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Stephen Anthony

Stephen Anthony

Enterprise architect, technology planner, library technologist, father of toddler.
NOVA's CyberSecurity Lab Shows How Tricky Data Security Really Is -
The Art of Manliness -
A site that tracks current social media (twitter) rumors, and determines their validity. - Stephen Anthony
Institute of Official Cheer -
Online dictionary - French/English -
iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program - Apple Support -
Firefall Official Website - Firefall -
RT @qikipedia: The lifetime of each Doctor Who by screentime (Wonderful Books/…
Dear @RBC, your "customer service calls" will now result in our ensuring no future business with you. #thatisall
RT @_youhadonejob: Best film description ever.
A milksnake was visiting on NRC campus yesterday... wish I'd been able to see it. #reptileFun
An interesting 1975 study on washroom usage at the NAC @NRCPubs
Yea! Someone cited my paper! Hence, someone thinks I wrote something clever. #SelfWorthIncreasing
Monty Python and the Holy Grail Performed on Flaming Bagpipes and Unicyc...: #WhyNot
Monty Python and the Holy Grail Performed on Flaming Bagpipes and Unicyc...: #WhyNot
I think this hold music is intended to make me hang up. Fighting the good fight! You'll not wear me down terrible music!
Why is accidentally dialing 1 before a local number a tragic sin according to the phone company? Surely could still route, no?
The HummingBoard Is a More Powerful, Upgradeable Raspberry Pi
Help make it happen for an Observatory in the National Capital Region #astronomy 30 mins from downtown Ottawa
My Incredible Body Teaches Anatomy to Kids (and Parents) -
An awesome service and project to track lightning strikes in real time... Watching a storm in Gatineau now
Join me on @Kiva and lend to help alleviate poverty!
I discovered the best flour for homemade pizza. My kid and dogs agree it is awesome. - Boing Boing -
Real-Time Lightning Map :: -
Wow. When they labeled this Hummus "Spicy Hummus" they were not kidding. #itburns
The Secret to Baking the Best Chocolate Cookie? Science | Good Sh*t | OZY -
AudioShell Edits Audio Tags in Windows Explorer with One Click -
Feedly belly up today.... hmmmmm. - Home of the Blender project - Free and Open 3D Creation Software -
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