Bought 1% milk on a whim after decades of skim. I can't believe this isn't cream. O_O
skim milk is an abomination. stick with the cream, man. - Jenica
It's funny how that happens, D. The first time I had whole milk after years of 1% or 2%, I thought it tasted like butter. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Just pouring it from the carton you could feel the heft from that astonishing 1% of fat content. #luxurious - Derrick
Whole milk is only about 4% fat, so that 1% is pretty hefty. I drink skim milk, cook with whole and/or cream. It's my way of compromising. At this point, anything more than skim tastes "warm" to me - doesn't matter how cold the temperature of the milk is, it tastes warm. Don't know how to explain it better than that. - WebGoddess
My oatmeal this morning is just... - Derrick
I just poured a small glass to sip and I can't even imagine whole milk. Could I even pick up the glass? I've been drinking skim (on the rare occasion I even drink milk) for over 20 years. - Derrick
Ditto what Jenica said. I never go below 2%. My sister drinks skim. It's to watery for me. - Hedgehog
Like Derrick I've been on skim for about 20 years. I cook with real milk, but drinking it feels like choking down liquid butter. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Skim, except with coffee, then 1%. As part of a cheese tasting recently the person running it started us off by tasting whole cow, sheep and goat's milk. Very freaky. The goat's milk was pretty close to cow's milk but definitely had that familiar tang that comes through in the cheese. The sheep's milk was super creamy but barely recognizable as milk compared to the others. - John Dupuis
I usually drink 2%. I use half and half for my coffee. As for that blue-tinged skim milk? It's obvious to me that it didn't stay long enough in the cow before being harvested. :^) - Friar Will
I've been drinking skim milk for as long as I remember; the rest of the family drinks whole milk. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
I was raised on skim and always hated it. Tasted like milk water to me. But I never really dug 2% much. Once I got all grown, I started buying 1%. That's my jam and I rock it every day. - Hookuh Tinypants
I use semi-skimmed milk (green cap.) Skimmed milk (red cap)- no. - Pete's Got To Go
I guess I'll be the lone holdout here -- milk that isn't skim tastes greasy and gross to me. *shrug* - RepoRat
I'm with you, RR. And if it's not ice-cold I'm not going anywhere near it. - Catherine Pellegrino
WHOLE MILK, BITCHES [flips off the room, struts out like a boss] - Akiva
In Canada, whole milk is called "homogenized", or "homo" for short. #random - DJF
Skim. Ice cold. Was raised on powdered milk which seemed even thinner than skim. - Jen
Oh you lactose tolerant folks are so cute. - Rodfather
Rod: I drink milk regularly too - just the lactose free milk. - Andrew C (✔)
Without lactose, it's the devil's milk! - Rodfather
(I bought Lactaid brand!) - Derrick
Rodfather just killed me. - Akiva
There is no other milk in my household except for whole ... I like my dairy and know how to moderate my doses ... - James
I never drink milk but I keep a little whole milk for cooking, and half&half for coffee or to add a splash to my oatmeal. All the other stuff is weird and thin. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed