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RT @ShonDPhoto: Speaking of clavicles, June Ambrose was SO right when she said "Clavicles are the new cleavage." I'm seeing SO many boat necks in stores...
RT @PedroANoguera: Schools more segregated now but Supreme Court says race need not be a factor in admissions. This is the new apartheid
RT @Ron_no_Burgundy: Why cant Lupita live? look how many times Julia Roberts been on the cover and her face looks like a kneecap
RT @ThisMoiThisMoi: @pushinghoops wow, thank you for such high praise!
"Brown people impede white transcendence with our obsession with something as terrestrial as race."
RT @tavitulle: Basic: interview ≠ endorsement.
RT @tavitulle: My interview with Miley Cyrus for the cover of @ellemagazine is out now! 📰
RT @pushinghoops: can't overstate what a necessary read it is, I won't even bother tweeting quotes just sit down with it entirely. thank you @ThisMoiThisMoi
RT @pushinghoops: "The default belief that the white experience is a neutral and objective one hurts both white and American culture"
RT @xicacha: .@thewayoftheid hates potato salad. I officially CANNOT with her. I'm just sitting here like
RT @Karnythia: I mean, imagine a Republican candidate who espoused better school funding & job programs for the inner city. How would they do?
RT @Karnythia: What kills me about these "Republicans want you African Americans" speeches is how little it would take for the GOP to be more appealing
RT @glossedover: Dudes taking up too much space on the subway dot tumblr dot com
. @realDonaldTrump @Terrell87 what's your plan to do that?
RT @S_R_P_S: @beauty_jackson My bank card doesn't have raised numbers anymore either. It's the 21st century. No one uses those carbon receipt things now.
RT @beauty_jackson: Ray saw things my way. So long story short, I am a resident of Pittsburgh and I start my job on Monday.
RT @beauty_jackson: He's still mumbling. "Well we don't take prepaid cards." And I'm really REALLY not here for it at this point.
RT @beauty_jackson: "Well let's hope we you don't get a funny conductor." "Um, let's hope your funny conductor doesn't get me. It's your app."
RT @BlackCanseco: Sonia Sotomayor Delivers Blistering Dissent Against Affirmative Action Ban
RT @michele_norris: "Race matters b/c of the slights, the snickers, the silent judgments that reinforce that most crippling of thoughts: “I do not belong here.”
RT @michele_norris: That previous tweet that ended w/ "No, where are you really from?" is from Justice Sotomayor dissent in today's Affirmative Action decision
RT @michele_norris: Race matters to a young woman’s sense of self when she states her hometown, and then is pressed, “No, where are you really from? - Sotomayor
RT @michele_norris: "Race matters to a young man’s view of society when he spends his teenage years watching others tense up as he passes" - Sotomayor dissent
RT @vulture: .@questlove will be writing a 6-part series for us. Part 1: How Hip-Hop Failed Black America
RT @CoryBooker: Freaking great pic RT @JasonModica ake the rescue Aussie loves his family and new home in the big city. #dogsofnyc
RT @busblog: Here's four pictures of Ben's dog, Christopher. #YoureWelcome
RT @CoryBooker: I literally laughed out loud at this one RT @Trautski Our rescue, Fergie - most loyal and loving dog we've ever met
Have any of you ever experienced physical Peep blowback? Because I just did.
RT @CoryBooker: We all should act that way sometimes RT @DrPaula_9 My dog rescued me when she was 5. Now 18. Still acts like she's 5
RT @HulkHogan: It was an awesome day until I lost my wallet,I wore the waist pack all those years and never lost my wallet, I think I might go back HH
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