart. I hear you.
RT @paintedhuman: @bad_dominicana You've got photos of originals? Report them and hope they're taking it more seriously. :(
Can anyone offer @bad_dominicana guidance, etc with this @etsy situation? @etsy needs to pull his account. @maidel
RT @bad_dominicana: omfg its a white man from spain selling my artwork without permission. wtf wont u colonizing monsters take from us? i wanna cry :((
RT @ChiefElk: @bad_dominicana WHAT? Omfg, I am so sorry. I don't know anything about Etsy but I will start searching.
RT @FatBodyPolitics: A lot of gold leotard dancing.
RT @bad_dominicana: u guise, help, how do i counter this? this person on etsy is selling my artwork without my consent. what do i do?
RT @saladinahmed: Everything Superman does is superpowered. EVERYTHING. ht @bigwhiteball
RT @mznewman: Childhood amnesia, one of the wildest things about kids; so much to be forgotten.
RT @FatBodyPolitics: All of the double chin gifs on my TL.
LRT. Yeah.
RT @rgay: Do you know what it's like to miss someone in your bones? Pretty intense shit.
RT @OhDianeMarie: Mmmmmm...this taco salad is not just feeding me. It's FEEEEEDING me. #Omnomnom
RT @FeministaJones: No one expects an intelligent, outspoken, confident, brash and sassy, tall, large woman to be a "victim" of anything.
RT @FatBodyPolitics: Why didn't anyone tell me I could post gifs on twitter?
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