I just signed up with friendfeed. Trying to dope out how this works, bear with me.
Easiest way to use it is to put your settings to send comments to Twitter, also "likes". Post any message from the top level main page (to your main feed), but set up lists for different groups you follow. It's a little bit of time on the front end, makes it easier on the back end. Also snag the bookmarklet. - Karoli
Thank you, I'll do that. I hope I'm actually responding to you. LOL I do like the lists idea. - Deborah
you are. :) and now it's right on the post. The FF notifier is pretty handy too. I use it for my top-secret "i wanna see these first" group of folks. - Karoli
Wow. You're a doll to help a newbie. I think this FF may leave Twitter in the dust. Thanks so much. - Deborah
my pleasure...I really like FF, though I find myself going back and forth because twitter is easier on the iPhone. But ultimately, this is the first place I look in the morning and the last before I shut down. - Karoli
welcome Deborah, I don't use it beyond my twitter links as much as I once did but I think Friendfeed is a great service. - R. Ferguson
Welcome! :) Come join the FF Beginners Group: - Rochelle
Thank you for the welcomes and advice. I will join the newbie group & figure out how to get the settings configured to my liking. It does seem like a really good service & because of the extra bells & whistles, not as intuitive as Twitter. :) TY all for your kindness. - Deborah