Wait, so they ARE making new Star Wars movies? Seriously? I thought that was a joke. Good lord.
I seriously would still watch it even if Alan Menken composed all the music instead of John Williams, and there were lyrics. Despite the fact that I am a Star Wars hater. - Victor Ganata
I hope there's a R2D2/CP3O montage with a Randy Newman buddy song. - Rodfather
I think it's hilarious that Princess Leia is now a Disney princess. - Victor Ganata
Hot mess. - Derrick
Leia even fits the stereotype of a Disney princess, where her mother is brutally killed. - Victor Ganata
I just got the new Entertainment Weekly in the mail and this was the cover story. I seriously thought when I heard about a seventh movie a week or two back that it was like from The Onion or The Daily Show or something. o_O - Derrick