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Love in the Time of Solitude was such an amazing novel. It reshaped the whole way I view the world. RIP Gabriel Gonzaga Márquez.
RT @adholden: There’s no way ALL you guys loved 100 Years of Solitude that much
My mouse batteries are very low. But I'm still mousing. There's a lesson here for entrepreneurs, obvi.
Hey guys, I know you rely on me for tech news sometimes, so I need to report that @jack has a beard now:
I would like to begin monetizing the "dearth of people with Spanish last names in tech" issue. Any potential business partners out there?
2/The end.
1/A blog-sized subtweet about how Fred wouldn't be able to sleep if he had a $1B+ fund: Wonder who he's referring to?
Fave if you hate @sfgiants tweets.
Twitter @search is there to let you know you're never original. (E.g. @samir's preceded
Tweet about the lunar eclipse if you must, but FYI I was doing that in 2007, when it used to be cool:
I would give up my spot in this list if I could take a dozen other people on it with me: >:-)
I used to drink @CokeZero every afternoon until one day it hit me that it actually tastes gross.
Re: it looks very likely to me the @USAirways tweeter mis-pasted a funny link taken from @AmericanAir's @-mentions.
Congrats to my bud Scott Templeton, who just won a Pulitzer for his series on Baltimore's homeless Bitcoin economy:
Look! The pie!
Blogs and social media make it easy to publish serious writing, but hard to tell when everyone's laughing at it.
Using TurboTax is like going on an awful 3-hour date with Clippy.
Even if the NSA first learned about Heartbleed this April, it can use the bug to decrypt data retained prior to that
This NYT headline isn't too bad: But they started off with this hilariously backwards one:
This NYT headline isn't bad: But they started off with this hilariously backwards one:
What am I getting at? Point is: there's a lesson here for entrepreneurs. What's that lesson? Share this post. PLEASE. I'm dying here.
This protester obviously sucks at math which is why he's angry at programmers:
Thanks to Medium, my brain is starting to associate "giant image taking up the entire window above the post" with "crappy essay".
RT @spencerchen: @Techmeme Is that your final answer?
Wondering if anyone inside NSA HQ is simultaneously patriotic and proud of their work right now...
The NSA's lust for all our data has made us all less safe. Our leaders have betrayed us.
Basic steps to protect yourself from #Heartbleed: 1. Change Gmail password 2. Tell friends to follow @Techmeme 3. Change Facebook password
When regression testing a bug fix, "failures" are usually failures. But sometimes they're more test cases getting fixed! A happy surprise!
Ha, @tim_cook couldn't have made iPhone sound more like a creepy cult had he tried:
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