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RT @BlackMarble: You've got until Friday to submit your sessions for @DDDNorth ! Join us on 18 Oct in Leeds! #dddnorth #Yorkshire
RT @BigDataStartups: Sears Became a Real-Time Digital Enterprise Due to Big Data #BestPractice #BigData
RT @TelegraphNews: Alex Salmond refuses to reveal Plan B currency before referendum (Pic: Getty)
RT @Effiedeans: When someone who actually understands business looks at SNP figures they turn out to be nonsense #indyef
RT @Effiedeans: Latest poll after don't knows excluded Yes 45, No 55. Poll of polls unchanged Yes 43, No 57 #indyref
RT @g33klady: Awesome job, Target! Gluten free bread among all the regular bread. Crumbs never transfer, right?
RT @blairmcdougall: No up in ICM poll for SoS & undecideds overwhelmingly leaning No. Plus clear majority think Salmond has no credible currency plan. #indyref
RT @andrewbrust: Is HBase’s slow and steady approach winning the NoSQL race? My latest @gigaom post:
RT @Askinner2011: Since 2007 @theSNP have spent near half a billion on private sector contractors in Scots NhS. Thanks FOIR #indyref
RT @DDDEastAnglia: Our third and final batch of tickets will be released at 10am this morning! #dddea
RT @BlackMarble: Don't forget that you have 1 week left to submit a session for @DDDNorth, this year in Leeds #dddnorth14
Well thank goodness we and the Americans went to war in Iraq otherwise Islamic fundamentalists would be really powerful now, oh wait...
RT @mariwriter: Blimey! “@itvnews: Plane leaves East Midlands Airport in front of tornado”
RT @HazelMaciver: SNP claim NHS will be safe in their hands despite 37% rise in private healthcare. Also NHS fully devolved since 1999;it's not an indy issue.
RT @ScotlandsaysNO: This weeks revelations about @JohnSwinney lying about talks with BOE is not the first. He has form on this #indyref”"
RT @JohnNicholRAF: Fantastic to see these venerable ladies airborne - imagine 500 together in 1944 @twodrones @James1940 @FlyPastEditor"
RT @ProfTomkins: In a democracy this would be a resignation issue, whereas in Scotland we've grown used to our ministers lying to us
RT @MTU_Tayside: Scottish NHS already under full devolution power...if it goes wrong Scottish Gov at fault not Westminster, yet more lies from YESNP
RT @GeorgeFoulkes: Salmond lied about EU legal opinion & now Swinney on non existent talks with Bank of England. Desperation makes honest men into the opposite
Them: "So, we have 2 trillion geo-referenced points, with attached meta data, #Hadoop can handle that, right?" Me: O_O #HDInsight #BigData
Taking a break from #ComputationalLinguistics to visit the #SpaceFarm and see how they're getting on with #Hadoop #HDInsight
From way over here, it seems to me that *everyone* in #Ferguson needs to calm the fuck down, or there'll be tears before bedtime. :-(
Welcome to A level results day. The 1 day the UCAS website has to work, but always fails due to "unprecedented" demand. #NeedsElasticCompute
RT @tomaspetricek: Try the new #fsharp daily build! Released just today:
RT @RachelHawley: I can't be the only one thinking that the righty-tighty media sorts are raining on a pretty decent parade. Unemployment down, wages up! O_o
RT @gpainterbristol: Lauren Bacall was the last person still alive on the list of Hollywood stars Madonna sings about in Vogue.
Look people, nature has selected the panda for extinction, just accept it already.
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