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RT @alanfgates: Hortonworks is looking for: Sr. Director, Field Business Development - Central #job
RT @GLWjs: Still no submissions for lightning talks. Tweet if interested. Looking for at least 3 more to make the evening viable. High fives for RTs :)
This is why I much prefer to find data science work for myself, instead of having to rely on recruiters
What does Salmond Stand for..? #indyref
"@stormid: Scottish Big Data centre announced" <- very cool! #bigData #dataScience
RT @blairmcdougall: As the #indyref talk is of pensions, a wee reminder of what the SNP know but won't tell you.
What #voteNo need is a little @campbellclaret magic #indyref
Watched the PEB by @thesnp for the Euro election. It was all #indyref, not a single EU policy discussed. #SingleIssueParty #3WastedYears
Without doubt the worst thing about working with #hadoop is the near constant Java updates. The world needs to move to #HDInsight pronto :-)
After the CBI register support for the Union, @thesnp order all universities to leave.
My stream is alive. Apparently a team of lawn fairies dislike the dance steps they've been taught, seek new choreographer. #Moyes
Sorry if You Disagree, but… -
Happy birthday Ma'am, the Queen is 88 today
RT @dddsouthwest: Please note that registration is NOT happening today. We'll keep you informed. Sorry for any confusion. #DDDSW
RT @Technitrain: Microsoft highlights big-data, analytics projects at TechFair research fair
Good view of the #ISS overhead Dundee tonight. :-)
RT @schofieldkevin: Scottish education is devolved. Scottish education is failing poor kids. The Scottish government is to blame. It's that simple.
is there a lack of skilled resource out there, or is there a disconnect between COs and talent, caused by recruiters, e.g. "DBs like Hadoop"
RT @stephbreakfast: Dublin bound to interview the very impressive @sherylsandberg of @facebook - will be on @BBCBreakfast @BBCNews on Tues. #leanin
RT @yescotland: Apparently SNP use Norway as example of how a small country can defend itself. Pity they omit the bit about national service. #voteno
RT @KirkDBorne: Critical Skills for #Analytics (slideshow from @infomgmt) #BigData #DataScientist => Detective, Storyteller, Artisan
Inflation falls for the 6th month in a row, longest run since records began. Economic argument for #indyref weakens.
RT @flashgrim: Peter Jones: No campaign needs to be slicker in showing the benefits of the union. #indyref #BetterTogether
"@grumpynorman: only 19 "active" warships. Who r Admirals protecting when they involve themselves in #indyref ?" <- there it is
Head of the navy says it will be weakened by iScotland. Waiting for @thesnp to brand him an elitist, Tory, millionaire, bully. #indyref
RT @Frankiejambo: Salmond, Sturgeon, Wishart et al hate Labour so why the wooing? Panic measure perhaps. #indyref
Blog: Happy to be speaking at #dddsw this year
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