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RT @ttunguz: The Secret Ingredient to the Best Startup Fundraising Pitches
.@timraybould says the best way to help your local startup community is to use its startups. +10. So use @ticketleap
RT @timraybould: Just published “Philly: want a great startup community? Here’s one tangible thing you can do to help” via @Medium
So glad I no longer have to pay cash or sign for things under $5. (rephrase)
So glad the days are gone where I don't have to pay cash or sign for things under $5.
RT @tractionbook: "The 50% rule: spend 50% of your time on product and 50% on traction." #tractionbook
RT @tractionbook: "Many entrepreneurs who build great products simply don't have a good distribution strategy." @pmarca #tractionbook
RT @tractionbook: "Almost every failed startup has a product. What failed startups don't have are enough customers." #tractionbook
The new @asana app is awesome.
Thx! RT @SarahPrevette: .@yegg may have the best investor bio I've ever seen:
RT @amontalenti: @yegg Discussed extensively in Berkun's "Making Things Happen." Another great forcing function: project constraints, even if arbitrary.
An earlier budget mistake that will ruin your company -
An earlier budget mistake that will ruin your company
RT @cdixon: When considering a startup job, weight the quality of the startup far above everything else including position/title.
RT @mhj: Google is prompting to set it as default when arriving from a !g @duckduckgo search. You seen this before, DDG?
"81% say the US would be better governed if more people with business and management experience [held office]"
RT @MikeKearns: Having fun at Google's campus. #duckduckgo @yegg
RT @danshipper: I'm very excited to be featured on the First Round Review today!
RT @kitmueller: Just pre-ordered 'Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers' by @yegg and @jwmares #stoked
New post, Traction Book FINALLY ready to pre-order:
Astounding what % of wawa customers buy cigarettes. About half of the people that check out in front of me.
Current inbox 0 mix: Sanebox + AwayFind + followup folder + in-app (non-email) notifications + unsub everything + short replies.
RT @vacanti: The secret behind many successful startups:
"the FBI reported recently that it searches the [NSA] data so routinely that it cannot provide a count."
A 3yr old's sarcasm is a weird combination of cute and infuriating. "It's bedtime." "What's bedtime? I don't know bedtime."
Whenever I hear "human beings" in speech I know something ideological is coming. "Human condition," depressing.
Would be interested in trend data of proportions of startups/capital/unicorns in and out of SV. #pipedreamdata cc @ttunguz
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