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Latest figures show UK economy now bigger than it was before the crash of 2008. #BetterTogether #VoteNo
RT @Effiedeans: The way some nationalists show their hatred of the UK doesn't make me hopeful for friendly relations if they won #indyref
That'll do @HannahMiley89, that'll do. :-)
Good luck "Smiley Miley". Today is the day!! Now is the hour!! /cc @HannahMiley89
Overweight health and safety guy, versus @chrishoy in a race up the steps at Celtic Park, my money's on Chris. :-)
RT @RAFRed10: Absolutely stunning views flying from Valley to Prestwick. Apparently the flypast at #CommonwealthGames looked good?!
RT @AmnestyNI: A big kiss goes out to the 42 of 53 #Commonwealth countries where it is a crime to be gay. #Glasgow2014 #LGBTI
RT @joro55: Red white and blue over Celtic Park. #irony. #commonwealthgames
"Required for a Big Data project: dev with Hadoop and Ruby on Rails" <- what could possibly go wrong? :-)
I fear for #BigData engineers and those trying to hire them, when recruiters send me: "must have OOP experience using languages like Hadoop"
RT @ahejlsberg: New 5x faster TypeScript compiler on GitHub.
RT @gardaud: “What’s pip?” “A python package manager” “How do I install it?” “easy_install pip” “What’s easy_install?” “A python package manager”
RT @CarolMax: So what does a teacher on holiday do? Promises to take her niece on a Gruffalo hunt! #nomorewine
Unemployment down, wage inflation at record high. #BetterTogether
" version of Flower of Scotland to be played when Scotland win a medal." Say what now?! #WasntBroken #LeaveItAlone
28C here today and forecast to be hotter tomorrow. I break car windows to free baking dogs. #FairWarning
RT @LeaVerou: — Knock knock! — Race condition — Who’s there? (via @bantik)
Hardest job in tech: "So tell me, what's 'Soft Kitty'?"
I am, at once, both cool and manly, dressed, as I am, in my Soft Kitty T shirt. #GeekChic
RT @jenstirrup: Top story: Data journalism could use a jolt of data science, too — Tech News …, see more!...
RT @data_monkey: Which option means the rest of us never have to hear about Scottish Independence again? Please pick that one.
In coming EU president repeats warning of out going EU president, membership not automatic for an iScotland. #voteNo
RT @Functionalworks: Our aim at Functional Works is to encourage the commercial adoption of Functional Programming by making FP talent more accessible RT to help
RT @KirkDBorne: Frequentism and Bayesianism - What's the Big Deal? by @jakevdp #Statistics #datascience #scipy2014
RT @FSPowerTools: Big news: v1.3.0 is here with resolving unopened namespaces & graying out unused declarations. Grab it at #fsharp.
RT @mbcrump: Hey Microsoft MVPs - Get access to all our .NET tools AND the #Telerik Platform for FREE #mvpbuzz // @MVPAward
RT @SoftArchConf: Pleased to announce that @garyshort will be speaking at #SA2014 - find out what he's speaking on here:
RT @DDDEastAnglia: Don't forget we're still taking votes until 25th July! Vote now for the sessions you want to see at #dddea
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