RT @paulg: Justin Kan's guide to acquisitions is so good I'm tweeting it again. Every startup founder should read this. http://justinkan.com/the-fou...
DuckDuckGo in Firefox! https://t.co/JIBoBgNJ8K
4/ There are many reasons not to live or work in Philly proper and I don't think they should disqualify you from saying founded in Philly.
3/ I've always said Philly bc I consider myself part of the scene, people know it and I see broad inclusiveness as positive.
2/ To the outside world people think I'm in Philly, whether it is Philly proper or not.
1/ If you want to help your local startup scene, don't do this: https://t.co/NxcraIL3d6 i.e. tell locals they're not legit bc of city lines.
RT @dillonforrest: My book review of @tractionbook by @yegg and @jwmares http://www.dillonforrest.com/startup.... Strong recommendation to buy!
The @duckduckgo team is mostly remote and technical, but we're now hiring for one local (to Philly), non-tech role https://t.co/h30t2QRgQr
The top 3 challenges for getting initial traction - also free course for @tractionbook readers http://blog.sohelpful.me/the-top... via @kevindewalt
Getting traction for Traction book: 12,328 copies by the numbers - http://www.gabrielweinberg.com/blog...
RT @TechnicallyPHL: Learn from Philly startup CEOs in this free, 3-month program: PSL Bootcamp http://technical.ly/philly...
RT @adii: BOOM! My new book, coauthored with @kaufman_jack, is now live. Get help finding your first customers! https://yourfirstcustomers.com/...
Join me in person next Tue evening for the launch of @tractionbook hosted by @VillanovaICE. I'll be talking takeaways http://founded-in-philly.ticke...
New post "Productivity markets" https://twitter.com/yegg... via @thunderstormapp
7/FWIW I use @fancyhands @sanebox and @awayfind in these areas and am always looking for more.
6/Contrast with @uber @lyft @asana where there is a simple, cheap adoption path without commitment or much education needed.
5/As such traditional crossing the chasm behavior doesn't seem to be occurring in a reasonable timeframe despite real widespread benefits.
4/The combination of activation energy + upfront cost + needed commitment + lack of education is just too much for productivity markets.
3/Everyone complains about day to day chores and yet on-demand labor markets aren't taking off yet.
2/Everyone complains about traffic and yet smart traffic lights are not demanded everywhere yet.
1/Everyone complains about email overload and yet email productivity add-ons do not seem mainstream.
Traction tip: watch your logs in real time - http://www.gabrielweinberg.com/blog...
Traction tip: watch your logs in real time http://www.gabrielweinberg.com/blog...
7/ I'm guessing startup peers - CTOs, Directors of design, community etc. - similarly help each other if asked. EOTS
6/ I've been impressed how founder-founder help transcends networks, distance and space.
5/ Maybe it's more obvious inside startup centers, but outside it is an epiphany to realize every other founder is an email away.
4/ I think startup founders help each other because they have instant empathy and are natural problem solvers.
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