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New five-star review of The Legacy of Lorna Lovelost
Well, Pour the Booze Down the Sink and Call Me a Dryathlete … -
A Quite Unusually Christmassy Christmas Message. -
Disenchantment or: Where Self-Promotion Can Lead. -
Love and The Architect—or: Where Today Finds Me -
The Legacy of Lorna Lovelost—Local Press. -
Lorna Lovelost on the Jane Adams Website. -
The Architect—or Where the Solstice Finds Me. -
The Misguided Nature of Independence in All Its Forms. -
The full chapter outline—all sixty-one single-spaced pages—of The Architect is complete, bar some additional supportive material. #Happy
Random Thoughts on the Nature of Publishing in the 21st-Century. -
Watching Footsteps in the Fog ... a far better movie than I remember -- though maybe that's the result of fatigue and Laphroaig.
Busy morning and I'm flagging a little now. Plenty done, though, and ahead of schedule, so all good.
How not to sell a book: "Okay, you tight gits, who's going to put his/her hand in his/her pocket and buy my books? "
During the Duchess of Cambridge's visit to Grimsby today, Oliver Axcell (3) was picking his nose. I got this out of The Times, too.
Yeah, okay, I've had a few, but could someone please explain why the fuck The Times is running the Justin Bieber story front-page?
Laphoaig Quarter Cask (48% ABV) without water -- because I'm feeling dead 'ard ... for now ...
A productive morning of preparing promo "stuff" (standard industry term) for Lorna; a number of reviews set up & review copies heading out.
The Realm of the Hungry Ghosts "an exceptional piece or work, delivered by a master storyteller" #kindle #fiction
Mr Magic rides again | The Sunday Times
.@Rachellehcar75 The writing is reserved for weekdays, Rachel, but often edit and read through stuff over the weekend. For an hour or so ;-)
I've just made the "mistake" of opening my preliminary notes on the next project—The Architect. An angry & dynamic novel, methinks. #excited
RT @GetalifeUK: I just bought: 'Children of the Resolution' by Gary William Murning @garymurning via @amazonuk << TY!
Get a Life! - the guide book by Lisa Whitehead via @amazon
♫ Warszawa - 1999 Digital Remaster – David Bowie #Spotify
.@GetalifeUK I'm doing the Berlin years at the moment :-) Wanting to incorporate into my next novel, The Architect.
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