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Bummer: Facebook doesn't show re-share attribution anymore (where it says "via __") Was nice to provide attribution for interesting posts.
Rather than coffee, let's drink beef broth infused with ginger. A new NYC trend. Healthy, and sounds tasty.
The Counterintuitive Thing About Counterintuitive Things
OK, I could get used to this.
RT @DavidSacks: "Start with a small market and dominate that first."
RT @graysky: Reminded of the birth of @ycombinator from Startup School in March, 2005. Email from @paulg announcing the program.
RT @paulg: I finally took the trouble to write something about the bogus founders-who-look-like-Zuck meme:
The most common new founder mistake is not having a novel approach. When there is one, the most common investor error is not seeing it.
I'm the 598th member to join @watsi's Universal Fund! Join me and have your first donation matched:
Huge milestone: Boosted launches a $999 board
Housing Solution: Increase Density in Western Neighborhoods and Fix Transit
Worldwide @meteorjs (YC S11) events happening tonight in 133 cities all across world. Biggest OSS event of its kind.
Newsweek is using Beacon to raise money to do a deep investigation into sexual assault at US colleges #newjournalism
The housing crisis is pushing a retreat in NIMBYism at the polls. Berkeley voters defeat anti-housing Measure R.
PickBuster Locksmith (5/5) -
"We were moving into a new house and needed rekey services. We got a very reasonable rate quoted on the phone, while other locksmiths were planning on charging us an arm and a leg. This quote came in…" - Garry Tan
Sharlyn Blankenship (5/5) -
"We were referred to Shar from a friend, and we were very happy to work with her. She's patient, very professional, and relentlessly looked out for our interests as buyers. We couldn't ask for more.…" - Garry Tan
Mode Analytics releases Playbook — open source queries/visualizations for analytics like user retention
RT @Buttercoin: We’re launching our Bitcoin Marketplace, Buttercoin, and letting in the first few people signed up for early access
Stephanie is so busy with shipping orders for @EarthandBeauty that she forgot to eat. @SpoonRocket to the rescue!
RT @4thlettermusic: @bhorowitz Open Letter to ValleyWag’s Co-Editor Nitasha Tiku | Divine - "The 4th Letter"
"There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, goodness and truth." - Leo Tolstoy
Uninstalled Cover app because it was presumptious and added itself to my iOS 8 homescreen without asking.
RT @billclerico: Half a decade after demo day:
The best pitch is made of a number of obvious and uncontroversial statements that add up to an ambitious achievable future.
RT @balajis: People rely on social diligence (relative truth) when they lack the domain knowledge to do their own technical diligence (absolute truth).
RT @alexisohanian: This @Wholefoods loves @Instacart almost as much as I do! Cc @garrytan
Wonderfully nerdy — how text messages are seen in film
Wrote code all day and it feels stupendous.
RT @benhuh: Events like #Ferguson makes it clear journalists need devices that record A/V 24/7 360 deg. and backs up live to the cloud. Evidence.
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