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El Conejo Viejo
Kinda hard to compromise when one side is predisposed to say "NO" to everything you offer, Mr. President.
There. I just saved you the effort of listening to John Boehner. - El Conejo Viejo
I was hoping he would cry. - Heather
Equally hard to deal with a party whose default position on everything the man offers them - which is pretty much everything they ask for - is conditional on the man's resignation. - El Conejo Viejo
It's not easy to compromise when the other side claims hostages. - Heather
I blame prop 13 and the Tea Party, people neglected the part about paying for the Gov you love so much - WarLord
Looks like an accurate portrait of Spray-Tan Man. - Dennis Jernberg
Why doesn't everyone else back off this stupid "we have to fix the budget before we raise the ceiling" BS? The White House _did_ ask for a clean bill (months ago), one that would simply raise the debt ceiling. It's a routine housekeeping matter - the ceiling has been raised routinely by both parties in the past -- 89 times -- and only _now_ has the process been taken hostage by a radical right-wing fringe. - Andrew C (✔)
Robert Scoble
Twitter has a serious spam & virus problem in DMs. From now on I will not click ANY link DM'd to me. @delbius this is a real problem.
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Sweet, blessed air conditioning! *revels in the frigid air* #fb
Jonathan Hardesty
Kol Tregaskes
How about this? Use FriendFeed in Google+? - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
pɛbə, have you tried Google+? - Kol Tregaskes
I think the issue here is that every1 is cobbling together social apps' and cross docking of the same across various ecosystems. Without a hard install, we get gett FF into G+, but why should a user need to have these install's in the 1st place ? - Peter Dawson
El Conejo Viejo
It’s not “the politicians in Washington” who don’t understand the risks of failing to raise the debt ceiling. It’s the Republican Party. It was the Republican Party’s idea to turn the debt ceiling vote from a symbolic opportunity for the opposition party to posture against deficits into a high-stakes negotiation over budget policy. It’s the... -
Stem cells grow fully functional new teeth -
Stem cells grow fully functional new teeth
"Researchers believe that down the road it may be possible to do this with adult stem cells or cells found in human wisdom teeth and allow for actual teeth to be implanted replacing teeth lost to dental decay or injury." - LANjackal from Bookmarklet
Mark H
An Image it Took 30 Years to Complete: Father and Son at First and Last Shuttle Lauch -
An Image it Took 30 Years to Complete: Father and Son at First and Last Shuttle Lauch
"Chris Bray and his father Kenneth attended the first space shuttle launch 30 years ago and even though they hadn’t seen any other launches in person since, they decided to make the journey to see the final launch to ‘bookend’ the shuttle program in their lives. Plus, they were able to take this great image of father and son at two shuttle launches, “the picture we waited 30 years to complete,” Chris Bray said." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
:) Very nice - Juan Pablo González
Awesome! - AJ Batac
This is amazing. - Kol Tregaskes
Eating ice cream whenever you want is one of the best perks to being grown.
YES. Word. Also, I have ice cream and am gonna eat it now. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
The only difficulty is the self limiting. Only had half of what I wanted earlier. :) - James Stratford
we went downtown and had ice cream sundaes for dinner tonight. :) - Jenica
I hate you all - DJF
I think you may have something there, D. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Think I will grab a carton while I'm out... ;-D - Robyn Hawk
I picked up two yesterday! - Derrick
Morton Fox
A screw came loose from my chair and I have no idea where it was from. I just know it'll collapse one day with hilarious results. #ohbother
Stephen Mack
Tree huggers
Big Basin, California -- great place to camp. Old growth redwoods, no poison oak. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
super cute! - Georgia
That's where we used to camp a lot when I was a kid, Stephen. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I'm blown away - apparently I need to see those forests. *adds to BID list* - teleken from BuddyFeed
Alex, I realized this trip I've been camping there off and on for 30 years! #old - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Yep, I live near there and have been many times throughout my life. It is beautiful there as well as many other places in the Santa Cruz mountains. - Jeff P. Henderson
Yeaaah! - Solveigh Calderin
El Conejo Viejo
npr: Reading The Declaration Of Independence It was 235 years ago this Monday that church bells rang out over Philadelphia, as the Continental Congress adopted Thomas Jefferson’s draft of the Declaration of Independence. Twenty-three years ago, Morning Edition launched what has become an Independence Day tradition: hosts, reporters, newscasters... -
 Reading The Declaration Of Independence 
It was 235 years ago this Monday that church bells rang out over Philadelphia, as the Continental Congress adopted Thomas Jefferson’s draft of the Declaration of Independence.
Twenty-three years ago, Morning Edition launched what has become an Independence Day tradition: hosts, reporters, newscasters and commentators reading the Declaration of Independence.
Listen as they read this beautiful document aloud at
holly #ravingfangirl
Mary Carmen
Do you remember when department stores used to have electronics departments?
yes - Katy S
That was usually where I'd hang out while my mom shopped the rest of the store! - vicster.
On Sundays you'd see a crowd of husbands watching football there whilst the wives shopped. - Kevin Fox
Some still do, don't they? I know Fred Meyer here does. - Rochelle
i remember when they sold (apart from clothing) shotguns, custom bowling balls and body panels for cars. and they also had a full-service candy counter next to the HUGE toy department. and that was just the first floor at JC Penney. - Big Joe Silenced
Only Sears. - Jandy
Yes. - CarlC
The nearest Sears still does--a fairly large one, actually. - walt crawford
Yes, I do. Some also had furniture and restaurants or cafes. A trip to the Penney's restaurant on a Sunday was quite the treat (what can I say. I am as hoi polloi as they come). The waitresses' uniforms are something I still remember as well as the corned beef and cabbage dad often ordered. - Angel R. Rivera
Bought my first PC at Sears. - LB needs a vacation
Target still does. :) - Scoble, Alex Scoble from YouFeed
True that about Target--a pretty good electronics department, actually (although PCs are mostly limited to a few netbooks, perhaps a sensible limit). - walt crawford
I don't even count those stores as "department stores". To me a Dept Store is a fancy downtown building (think Macy's NYC). They had everything, and personal service, and nice restaurants. Sears and Penney's to me are catalog outlet stores. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Sears but I don't shop there. - Morton Fox
Victor Ganata
That's really the root of it: if we're talking about "rights" and not "privileges", it makes no sense to claim that the rich are more entitled to those rights than non-rich people. At least, it makes no sense if you actually believe in rights.
Doesn't really matter what you believe, though, in my opinion, it matters how things actually work. - Scoble, Alex Scoble from YouFeed
All human action springs initially from belief. Without belief, we've got nothing. - Victor Ganata
Without belief, change would be impossible. - Victor Ganata
I believe, no irony intended, that a discussion about what to change must first start from what actually is. - Scoble, Alex Scoble from YouFeed
I agree. This generally means having to agree on definition and on assumptions about reality, though, which it seems most people are loath to do. - Victor Ganata
Yep, agree - Scoble, Alex Scoble from YouFeed
Red meat is not bad for you. It's the blue-greenish meat that’s really bad for you.
That's why they use sodium nitrate or nitrite to make the meat look red. - Ruchira S. Datta
Nitrates do help preserve the meat, though, it's not just the colour effect. - Andrew C (✔)
El Conejo Viejo
Because they don’t teach the truth about the world, schools have to rely on beating students over the head with propaganda about democracy. If schools were, in reality, democratic, there would be no need to bombard students with platitudes about democracy. They would simply act and behave democratically, and we know this does not happen. The more... -
Steve C, Team Marina
Deer, eagle cause East Missoula power outage | | Missoula, Montana -
Deer, eagle cause East Missoula power outage | | Missoula, Montana
Deer, eagle cause East Missoula power outage | | Missoula, Montana
"Bridges says the eagle had already partially gutted its meal and then lifted off with the fawn clenched in its talons and then apparently dropped the fawn right on the power line, triggering the power outage." - Steve C, Team Marina from Bookmarklet
How bizarre! - Anne Bouey
Whoa. - Derrick
That's awesome. - SAM
SAM, for the eagle maybe, not so much for the fawn. :( - Anne Bouey
Agreed. - SAM
Anne: I tend to identify with the upper echelons of the food chain. ;) - SAM
SAM, I guess it's just a matter of perspective. - Anne Bouey
Also, perhaps he was just throwing a little venison on the barby. - SAM
:-D - Anne Bouey
cdogzilla | downgraded
Get out of my tomato plant! | Flickr - Photo Sharing! -
Get out of my tomato plant! | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Whoa! - Derrick
Yikes! - comix aka martha
Yuck! - Anne Bouey
BAD hornworm :( Big fat healthy one, too. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Yeah, you'll notice I put gloves on to remove them :P There are actually two in the picture. Even that big one I almost didn't notice, they blend in so well. - cdogzilla | downgraded
Yikes! - Spidra Webster
Forget Dove. If Ivory soap is 99 & 44/100% PURE, then what in the hell is that 56/100th?! -
Forget Dove. If Ivory soap is 99 & 44/100% PURE, then what in the hell is that 56/100th?!
The rest is concentrated evil. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
That last bit is unicorn tears.*wise nod* - Soup in a TARDIS
check your math. 56/100% - Bren
Bren, NOW WITH 1/10th MORE... IMPURITY! - Micah
I'm pretty sure the other 56/100's is racist somehow. - Jeff P. Henderson
Soap is patient zero for modern marketing, so debate around it is bound to come up over and over again. - Micah
A part of our factory makes soaps and detergents... The extra bit is probably a chemical mix they use that requires hazmat suits. It literally dries you skin to about 6% moisture. It's used as the exfolant portion. - Johnny from iPhone
I was thinking it was probably dead insects and rat droppings, like is allowed in packaged foods. ;-) - Jeff P. Henderson
Håkan Dahlström
Michael W. May
I am highly suggestible (also, never is there a reason needed to watch this film) @GetGlue #ThePrincessBride
"I will never love again." - Michael W. May
"Do you want me to send you back to where you where? Unemployed... in Greenland!?" - Michael W. May
No more rhymes now I mean it! - ellbeecee
"The eel doesn't get her. I'm explaining to you because you look nervous." - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
"You rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles." (I warn you, I can do this all day long) - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
"I died that day!" - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Me too, weezy. But I'm resisting :) - ellbeecee
"You seem a decent fellow. I hate to kill you." - Michael W. May
You seem a decent fellow, I hate to die. - Bren from iPhone
"Why are you wearing a mask? Were you burned by acid or something?" - Michael W. May
"I clearly cannot choose the wine in front you." - Michael W. May
"As... you... wish...!" *rollbouncetumbleoof* - Michael W. May
"I swear it will be done." - Michael W. May
"Tyrone... you know how much I love watching you work. But, I've got my country's five hundredth anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder, and Guilder to frame for it. I'm swamped." - Michael W. May
"There's a shortage of perfect breasts in this world. It would be a pity to damage yours" - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
"You are a silly girl." - Michael W. May
"Inconceivable!" - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
Have fun storming the castle boys! - Colette
"Lemme explain. No, there is too much. Lemme sum up." - Michael W. May
"Marwidge..." cracks me up every time even after all this time. - Michael W. May
"Offer me everything I ask for..." - Michael W. May
"Grandpa? Maybe you could come over and read it again to me tomorrow." - Michael W. May
Has never seen it -> - Derrick
Same as D. - AJ Batac
I love that movie. :) - Laura
El Conejo Viejo
Honestly, you kids and your knives. So precious. #knifememe
I wish I had a sonic screw driver. *want* - Bluesun 2600
Fake tv burglar deterrent -
Fake tv burglar deterrent
lol wut - Micah from Bookmarklet
Next up: Fake Twitter - honeypot those tweetbots and do your thang. - Micah
Nothing good on TV? Well, there's always something dazzling on Fake TV. - Micah
Reality TV, you got nothin' on Fake TV on every. count. - Micah
<3 this. :-) - Tamara J. B.
I <3 it too, to cheeseburger this:I iz mean ass kitteh boxer - I already admit it's lame - sofarsoShawn
Heh, this just synced up with Holiday by Vampire Weekend. It's infinitely more awesome now. <3 - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
#1 - The first rule of Kitty Fight Club is, you do not talk about Kitty Fight Club. - sofarsoShawn
Hehe. This gif never gets old. <3 - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
too this.. - JB
Rule #7 of Kitty Fight Club - Kitty fights will go on as long as they have to. - sofarsoShawn
Rule #3 of Kitty Fight Club - If someone says stop, goes limp, taps out, the fight is over. (note: dunno, but this maybe a metaphor for something???) - sofarsoShawn
I wish we could have animated avatars. I'd use this. :) - That's So CAJ!
caj, that would drive us all insane eventually - sofarsoShawn
I laugh every time this pops up in my feed! - vicster.
Some quicker than other, shawn. :) - That's So CAJ!
Are you saying I'm crazy, Curtz? - sofarsoShawn
I've seen this image several times on my feed, and each time I see it, that "Kung Fu Fighting" song pops up in my head ... - CarlC
"Those cats were fast as lightning..." - That's So CAJ!
Had a discussion with someone last night regarding the Rapture and they said (paraphrasing) 'That's exactly what's written in the Bible'. I pointed out to this person that the 'Bible' wasn't written in English and it's been translated from a bunch of scrolls some dude found near the Dead Sea. I can't be sure, but I think this person was...
... shocked and unaware of that fact. - Johnny
Well, sorta. Buncha different books in several different languages, all picked out by men founding the church, and making sure not to pick the other ones they didn't like for various sociological and political reasons. Also, often some stuff added later because it sounded good. - Jennifer Dittrich
Jennifer, ^5 - Monique the crochet freak
Not to mention all the unintended changes made by scribes just because they thought their way of writing it was better. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
or the changes made unintentionally cause they couldn't read the language very well - Sir Shuping is just sir
There is a church near my house that I believe based on my one visit believes the KJV is the original Bible. I also met groups of people believing the same while working as a missionary in Eastern Kentucky. I think many people think Jesus was a white guy who spoke KJV English. - Alan from BuddyFeed
One thing I picked up doing religion at university is it's often more effective to plant a seed than hit people over the head with a tree. It sounds a lot less like an attack on their personal beliefs. - Johnny
But Johnny, that's not #winning - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Johnny, there are lots of people (like me) who don't believe that the rapture has any biblical basis. I've been debating writing something about this, so I might post something later this week. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus) from fftogo
Yeah, I wasn't dissing the Bible here, just some peoples concrete adherence to an English translation version - Johnny
I <3 the Bible, it's near the top of my list of favourite fiction books - sofarsoShawn
I would be one of those people, as well, 3. I'm not sure quite how I'd explain my beliefs when it comes to that subject, but it basically boils down to the idea that we each have our own "rapture" upon death, where we get to met Jesus basically face-to-face and decide then whether or not we believe. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Alan: The KJV was dictated by God directly, in English--or at least that's the impression I got when my parents send me to the wrong church camp as suggested by an uncle (Free Methodist, not Methodist) and they confiscated my Satanic/Communist RSV at the entryway. - walt crawford
Jason: the True Authority behind this 5/21 stuff denies that part of the Bible. The Bible is literally word-for-word true, you see, except when it isn't. - walt crawford
Rachel Lea Fox
I'm socializing kitties at the Humane Society!
<3 - Kristin
Got milk? - Ken Morley
Hahaha! That one with the mustache oughta go fast. - Spidra Webster
Spidra, Madeline is an absolute love. She has been at this facility more than a month though and I don't know how long at the main facility. :( she is wonderful I wish she would get adopted! - Rachel Lea Fox from iPhone
Omg...she looks so much like my Sabrina angel with that milk mustache. how old is she? - Bash
Bash, she isn't as long haired as your Sabrina I don't think, she is kind of scruffy looking (which I love) and a sweetheart. She is 3.5 years old. Here is her listing on HSSV: I'm not sure how she does with other cats. I know she doesn't like Grey (other cat pictured above) but she isn't aggressive, just hisses and... more... - Rachel Lea Fox
"Who you calling scruffy looking?" :) Just love that mustache. :) - Bash
cdogzilla | downgraded
Calvin and Hobbes tribute/sequel is either not bad ... -
Calvin and Hobbes tribute/sequel is either not bad ...
i liked it. hope he does more, actually. - Big Joe Silenced
i guess he did! - Big Joe Silenced
Mark H
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