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Stephen Anthony

Stephen Anthony

Enterprise architect, technology planner, library technologist, father of toddler.
Huge thunderstorm!
13 Webcomics That Will Make You Smarter
RT @jianghomeshi: St John's is Cdn city most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse. Toronto & Hamilton...nope: (via @mattgallowaycbc)
When watching YouTube you can press the number keys to bring you to that part of the video (e.g. 8 = 8/10ths). #ThingILearnedToday
Ottawa could really use one of these: Traffic sign makes people do the Monty Python Silly Walk
Permian extinction possibly explained by methane produced by microbe:
Fix iPhone incorrect autocorrections
OMG. Listen to wikipedia: visualization and sounds for additions/subtractions in wikipedia (pitch based on size).
In the original, Pinocchio killed Jiminy Cricket, got his feet burnt off, and was hanged and left for dead
RT @Amazing_Maps: Top 40 countries by the number of scientific papers published -
Free Vintage Posters, Vintage Travel Posters, Art Prints, Printables -
Zenodo: A new grey literature and data publication solution from CERN | Galactic Gazette -
Can a Website detect what browser extensions are being used? - Stack Overflow -
How to Find Out What's Costing You Money on Your Electric Bill -
Vegetable Chow Mien Recipe | -
Using Data Curation Profiles to Design the Datastar Dataset Registry -
The development of research data services in academic libraries is a topic of concern to many. Cornell University Library's efforts in this area include the Datastar research data registry project. In order to ensure that Datastar development decisions were driven by real user needs, we interviewed researchers and created Data Curation Profiles (DCPs). Researchers supported providing public descriptions of their datasets; attitudes toward dataset citation, provenance, versioning, and domain specific standards for metadata also helped to guide development. These findings, as well as considerations for the use of this particular method for developing research data services in libraries are discussed in detail. - Stephen Anthony
Cream of Spinach Soup Recipe - -
Implementing a virtual research environment (VRE) - Jisc infoNet -
A VRE comprises a set of online tools and other network resources and technologies interoperating with each other to facilitate or enhance the processes of research practitioners within and across institutional boundaries. A key characteristic of a VRE is that it facilitates collaboration amongst researchers and research teams providing them with more effective means of collaboratively collecting, manipulating and managing data, as well as collaborative knowledge creation. - Stephen Anthony
BIBLIOCRACY | Newly Released Documents Reveal Devastating Extent of LAC Cuts -
Canadian Community of Practice for Research Data Management in Libraries -
Blog: To develop and share knowledge about research data management in Canadian libraries. - Stephen Anthony
Families of Western Newfoundland -
Twitter has Analytics! | David Lee King -
from David Lee King Way back in 2011, Twitter announced they were starting to offer Analytics for some Twitter accounts. Finally – almost two years later, they are offering analytics to everyone! Here’s how you access those analytics: Get into your Twitter account (the - Stephen Anthony
A method to map from query to broad topic, and associated resources | Bibliographic Wilderness -
CrossRef Blog: Find the Registration Agency for any DOI -
CrossRef has released a new Application Programming Interface (API) tool to allow anyone to look up the Registration Agency (RA) for a given DOI or a group of DOIs. CrossRef is not the only organization that assigns DOIs, and each RA provides different services. For example CrossRef's services include reference linking and discovery services for scholarly documents. Until now it has been difficult to associate a particular DOI with the correct RA. To find the registration agency, simply add "" before any DOI in your browser address bar or program. - Stephen Anthony
The Myth and the Millennialism of "Disruptive Innovation" -
How Users Search the Library from a Single Search Box - The Distant Librarian -
from The Distant Librarian Just wanted to draw your attention to a great article I finally got around to reading: How Users Search the Library from a Single Search Box, May 2013 College & Research Libraries, vol. 74 no. 3 227-241. It's the story of how the search b - Stephen Anthony
How Users Search the Library from a Single Search Box -
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