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Priceonomics covers how trash links from Taboola got on the Atlantic Monthly website (answer: cash)
Wired —The Next Big Thing You Missed: The Quest to Give Computers the Power of Imagination Big ups to YC S08 alumni!
Interested in health IT? Networking and Speaker event Friday w/ YC alum speakers @morrisor & @gautamsivakumar.
Why we're not in a tech bubble via @jaltma
The new Lytro looks amazing. Want. (Hope it's higher res this time.)
How Americans Die Incredible use of infographics.
Be patient. Your future will come to you and lie down at your feet like a dog who knows and loves you no matter what you are. —Vonnegut
RT @collision: Unfoggable bathroom mirrors! Undo on elevator buttons! Pastries sold on train platforms! Japan is the land of a thousand tiny conveniences.
RT @summon: Cheaper than UberX or Lyft & no surge pricing - is the cheapest ride in town More on SFGate:
Full house at Samurai Summit Tokyo with @ilik evests for the YC panel session! Wow
RT @davidbyttow: First news link to @getsecret on @Techmeme is a nice surprise. Hopefully not the last.
One exception to the "solve your own problem" approach to startup ideas
I love Tokyo cat cafés! via @slimmette
RT @pmarca: 6/Smart VCs think about startup shares less as stock than as options -- options with limited (1x) downside & unlimited (1,000x+) upside.
What are the biggest killers of startups? @foundersatwork shares what to watch out for.
Incredibly good long form coverage by @kimmaicutler on what's really going on in the SF housing crisis
The Secret design decisions by @chrysb
Just past dawn in Tokyo and stayed up all night reading YC apps for final review. @ セルリアンタワー Cerulean…
"Everybody wanna tell you how to do it, but they never did it." —Jay Z
The YC team is growing! Welcome @KatManalac @yuris @patrickc @elizabethiorns — so pleased at this set of great ppl.
RT @cdixon: Back when Fred Wilson started investing in social, social seemed as fringe as Bitcoin does today
Not 100% sure yet, but maybe people should stop pursuing "Snapchat crossed with X"-style ideas.
Startups, if you quote multi-year cumulative revenue instead of monthly or weekly growth, then investors rightly assume your growth is zero.
RT @pmarca: @garrytan I will action an impact analysis of that strategic concept.
Corporatespeak in founders is 100% correlated with failure.
RT @drew: @garrytan a wife.
I want a smart wearable that detects when I'm about to make a decision and reminds me: How do you know you're right? And does it matter?
Almost all bad product decisions start with people in a conference room saying "sure, that sounds good." Road to hell is paved with apathy.
Smart move. Massachusetts following California's lead on much broader rights for employees re: non compete clauses.
Reporters don't seem to understand that technology can reduce costs and result in better/cheaper/faster. Profit is the point.
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