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Stephanie is so busy with shipping orders for @EarthandBeauty that she forgot to eat. @SpoonRocket to the rescue!
RT @4thlettermusic: @bhorowitz Open Letter to ValleyWag’s Co-Editor Nitasha Tiku | Divine - "The 4th Letter"
"There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, goodness and truth." - Leo Tolstoy
Uninstalled Cover app because it was presumptious and added itself to my iOS 8 homescreen without asking.
RT @billclerico: Half a decade after demo day:
The best pitch is made of a number of obvious and uncontroversial statements that add up to an ambitious achievable future.
RT @balajis: People rely on social diligence (relative truth) when they lack the domain knowledge to do their own technical diligence (absolute truth).
RT @alexisohanian: This @Wholefoods loves @Instacart almost as much as I do! Cc @garrytan
Wonderfully nerdy — how text messages are seen in film
Wrote code all day and it feels stupendous.
RT @benhuh: Events like #Ferguson makes it clear journalists need devices that record A/V 24/7 360 deg. and backs up live to the cloud. Evidence.
RT @alexisohanian: What are you doing for #burningman? @garrytan and I are helping @justinkan make moving art! #t... #frontback
Advice on pitching Great advice by @harris while we're in the tornado of prepping for Demo Day.
Always wondered what the deal was with that X symbol
RT @davidbyttow: .@danprimack's test was good. I encourage people to report more so we can get better and faster. Similar to our bug bounty program.
RT @swombat: Attention infrastructure businesses, vs fundamental businesses. Two very different kinds of companies. by @garrytan
RT @wxmn: "People talk to computers like people. Talk back like a person." @garrytan
RT @posinaga: @garrytan whats great about secret is that the tips/tutorial-bits are integrated in the content/workflow of the usage (not sign up) UX
Tutorial screens in mobile apps say all the right things, but in the wrong place. Whatever is on there should unfold naturally in the app.
RT @alexisohanian: VC's dream: @ProductHunt for "@Uber for X" -- collection of on-demand services to save you time
Does anyone else have problems with their Verizon hotspot on Caltrain? Are there any networks that work well on the train? What year is it!?
RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Over 7 billion humans, living closer and denser than ever in history, many on a worldwide instant communication platform. And you're alone.
RT @justinkan: The goodbye video was pretty awesome thanks to @kushpatel202 #RIPJTV
RT @davidbyttow: Building a safe, anonymous community.
RT @ycombinator: Watch the YC Hacks presentations live streaming now at
RT @paultoo: These really are amazing smoothies. If your office is still serving dead sugar water, give @LivBlends a call.
RT @justinkan: #ychacks wouldn't have happened with the hard work of @KatManalac #teamhackathon #winning
RT @Harjeet: Status app beta has that quality all the best apps do, feels like it's always been there after just a few days. @kul @srini91 @omarseyal
RT @paultoo: My Startup School Europe talk: The Technology
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