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Founders worldwide want to come to the USA to start tomorrow's great cos. O1A visas could be the way forward.
“You Are Not Late” by @kevin2kelly truth
RT @ttunguz: It’s Time to Start Worrying About the Next Round for Your Startup
People are marching against Google buses when they should be marching for more housing permits.
A bold call by the NY Times editorial board. Legalize.
Wing Commander creator's new game Star Citizen has now raised over $48M in crowdfunding, may crack $80M this year
RT @Harjeet: Fantastic set of notes from Startup School London: Common theme - startups are hard and take time.
BCG predicts unemployment in the US to remain high for decades as Germany, others experience labor shortage
RT @guygunaratne: Just listened to the most inspiring speech I've ever heard in person. Have courage, carve an independent mind. Do the impossible. @paultoo
So much of history was preserved in letters. Now that most of our convos have gone online, what happens to all the emails and texts?
Science: The universe lacks both malice and benevolence, but everything does follow rules
Scalpers and ticket resellers actually increase prices for primary tickets, assuming the promoters sell out the venue
RT @dhh: How many tech stacks get to not only survive but thrive beyond a decade? Truly a special accomplishment for the community #RailsTurns10
RT @davidlee: .@josephwalla is one of the best founders in SV Angel.
Just bought me some pre-sale ether in the first public sale
Want to try a Double Robotics robot at NASA? NASA SSERVI is giving virtual tours
Discovering private APIs with cool techniques via @timrogers, fun to see how other people do their APIs
A modern savings account for the masses — Excited to see what @ebloch is up with his new startup Digit
Amazing work on the Quora refresh, @irondavy — very refreshing.
The new Quora design is quite refreshing. Well done @artypapers
SpoonRocket is going for the World Record for biggest dinner party—$1 dinner delivered in 10 mins in SF tonight
Software eats apparel — What MTailor means for how you'll buy clothing in the future
MedXT launches medical imaging in the cloud = more doctors from different practices working together = better care
SpoonRocket is doing $1 meals for Monday and Tuesday in SF. Going for World's Biggest Dinner Party World Record!
RT @newsycombinator: Late night shuttle service that makes Caltrain 24/7
San Francisco is less than half as dense of Brooklyn.
RT @IndexVentures: .@dannyrimer on why the world needs @Secretly & why we're excited to continue to back @davidbyttow & @chrysb -
RT @rsarver: Excited to invest in @davidbyttow, @chrysb and the @secretly team as they build an important platform for expression
Anonymous publishing isn't new, but now it's in everyone's hands via @alexisohanian
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