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RT @Technitrain: Microsoft highlights big-data, analytics projects at TechFair research fair
Good view of the #ISS overhead Dundee tonight. :-)
RT @schofieldkevin: Scottish education is devolved. Scottish education is failing poor kids. The Scottish government is to blame. It's that simple.
is there a lack of skilled resource out there, or is there a disconnect between COs and talent, caused by recruiters, e.g. "DBs like Hadoop"
RT @stephbreakfast: Dublin bound to interview the very impressive @sherylsandberg of @facebook - will be on @BBCBreakfast @BBCNews on Tues. #leanin
RT @yescotland: Apparently SNP use Norway as example of how a small country can defend itself. Pity they omit the bit about national service. #voteno
RT @KirkDBorne: Critical Skills for #Analytics (slideshow from @infomgmt) #BigData #DataScientist => Detective, Storyteller, Artisan
Inflation falls for the 6th month in a row, longest run since records began. Economic argument for #indyref weakens.
RT @flashgrim: Peter Jones: No campaign needs to be slicker in showing the benefits of the union. #indyref #BetterTogether
"@grumpynorman: only 19 "active" warships. Who r Admirals protecting when they involve themselves in #indyref ?" <- there it is
Head of the navy says it will be weakened by iScotland. Waiting for @thesnp to brand him an elitist, Tory, millionaire, bully. #indyref
RT @Frankiejambo: Salmond, Sturgeon, Wishart et al hate Labour so why the wooing? Panic measure perhaps. #indyref
Blog: Happy to be speaking at #dddsw this year
Historically support for iScotland = 33% After years of campaigning and millions spent recent YouGov poll shows 37% #MoneyWellSpent #indyref
RT @TechSmith: Did you know that we have a YouTube channel featuring customer stories and tips & tricks? Check it out!
RT @MSmithsonPB: It looks like there's been effort on Betfair #IndyRef market to boost YES. Price moved sharply to 41% chance. Now back to 25.3%
Oh look, I'm coming to Cambridge in June :-)
RT @BigDataExperts: Hadoop set to dominate £60bn big data market, says IDC research <--- in case you missed it at @hadoopsummit last week
Is this the "equality" that @thesnp will bring to an independent Scotland?
RT @davieclegg: Independence referendum: Blow for Alex Salmond as Record poll reveals Yes campaign support has stalled
"@AlisonC1988: @aberdeen80 @garyshort I am 27 not so young. I have a PHD in political science , maybe I have some idea." <- Boom! :-)
RT @AbertayUni: Remember, it's #darehour tonight from 9-10pm. Join us to share your @DareToBeDigital tips, ideas and experiences!
"@aberdeen80: Your a dependant cunt that is what you are. Wont need your sort come separation one way ticket to larne" <- yes campaign
RT @dddsouthwest: DDD Southwest 5 session voting closes in 4 hours! #DDDSW
This is very cool. Apollo 11 source code!
RT @hortonworks: Missed Hadoop Summit Europe 2014? Watch the keynotes here
RT @LincolnAtkinson: What a day for .NET languages! #fsharp #csharp #vb #Roslyn all open source and accepting contributions!
RT @hmason: This new tool from Facebook (and @deaneckles) looks great! PlanOut | A framework for online field experiments
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