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Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones

emerging tech specialist, master inventor, ibmer :: interested in social software, web technologies, semantic web
RT @joebraidwood: Check out the great video our team put together to celebrate the launch of SwiftKey 5 - ‘bring your words to life’
Exciting day, @SwiftKey goes free! Plus new themes, emoji and a SwiftKey Store!
30 seconds to charge my phone battery would be quite nice
"the first internet startup that mattered" - The Netscape story
developers take note - some interesting thoughts around asking users for iOS permissions
Interesting to watch the TED interviews with Edward Snowdon and subsequently with the NSA Deputy Director
RT @SwiftKey: Untap your potential with SwiftKey Flow Hard for physical keyboards! #flowhard
Too late to stop biometric monitoring says @Waggo - bet you've had a busy few days!
Software patent myths - why software in patent applications should be allowed
"the financial consequences of failing to align business and IP strategy can be catastrophic"
RT @davebriggs: Oh, wow. @sogrady’s “The New Kingmakers” is only £1.54 on Kindle
Link Bubble - saves mobile browsing time by opening links from apps in the background
Mainstream media doesn't always understand patents - a rebuttal to an Economist article on patent trolls
RT @SwiftKey: Say hello to SwiftKey 4 featuring SwiftKey Flow - Android’s smartest keyboard!
RT @AlexTame: Interested in #Patents and passionate about Intellectual Property then join our team as IPR Tech Specialist #Vodafone
RT @The_IPO: Don't forget we've launched an #app to help small businesses identify & understand #IP. Find out more & download here
RT @mozhacks: Subtome: a better subscribe button -
Google said my new Nexus 4 would take about 2 weeks to ship and then it turned up the next day. Waiting for re-delivery...
RT @ClearViewIP: INFOGRAPHIC: Chinese New Year inspired us to revisit report tracing China's #patent landscape
IBM Watson is getting interesting, can't wait to see where it goes next. (2-min healthcare video) /via @dalelane
IBM Watson is getting interesting, can't wait to see where it goes next. (2-min healthcare video) /via @dalelane
Insight into IBM's patent success and business longevity from @MannySchecter /via @ipwatchdog
Patent transaction revenue "is compensation for the money that was invested on the R&D" /via @ipwatchdog
RT @mikeloukides: Chrome plugin for fact-checking incoming email: LazyTruth, from MIT Media Lab
"If the government can do it…", a nice summary of the impact of the excellent work
RT @glynmoody: Getting it Right: - justified high praise #opensource #opendata #ogov
How big data will affect healthcare, interesting read
RT @cyberdees: 'HTML5 for Creatives' a free ebook for 'those technology decision makers around you' is a handy read: /by @johnallsopp
RT @Ew4n: Phenomenal quote: "Apple is the second-mover that makes failed first-mover ideas work."
RT @PandoTicker: “Please Turn On Two-Factor Authentication”
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