Daniel Mietchen
Individual Knowledge in the Internet Age - How is the Internet revolution changing education? (EDUCAUSE Review) - http://www.educause.edu/EDUCAUS...
"I will analyze three common strands of current thought about education and the Internet. First is the idea that the instant availability of information online makes the memorization of facts unnecessary or less necessary. Second is the celebration of the virtues of collaborative learning as superior to outmoded individual learning. And third is the insistence that lengthy, complex books, which constitute a single, static, one-way conversation with an individual, are inferior to knowledge co-constructed by members of a group." - Daniel Mietchen from Bookmarklet
Some headwind here: "The old strategy of reducing knowledge to what our medium (paper) can handle is being replaced by new strategies appropriate for the inclusive nature of knowledge in a medium built out of links." - http://www.hyperorg.com/blogger... - Daniel Mietchen