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Ooo, Glasgow will #VoteYes but it might not be by enough
RT @DavidPBMaddox: Walking down Royal Mile with guy wearing a No t-shirt at least a dozen Yes supporters "warned" him to get off the street. #indyref #indyts
RT @neiledwardlovat: .@theyindependant Bigger question is that there were clear shy No voters, it means that intimidation was a demonstrable feature of campaign
RT @Martin1Williams: UNOFFICIAL from SNP camp they've lost West Lothian by 8%
RT @RyanMacG: Nick Robinson is on fire tonight, reminding us that he's a political correspondent at his core #indyref
RT @craigmcgill: 10pm. Scotland is now independent. It also isn't. It's Schrödinger's Scotland. #indyref #scotdecides
RT @DiscoveryInfo_: Check out Chris Webb's latest Blog: "Handling Data Source Errors In Power Query" Always a good read!
RT @TamPayne2: @dhothersall @GrinBins @GMB_union Communication Workers Union are also backing a No voter. My dad is a member.
RT @hortonworks: MicroStrategy and Big Data Innovations for the Modern Data Architecture #hadoop
RT @jfollas: I've built up muscle memory for typing my name without the letter "A" in it. Thanks Doug Crockford! ;-)
RT @Lanciaux_Maxime: Pig is Flying: Apache Pig on Apache Spark
RT @ScotlandsFuture: Where have all the conspiracy theorists gone, now that we have proof Jim Murphy was egged by a Yesser?
RT @greg_phtb: @DonnaV20 @GrinBins @Historywoman @VoteNoSep18 oil gone in 60 years (I am in the industry at senior level) Salmond has no hiding place! #no
RT @MajorDMalpas: @Effiedeans My country as has nurtured me through life would cease to exist. I would feel no particular loyalty to the separatist construct.
RT @KirkDBorne: #BigData Is Not Just a Buzzword -- It Can Be Your Secret Weapon! #Analytics via @EntMagazine
RT @KirkDBorne: The Long Tail - Discovering Unique Interests in Social e-Commerce #BigData: PDF #DataScience #KDD2014 by @jattenberg
RT @FionaEMWhyte: Home buyers using Scottish Independence clause - News - Edinburgh Evening News
RT @Carnage4Life: Twitter's war on developers continues. Twitpic shutting down due to trademark infringement claims from Twitter -
iScotland requires all current members to vote yes to join NATO. rUK: "so let's talk Trident" #VoteNo #IndyRef
RT @f1nux: "The rest of the UK will be our closest neighbour and our most important friend and ally. " i'm sure after the rhetoric the feelings shared
RT @f1nux: wow i've read some whitepapers in my life that i've wondered about the author none so much as the Scottish Gov one.
RT @flashgrim: @StrongerUnited1 Say hello to junk status Mr Salmond you can't bully Moodys @Browser01 @GrinBins @dazeythinker
RT @BlackMarble: You've got until Friday to submit your sessions for @DDDNorth ! Join us on 18 Oct in Leeds! #dddnorth #Yorkshire
RT @BigDataStartups: Sears Became a Real-Time Digital Enterprise Due to Big Data #BestPractice #BigData
RT @TelegraphNews: Alex Salmond refuses to reveal Plan B currency before referendum (Pic: Getty)
RT @Effiedeans: When someone who actually understands business looks at SNP figures they turn out to be nonsense #indyef
RT @Effiedeans: Latest poll after don't knows excluded Yes 45, No 55. Poll of polls unchanged Yes 43, No 57 #indyref
RT @g33klady: Awesome job, Target! Gluten free bread among all the regular bread. Crumbs never transfer, right?
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