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Check out new blogging website Cool stuff there! #gay #lgbt
RT @TheGayGrapevine: That's a cool way to come out! LOL! How did you do it? Best answers Retweeted!
Girfriend? Boyf? Partner? What d'ya use to label your other half? Or do you hate labels? New piece from @TheSukiSays
Want to read something uplifting? Don and Clayton are a couple that have been together almost *70 YEARS*! True love!
#worldpridetoronto The 19th annual Pride & Remembrance run. Over $139,000 raised! Photos: Marcel Watier
Question from the Forum. If you could change one aspect of your personality, what would it be?
RT @BuckAngel: The Buck Angel Daily is out! Stories via @groobydotcom @Bobbistarr @gaysdotcom
Do you ever censor your social media when it comes to material that may suggest your sexuality?
RT @kissmydecks: Ha ha! I'd love a "hello, I am gay badge!" RT @gaysdotcom: How many times do you come out in your life?”
Demons of awesomeness! is HIRING! We're looking for an enthusiastic COMMUNITY MANAGER Fancy working in Barcelona?
RT @TheGayGrapevine: Mario can turn your kids queer?! @TheSukiSays sorts out some *blame the gays bullshit* for #thegaygrapevine
Love this new blog! Check it out!
What are the best and worst ways to introduce yourself in a 1st message on when online dating? Best answrs retweeted
AWESOME photos of Pride across the world. Beautiful pix!
RT @SpaghettiKing: The word GAY is an outdated, TIRED & 100% #meaningless word which I refuse to define myself or my #true identity @LGBT @GMCLA @gaysdotcom
Gay Pride: is it time to hang up the rainbow flag? Read the blog then Tweet us. Best comments RETWEETED
Retweet if you're gay and AWESOME!
What's it like being transgender and gay/bisexual/pansexual?
Do we still need Gay Prides? Read our piece then tweet uswhat you think. Best answers retweeted
Question from the online Forum! Best answers RETWEETED #GayActivism
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