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Incredibly good long form coverage by @kimmaicutler on what's really going on in the SF housing crisis
The Secret design decisions by @chrysb
Just past dawn in Tokyo and stayed up all night reading YC apps for final review. @ セルリアンタワー Cerulean…
"Everybody wanna tell you how to do it, but they never did it." —Jay Z
The YC team is growing! Welcome @KatManalac @yuris @patrickc @elizabethiorns — so pleased at this set of great ppl.
RT @cdixon: Back when Fred Wilson started investing in social, social seemed as fringe as Bitcoin does today
Not 100% sure yet, but maybe people should stop pursuing "Snapchat crossed with X"-style ideas.
Startups, if you quote multi-year cumulative revenue instead of monthly or weekly growth, then investors rightly assume your growth is zero.
RT @pmarca: @garrytan I will action an impact analysis of that strategic concept.
Corporatespeak in founders is 100% correlated with failure.
RT @drew: @garrytan a wife.
I want a smart wearable that detects when I'm about to make a decision and reminds me: How do you know you're right? And does it matter?
Almost all bad product decisions start with people in a conference room saying "sure, that sounds good." Road to hell is paved with apathy.
Smart move. Massachusetts following California's lead on much broader rights for employees re: non compete clauses.
Reporters don't seem to understand that technology can reduce costs and result in better/cheaper/faster. Profit is the point.
Just hung with the Secret team. I'd tell you what I saw but it's a Secret. @getsecret
SpoonRocket raises $10M Series A — proud to be an investor and advisor to this kickass team.
RT @Harjeet: wrote up some of my recent experiments around heart disease prevention:
RT @MikeSchiraldi: @garrytan No worries :) BTW, Garry followers: I used to make it. Check it out if you ever want to map civic stuff.
Who found that awesome yellow map of SF's 4 story zoning problem? @MikeSchiraldi—what a guy. Sorry didn't know your twitter handle earlier.
Wow, @savethemhood is tipping thousands of dollars with of dogecoin to @alexisohanian @jason and @elleluna today. What a generous shibe.
What will Quora do with its Series C? Last forever. Good thing to put on the todo list.
What will Quota do with its Series C? Last forever. Good thing to put on the todo list.
RICK AND MORTY 100 YEARS! — If you're not watching Rick and Morty on Adult Swim, you have to. Best show ever.
This One Intersection Explains Why Housing Is So Expensive In San Francisco via @sai
My least favorite thing in reading YC apps: Founders using BS marketing vid instead of just talking to camera about their idea as we asked.
Google Glass for real business applications are here. Banned at bars, but helpful at the operating table.
I just backed Embrace, Burning Man 2014 on @Kickstarter
Good product manager, bad product manager
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