Gary Gannon
E3 Live - Sony Press Conference @ 11am Lets Discuss it Here :-)
Here are the Stream Links - Gary Gannon
Any predictions? - Gary Gannon
It'll be better than nintendo, that's for sure. - Joe Hart
well thats for sure :p - Gary Gannon
Nintendo was physically painful... - Joe Hart
Apparantly they're announcing yet another PSP model. With 16GB SD memory - Joe Hart
yea i saw those leaks come out this week..looks pretty sweet - Gary Gannon
Hi all is time for the big one now? - Martin Stenhård
we have about 36 mins till it starts - Gary Gannon
We already had the big one, it was the MS one :P - Joe Hart
do you think sony is going ot be all over the motion sensing bandwagon? - Gary Gannon
I hope not, because honestly I don't like all this expansion into the casual gaming market, the only thing stopping me hating Project Natal was what Peter Molyneux came up with. - Joe Hart
natal scares me...the interaction with the kid was creepy lol - Gary Gannon
I just feel like it's the first step towards a holodeck :P - Joe Hart
But I want them to do something great with it, it could be the first opportunity for a true RPG. Where you interact with other characters, become truely a part of the story. Imagine simply mass effect, but with the Natal speech engine. - Joe Hart
Im expecting to hear about the new music video dj channel there doing. And hope fully some sort of news on whats the plans for home as well as more PSN stuff as its a bit fucking light in the eu. - BadPanda
and god of war 3 - BadPanda
i want some good exclusive game announcements - Joe Hart
since I'm buying a Ps3 in a couple of weeks - Joe Hart
LittelBigPlanet and Killzone 2 must have games - BadPanda
forgot about MAG - BadPanda
256 players on one map - BadPanda
I'm really just buying a PS3 for MGS4 :P - Joe Hart
but MGS4 is coming to xbox - Gary Gannon
killzone 2 and LBP piss all over MG4 - BadPanda
ohh sorry MGS4 was the last one Guns of the Patriots - Gary Gannon
MGS5 coming to 360 - Gary Gannon
yea - Joe Hart
yeah - BadPanda
so i kinda need to fill in the gaps in the story:P - Joe Hart
but I think it will look better on ps3. - BadPanda
know 1-3, need 4 really :P - Joe Hart
MGS4 was unreal...prolly my 2nd favorite title behinf Mass Effect - Gary Gannon
also joe dont forget god of war 3 - BadPanda
send out some tweets guys...get some gamers over here - Gary Gannon
Yea that's why I'm buying a PS3 now, because it's finally got a respectable collection of games. And of course I finally have enough money to buy one :P - Joe Hart
I'll buy it straight after my gcses, so ill have a good summer of gaming, parties and blogging :) - Joe Hart
ok have we not already seen all that Sony will show, PSP GP, GT,LBP, MGS for PSP, God of War, MAG, Uncharted 2. - Martin Stenhård
i hope hoping they have something up their sleeve...wizards sleeve that is :p - Gary Gannon
music video streaming service with a dj function as well - BadPanda
that will be awesome for party's - BadPanda
I hope for movie rental and download for EU - Martin Stenhård
but im already sitting - Jordan Ruiz
yeah same here they need to add that. I also want to find out where there going with home as its rubbish at the moment - BadPanda
sony need a big title to announce as has stolen almost all of their exclusives at this point - Gary Gannon
losing Metal Gear has to hurt them - Gary Gannon
hey again everyone - John/Shuttler
hi - Jemm
big fish little fish cardboard box - John/Shuttler
boom tssk boom tssk - John/Shuttler
sup yo - Travis Harvey
wurd - John/Shuttler
where are my glowsticks ? - Travis Harvey
They should all just make one big xboxps4wii - Jordan Ruiz
stacking the shelves - BadPanda
I think Sony will have at least 1 OMG WOW moment - Gary Gannon
Is this some new techno-game? - Jemm
I hope so - Martin Stenhård
didn't the MGS creator say he wasn't doing another one... like 3-4 months ago? Just to show what money can buy eh? - Travis Harvey
Yeah Im thinking thats going to be MAG - BadPanda
freerealms ps3, psp go psp LPB - John/Shuttler
Hey if someone offered you a loada money to milk your franchise, what would you do? - Joe Hart
I think they were really fed up with how hard it was to create MGS4 on the PS3 - Gary Gannon
i hated mgs4 - John/Shuttler
really! i loved it - Gary Gannon
HOLD TIGHT - John/Shuttler
T-Minus 2 mins - Gary Gannon
not played it yet soo behind in my console gaming - BadPanda
Because the PS3 built a system that was impossible to Dev for, whereas the Xbox was just a pc with fixed hardware. - Joe Hart
yeah just didnt get in to it, although honestly i was really busy when it came out so prob didnt give it enough time - John/Shuttler
when you code for the xbox its jsut a different export button - John/Shuttler
lotro keeps draging me back : ( - BadPanda
I gotta play around with the XNA SDK one of these days... is supposed to be a really good development package, streamlined, simple, yet sophisticated. - Joe Hart
World of Warcraft ftw - Jordan Ruiz
I hope for more about Heavy Rain - Martin Stenhård
nothing can beat it unless its a game made by blizzard - Jordan Ruiz
yea Heavy Rain looks promising - Gary Gannon
Oh better turn off my phone... - Joe Hart
i nver turn my phone off! - John/Shuttler
you may accept silence on my phone or i walk - John/Shuttler
the wait is terrible... I hope it'll last - alphaxion
"Quick, code something to top the other shows..! Two minutes!" - Jemm
they better have pyrotechnics - Gary Gannon
I want lots of PSP stuff.... since it's the only Sony hardware I really own now besides the PS2 - Travis Harvey
played wow didnt like it. it was like fisher price the MMO lol - BadPanda
I'm so glad i finally cracked my PSP :D. Nothing like playing FF7 on a psp :D - Joe Hart
Anyone have picture I only have audio on gamespot stream - Martin Stenhård
yeah same martin - BadPanda
cracked my psp and never got round to turning thebattery back to normal lol - John/Shuttler
I have the PS logo - Gary Gannon
ATTENTION: Has everyone in the audience received their allotment of Meth? exciting show about to happen! - Travis Harvey
its starting - Gary Gannon
I have video - Joe Hart
oh picys - BadPanda
i have video - Gary Gannon
here we go - John/Shuttler
New PS3 game, Rise of Geometric shapes... - Joe Hart
did you say that in a mario vioce shuttler - BadPanda
i always talk in a mario voice - John/Shuttler
lol - BadPanda
Only when I make pizza. - Joe Hart
okie dokey - John/Shuttler
i fucking love singstar lol - John/Shuttler
nice.. a bit of queen - alphaxion
this is us a glimpse of what we will prolly se - Gary Gannon
Fat Princess out soon in the EU - BadPanda
arkham - John/Shuttler
DCUO - BadPanda
I really hope they stay away from PSP stuff, the PS3 really needs the extra attention. - Joe Hart
lol - Gary Gannon
lol - BadPanda
thought that was shatner for a mo - John/Shuttler
Meth at work - Travis Harvey
hb? he needs the wii thing - John/Shuttler
he does look like shatner - Gary Gannon
Oh thank lord a presenter whos actually human, not that cyborg MS had... - Joe Hart
lol - BadPanda
wow 364 games this year - Gary Gannon
well that gives you a day off at least. - BadPanda
yea you could buy a new game every day - Gary Gannon
Back. - SquirrelsOfWar
big screen... compensating? - Travis Harvey
how would you have time to play them lol - Jordan Ruiz
ohh Jack skip the sale talk show the games - Martin Stenhård
am i the only one who thinks MW2 doesnt look that good? - Joe Hart
yes Joe - Travis Harvey
is Ratchet that good...ive never played any? - Gary Gannon
All they need is to come out with a Remake on Final Fantasy 7 and ill buy a PS3 - Jordan Ruiz
I've heard a lot of good things about the Ratchet games - Travis Harvey
i fucking love rachet and clank - John/Shuttler
maybe best platformers in a long time - John/Shuttler
Ratchet is fun - Martin Stenhård
you love every thing shuttler - BadPanda
not true i hate msg and nintendo now :P - John/Shuttler
wow, ps2, who cares - Adam Waltering
ohh i gots lag - Gary Gannon
ps2 still sells a shit load - John/Shuttler
Yeah, I switched to GT - SquirrelsOfWar
But ps2 is oooooooold... - Joe Hart
GS was failing, and Justin had lag. - SquirrelsOfWar
stop selling PS2 and drop price on the PS3 that is what you need to do! - Carlos Valdonedo
ya, so they're talking it up like its - Adam Waltering
yeah crazy but its a cheap system - BadPanda
PS2 100 new games ! - Martin Stenhård
so is the gamecube but the wii still sells :P - John/Shuttler
new ps2 games? no wonder they made 5 billion in losses.. - Joe Hart
gamecube 1 in a white box - John/Shuttler
all in poorer countries it seems - Adam Waltering
is it wrong that i own a ps3 and dont have LBP? - Gary Gannon
fuck yeah gannon - John/Shuttler
yes gary - BadPanda
lol - Gary Gannon
buy that shit - John/Shuttler
i dont have lbp either - Adam Waltering
its awesome - BadPanda
no, LBP is social network with an attached platformer - Joe Hart
WOO! go infamous - Joe Hart
What happened with Ninty after I left? - SquirrelsOfWar
i need to get infamous - Gary Gannon
whats an infamous? - Adam Waltering
no one clapped - BadPanda
crackdown, with electricity powers - Joe Hart
they got some claps...heard them on gamespot feed - Gary Gannon
love uncharted - Gary Gannon
So, Metroid Gaiden and Galaxy 2? - SquirrelsOfWar
*cough*Tomb Raider clone*cough* - Joe Hart
wow, no wonder my ps3 is collecting dust. - Adam Waltering is TR but its still a great game - Gary Gannon
id rather play a TR clone than the endless TR games - John/Shuttler
I didnt care for Uncharted. - SquirrelsOfWar
yea multiplayer beta - Martin Stenhård
ooo Uncharted 2 beta! - Gary Gannon
Uncharted 2 looks like a different breed though. Seems nice. - SquirrelsOfWar
that guy looks terrified - BadPanda
megan fox is playing lara croft in the next movie - Adam Waltering
I gave up on games with puzzles in them. They don't work in action games. - Joe Hart
shit that looks nice - John/Shuttler
Yeah, uncharted 2 looks like an improvement from 1st - SquirrelsOfWar
oh these bricks just luckily fell out in an exact ladder shape... - Joe Hart
It does look nice - Carlos Valdonedo
that looks awesome - Gary Gannon
zip line ftw - Gary Gannon
does look good i must say - Joe Hart
he said the shit word - Adam Waltering
claudia black? - Travis Harvey
ohh noes - Gary Gannon
Dang - Jordan Ruiz
Where you all watching it? - SquirrelsOfWar
ya, sounds like claudia black - Adam Waltering
wow that helcopter has a serious case of Bond Henchman syndrome - Joe Hart
Uncharted of War? - SquirrelsOfWar
lol yes - Carlos Valdonedo
I like the sound of the bullets bouncing of the rock - Jordan Ruiz
Gears of Uncharted? - SquirrelsOfWar
Sound is very good actually. - Joe Hart
this is gonna rock - Gary Gannon
Table turning madness. - SquirrelsOfWar
Looks ok - SquirrelsOfWar
table flipping i like - Joe Hart
can he bend the bullet? - Carlos Valdonedo
Nothing extra special atm. - SquirrelsOfWar
I love those gain-gun-proof tables - Travis Harvey
looks really good - BadPanda
those are some durable desks - Jemm
ikea sell them - John/Shuttler
Jesus how many times is he gonna get shot before he dies - Jordan Ruiz
seriously that heli pilot really needs to spend some time at the shooting range... he has terrible aim - Joe Hart
I was thinking that as well - BadPanda
Damn Ikea. - SquirrelsOfWar
Immortal mode. - SquirrelsOfWar
lulz - Jordan Ruiz
how is that building still standing - Adam Waltering
roket proof desk!! - Carlos Valdonedo
Rocket proof man - Joe Hart
I feel like Im playing Cloverfield the game - Jordan Ruiz
wow, this guy has piercing eyes - Adam Waltering
Looks ok. Some real good parts, some more mundane parts. - SquirrelsOfWar
almost like he's gazing into my soul - Adam Waltering
A very manly moment for you, Adam... - SquirrelsOfWar
shatners back - John/Shuttler
ill let it get cheap before buying - Joe Hart
he was laughing at the end!! - Carlos Valdonedo
ok so sonys presser goign good so far :p - Gary Gannon
yeah so far lol - BadPanda
Did I miss anything Pre-Uncharted? - SquirrelsOfWar
SO much better than Nintendo - Joe Hart
PRICE CUT!!!! - Carlos Valdonedo
MAG awesome - BadPanda
256 reasons? lol - Jordan Ruiz
then again that's pretty easy to do... - Joe Hart
what is MAG? - Gary Gannon
they need a new name - Martin Stenhård
Price cut in the way of the unvailling of PS3 slim - Travis Harvey
256 mutti player fps - BadPanda
it was late, the marketing team was tired... - Joe Hart
MAG is 250 person battlefield 2 - SquirrelsOfWar
256 live - Martin Stenhård
wow that is cool - Gary Gannon
Mind you, 64 person BF2 didnt work, so my hopes for MAG is low... - SquirrelsOfWar
wow 256s thats cool - Jordan Ruiz
uhh BF for console - Carlos Valdonedo
that game is gonna be me versus 255 spawn campers - Joe Hart
fucking kids next door screaming - BadPanda
My kind of game, but its lost on PS3 due to the lack of headset... - SquirrelsOfWar
map looks pretty damn big - Gary Gannon
The lack of headset really cripples this game so badly... - SquirrelsOfWar
this would be so good on pc - Joe Hart
You can get headset on ps3 - Joe Hart
@joe hart it is on PC its called Battle field - Carlos Valdonedo
how do you communicate with your entire team? squads communication only? - Adam Waltering
Yeah, but its not standard, and how many people actually get one on a ps3? None. - SquirrelsOfWar
i dont like the ui - Adam Waltering
yea but this is like Battlefield 4 - Joe Hart
i have one lol - John/Shuttler
was like £5 - John/Shuttler
the ui will change - Joe Hart
and alsted longer than the MS POS - John/Shuttler
You are the only one, Shuttlebutt. - SquirrelsOfWar
So you level up in this game thats cool - Jordan Ruiz
me and the people i talk to on PSN :P - John/Shuttler
Teamkilling. DO IT! - SquirrelsOfWar
any bluetooth will do - Martin Stenhård
i think every squad has a objective that contributes to the overall goal - Carlos Valdonedo
BF2 was full of the smacktardies. Forcing TKs for jets.... - SquirrelsOfWar
So ET:QW + BF2 + Bigger multiplayer - Joe Hart
is large scale battle really a good idea? i mean isnt it annoying? - John/Shuttler
thats what dice need to learn, each map needs for than one jet/team - Joe Hart
no its that sort of semi MMO idea similar to APB - Joe Hart
DICE are failing recently. - SquirrelsOfWar
shit - Jordan Ruiz
and huxley i guess - John/Shuttler
tha was not napalm. bhe - Carlos Valdonedo
no as in its a good idea and its not annoying - Joe Hart
Dang I wuana play - Jordan Ruiz
i didn't want a walkthrough - Adam Waltering
Lagfest. - SquirrelsOfWar
It will take half day to start and to coordinate everyone - Martin Stenhård
apb will be larger city zones though - John/Shuttler
so not really the same tbh - John/Shuttler
I want MAG so badly - BadPanda
lol they fucked up - Jordan Ruiz
Crackdown online =APB - Joe Hart
I think the concept of MAG will be far greater than the actual game MAG, TBH - SquirrelsOfWar
PSP GO - Martin Stenhård
Crime Craft looks cool as well - BadPanda
yes i think the PSP should go - Joe Hart
shame the beta shit panda - John/Shuttler
i just in the crime craft beta - Gary Gannon
any good? - Joe Hart
Not my style. - SquirrelsOfWar
i hate it - John/Shuttler
d/l last night but havent played it - Gary Gannon
Besides, I already have more betas at the moment than I care about, except for one = ) - SquirrelsOfWar
i dont think itll be my kinda game - Gary Gannon
who really games on the PSP? - Carlos Valdonedo
I dont really care for the PSP - Jordan Ruiz
i use my psp loads - John/Shuttler
no one uses the real games on the psp - Joe Hart
i like my psp - Gary Gannon
TWEEEEEEEN - SquirrelsOfWar
Homebrew is where the real fun is. - Joe Hart
hells ya, hannah montana - Adam Waltering
i like the ps3 link - John/Shuttler
@gary will you buy hanna montana? - Carlos Valdonedo
Patapon is awesome - SquirrelsOfWar
and it is pink - Martin Stenhård
love the patapon games - John/Shuttler
god of war was cool - John/Shuttler
cant you use ps3 as a slingbox to your psp? - Adam Waltering
patapon is really cool! - Carlos Valdonedo
PSP is for kids imo come on - Jordan Ruiz
i will absolutley by hanna montana - Gary Gannon
God Of War, not so big a fan tbh - SquirrelsOfWar
Yes @adam for some games - Martin Stenhård
nah when you port FF7-9 onto it the PSP becomes awesome - Joe Hart
@jordan that rediculous its a decent portable machine - John/Shuttler
Zulu is back! - SquirrelsOfWar
Yeah but the game profile isnt up there - Jordan Ruiz
come on? Hanna Montana? That shouldnt even be talked about - Jordan Ruiz
Pspgo - SquirrelsOfWar
is any one tracking stocks? - Carlos Valdonedo
depends on your gaming style i guess, some great casual titles on it - John/Shuttler
Dont throw thow them bloody spears at me - BadPanda
ooooh - John/Shuttler
shexy - BadPanda
iphone-ish - Carlos Valdonedo
damn... you... sony... why do you make me want to buy something i already have... - Joe Hart
DS, two? - SquirrelsOfWar
I like the slide out controller on the PSPGO - Jordan Ruiz
ds on crack - Carlos Valdonedo
Wow, that will be nice with the 3 games on the PSP! - SquirrelsOfWar
New hardware is pointless when there is eff all software for it - SquirrelsOfWar
i like the more square concept that came out like a year ago - Adam Waltering
you mean: ds with one display? - Jemm
yea slide out controller is nice - Gary Gannon
Slide and internal memory is good - SquirrelsOfWar
plenty of room for pron - Gary Gannon
Squirrels, thats the one thing sony never learned - Joe Hart
slide.. internal.. all good - Carlos Valdonedo
hence the failed launch of the PS3 - Joe Hart
I still want my damned GPS for the PSP - Travis Harvey
lol that guy put the PSP in his pocket gonna take it to his kids later - Jordan Ruiz
im not 100% sure i get it though - Gary Gannon
more easier? - Adam Waltering
@travis you really want sony knowing where you are at all times?? - Carlos Valdonedo
so getting one of these - BadPanda
PSP needs more games for it to be viable. - SquirrelsOfWar
it will listen digital store - John/Shuttler
Games I will get on the PSP: Patapon. That is all. - SquirrelsOfWar
@travis I have GPS to my PSP it is ok but not perfect lose GPS signal alot - Martin Stenhård
sex me - Jordan Ruiz
what it needs are PS1 ports and Flash player support and an App Store with an open SDK like the iPhone - Joe Hart
Sex me up, PSPgoat - SquirrelsOfWar
@Carlos no, but I also want a 3d GPS add-on for $100 instead of $300+ - Travis Harvey
so its more of a media player? - Gary Gannon
goat lol - Jordan Ruiz
Yay, tool cost reduction! - SquirrelsOfWar
yay 80% dev price cost means more games - BadPanda
don't lower the price! give it for free! - Joe Hart
sense me sounds sexual - Jordan Ruiz
... we can only hope - Travis Harvey
Microsoft is very good with their kits and stuff. - SquirrelsOfWar
yes download games to PSP - Martin Stenhård
and with their naming! - Carlos Valdonedo
YOUR AN IDIOT SONY! If you give an SDK for free, people make software, more software, more people want your console, more people buy your console, hence you sell more, you make more profit! - Joe Hart
PSPgoat. Nickname confirmed. - SquirrelsOfWar
PSPgohome - SquirrelsOfWar - Jemm
PSPghonoria - SquirrelsOfWar
euro and $ same now? - Travis Harvey
Feed fucked! - SquirrelsOfWar
PSPgetmeoff - Jordan Ruiz
some one needs to tell them the euro and dollar are not the same. - BadPanda
why would i buy a £190 console i already own? - Joe Hart
250? get stuffed.. waaaaaay too expensive - alphaxion
Gametrailers just died - SquirrelsOfWar
right im off to play some games lol - John/Shuttler
later - Jordan Ruiz
and patch my psp i guess - John/Shuttler
1€ = $1.45 - Jemm
video service US only? or - Martin Stenhård
we should do these cahts more even when no e3 ;) - John/Shuttler
@joe one of the major ways of making money on a console is thru licensing to release your game on their console. - alphaxion
all this only in 3 countries!! - Carlos Valdonedo
well i know waht i want for christmas, laters - John/Shuttler
Yes but the little guy will make stuff and give it away for free - Joe Hart
Finally! Gran Tourismo! - SquirrelsOfWar
GT for PSP - Martin Stenhård
I love me some hardcore racing, bitches! - SquirrelsOfWar
@shuttler a wii? - Carlos Valdonedo
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww snap - Adam Waltering
wtf is he saying - Jordan Ruiz
Not so hyped for Forza 3, noob edition - SquirrelsOfWar
so what does it do besides not use UMDs? - Gary Gannon
what gt psp - Adam Waltering
look at the iphone model, if you give it away for free, apple dont charge anything, if you charge, they take percentage - Joe Hart
Zulu, noooo! - SquirrelsOfWar
It works, psp one doesn't work, because it has no software - Joe Hart
jesus learn english much? - Jordan Ruiz
pfff that is totally not what he said - Carlos Valdonedo
they made me do a game for this SHIT! - Carlos Valdonedo
hm 60 fps not bad - Jordan Ruiz
Just give me GT4, BITCHES! - SquirrelsOfWar
people dont want big budget games on a handheld console, they want instant access, easily accessible fun. - Joe Hart
Is that other guy playing Sudoku? - Jemm
800 cars. Sweet. - SquirrelsOfWar
time trial - Adam Waltering
lol @Jemm - BadPanda
drift trial! - Carlos Valdonedo
thats the only word i caught - Adam Waltering
@joe of course, the difference there is that apple doesn't make a loss on ever iphone sold. Sony sells their consoles for less than it costs to make them. - alphaxion
Time trial is for pussies. Endurance race! - SquirrelsOfWar
he's pointing at each word - Adam Waltering
Translation fail - SquirrelsOfWar
Then that's their mistake for not buying from cheaper suppliers, and spending loadsa money revamping a console thats a few years old! - Joe Hart
Translated "IT POOPS MONEY!" - SquirrelsOfWar
Joe, if you get us into a manufacturing cost flame war, I will hunt you down and shave your mullet. - SquirrelsOfWar
Well its gotta be hard to translate on the spot like that. Its not as fast as they do it in the movies - Jordan Ruiz
watashi wa adamu desu, yoroshiku onagaishimasu - Adam Waltering
Sony focuses far too much on hardware, they need to realise that the hardware only allows the player to play games, you actually have to have some games on it, for them to want it. - Joe Hart
Joe, relevance plz. - SquirrelsOfWar
i still dont get this it plays movies just like the psp, music just ike the psp, games without the UMD's...movies and content is coming to both the psp and the pspgo....what am i missing here...seems like ALOT of overlap here - Gary Gannon
Joe PS2 - BadPanda
@adam bento! - Carlos Valdonedo
PS2 is one place sony did it right. - Joe Hart
Sony is a hardware company. That why we should have console that Sony and Microsoft do the software - Martin Stenhård
They had the balance between hardware and software - Joe Hart
anata no chinpo wa chisai desu - Adam Waltering
pspgo 16 gb mem and smaller and lighter - BadPanda
Oh god, talk about the E3, not some debate about Sony... - SquirrelsOfWar
@GG I think they're beefing up the store to make it more of a iPhone-esque game platform - Travis Harvey
some of the best games where on PS2 FFX, GT3, RE4, and many others. - Joe Hart
lol, disk hardware, but PSPgo has no UMD drive! - SquirrelsOfWar
私は日本の女の子を食べるように - Jordan Ruiz
ooooooh shinyyyy - Joe Hart
its a sexy looking it was a phone i would be all in - Gary Gannon
Some is in-engine, some isnt. Lame. - SquirrelsOfWar
If i didnt already own one id be all in - Joe Hart
@Gary you can run Skype :) - Martin Stenhård
um, where was the game in that vid? - alphaxion
I would have liked to see game play not a pump it up video - Jordan Ruiz
Same. - SquirrelsOfWar
ther eis no game - Gary Gannon
Game sold seperatly? - SquirrelsOfWar
it comes with still pics - Gary Gannon
moved around in after effects - Gary Gannon
PSP goat. Only £5000000 - SquirrelsOfWar
SNAAAAKE - SquirrelsOfWar
WOOOO MGS! - Joe Hart
the man who sold out out :p - Gary Gannon
! - Joe Hart
Personally, im not a MGS guy - SquirrelsOfWar
ENGLISH - SquirrelsOfWar
SNAKE! - SquirrelsOfWar
better translater this time - alphaxion
Cheese walker. - SquirrelsOfWar
he needs real life subtitles... - Joe Hart
Penis walker? - SquirrelsOfWar
He talk english on MS press conference. Maybe he got better paid from Microsoft - Martin Stenhård
@ martin lol - Gary Gannon
he tells sony he doenst know english - Gary Gannon
hes liek the chick on lost - Gary Gannon
I love LOST. - SquirrelsOfWar
I am lost - Jordan Ruiz
The thing that will ultimately decide the PSP GO's fate, will be if its crackable or not. - Joe Hart
hrm we gonna see gameplay? - Gary Gannon
in a game trailer? are you crazy? - Joe Hart
chuck norris? - Jemm
gameplay I think - Martin Stenhård
gfx look great for a portable - Gary Gannon
Graphics? - SquirrelsOfWar
not really that good graphics - Jordan Ruiz
Old. Same. - SquirrelsOfWar
the temptation to add a random "parp" noise whenever he crouches like that would be too much. - alphaxion
it is a PSP - Martin Stenhård
lol, corpse go bye bye! - SquirrelsOfWar
Oh right PSP. - SquirrelsOfWar
K sneaking around in day light works yeah - Jordan Ruiz
Sorry, GT was dropping feed. - SquirrelsOfWar
awesome you can get rid of people with giant ballons - BadPanda
TBH, how much better does Splinter Cell Convictions look than this? - SquirrelsOfWar
4 snakes lol - BadPanda
Oh good theres actually a metal gear. - Joe Hart
nty MGS not worth my time - Jordan Ruiz
I dont mean graphically, but the games feel like 10 years apart in terms of gameplay pholispohy. - SquirrelsOfWar
fail - Jordan Ruiz
they? - Joe Hart
Loudest sneaking ever. Box win, though. - SquirrelsOfWar
lol - BadPanda
lol - Gary Gannon
now from sony, the insta-box! - Joe Hart
buahahahaha! - Travis Harvey
K whats with the butt sex in teh box? - Jordan Ruiz
the ending was awesome - BadPanda
magic box - Jemm
ewww... they got a little action before moving on - alphaxion
Surprise boxsex - SquirrelsOfWar
ok a must buy for my PSP - Martin Stenhård
where does AIDS begin - Jordan Ruiz
is that psp or pspgo or both? - Gary Gannon
how many ends does this trailer have? - Joe Hart
The third game for the PSP. - SquirrelsOfWar
Moar ps3 gamez? - SquirrelsOfWar
1st one doesnt count, it was a card game - Joe Hart
That MSG is just playing off the franchise trying to make more money off it. Its like the 3rd release of X-men movie - Jordan Ruiz
Is it over? - SquirrelsOfWar
Xmen is all fail, Jordy. - SquirrelsOfWar
Actually the new Xmen game is actually really good. - SquirrelsOfWar
more psp - Gary Gannon
omg stop the fucking PSP - Jordan Ruiz
Resident Evil. NO DOT WANT. - SquirrelsOfWar
have they giving up PS3? - Martin Stenhård
HANNAH MONTANA! - SquirrelsOfWar
monster hunter - BadPanda
The PS3 is the kid they never really loved. - Joe Hart
Joe is the kid they never really loved = ) - SquirrelsOfWar
ugh Hannah Montana? What do you do in that game? Get emotional about preforming then cut your wrists? - Jordan Ruiz
LBP looks suited to PS3. - SquirrelsOfWar
Yea but that's beacuse they had good reason, what theyve done to the ps3 is just harsh - Joe Hart
I mean PSP - SquirrelsOfWar
Hanna Montana Vs RE in RTS mode - Carlos Valdonedo
Monster Hunter was always fun - Jordan Ruiz
LBP for PSP - Carlos Valdonedo
Need to make it a MMO and on the computer - Jordan Ruiz
Soul Caliber looks nice tho - SquirrelsOfWar
Bah, feed fail again - SquirrelsOfWar
A question can you play all existing LBP levels on PSP? - Martin Stenhård
is Free Realms prolly the only MMO sony has to talk about? - Gary Gannon
hmm.. an ARG - alphaxion
I would count MAG as a mmo from what I can see - Jordan Ruiz
nah, they're doing some stuff with EQ2 apparently - Travis Harvey
Obviously trying get some share from the DS -success. - Jemm
Ever Quest fails - Jordan Ruiz
they wont cover EQ2 here though will they? - Gary Gannon
Darkfall Ftw - Joe Hart
no EQ3 please - Travis Harvey
Hannah Montana ftw - SquirrelsOfWar
no SoE is the child they keeped locked in the attic. - Joe Hart
HM GOLF! - Carlos Valdonedo
SoE. God I love them! - SquirrelsOfWar
Figures time. - SquirrelsOfWar
Now it is time for PSN games - Martin Stenhård
If i ever meet anyone from SoE. I will not be held responsible for my actions. - Joe Hart
Joe, the murder will be just. - SquirrelsOfWar
I love psn - BadPanda
sweet jesus - Travis Harvey
And most of all, fun. - Joe Hart
did I just hear FF7? - Jordan Ruiz
FF7 on psn yay - BadPanda
God I hate Final Fantasuck - SquirrelsOfWar
FF7 :) on PSN - Martin Stenhård
omg - Jordan Ruiz
OMG - Joe Hart
im getting one now fuck - Jordan Ruiz
Home, that abortion... - SquirrelsOfWar
heres some Home stuff - Gary Gannon
@SOW you hate everything =p - Carlos Valdonedo
i didnt play FF7 is that held liek the best one? - Gary Gannon
Only possible on PS3. lol, its second life! - SquirrelsOfWar
lets see some Final Fantasy 7 bitch - Jordan Ruiz
not held like, IS the best one. - Joe Hart
home became the standard?? - Carlos Valdonedo
best to wors: 7,8,10,9,12 (3D ones only) - Joe Hart
yea, ff7 was probably the best FF ever... story, combat and magic system - Travis Harvey
k... ill try it - Gary Gannon
EA sports is nice in Home - Martin Stenhård
@TravisH agree - Carlos Valdonedo
If you could steal people's shit in Home I would use it - Jordan Ruiz
@TravisH FF8 was really good 2. - Carlos Valdonedo
If MAG works well with home, that would be nice - SquirrelsOfWar
If I want to play a MMO ill play it on the computer not Home - Jordan Ruiz
if you were allowed guns in home, thatd be cool - Joe Hart
@Carlos FF8 was hampered by a few really bad parts... meh story and leveling system are the big two - Travis Harvey
give people actual freedom to kill, steal, and see how the society evolves. - Joe Hart
finally some PS3 games - Martin Stenhård
all final fantasies have terrible stories, unbelievably characters and repetative mechanics. - SquirrelsOfWar
is this another hip commercial that doesnt show us a whole lot - Gary Gannon
thats why we love it :P - Joe Hart
the Screen within a screen is annoying - Jordan Ruiz
(joking =) ) - SquirrelsOfWar
@TravisH I enjoyed those 2 more than the rest - Carlos Valdonedo
white knight looks good - BadPanda
didnt we watch thi salready? - Gary Gannon
Screens within a screen are indeed, annoying - SquirrelsOfWar
i agree carlos 8 was good, twas the first one i played. - Joe Hart
Brutal legend looks good - Joe Hart
a lot of FF13 clips - Martin Stenhård
FF12 looks like a good return to form for the franchise - Joe Hart
FF12* - Joe Hart
FF13* - Joe Hart
WET actually looks pretty cool - Travis Harvey
lol SAW on the PS3? - Jordan Ruiz
@joeH go back and play ff7 - Carlos Valdonedo
Mixed bag here... - SquirrelsOfWar
Yea i have been, got it on my cracked psp - Joe Hart
Boobs? - SquirrelsOfWar
thi sis just killing time...they pretty much showed the same thing to start the show - Gary Gannon
I missed the start, so good for me - SquirrelsOfWar
I want to see something that we have never seen before - Jordan Ruiz
LBP2? - SquirrelsOfWar
BIOSHOCK 2 - Jordan Ruiz
OMG - Jordan Ruiz
Did they just drop LBP2 in that trailer? - SquirrelsOfWar
God of War - Martin Stenhård
God of War is ninja gaiden for cowards. - SquirrelsOfWar
i swer LBP is the kind of game thats very difficult to make a sequel for, since it's user generated content. - Joe Hart
Mass Effect is both platforms right? - Jordan Ruiz
no - Joe Hart
No, 360 PC - SquirrelsOfWar
GTA4 faaaaiiilll - Joe Hart
Gran Theft Auto 5? - SquirrelsOfWar
ok lets see this Agent - Gary Gannon
Asian? - SquirrelsOfWar
this is new - Martin Stenhård
awesome ps3 exclusive - BadPanda
fascinating... - Joe Hart
SHOW US AGENT! - SquirrelsOfWar
ACII nice - Jordan Ruiz
yes we know its exclusive! get on with it! - Joe Hart
AC2 has a lot to make up from the first one - SquirrelsOfWar
so Agent doesnt exist really - Gary Gannon
oh AC2 can go away - Joe Hart
No, Agent is vapourware then it will come to the 360 too - SquirrelsOfWar
didnt microsoft had something with a similar name? - Carlos Valdonedo
Assassins creed ingame> - SquirrelsOfWar
Incestors? lol - SquirrelsOfWar
is this the same cinematic - Gary Gannon
This is exclusive for PS3 now? wtf - Jordan Ruiz
spoiler - Martin Stenhård
AC2 it was about time! - Carlos Valdonedo
I hate AC with a passion... - Joe Hart
ohh no its not - Gary Gannon
love this setting - Gary Gannon
@Joe have you ever played AC? - Jordan Ruiz
yes - Joe Hart
Looks nice, but climbing was all AC1 was.... - SquirrelsOfWar
but thats not th reason i hate t, gameplay wise its solid - Joe Hart
I like how it AC2 he has better looking robes - Jordan Ruiz
This game looks really good - Jordan Ruiz
that is very cool - Gary Gannon
but it was given a 5 page article in the guardian saying how absolutely revolutionary it was. When all it is is PP with a little freeroam. - Joe Hart
Dunno, im not sold - SquirrelsOfWar
almost same clothe! - Carlos Valdonedo
Can't for an HD version of this gameplay video - Martin Stenhård
its a bargain bin buy - Joe Hart
Mixing Assassin Creed with Lair. IM not sold on it TBH - SquirrelsOfWar
the seemless cut scenes are really nice - Gary Gannon
Guard AI looks better - SquirrelsOfWar
nice double kill - Jordan Ruiz
swett - Gary Gannon
Fuck, missed it - SquirrelsOfWar
double kill rocks - Gary Gannon
haha thats cool the ai jumps in - Gary Gannon
nice the seeker will make the game a lot harder - Jordan Ruiz
Bah, still one on one group combat... - SquirrelsOfWar
looks like it's gonna kick off into a linkin park song at any moment - alphaxion
BAH, still the "enemies only attack one at a time" BS - SquirrelsOfWar
BAH, still the crappy death scenes - SquirrelsOfWar
wow hes so stealthy he can just walk up stairs - Joe Hart
fuck yeah smoke bombs - Jordan Ruiz
nice I think - Martin Stenhård
omg the realtime comments on this is INSANEEEE!!! soooo fast! - Stuart Evans
Looks ok. - SquirrelsOfWar
me likey...that looks pretty awesome...i hope i like it more than AC1 - Gary Gannon
Yeah I kinda felt like AC1 cut off short like GOW1 pissed me off - Jordan Ruiz
Is it multiplatform still? - SquirrelsOfWar
Yes - Jemm
good - Jordan Ruiz
it took like more tha a 100 year to teach him to swim! - Carlos Valdonedo
@Stuart yea thats why Friendfeed rocks :) - Gary Gannon
Gd gd, may pick it up for 360 - SquirrelsOfWar
no reason to buy PS3 yet so far - Jordan Ruiz
Bah, Square Enix. Time to get a drink. - SquirrelsOfWar
woo go enix - Joe Hart
you guys big FF guys? - Gary Gannon
I am, muchly - Joe Hart
art direction is top notch - Gary Gannon
@gg I loved 7 and 8 - Carlos Valdonedo
yeah, a big fan, that is :) - Jemm
ohh yes - Martin Stenhård
x not so much - Carlos Valdonedo
fuck FF13 main character has to be Cloud or Titus or fuck it - Jordan Ruiz
@Gary, yeah! love it, this is the first post i've seen so many and so quick responses, really seeing it being THE TOOL :D screw FB, FF is going down in history like IRC - Stuart Evans
cocoon? - Carlos Valdonedo
10 i liked a lot, but X-2 and 12 were herecy - Joe Hart
Im straight, so I dont like Final Fantasy - SquirrelsOfWar
this could be a little cheesy - Gary Gannon
this music kills me :p - Gary Gannon
Yeah Final Fantasy went bad every since FF10 - Jordan Ruiz
is there high hopes that this one brings the franchise back? - Gary Gannon
at x it was already bad - Carlos Valdonedo
It will bring the franchise down lol - Jordan Ruiz
14? fuck - Travis Harvey
I dont get the numbers... - SquirrelsOfWar
huh? - Gary Gannon
what 14 - Martin Stenhård
Wait, so they are dropping 14 before 13? - SquirrelsOfWar
14?? - Gary Gannon
joke?? - Gary Gannon
say no to technology - Travis Harvey
13 first then 14 - BadPanda
how can they show game before 13 is out - Martin Stenhård
CHEESY - SquirrelsOfWar
so bizzare - Gary Gannon
13 versus - Joe Hart
this industry is crazy - Martin Stenhård
Another Final Fantasy that sucks, what we all need. - SquirrelsOfWar
oooo MMORPG - Gary Gannon
ONLINE? - SquirrelsOfWar
ahh it is online - Martin Stenhård
YES! no high-technology - Travis Harvey
14 is called online - BadPanda
Final Fantasy PS3 MMORPG? - SquirrelsOfWar
interesting - BadPanda
WOW so thats pretty big news - Gary Gannon
huge news - BadPanda
I dont even know what to say for FF14 - Jordan Ruiz
Another reason for me NOT to get a PS3.... - SquirrelsOfWar
so its like 9? - Carlos Valdonedo
yes but 11 is still runing - Martin Stenhård
Motion Controllers. DONT DO IT! - SquirrelsOfWar
FF20 ftl - Jordan Ruiz
i liked 11 but it was not a forgiving game - Gary Gannon
Oh god, im nervous - SquirrelsOfWar
a doctor :) - Martin Stenhård
i tried 11 on 360, big mistake - Joe Hart
oh shit... it's a DANCEOFF! - Travis Harvey
dance white boy dance - BadPanda
They look so into it = ) - SquirrelsOfWar
Dildo? - SquirrelsOfWar
K motion Controller in other words a dildo - Jordan Ruiz
yeah lol - BadPanda
looks dirty - Gary Gannon
Dildo and "internal motion sensors" sound so WRONG - SquirrelsOfWar
wrong guy for the job - Travis Harvey
buttplug and play? - Jemm
Glowing Sphere is the pleasure point ooo yeah - Jordan Ruiz
didnt they do a tech demo about this a while ago - BadPanda
thats going up an oriphis... - Joe Hart
The 360 motion camera actually makes this look so bad... - SquirrelsOfWar
K so the Join Stick really became the Join stick I cant wait for the porn game (jk) - Jordan Ruiz
So now every company make the Wii obsolete? - SquirrelsOfWar
its hard lol - Jordan Ruiz
The fact he cant do it is very telling - SquirrelsOfWar
light saber game - BadPanda
this looks like its hangin on a shoe string - Gary Gannon
Yes you can hold anything in your hand - Jordan Ruiz
this cool - Martin Stenhård
another FF game lol - Travis Harvey
lol, fan! - SquirrelsOfWar
controller war 1 - 0 to Sony - Martin Stenhård
Casual experience. I like how the 360 one is actually viable for real shit - SquirrelsOfWar
this+natal=win - Joe Hart
FPS mode... nice! - Travis Harvey
I would like to see how the Motions get effect when they put good graphics in. I would expect this for a every long time on the market. - Jordan Ruiz
Natal's problem is lack of a controller for buttons - Travis Harvey
yeah looks better than last time they showed it. - BadPanda
Maybe, but that may also be Natals greatest win - SquirrelsOfWar
Virtual hands. TBH, not impressed. - SquirrelsOfWar
this would be cool in LBP to build levels - Martin Stenhård
Draw a penis dammit! - SquirrelsOfWar
greatest win? you're going to slap your head to shoot your gun in FPSs? - Travis Harvey
i would be more impressed if he wasnt holding two glowing dildos - Joe Hart
OK thats dam cool - BadPanda
this is a way better paint than the ms version - Gary Gannon
But can he draw an elephant? - Jemm
so far... this has a bit more accuracy and "finger usage" than Natal - Travis Harvey
Not really feeling it, tbh - SquirrelsOfWar
thats soo dam cool - BadPanda
I think Microsoft did more of their own thing, made it their own. I think this is more of a Wii-can-too! - SquirrelsOfWar
that would great for RTS - Gary Gannon
Yeah, but we already learnt that Wiimotes arent good for FPS. - SquirrelsOfWar
or... Wii-can-do-better - Travis Harvey
its not as WOW as natal. this is using already present tech in a nu way. whereas Natal really pushed the boundary. - Joe Hart
Ok, sword fighting was good - SquirrelsOfWar
Natal was much much more polished.... and they have Fabel2 guy also - Travis Harvey
ok that looks good - Joe Hart
Make this game. - SquirrelsOfWar
Yes but You really cant move around in the wordl - Jordan Ruiz
Yea peter molyneux took a gimiky bit of hardware, and made it phenomonal - Joe Hart
I want play this now - Martin Stenhård
OMG archery awesome - BadPanda
is this EQ3? - Martin Stenhård
MAKE THIS GAME - SquirrelsOfWar
See this is where Nintendo loses the console war - Joe Hart
because sony just made a better wii mote - Joe Hart
He cant aim, thats quite telling... - SquirrelsOfWar
wow.... - Travis Harvey
and MS made something where you dont need a wii mote - Joe Hart
in the head :) - Martin Stenhård
that looks 10x more fun than wii bowling - Joe Hart
Other than lacking polish.... this = Natal - Travis Harvey
Oh yeah, definatly Jo - SquirrelsOfWar
Ill give it to them it looks kinda cool - Jordan Ruiz
You need buttons for some stuff. - BadPanda
looks promising...probably at least 3 years off - Gary Gannon
TBH, we havent seen enough of either of them to make a compansion - SquirrelsOfWar
But its pretty much the Wii on PS3 - Jordan Ruiz
yay sack boy - BadPanda
LBP2? - Gary Gannon
I do like swordfighting though, but Ive seen people use Natal in driving games like a real stearing wheel - SquirrelsOfWar
Yeah, LBP2 - SquirrelsOfWar
i think they're two very different systems - Joe Hart
natal=immersion sony1=fun - Joe Hart
cant see LBP2 already - BadPanda
true SoW... they're both really tech-demo stage right now... but honestly, I still think Natal needs some buttons for better and more complex controls - Travis Harvey
which is why they'd work so well together. - Joe Hart
Maybe, we dont know - SquirrelsOfWar
If Natal works with shooters, thats the trying thing. - SquirrelsOfWar
when are they going to announce the PS3 slim? - Travis Harvey
We've seen natal work as a tech demo, and for certain games, but when I can play Halo with it, thats the telling moment - SquirrelsOfWar
All this motion control stuff is a conspiracy to get nerds off their asses. - Jemm
Also, Natal comes as standard. - SquirrelsOfWar
lol - BadPanda
hrm - Gary Gannon
i am still in ffxiv shock...hells bells :) - Culver Epps
Making me move, dammit - SquirrelsOfWar
well, the thing that made me wonder with natal was how could the kid do any insane flips in that skating game - alphaxion
LBP racer - BadPanda
hey motion sensors cant get me off my ass - Joe Hart
was there a date for FF14? - Gary Gannon
Nintendo is totally fucked - Travis Harvey
Nintendo got RAPED - SquirrelsOfWar
no just 2010 was mentioned - Culver Epps
well thats not too bad - Gary Gannon
LBP racer confirmed! - SquirrelsOfWar
excellent news...3 major mmo's coming to the ps3 now - Culver Epps
awesome this looks cool - BadPanda
their reading is aweful - Gary Gannon
Maybe something that will actually make me get a PS3. - SquirrelsOfWar
Mario Kart got RAPED IN THE A - SquirrelsOfWar
lol...wacky races - Culver Epps
Dick Dastardly - SquirrelsOfWar
yeah fuck nintendo - BadPanda
My kids will love this - Martin Stenhård
looks ace - Culver Epps
gonna make me self a Panda Mobile - BadPanda
This is quite generic except for character creation - SquirrelsOfWar
this looks fun i woul dtottally play this - Gary Gannon
Crack Studio - SquirrelsOfWar
excite bike track design! - Travis Harvey
nice track design - Gary Gannon
nice? - Thac0
hell yes... give me a cheaper PS3 and I'm sold - Travis Harvey
meh, it's track mania, nothing new - alphaxion
Ok, if the price cut is enough, I may get me a PS3 - SquirrelsOfWar
that is class - Culver Epps
Ok, I could see myself using that - SquirrelsOfWar
Reasons to get a PS3 improving - SquirrelsOfWar
If DCUO is any good, im getting a PS3 - SquirrelsOfWar
hope we see something about the agency today - Culver Epps
Mario raped squirrels in the A - Thac0
Soo excited about the new PS3 stuff - BadPanda
thats awesome...the amount of tracks people make will be endless...its so easy - Gary Gannon
THIS JUST IN: Nintendo calls it quits. - Travis Harvey
Yeah, thats good - SquirrelsOfWar
lol - Culver Epps
This look to more easy than LBP design tool - Martin Stenhård
Nintendo. Offically only for 10 year olds and grannies - SquirrelsOfWar
yeah defo - BadPanda
oh the daylight stuff is amazing - Culver Epps
Remakes of classic Mario Kart maps coming SOON - SquirrelsOfWar
wow... awesome - Travis Harvey
nintedo is irrelevant to gamers who dont like casual drivel - Thac0
Nintendo is dead - SquirrelsOfWar
looks great a must have game - Martin Stenhård
very cool...i will buy this one fer sure - Gary Gannon
Got a PS3, Gannon? - SquirrelsOfWar
looks like ps3 managed to keep some big stuff hidden - BadPanda
totally copy sold here :) - Culver Epps
yes - Gary Gannon
same its on my hit list. - BadPanda
For me to validate getting a system that expensive, im probably going to need some more persuasion. - SquirrelsOfWar
man i want some 09 titles - Gary Gannon
another exclusive??? - Travis Harvey
omg.... ico III - Travis Harvey we go! - Culver Epps
Never played Ico. - SquirrelsOfWar
What is Ico? - SquirrelsOfWar
woo a game of boss battles. - Joe Hart
SHADOW OF THE COLLOSUS guys are makign teh thing with teh big dog - Thac0
ive seen this...doesnt excite me all that much - Gary Gannon
is it me or have sony not wheeled out any famous old gits yet? microsoft nailed that :p - Culver Epps
HEY, dont knock the Beatles, man - SquirrelsOfWar
thats because MS have more money than nintendo and sony combined - Joe Hart
haha this is like GAX chat but i dont have to re-register to GAX to hear squirrels hate - Thac0
Man-bear-bird? - SquirrelsOfWar
@max lol - Gary Gannon
photorealism + animation... priceless - Travis Harvey
hang on thats lord of the rings music - BadPanda
we have those in england ;) - Culver Epps
You'll miss me once I#ve left gax - SquirrelsOfWar
you cant leave squirrel - Joe Hart
anyone play this franchise? - Gary Gannon
yes - Culver Epps
your a doomed to forever haunt it's web pages - Joe Hart
is it epic? it seems people are really excited for this one - Gary Gannon
I know nothing of what this is - SquirrelsOfWar
what is this game about? - Martin Stenhård
It looks like Nintendogs for Hypogryphs - SquirrelsOfWar
lol - Joe Hart
Well, PS3 has no Mass Effect, so thats off my shopping list - SquirrelsOfWar
the games are really well designed and you care about the characters...instead of the graphics etc...although to me both previous titles are works of art - Culver Epps
it looks georgous - Gary Gannon
trully breathtaking...i still play shadow on the ps2 from time to time. one of the best games on ps2 - Culver Epps
Looks doesnt always equal good game though - SquirrelsOfWar
Giv me GT5 bitch! - SquirrelsOfWar
oooo GT5 - Gary Gannon
Yeah, I loved SotC - SquirrelsOfWar
gt5 epilogue :) - Culver Epps
why is this taking so ooo long - Gary Gannon
first game to have a prologue - Joe Hart
Shadow was probably one of the best games ever made... ever. - Travis Harvey
Let me drive my 965! - SquirrelsOfWar
@travis...totally agree - Culver Epps
wasn't this announced when the PS3 was launched? - Jemm
@gary lot of polygons to draw - Martin Stenhård
god this brings back good memorys... - Joe Hart
GT3 ftw - Joe Hart
Ready by PS5 - Jemm
brb, phone dammit - SquirrelsOfWar
there are more important things than phones! - Joe Hart
ok looks good how bout a date already - Gary Gannon
Sony is pulling ahead right now... - Travis Harvey
sweet - Gary Gannon
Yeah so far sony have blown away every one else. - BadPanda
GoW3 - Gary Gannon
yea God of War - Martin Stenhård
no i think sony and microsoft have given the same level of good content - Joe Hart
Gears of war 3? :P - Joe Hart
i am not watching this so i have no clue what you guys are talking about, kinda makes it more fun - Thac0
show some boobies - Travis Harvey
God of War 3 - Gary Gannon
moreof the same but in a very good way - Gary Gannon
we had boobies last time...this time some chutney hutch :) - Culver Epps
@gary, the best kind of sequel - Joe Hart
there you have them - Martin Stenhård was boobies - Culver Epps
another winner for me...i love the GoW series - Gary Gannon
that is a big boss - Martin Stenhård
GoW is the halo of the ps - Joe Hart
return of the improbable jawline - alphaxion
in terms of scale of the franchise - Joe Hart
not seing much new except when he stuck his chains in that flying thing and used it to fly - Gary Gannon
ouch - Travis Harvey
it just looks the same as games such as heavenly sword and DMC. - alphaxion
brutal - Gary Gannon
it's button mashing time! - Culver Epps
nice long game play session - Martin Stenhård
ohh that was awesome - Gary Gannon
i dont like gameplay videos... i like to play games, not watch them - Joe Hart
new pants please - BadPanda
omg... tease - Travis Harvey
he just snapped off his horn and slayed him with it - Gary Gannon
nice game - Carlos Valdonedo
@gary: that's how I do it IRL, too - Jemm
that's how I get my hamburger meat - Travis Harvey
1 last announcement? you think? - Gary Gannon
nope - Gary Gannon
Im back - SquirrelsOfWar
that was a good presser - Gary Gannon
That was awesome - BadPanda
and the price cut? - Carlos Valdonedo
need a price drop people! - Travis Harvey
great way to end it ! - Carlos Valdonedo
Now Im going to go down stairs as it far to hot in here - BadPanda
so who wins the press conf war MS or PS? - Gary Gannon
for - Culver Epps
Hm, I guess MS for me. - SquirrelsOfWar
MS=PS - Joe Hart
Its a tough call - SquirrelsOfWar
im just gonna ignor nintendo - Joe Hart
GOW was a WIN - Carlos Valdonedo
As for controllers, we've seen fuck all, but Peter presented it really nicely. - SquirrelsOfWar
They both seemed so equal but I think Sony really pulled it out with the last 2-3 showings - Travis Harvey
yea i didnt even put nintendo as an option :p - Gary Gannon
theyve been dead to me since the game cube - Joe Hart
but natal was creepy and awesome - Carlos Valdonedo
Well, I tuned out after GT5, what did I miss? - SquirrelsOfWar
yea im kinda 50/50 - Gary Gannon
i want them to just make a new line of N64s - Joe Hart
they both had great showings this year almost for different reasons - Gary Gannon
no upgrades, no improved graphics, just shiny nu plastic - Joe Hart
The motion capture stuff really needs something more than just in-house stuff.... with the Fabe2 team working with Natal... we saw how MUCH better it can be rather than tech-demos - Travis Harvey
MS seems to be pushing tech boundaries and Sony is finally pumping out some exciting games - Gary Gannon
any way the ps3 NEEDS a price drop like NOW! - Carlos Valdonedo
Well, to be honest, Im really happy Alan Wake came out of nowhere and blindsided me with it's really nice Luigi's Mansion/Condemmed stuff - SquirrelsOfWar
i didnt saw nintendo's - Carlos Valdonedo
Alan Wake better not make me sad with shitty inventory/controls like Alone in the Dark - Travis Harvey
I think Alan Wake is my game of the show. - SquirrelsOfWar
announcement of the show for me was final fantasy 14 online...hubba hubba :) - Culver Epps
I missed EA and Ubi's stuff... so no clue about their games - Travis Harvey
Highlights for me are Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, GoW2, and I think FF14... - Gary Gannon
Well, I dont like Metal Gear, God of War or Final Fantasy, so not so good for me - SquirrelsOfWar
ohh yea MGS5 damn - Gary Gannon
theres alot of good news this year - Gary Gannon
Biggest disappointment = TOR - SquirrelsOfWar
the big thing... is the massive amount of games Sony is doing this year - Travis Harvey
The absolute NOTHING Bioware showed on all 3 of their games - SquirrelsOfWar
the new Ico game looks to be just as good as the first two.... and that means the PS3 has a massive leg-up - Travis Harvey
im not dissapointed in TOR...wish they showed some gameplay but im still looking forward to it...fully voice acted is great news - Gary Gannon
I have no idea what Ico is. - SquirrelsOfWar
meh i haven't seen anything good. I only play on a PC, amlost only MMOs or at least RPG... so not much interesting came out. ICO is a game i never played - Thac0
It looks like twilight but with hypogryphs instead of peretty boys - SquirrelsOfWar
wow over 1000 comments in this thread - Gary Gannon
If anyone hasn't played Ico or Shadow of the Colossus.... go buy a PS2 and those two games, NOW - Travis Harvey
dont we get like a achivement for that @GG - Carlos Valdonedo
@carlos haha we should - Gary Gannon
DING, level 2 - Travis Harvey
thisis why ive been pushing friendfeed on some of you guys :p - Gary Gannon
Achievement Unlocked ; Spam - SquirrelsOfWar
played shadow, it was good for the first few bosses then i got bored and never finished it. it was great art direction for a PS2 game though - Thac0
NOW WE?LL NEVER HEAR THE END OF IT!!.. FF is tha shit... blah blah blah.. =p - Carlos Valdonedo
its just fun - Gary Gannon
I have to give it to you @GG it is definetly very usefull for this kind of stuff - Carlos Valdonedo
FFXI sucked the controls on the PC were terribad and the graphics didnt age well - Thac0
Damn you, Mr Gannon - SquirrelsOfWar
now if that damn Gannon would just start podcasting again :p - Gary Gannon
God, the room I am in is ridiculously hot... - SquirrelsOfWar
Gary can do a solo podcast - Thac0
Or with Gaxxers. - SquirrelsOfWar
@GG this would be a great "CHAT" for comunity wile you podcast! - Carlos Valdonedo
You can be the third wheel in the Ralph and Caab show - SquirrelsOfWar
Did they say FF13 was exclusive for PS3? - Jordan Ruiz
im giving it some real gurantees yet...but i am really working it out...i can tell you it WONT be MOG at all - Gary Gannon
if i do it :P - Gary Gannon
but i deleted my GAX account along with caab so i cnat be on it - Thac0
@GG do a sound board of Vernier cursing and that is it! - Carlos Valdonedo
hah emo nerd rage deletion - Gary Gannon
Tweeenrage! - SquirrelsOfWar
Bah, fucking R4 cards. - SquirrelsOfWar
tweenrage? I'm 30 for god sakes, - Thac0
not in your heart max...not in your heart :p - Gary Gannon
Froliking with Vampires - SquirrelsOfWar
@max you rage like a teen.. ! - Carlos Valdonedo
@max you smell like teen spirit! - Carlos Valdonedo
pedospirit - SquirrelsOfWar
I totally know how to rage this is true - Thac0
your the pedo squirrels, I bet you are playing Free Realms now... you poor misguided soul - Thac0
I would rather eat my own gentlemen's vegetables than play Free Realms - SquirrelsOfWar
i have FR installed lol - Gary Gannon
ok i take it back then I'm sorry Squirrels you arent pedo after all - Thac0
anyone know of any live stream from the e3 floor? - Gary Gannon
The new Metroid game atleast looks interesting - SquirrelsOfWar
well i have it installed too, i cnat very well hate on somethign if i never played it - Thac0
They had to do somethig with metroid after 3 sold about 2 copies - SquirrelsOfWar
see if you guys can fnd a live stream from the floor...i gotta run to the office but ill be on when i get there...if you find one send me a tweet or something - Gary Gannon
C ya G - SquirrelsOfWar
L4D2 looks lame - SquirrelsOfWar
Heres what we know about The Old Republic....It's called The Old Republic - SquirrelsOfWar
ODST seems to be ok, but I doubt I will pick it up - SquirrelsOfWar
TOR is over hyping the game, everyone is going to expect the second coming of Jesus when its released then be jaded and hate on it - Thac0
I just want some info on its pvp and shit - SquirrelsOfWar
God I hope they dont dumb down Splinter Cell for the moroncrowd - SquirrelsOfWar
I loved the original SC. No maps, for the most part no weapons. Just you and your brain. - SquirrelsOfWar
The graphics in L4D2 look terrible - SquirrelsOfWar
Yo dawg I heard yo like more of the same, for £10 a level - SquirrelsOfWar
Atleast parts of Assassins Creed looked ok - SquirrelsOfWar
Heading off, c ya guys - SquirrelsOfWar
im off this chat 2 twitt or FF if necessary - Carlos Valdonedo