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For some reason this @BuzzFeed post neglects to include this tweet from the Gazan girl:
Amused to see VCs trash-talking their old firms as part of their launch PR.
The very best thing about people in tech who tweet or blog foolish things is how they just keep doing it over and over!
The more important question: at which Uber score value are you banned?
I should be more explicit: it can't *just* be mailboxes. Also, it should be cheap. Finally, no, this isn't for anything illegal. :-D
What's a good/cheap"coworking" place in SF that offers an address when all I mostly want is the address (1 hour of desk time max per month)?
I'm glad today is #unfollowaman day because I was getting tired of following @aman.
Troll me once, shame on you. Troll me twice...
RT @inafried: @gaberivera or are the insane people appearing more?
Is it just me or are most people on Twitter appearing more insane than usual this month?
Although iPhone 5S usually stops working after being run over by a train I'm hearing iPhone 6 is train-resistant.
The New Yorker Stories You Should Add to Pocket and Then Never Read Before the Paywall Goes Back Up
Scammers offering @verified status are a thing! And @Techmeme is their latest target, as this amusing email shows.
Only now does the UK want to examine how Russia in 2006 might have murdered a naturalized British citizen in London:
Parents: teach your daughters that they can be anything they want to be!
Looks like @stewart had some good answers ready when I fearmongered about @SlackHQ security.
Hmm, with so many news orgs on @SlackHQ, hackers compromising the product could obtain excellent intelligence on things not yet reported…
The #1 song on July 21, 1969 was a dystopian prophesy called "In The Year 2525" Song: Lyrics:
Amazing how it's the 5th anniversary of the day we tweeted about a moon landing anniversary that was actually a multiple of 10 instead of 5.
Does "digital" as an umbrella term encompass TV content in people's minds (e.g. when used in a headline)? Or must we wait a few more years?
A grim and biting narrative by @_lordmax_ on why Russia fears revolution in Ukraine and how it impacts Silicon Valley
As terrible and geopolitically significant as #MH17 is, you may end up just as well-informed if you pause reading about it for a few hours.
Advanced writing tip: if you want your readers to picture you on a toilet, then start your next post this way:
Access journalism: one of several forces guaranteeing perpetual tech blog war.
Ok, so Techmeme readers include Nadella, Zuck, and Sundar Pichai. Somebody please coax @tim_cook into saying where he gets his tech news…
Looks like @satyanadella reads Techmeme "every day": I'm not surprised, but glad he mentioned!
So there two spiders living in corners of my home that I'm letting live because I know they're eating other bugs. Is that gross?
The troll event horizon: when discerning folks are wise to your game, you need to sustain your shrinking cohort with ever-increasing bile.
Since 2011, more people have been killed in the Syrian Civil War than in all Arab-Israeli fighting since 1860.
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