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Lots of conversation about #MaryHartmanMaryHartman happening on #tvtag
RT @langston_poems: I go to the movies Once-twice a week. I love romance. That's where I'm weak.
RT @hermanaresist: «@e_dythe «@vmcny White people, explain Easter eggs to me»» come visit latino south Texas & I'll show you
RT @jsmooth995: Resegregation in the American South This was some hardbody reportage if you missed it:
RT @rgay: Easter jokes will always be my favorite.
RT @webinista: As a POC this scares me. MT @nytimes: Drs. are being encouraged to consider costs, not just benefits, of treatments
RT @vmcny: White people, explain Easter eggs to me
RT @igallupd: "Katee Sackhoff on Action, "Longmire" & Life Beyond "Battlestar Galactica""
RT @STLAbuBadu: People have raised families, bought homes, sent kids to college driving cabs in #stl Uber and Lyft turns the job into fast-food wages
RT @prisonculture: FYI I'll have an update on next steps on #ShaneshaTaylor's case next week.
RT @hermanaresist: "April is the cruelest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land, mixing memory and desire, stirring..."
RT @ABC7: Person in LA Times building received text saying possible armed suspect on 3rd floor. LAPD locks down block
RT @starfishncoffee: And to top it all off, Stannis is a big old whiny-ass baby. #GoT
RT @FalconPenAgain: Feeling like a hero today. A kid fell in a 30' deep drainage ditch and I was able to lower down my CVS receipt so he could climb out.
RT @BicycleFixation: How the battle against expanding LA’s 710 freeway could change development in the US—and why it matters:
RT @LANow: LAPD responded to report from a woman who said a co-worker was depressed. He reportedly showed her a bag of bullets
RT @blackgirlinmain: Hard out here for New Yorker's with only a million bucks to buy a place...I shouldn't laugh but damn!
RT @Karnythia: This breakdown of what it will cost to get into the legal marijuana business in Illinois...y'all...
RT @ha3rvey: That moment when someone says a person looks like you, and that person is really funny-looking.
RT @nnniiissshhh: FAFSA got me asking where I can get pole dancing lessons from
RT @latimes: Female cave bug sports "penis-like" sexual organ, study says
RT @ShonDPhoto: Like I said, if my being gay is weakening the Black race, then the Black race can crumble to the fucking ground for all I care.
RT @FluffySEclectic: Are you trans* and interested in making the workplace more inclusive for trans* folk? PLEASE participate in my study!
RT @langston_poems: Do not call me Dr. If I get a Ph.D. Just keep on calling me Sweetie Cause that is good to me.
RT @saladinahmed: Anyone who cares about diversity and fresh voices in science fiction and fantasy should support CROSSED GENRES:
RT @Karnythia: Crossed Genres Magazine - Another year of quality SFF Please RT, donate & signal boost!
RT @djolder: ayyy RT @saladinahmed: A 3D animated film with a Black lead character. About fucking time.
RT @saladinahmed: My daughter, 4, is Arab + Black and a 3D animation FANATIC. She deserves to see characters with hair/skin like hers.
RT @Blackamazon: I will drink bleach before I go conservative but when you look at how often left politics involves abusive threats or insults to POC ?
RT @queen_elisheba: Beautiful! When is your first memory of feeling belittled?
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