Oh snap, you're supposed to do 10,000 steps per day? WELP. #fitbit
You can set it to whatever you want by adjusting your weekly goal, but 10,000 is what a lot of health groups recommend. ETA: Actually, you select the goal graph and you can change the daily goal there. - Katy S
I did...a fraction of that. And I napped. Twice. And I didn't get it until the afternoon! - Derrick
Yeah, I had to dial that down to 7,000 to start with. My job is so sedentary. - Jennifer Dittrich
Aren't you getting over a cold, though. You should rest. I actually just paid attention the first week or so to see what was normal for me and then decided how to set my goals. - Katy S
I DON"T WANT MY FLOWER TO DIE. And yeah I don't even really know what I'm doing with it just yet. - Derrick
I rarely look at the flower. :) I've basically turned "listening to music" time into "listening to music while walking" time. It helps me get those steps, even after otherwise sedentary days, but sometimes it's still hard. - Katy S
I'm scared I'm going to look at my flower and see x_x instead. :( - Derrick
i don't have a fitbit, but when my pedometer tells me i've done 10k+ steps, those are the days that i'm wiped when i get home. I aim for 7,000 per day. - ~Courtney F
Does Fitbit register bike motion? Most pedometers don't and that was always demoralizing. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman from fftogo
Rochelle - it doesn't, but it does calculate altitude so it can calculate stairs to a certain degree. Iif you like in a hilly area, though, that will affect the calculations. - Katy S
rochelle rochelle - as Katy says, it won't register automatically, but the website does let you manually input other activities that don't register properly (weight lifting, biking, swimming) so that it at least adjusts your daily calorie burn. - Jennifer Dittrich