RT @rampracer: Disabled man captures 3 hours of mocking, staring while travelling Toronto - Toronto | Globalnews.ca http://globalnews.ca/news...
RT @KathleenCanada: Wow. So @Columbia has FINED @NoRedTapeCU, the feminist student group behind the mattress carrying rape protest http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014...
RT @the_blueprint: every cigarette takes like 7 minutes off your life, but every overheard conversation between your co-workers takes 20 minutes off your life.
RT @myvoiceisfury: Beautifully written piece on my favorite author---> "The Unsaid: The Silence of Virginia Woolf" http://www.newyorker.com/books... via @newyorker
RT @vonnegot: *doesn't check grades* *doesn't check bank statement* *doesn't check inbox* everything's fine
RT @monicaisliberal: Happy Hump Day! Make it a great day & appreciate the good things in your life. 😘😘
RT @JamesFerguson: I really hope this is chocolate on my shirt.
RT @adr: With all the traction that paper is getting, I'm definitely including a "should I cite crappy paper x" in whatever I write next.
RT @davidjayharris: Not sure how this made it through proofreading, peer review, and copyediting. Via http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi... #addedvalue https://twitter.com/davidja...
RT @rodimusprime: Damn you Ariana Grande. Damn you and your infectious pop music! ARGH! I can't get this out of my head.
RT @scATX: After explaining concepts of heaven and hell to my 6yo, he declared that he thinks everyone goes to heaven. The world's gonna destroy him.
RT @DrJenGunter: Did you have the same intern as Jenny McCarthy? #OzsInbox #askjenny
RT @charles270: According to my entire TL, something huge just happened on a show I don't watch.
RT @urbangaygriot: Just had to get those tweets off…. they’ve been sitting on my heart for a few weeks.
RT @urbangaygriot: I would love to get drunk with Brian, Roger, and Stewie. That would be epic.
RT @urbangaygriot: Shade begets shade. Sarcasm begets sarcasm. We often reply in the tone that we interpret in. The issue is when you can’t handle your mirror
RT @urbangaygriot: Also, there’s a certain sensitivity that’s you must employ when you have layered conversations on twitter. People are protective.
RT @urbangaygriot: My interactions with straight black men tend to run on extremes, I either get super progressive or I’m gay bashed. I always take note.
RT @urbangaygriot: I follow A LOT of black women, we can debate and remain cool. When I interact with my fellow black gays it usually ends negatively… why?
RT @urbangaygriot: This is something I’ve been sitting with for a little bit. The difference in interactions between different demographics.
RT @urbangaygriot: Sometimes when you’re discussing a topic and have 100 mentions trying to tear you down… you become hard and dismissive.
RT @deray: President @BarackObama, I've left you out of this, until now. You have to intervene in Missouri. 1,000 officers is a call to war. #Ferguson
RT @DerrickClifton: Do not defend Khloe Kardashian with "But she's dated black men." That's a meaningless detail at this point. Full stop.
RT @BlackLarryKing: Today I took @NickiMinaj to the Wiesenthal Center. Looks like I'll be returning bright and early tomorrow with @khloekardashian
RT @thejournalista: I'm sorry if you can't understand, but I need a radio inside my hand. 📻 #fb
RT @VanityFair: "The bar is so low that I'm a middle-age dad, and I'm considered a voice" @anildash http://www.vanityfair.com/online...
If I Twittered, he sounds like somebody I would follow. I love his delivery. - Brian Johns
RT @CIRonline: On #VeteransDay, a look at what's really caused the VA to address long-festering issues for veterans: Shame. https://beta.cironline.org/reports...
RT @PiaGlenn: There are Tweethearts whose names I don't know who I could personally thank for their service to our country...please say hi if you'd like!
RT @MUGGER1955: Canadian Pamela Stewart on Jian Ghomeshi, "that douchebag radio guy." @marymac, @hoodedu. http://splicetoday.com/politic...
RT @charles270: Gonna go watch videos of veterans returning home to their families & pretend like I'm not crying. BRB.
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