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RT @Philae2014: Touchdown! My new address: 67P! #CometLanding
RT @datachick: Ha! RT @Claire_Phipps: My favourite bit of the #CometLanding so far
I'm watching a live feed of scientists watching a feed. LOL. 1 Hour to go! Come on @philae2014 you got this. #CometLanding
RT @camassey: Fellow language nerds: have you seen Google Books' Ngram viewer? (/cc @feraldata)
RT @kdnuggets: Running R in the Azure #MachineLearning cloud - good combination #rstats
RT @Sathnam: London is amazing. RT @EmmaWallace400: Pretty cool view of The Poppies early this morning while flying into London.
RT @bigdata: #bigdata makes Business Analytics (a.k.a *data science* in some quarters :-) ) hip among b-school students
RT @AgentP22: Cybernats campaign to bankrupt the Scotsman continues. Their love of Scotland includes throwing Scots onto the dole.
RT @SpawnofJustice: Essential reading for those duped into thinking that SNP are "Party of the Poor". Brian Wilson on the money as usual.
RT @analyticbridge: An extensive glossary of #bigdata terminology:
“@BBCTech: Samaritans pulls 'suicide watch' app” <- talked about doing this, kind of glad I didn't now.
GDI+ sucks, that is all.
RT @pickover: "Seeing someone reading a book you love is seeing a book recommending a person."
RT @andrewbrust: Announcement: New Azure Machine Learning free tier now available! No cred card or Azure subscription needed. Just MS acct login. #Summit14
Priceless! -> “@adamUCF: CNN commentators using Microsoft @surface tablets as iPad stand. Facepalm.”
RT @BigDataStartups: Forrester’s Hadoop Predictions 2015 #BigData
RT @sforkmann: Really good crowd at the machine learning dojo in Cologne. All teams finished the classifier. The "why #fsharp?" stopped after 40min. Kudos.
RT @BigDataStartups: Acquia Delivers on the Promise of the Experience Web With ContextDB #BigData
RT @jenstirrup: Top story: Actian Brings Graph Analysis To Big Data - InformationWeek, see more!...
Ooo, Glasgow will #VoteYes but it might not be by enough
RT @DavidPBMaddox: Walking down Royal Mile with guy wearing a No t-shirt at least a dozen Yes supporters "warned" him to get off the street. #indyref #indyts
RT @neiledwardlovat: .@theyindependant Bigger question is that there were clear shy No voters, it means that intimidation was a demonstrable feature of campaign
RT @Martin1Williams: UNOFFICIAL from SNP camp they've lost West Lothian by 8%
RT @RyanMacG: Nick Robinson is on fire tonight, reminding us that he's a political correspondent at his core #indyref
RT @craigmcgill: 10pm. Scotland is now independent. It also isn't. It's Schrödinger's Scotland. #indyref #scotdecides
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