Spidra Webster
Doug Clark: Billboard helps weed out the humorless - Spokesman.com - April 12, 2012 - http://www.spokesman.com/stories...
Doug Clark: Billboard helps weed out the humorless - Spokesman.com - April 12, 2012
"A tempest in a flowerpot blooms in North Spokane. The hubbub centers on a billboard towering over North Division Street near Lyons Avenue. “Pot dealer ahead,” reads the text. Now anyone with a sense of humor can see instantly that this advertisement has nothing at all to do with bud, bongs or medicinal brownies. The billboard, after all, bears the images of five flowerpots, one of which sprouts foliage that looks nothing at all like that wackiest of weeds. Plus there’s the business name on the sign: “Ritters,” it reads – not “Reefers.” Ritters, of course, is one of the city’s longtime and leading gardening establishments. Ah, but here’s the thing I learned from joking around in this newspaper since the Pleistocene era. Not every resident is equipped with a funny bone. Some of you, in fact, are so tight-cheeked you could crack walnuts with your … You get the idea. So it comes as no surprise that Ginger Wyman (who owns Ritters with her husband, Bill) has heard from a number of humorless bozos since the billboard went up almost two weeks ago. Take the woman who was so incensed upon seeing it that she drove straight to the business at 10120 N. Division St. Once there, she vented that she wouldn’t be coming back. Certainly not as long as this affront to family values remained standing. Harrumph!!! Then there was the outraged boob with his undies in a twist. He called accusing the nursery of setting a dreadful example for our youth. Wait a second. I thought that’s what the City Council was for. “It’s just a joke,” Wyman said of the billboard. “It’s totally a joke.” Of course it is, Ginger. Anyone but a brain-dead rube can see that. And it’s true the vast majority of billboard reviews have been positive and supportive. It’s harmless, they say. It’s clever. Trouble is, it only takes a few snakes to poison the reputation of a business. Which is why I’m writing about this. It would be a damned shame if Ritters suffered any loss of trade just because they tried to give North... more... - Spidra Webster from Bookmarklet