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Please Donate to The SMA Trust by buying The Legacy of Lorna Lovelost today! -
I just bought: 'Ultramarine: A Novel (Open Road)' by... Reply w/ #AmazonBasket for a free sample via @KindleUK
1 of 5 stars to We Are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas
Christ, I really hope they don't let him take that penguin to school -- he'll get the shit kicked out of him.
#Reduced to £1.54, The Legacy of Lorna Lovelost is a perfect winter evening read #Kindle #free on #KindleUnlimited
The Legacy of Lorna Lovelost is "captivating" and "takes the reader on a quirky little journey" #Kindle Only £1.54!
New five-star #review for The Realm of the Hungry Ghosts
Saturday afternoon watching The Godfather Part 3 ... can watch the three over and over.
On Facebook? Most of my posts are now public—and I'm over there more than I am over here. Feel free to follow
Saturday #bargain! The Legacy of Lorna Lovelost now #reduced to just £1.54 for #Kindle #free on #KindleUnlimited
Morning, ladies & gents! My latest novel, The Legacy of Lorna Lovelost, currently reduced for #Kindle #ClevelandHour
85% done with We Are Not Ourselves, by Matthew Thomas: Still feeling like the characters...
78% done with We Are Not Ourselves, by Matthew Thomas: Like a child on a long car journe...
81% done with In the Light of What We Know, by Zia Haider Rahman
5 of 5 stars to Strange Weather in Tokyo by Hiromi Kawakami
RT @DamaineGorman: Christopher Hitchens - Don't Bow To Islam
Apparently, cravats look poised to make a comeback … #FrighteninglyExcitedByThis
Finished working through the outline for In the Valley of the Psalm and it's good to go. A week off before starting writing? We'll see.
We have a new doorbell. First people to ring it? Bloody Jehovah's Witnesses.
The Legacy of Lorna Lovelost is "moving, honest and deliciously crazy". #fiction #Kindle
I've been lax with the news-spreading regarding my latest publication. Please help me fix this and spread the word
The Legacy of Lorna Lovelost—"I had to stop reading once while commuting as I could feel the tears coming". #Kindle
Writing a carefully worded letter to a fuckwit in an unjustifiable position of authority. Can't I just call her a twat and be done with it?
Must be about two months since I had alcohol … how on earth did that happen?
Scientists discover that magpies don't steal shiny objects. All these years, and I bet it's been those sneaky bloody sparrows …
47% done with Strange Weather in Tokyo, by Hiromi Kawakami: A strange, somehow quaint litt...
Weekend of doing nothing required. Join me?
Can't help feeling that the plastic bottle inadvertently left in the Downton Abbey publicity shot might not have been quite so inadvertent…
Holy conclusion, Batman—I think I've (barring fine tuning) finished the outline for In the Valley of the Psalm! #excited
Cliff Richard's home searched in relation to an alleged historic sex offence ... been expecting this for some time ...
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