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Game Screens

Game Screens

Screencaps from your gaming adventures. Need to brag about leveling up or a great scene you've created? Geeking out required!
Well. That's different. The little girl in the purple dress is named Christopher.
This was a townie. - Yolanda
Heh. The Grim stopped by to kill the mother of the guy in the pic. Then, he hung out just long enough for the wife to go into labor. Even the Grim freaks when it is baby time.
The thought bubbles over the wife were of the lady who had just died. She standing there huffing and puffing and mourning and giving birth. O__o - Yolanda
This woman goes into labor at another funny time.... right when her husband ages up.
I bought the new Sims 3 pack. I really love the cityscape. However, I think my most favorite thing... the street food cart. It has tacos, burritos, and other junkie fare. It moves around the city.
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Bonus! Its all fat free :D - Shannon - GlassMistress
Sigh....I miss my Sims - Just Mrs. V
Katie took the comment I tried to post! I had crap service on my phone this am... - Lisa L. Seifert from Android
I finally did a doctor sim. While she was studying at the library, there was a medical emergency! So, she whips out her iHealthPad and some other doohickie and made that teenage sim all better.
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lolz... No. Looks like some handheld radar thingamabob. - Yolanda
I know someone who saved someone's life with a drill once, even though she'd never been trained to use one in the manner in which she had to use it :D - Victor Ganata
The tattoo is on her back, but, this is the animation that played. She would peek at her arm and then look away with her little fist shaking.
I decided to start working my way down the list. I was sitting there wondering why I'd paid for the EP if I wasn't going to, you know.... PLAY. AYE! Also, this isn't the tattoo artist profession, this is the doctor sim getting a tat. - Yolanda
Totally creeped me out. The mama retired from her job. Suddenly, the toddler sprouts their alien limbs and starts cheering with that sign. Then, after a few moments, she returned to normal. Reminded me of that little old lady from the movie "Legion".
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And a shot from the Ghosthunter profession.
There was an earthquake in my sim town! Here's a sim buried under rubble that the fireman had to rescue. Later, there was a ceremony where he received the key to the town.
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This fireman has a very entertaining way of throwing the football.
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Watching "The A-Team" got me into a "let's blow some shit up" kind of mood. Good thing I have The Sims 3. :)
Broke down and bought Sims 3 Ambitions. I've only managed to play with the Interior Design profession and apparently I'm not very good. I've gotten more bad reviews than good. The first screen is a sim with her legs crossed. Is that new? And the second, the kids can run a bake sale instead of a lemonade stand like in Sims 2.
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I wish sims could sit down when they are chatting on the phone. - Yolanda
I'm so jealous of you guys. I wish I had a computer that could just run it. I miss playing! - Anika
Something else I noticed just now is that there are now sims who pick same sex partners on their own. I don't recall that happening in Sims 2. The sim I'm playing right now has 9 brothers and sisters which I've moved out. In reviewing the town households, found two of the siblings had picked same sex. :) - Yolanda
Oh, watch out for that bake sale stand. You can't just set the kid to work the stand and move on. You have to keep an eye on them because if someone decides to speak to them, they stop working the stand and start chatting. - Yolanda
Damn kids. - Anika
Anika, I NO RIGHT?!? - Yolanda
Also NINE siblings?! EA has gone overboard. - Anika
That was the parent's wish. So, I went there. You can age them up faster than in Sims2. I've had a set of triplets and move em out. Repeat. - Yolanda
Adachi is streaming Illusion of Gaia, an old-school RPG for SNES. Pic related.
Same time, same channel. Tune in now! - Vezquex
"How long have we been playing this?" - Vezquex
Nintendo 3DS touted as first 3D handheld gaming device -
Nintendo 3DS touted as first 3D handheld gaming device
Nintendo says that the 3DS, which apparently does not require 3D glasses to properly view 3D games, should be available sometime in the next year. In an interview with the New York Times, Ken Toyoda, chief spokesman at Nintendo, said that the 3DS will get its official unveiling at E3, the annual electronics expo. “We’ll invite people to play with the new device then," Mr. Toyoda said. - Shey from Bookmarklet
Unfortunately, seems like it's not very practical, the head position must be just right for it to work. Considering the device constantly moves in your hands its probably useless at the current stage. I would love to be wrong though. - Amit Morson
Good point Amit - Shey
After taking Penelope's sister, Willow, The Grim decided to hang out a bit and chat. The Grim's favorite color is a lovely cobalt type blue. Rose, Penelope's niece decided to go traveling after her aunt passed. Here's she exploring an Egyptian tomb. EA folks really made some beautiful scenery this go round. #sims3
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Sims 3 screenshots from World Adventures (?). I've only visited the French town so far.
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I like the puzzles and tasks that are available in the cities that you travel to. In that second shot, you see the sim having to move a statue around in order to solve the puzzle that will open the door to continue exploring the museum. - Yolanda
I like your scooter pose - Michael W. May
looks cool.. i cant wait to get it for my MAC are you playing it on MAC or PC? - CoreyTess Trujillo
I'm playing on a PC. I'm really enjoying Sims 3 and this expansion pack. - Yolanda
A shot from the Sims 3 World Adventure expansion pack. Some really beautiful scenery.
That's pretty, all right. - Ron Bailey
the expansion is bigger than the game itself, in terms of disks. crazy - mjc
We're gonna need to build another tower again just to run The Sims. - Anika
I can barely run Sims 3! There's no way I can run the expansion pack on this computer. Darn. - tab
Okami -- Were you napping in my clothes again, bug?
Okami nap.png
Black Wii, blue controllers spotted in the wild, behind glass -
Black Wii, blue controllers spotted in the wild, behind glass
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We've already seen both the black (or kuro) Wii and blue Wii remote and nunchuck in the form of promotional photos, but it looks like both braved the trip to this past weekend's World Hobby Fair, where they were on display for all to see, but not touch. As you might expect, there aren't a ton of surprises but, as Joystiq notes, the contrast between the glossy and matte portions on the Wiimote and nunchuck is much more noticeable on the black version (pictured after the break), and the black Classic Controller Pro also looks like it has an extra coat of gloss compared to the white version. Unfortunately, it looks like Nintendo is still saving word of a release date 'round these parts for another day. - Shey from Bookmarklet
Okay, I have no picture, but, I'll have you know I'm now a level 65 cleric. Only 135 more to go! woot!!
Maple Story is celebrating its 4th anniversary. They have some special events going on and this pretty little chair (which helps you gain back some health points quickly) was one of the prizes. I was visiting Japan in this scene. :)
Here's a tiny screen cap of my little character on maplestory. Just last night I got her to level 51 cleric. yay! I've upgraded her staff so it is maxed out. I'm debating getting her a pet.
Old WoW character. Pet Daigoro (via
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