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But I do feel like my days are numbered in terms of the time to a painful ear wax reconciliation. #anxiety
RT @elonjames: Shout out to the #TWIBnation team for handling this media ish like a BAWSE. Y'all rock. #NN14
Listening to @twibprime & laughing at recap of coordinating #nn14 #TWIBnation
I am now positive that my current hearing is a sham.
RT @jstheater: "1. The complexity of the medium is inversely proportional to the eloquence of the message." Yes.
RT @jstheater: "5. The introduction of digital tools has never improved the quality of an art form." Interesting.
I'm listening to @kcrw Summer Dehydration on @swellapp. Listen here >>>> myth
RT @GlitteryGlossy: Looks like @MACcosmetics is offering free overnight shipping with the code NEXT. Ends Tuesday at 11:59pm #beauty
Just remembered we have 1-1 reviews today & Tues. Yet another reason to be joyou... (feel dread) ...s
RT @alexachula: Resumes & cover letters. Good times.
RT @alexachula: I'm worth so much more than what you pay me.
RT @slicingeyeballs: The Jesus and Mary Chain announce ‘secret’ Dublin gig, promise ‘year of activity’ in 2015
RT @omgLSP: It'll be August by the end of this week. Chew on that.
RT @blackorpheus251: *Packs bags* RT @MOSPDC: I quit RT: @blowticious: WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS????
RT @the_author_: I hate the word "whilst"
RT @mortonfox: Had a dream that Pennsylvania sprouted a new county in the center, Irak County, and that region was well-known for making shoes. #wat
RT @tressiemcphd: I really need to update my website. Rather, I need someone to update my website. Sigh.
RT @elonjames: I'm about to go survey the damage in early daylight since I was having actual nightmares about it... #OperationSaveElonsGarden
RT @blackorpheus251: God's love is real. RT @nffc65: Hellish Monday Meeting Cancelled
RT @saladinahmed: Childhood robbed. MT @Gazanism This used to be the kids' favorite. On Eid, you'd see them waiting in lines to ride.
RT @sonyasom: Draw what conclusions from this that you will! *jumps in invisible plane and flies away* @BlackGirlNerds
RT @tmwinmonochrome: If cops assaults people they deserve jail time. Those who enforce the law must be held to a letter otherwise the law becomes a joke. #NYPD
I just can't take another very-special awards event. And I saw there's some new "recognition" program happening. [shivers]
RT @harikondabolu: "I love you even if you don't have Gold Status." -MY GIRLFRIEND AFTER I REVEALED I LOST MY @DELTA STATUS
RT @suey_park: It doesn't matter how much of racial justice badass or a feminist you are. It's not your fault it you end up in an abusive relationship.
Oops. Just remembered I have to go back to work tomorrow because tomorrow is Monday. Sigh.
RT @tgirlinterruptd: What would you like? Oh, a drumstick? Here have a wing! "But I...." Bye Ma'am....
RT @tgirlinterruptd: Shaadi's Casa de Chicken! That's a winner right there lol
RT @BlackGirlDanger: Oops I just referred to 'white chocolate' as the preferred chocolate of garbage-eaters. That wasn't cool. It's NOT CHOCOLATE AT ALL. My bad.
RT @metroadlib: sitting under the dryer.... otherwise known as "satan's thermal taint mouth."
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