At school, I'm selling a new comic I invented: The Adventures of Captain Farts! They cost 50 cents each. Well, I'm trying to sell them.
I got a blue ribbon at piano festival today!!!
I have a stressed out mama.
Sorry I'm stressed out, sweetie. Thanks for all the hugs, and I'm proud of you for typing this all by yourself! - Carrie Jaeger
Kill the wabbit! Kill the wabbit!
I am conquering the Tower of Hanoi game.
Today I won the Lego Indiana Jones game! It was 4 levels with lots of traps, and it took me 1 month and 102 days.
2 days ago I went ice skating with my mama at Steinberg Skating Rink. I was good.
Today I built two Lego ships. One is named "The Turtle," and the other is called "The Seal."
Pictures! Pictures! - Scott Granneman
Darn. I am sick!
We are cleaning up and organizing my huge Playmobil collection!
hee hee hee
I have finished book 1 in series 1 (of the Warrior Cats books). Today I started book 2.
I'm eating breakfast. My mama whacked up a pineapple, and she would not let me help. Now I'm reading a book: Night of the Ninjas.
If we use Scott instead of Ralph, you come out as Spottednose! Maybe we should call you IceSpottednose!
Wait a sec! You used Ralph?? Not Scott? Hmmm ... I don't know if I like SpottedNose, IceNose, or IceSpottedNose better! - Scott Granneman
How 'bout I. Spottednose? Kinda sounds like I, Claudius... - Carrie Jaeger
We found our warrior cat names on the "Warriors" website. Mine is Tigerpath. My mama's is Wildpath. Scott's is Icenose.
I like Icenose, but I like Tigerpath more. Great name for you, Gabe! And Wildpath is cool too. What about Zippy? - Scott Granneman
Zippy is Bluepath! - Carrie Jaeger
I've been singing "Oh say can you see!" I'm hitting Scott too. I'm pinching his nose. I'm hitting him in the stomach. OK, that's all!
Hey, Gabe, give Scott a little pinch for me! - Robin Woltman
Coming soon on video: Gabe gargles favorite patriotic tunes! - Carrie Jaeger
No no no I won't send a twitter I don't want to send a twitter I don't want anyone to know what I'm doing! No twitter!
That is one of the greatest things I have EVER read! (btw - it's send a "tweet", not a twitter) - Scott Granneman
I'm eating rainbow sherbet for dessert. I mixed it up, melted it, and dunked my oatmeal cranberry dunker cookie in there.
Our cat Zippy just lost his balance and fell into the trash can. Then he decided to stay in there and lick pieces of trash.
I just made a fake meat sandwich, and my mom helped a little. It has fake turkey, pickles, and mustard. I'm eating it right now! It's tasty!
I am about to go to bed, and our dog and cat are wrestling. Tomorrow we will see sumo wrestling at the Japanese Festival tomorrow!
Dude, that sounds awesome! For more on sumo, watch this: - Scott Granneman
Sadly, the sumo wrestling demo we saw today was devoid of flatus. - Carrie Jaeger
Today we went to the Japanese Festival and saw sumo, judo, and Taiko drummers. Then we went on the candlelight walk. We are very tired!
The buffalo would be named Napoleon, because it is illegal to name a pig that in France.
Love it! - Scott Granneman
I would like a pet buffalo. He'd protect the house and keep the yard tidy. He'd eat the weeds, squash the dog poop and be our housekeeper.
And the name of said buffalo would be .....? - Scott Granneman
Yesterday I had surgery. I just had breakfast and I'm trying to get a piece of omelet out of my tooth.
Today I had hernia surgery. Afterward, I ate 3 popsicles, tortellini, and ice cream. My stomach hurts and I have no bladder control.
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