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RT @evejweinberg: If this isn't a commercial for #iMovie, I don't know what is: (warning: shameless promotion of my nephews)
Are you questioning your operating assumptions enough? -
"Please email and we can fill you in!" - Gabriel Weinberg
Current market potential experiments -
Re: A Private Search Engine? -
"Our access logs don't store IP addresses, see Additionally, we don't run third-party code on our front-end that isn't proxied through our back-end so that your ip address is never exposed." - Gabriel Weinberg
Which investors will invest in your startup? -
Re: The depressing math behind consumer-facing apps -
"Really struck a chord I suppose, but like I pointed out I think their negativity is misplaced." - Gabriel Weinberg
Recent tasks I sent to my virtual personal assistants -
Reduce communication overhead through more dynamic channel choice -
RT @harrymccracken: Not sure if I've mentioned this on Twitter, but Pixlr is remarkable -- one of the very best web apps I've ever used.
RT @__nil: A trait of great engineers (my blog):
RT @fredwilson: The SHIELD Act: There are so many things to like about this bill
RT @jeffbodle: RT @PhillyPhriedman students who came from outside PHL to attend college & stayed after graduation In 2007 26% - in 2012 47% #phillysoaring
RT @lindsayehicks: If you're a woman in the Philly area, you should register for this weekend's Hackathon for Women! C'mon!
RT @rrhoover: I think I've referenced @yegg's post on operating at capacity a dozen times in the past month: #currentstatus
RT @mkrupit: Founder Institute @founding coming to Philly. Next event Thurs @seedphilly with @yegg & @mikelevinson
RT @duckduckgo: 2012 FOSS Donations have been made! Check them out here: Thanks to the community for the nominations! #FOSS
Re: The Bullseye Framework -
"Great point. We've seen all of these verticals used by startups, but certainly some are more used than others. However, some of that is really due to bias, which leaves even under-used ones sometimes good targets, e.g. blogging. That said, it is pretty clear different business models are better suited for some. Incidentally, here's a good article on marketplaces:" - Gabriel Weinberg
Can't believe @taskrabbit still isn't in Philly and no competitors are either. 5th biggest city in the country and it's been years.
Great Philly co everyone in mobile should know MT @TechnicallyPHL @ArtisanMobile launch!
RT @robgo: New Blog Post: How to tell a BIG story -
Re: The depressing math behind consumer-facing apps -
"How exactly do VCs ruin thing for bootstrappers? That's the part I'm confused about." - Gabriel Weinberg
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