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Runaway Train came up on iTunes Radio. And I unironically pressed "Play More Like This." good lord. What is happening today?
It contains the lyrics "how did I come to feel so jaded / life's mysteries seem so faded" ... I mean... :/
What I like about that cat swimming in pool video is his expression. Unhappy but also determined. #anthropomorphism
RT @bbowers1906: @BlackGirlNerds Keaton was the better Bruce Wayne, Bale was the better Batman
RT @ladymisskate: Name your first born Subtweet.
RT @AngryBlackLady: Things that piss me off: When non-black folks jokingly say they’re blacker than me because they know more Wu-tang lyrics or some nonsense.
:/ sigh.
Chip Mates are the Kroger version of Cookie Crisp.
I felt so offended by stuff at work yesterday that when I got home I opened bottle of wine & ate half a family-size bag of Chip Mates
RT @metroadlib: that's probably the most fascinating thing i see in myself w/this job. i absolutely get over shit w/my students...
RT @metroadlib: i am an EXCELLENT holder of grudges. seriously. it's nothing for me to write you off forever.. but like..w/ my students--that ALL disappears
I would vote for Christian Bale as best Batman but it's only because I think he's the best-looking. :/
RT @BlackGirlNerds: Who's the better movie Batman? Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney, or Bale? (not incl Affleck) #BatmanDay
RT @RichieBrave: Even as a man I would have automatically assumed that
RT @Still_Birdy: To suppress/regulate menstruation. To aid in pain relieve/pms symptoms. RT @UPPlSH: Lesbians on birth control. Why?
RT @AP: BREAKING: Taiwanese news agency: Plane crashes in emergency landing, killing 51 people, injuring 7.
RT @OUTSPOKEN_DIVA: @BlackGirlNerds Same too you! Penguin is my favorite He's so bitter with life, Gotham City, society, Batman Bless his heart!!!
RT @jayrosen_nyu: According to NY Post's @PageSix, David Gregory will be bounced from @meetthepress in a few months. via @mlcalderone
RT @matthaig1: WRITING TIPS: 1) Stare out of window. 2) Have back ache. 3) Feel the blank terror of your Word document. 4) Sigh. 5) Go on Twitter.
RT @Starmama30: If Malia goes to Cal or Stanford, you think the Obamas will move to The Bay in 2017?
RT @saladinahmed: What do you need to understand #Gaza, a big lit-up sign? Well, hey, Massive Attack has one for you. ht @Sheerzee
RT @ThePlumLineGS: Also from new CNN poll: "One percent* of Republicans say Obamacare has helped them:
RT @gfgao: News is becoming an increasingly important part of a local station's revenue stream:
RT @alisonturkos: It always feels great when NJ residents say "I don't think there's an @AbortionFunds in NJ" I respond with "contact @NJAAF! They're great"
RT @elledub_1920: Exactly RT @seelolago: elledub_1920 right, cause no one has EVER done any harm while wearing a uniform
RT @elledub_1920: Just missed a bus that I did not see on my bus tracker app. An African man stopped and asked if he could drop me off somewhere
RT @elledub_1920: I said no I am good and you are a stranger. He had on a security guar uniform he said "what am I going to do to you in this uniform?"
Awww. :) kitty. videohall: News Anchor in my area loses it over a Fat Cat that likes to swim. …
Soul Train. Episode 26, 1972.⁰Dancers Patricia Davis and Lamont Peterson show us why they are contenders i …
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