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RT @sally_j: @e_dythe "You said that irony was the shackles of youth."
RT @CHILDHOODRUINN: This dude won sign of the decade. #ferguson
RT @alwaystheself: In the logic of white supremacy, an unarmed black man simply moving or breathing is more of a threat than an armed white militia. #ferguson
RT @owillis: lost a tiny smidge of my soul there. ugh.
RT @owillis: @brifred the isis one where they kill the journalist
RT @owillis: ugh i just watched that video. dont.
RT @THerwees: shit. imagine finding out about a family member's death thru a viral video of his beheading.
RT @THerwees: sick to my stomach rn
RT @reftpt: Jesus. #Ferguson RT @jenxhawkins: Yeah, no conflict of interest here. Nope. None at all.
RT @Colorlines: Police Shoot and Kill Another Black Man Near Ferguson
RT @thewayoftheid: "I'll bust your head and confiscate the evidence." But no, we don't have a police problem.
RT @faboomama: @aurabogado You don't have to. Some people are just assholes. I've dealt with it all my life. Laugh and move on, is the best way.
RT @juhneda: Jordan Davis' dad. Well put.
RT @beauty_jackson: Oh bitch. Oh. Bitch. RT @jaketapper: WaPo oped: "I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me."
RT @tressiemcphd: --> rt @JudyLubin For those at #ASA14, here's link to summary of our #Ferguson mtg:
RT @beauty_jackson: What justice could you possibly want for Darren Wilson who, at MOST, suffers from hurt feelings.
RT @elonjames: For those who provide excuses as to why we're treated this way–speech, clothing–I ask you this: Is humanity earned or are we born with it?
RT @elonjames: I'll be on @allinwithchris tonight discussing my reporting here in #Fergurson
RT @eclecticbrotha: @bcarrico329 @thewayoftheid Crawl back up into the ass of the chicken you fell out of
RT @hipcandy: @ReignOfApril @CNN @msnbc reporting her acct like it's FACT. She wasn't there! She knows as much as I know sitting on my sofa #frustrating
RT @ReignOfApril: Props to whomever is running the show for #DarrenWilson. It must be a washing machine company because the spin cycle is unbelievable.
RT @ShaunKing: 5. The gun "goes off" in the car. We don't know who shot it, but guns don't go off. Someone pulled the trigger. This is SO KEY.
RT @ReignOfApril: You see what happened? Multiple accounts from eyewitnesses were consistent. Can't have that. So #Josie calls in w/ #DarrenWilson's story.
RT @ShaunKing: 1. The storeowner did not call the case in against Mike. Wasn't going to. Wasn't going to press any charges. And the whole tape isn't clear.
RT @steenfox: Question...when was Darren Wilson injured if his FRIEND said that he shot Mike while he attempted to charge him?
RT @steenfox: Wilson's friend never said in her statement that Mike hit or punched Wilson. So what was he hospitalized for?
RT @skeskali: Do I use the Undercover Brother hair flip GIF in an email to my boss or nah?
RT @suboticjelena: Paul Ryan (Mitt Romney's running mate for you Europeans) is on CNN arguing how solution to Ferguson is getting rid of welfare. Kill me now.
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