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RT @hoplitnet: Sherpas consider boycott after Everest disaster via @YahooNews
RT @skeskali: *whispers* I love this damned song. I don’t care.
RT @chrisofspades: @e_dythe because overtimes are great!
RT @starfishncoffee: @e_dythe some dumb game is STILL ON
Why are people still talking about sports on my TL? Even on the West Coast it's after 10 pm. ! ;)
RT @kmeelah: 04-20-14. Daylily 'Girlish Laughter' (genus Hemerocallis).
RT @thetrudz: Selfies with braids in the last month. :)
RT @loveritsvivi: *covers timeline in her "vaginal fluids"* lets bond and stimulate our clitorius' together
RT @loveritsvivi: “@capnmiamia: Hahahah” much sexy very good I'm so turned on right now #ugh
RT @cathyparkhong: Biographies will try to redeem him but John Updike will always be a "penis with a thesaurus"
RT @cathyparkhong: Jack Gleeson, aka King Joffrey, wants to be a poet.
RT @cathyparkhong: “an epidural would be a disgrace, a C-section a tragedy of Greek proportions.”--#sickofsanctimoniousnaturalbirthers
RT @rgay: I've read poets & writers for 20 years. I never dreamed Id see my name on the cover. Am profiled in May/June issue.
RT @TriciaLockwood: It's true. Irony really has ruined our lives:
RT @cathyparkhong: Vijay Seshadri is also the first Asian American poet to receive the Pulitzer. It is about goddamn time.
RT @melissabroder: inner peace: hey me: one sec
RT @melissabroder: if i fall in the forest u have to hear me create an elaborate personal mythology abt it
RT @poetshouse: I never spoke with God/ Nor visited in Heaven -/ Yet certain am I of the spot/ As if a chart were given. -Emily Dickinson
RT @caesura: Found in my high school seminar notebooks: the night of Holy Thursday to dawn on Easter Sunday in Dante’s Inferno
RT @poetshouse: oh god it's wonderful / to get out of bed / and drink too much coffee / and smoke too many cigarettes / and love you so much -Frank O'Hara
RT @poetshouse: I got busted, writing in a chemical mood/ The police were ... lovely/ Their badges glittered in the blue strobe. -Hal Judge
RT @MariposaBoy: Everything's right with world if purple umbrellas.
RT @thetrudz: Y'all. This mosquito in my house has the teeth of a tyrannosaurus rex and is the size of a nightingale.
RT @CalBike: "If we had a bikeway like this, I would ride my bike to work" - organizing with @BikeEastBay for protected bikeways
RT @GrimalkinRN: Eddie finally held still.
RT @FluffySEclectic: "Muslims = antisemites" is islamophobia. "Judaism = islamophobic" is antisemitism. This is a pretty simple concept, y'all.
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