Dear Popeye's Chicken commercials: Stop making me want Popeye's.
Dear Derrick: I am what I yam. - Stephen Mack
We have no Popeye's here and I hate seeing those comercials. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
We have Popeyes in Indianapolis that have stood (maddeningly, tantalizingly) empty for about 2 years now because some nitwit that was running them didn't pay his taxes. I wish that the company could buy back the franchise or something and sell it to someone else. Our last Popeyes fix was during a flight transfer at DFW last October. *Man*, that was good... - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
I eat far less of it than I used to, as my pants can attest, but man...there's nothing like it. - Derrick
Man, I want Popeyes now! Drats! - Jason from iPhone
Why didn't we get Popeye's when you were here Jason? #cochon #cornerpocket - Derrick
I want Popeye's. - Akiva
Lol. I had other chicken on my mind. ;) and pigs. #gaypost - Jason from iPhone
I want corner pocket now! Dammit. - Jason from iPhone
Sir. - Derrick
Lol. I love when a public post stray off into the gay. - Jason from iPhone
See what happens when you let a Will and Grace on the air? - Derrick
Slippery. Slope. - Jason from iPhone