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"Our traffic is 40% mobile and 100% hatereads"
It looks like Twitter has a higher regard for the US Constitution than the DOJ and our President:
A half hour into the news, we're facing a surfeit of "Hurd-ing Katz" jokes, and could use a handy top 10 list. #DontHateCurate
RT @andrewpbrett: @gaberivera I think you're obligated to start a potato salad bucket challenge, per
The Helion Energy demo at #YCDemoDay is really impressive...
Can I nominate someone to take a sulphuric acid bucket challenge?
Selfies-from-a-big-table-con vs. selfies-with-Bono-con
These are the times that try men's ties.
It's been a tremendous week for misspelling: #Furguson
However many live cameras there are right now in #Ferguson, I think I wish there were about 100X as many.
Hmm @Furrier was it really you who called me a "douche" and "fool"? (The @StartupLJackson debate is interesting too!)
Given that farmers markets here are gushing with ripe early girls tomatoes, why are they missing or downplayed in regular CA grocery stores?
Twitter's amazing #Ferguson visualization reveals how tweets tend to originate from populated areas:
RT @StartupLJackson: Like a child licking a cookie, when an editor puts "EXCLUSIVE" in the headline, it says 8 others are about to publish & they calling dibs.
If an ice bucket falls on a CEO, and nobody watches...
With the US now bombing US-made hardware seized by ISIS, we have a starker, realer version of the hole-digging/filling described by Keynes.
Is there a term for the state in which there is a perceptible absence of Burners, such as there is in SF during Burning Man?
What's great about the Kevin Rose news is there are so many self-glorifying ways for Silicon Valley people to congratulate him.
I will never get tired of the prank in which you immediately email nonsense to somebody who brags on Twitter about having hit inbox zero.
...and I don't wanna sound too utopian. Of course it's only one aspect to the process of reform.
It's palpable how mobile and social media (while NOT a panacea) will have a big impact in curtailing police abuses in the years ahead.
When you link to a tweet that's later deleted, Twitter will unembed, leaving you with a hole. So back to screenshots!
Everything about Uber makes UPS look terrible. UPS wants me to *pay* to learn an "approximate Delivery Window" for when my package arrives.
Uber now has an executive advising the Pentagon on drone striking Lyft drivers
…I guess software is like that too, just at a greater time scale. (Stop fixing bugs and adding features for a *year* and you're in trouble.)
Re: To me, media *feels* unsoftwarelike because if you stop creating for a week, the revenue spigot shuts off, but…
Apple is disproportionately nonwhite in the US, yet Verge calls it "very white": Tech pubs: more nuance of race plz!
The Ghost of Twitter Future wants you to know you're loved and will be missed, so stick around a while longer, OK?
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