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I've got a great idea for a conference session. It's called "Whiskey with Zamms." You come with me to a bar, and you drink whiskey with me. If you last more than a half-hour of me going on about Swedish satanic metal or whatever, I'll buy you around. I'll only do it if I can get a sponsor.
And I mean, proper sponsorship. None of this mass-produced whiskey that advertises on TV. - Zamms
Or Lagavulin, which probably does advertise on TV, but "works like a depth charge... POW" - Zamms
I have a bottle of Lagavulin at home. Suddenly thirsty. And I would sign up for this conference session in a heartbeat. - Hookuh Tinypants
Do you like Swedish satanic metal? - Zamms
I'm familiar with Bathory. Does that get me in the door at least? :D - Hookuh Tinypants
Oh, wanting whiskey gets you in the door. I'm testing your Zamms Talking Tolerance (ZTT). - Zamms
And interesting take on the Human Library concept ( Call it the Human Barfly Project? - John Dupuis
"Hey, I was wondering if I could borrow an Italian-American with an affinity for whiskey and metal and once met Doug Flutie." - Zamms
Practicing for this conference session tonight. Also: - Zamms
Be a fascinating Kickstarter... "and for $100 you get to actually drink the #whiskey - WarLord
Wait wait wait. I don't remember "liking" this. This is brilliant. - Meg VMeg
It works at any conference! Also, keep in mind that your $100 contribution to my Kickstarter will significantly improve the whiskey we're drinking. - Zamms
"Love Letter to Japan" is why I bought the album, but my favorite is "Diamond Dave." - NOT THE CRICKET
It's a solid album. This track's been rolling around in my head for the past two days. - Jenny
I like that picture - Rodfather
I love the Bird and the Bee. <3 - Laura
haven't listened to them in a long while... need to remedy that. - Michael W. May
"again and again and again and again and again" - Michael W. May
<3 <3 <3 - CarlC
I am so incredibly thankful for air conditioning.
We're at 97 at 4:30 PM - we'll probably peak out at 100 or a little over today. - teleken from BuddyFeed
It was in the 90s earlier. It's down to 87, but still feels ridiculously hot outside. #getmetoPNW - Kristin
There's some truth to what you hear about it out here - we don't have the humidity Texas has/had when I lived there. 100+ is actually tolerable in the shade. Also - shade actually matters here, a lot. - teleken from BuddyFeed
The PNW awaits! :) - Brent Schaus from iPhone
Ken Morley
Sweet! - comix aka martha
Classsssic! - CarlC
Eons ago, Napster had ALL of these Big Mama recordings that were of her earlier stuff and ton of old blues & jazz from the turn of the century, where they didn't even know who was performing. If they still have it, you should check it out. I've not been able to find them anywhere since. - Anika
Thanks Anika, I'll have a look for that. I've found a lot of her stuff on YouTube, and *ahem* by other methods. :) - Ken Morley
Love me some BMT. - Derrick
Two more of my favouites are School Boy and My Heavy Road :) - Ken Morley
:) - Ken Morley
^ Yes! :) - Ken Morley
Müjdat Korkmaz
şarkıyı dinlemedim fotoğraflara yorum yapacam. tek kelimeyle mükemmel :) kızıl saç mavi göz yeşil de olabilir kabulüm :) beyaz ten. aşık oldum lan :) - 2x+y
ahhahah :D ee aşık olunmayacak bir kadın değil ki :) - eskitenekekutu
:'( - 2x+y
Fotoğraflar uzun yıllar öncesine ait. Son halini görmeden karar vermeyin :) - Mustafa ♮ Sadedil
Bence her yaşında, her haliyle güzel :) - eskitenekekutu
Steven Perez
The guitars in this song ... :) - Steven Perez
Louis Gray
Beware of the wily #seesmic raccoon. It has invaded my home and made its imprint on my twins.
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We're all doomed! Run for your life. - Matt Ruiz
Now he looks life a lot of fun. Wonderful and thanks for sharing. - Robert Mendez
this is huge!!!! - Loic Le Meur
Louis, how many kids do you have and what ages? I will get you tshirts! - Loic Le Meur
Excellent :) - Jean-François Amadei
Loic, we just have the two one-year-old twins. They are unrepentant and always accept schwag. - Louis Gray
great thanks Louis - Loic Le Meur
btw Louis, did you know Loic is Louis in "Breton"? We actually have the same first name - Loic Le Meur
Now I know. I knew France was a big fan of Louis. We were "elected" king more than a dozen times, no? - Louis Gray
Louis, does Loic call you Loo-ey? - Derrick
Derrick, I haven't noticed. Yesterday, when I abruptly and rudely called for him to come on stage to pose with Iain of TweetDeck and Nick of TweetMeme, he said "anything for Louis" and I believe I heard an "s". - Louis Gray
I used the "s" to make it sound english but yeah, no s pronounced in french - Loic Le Meur
I start my French classes in September for my trip next year. I wonder if Loic can tutor me. Louis, you're my "in". Make it happen! - Derrick
Cute as ever. - Anne Bouey
My suitcase is actually full of that! :D - shinchi
... and my son's name is Lewis - Though as his mum and me both lived in France, that's not too surprising. - Jim Connolly
5 year bumpage. - Louis Gray
who would have imagined dita von teese baking cookies? but here she is with her "spiced mice butter cookies" recipe:
dita cookie.jpg
yok, halis muhlis ditacığım fırının önündeki :) şu linki de verelim hatta, hatırı kalmasın: - grizabella
kardes feed olarak, marilyn'den stuffing recipe: - grizabella
cok guzeller yemege kiyamam be..buttercookies rocks - elixir
@elixir facebook'ta bir arkadasimin kucuk kiziyla birliikte yaptigi kurabiyelerin resmini gorup, "kuyrugunu neden yaptinız, noodle mi?" diye sorunca ogrendim ben de tarifin dita'nin oldugunu :) onlarinki biraz daha az cici duruyordu gerci, kiyip yemesi daha kolay gibiydi. - grizabella
gündüz dita von teyze, gece dita von teese. (ahhh vurmayın! birileri yazacaktı nasılsa :P) - grizabella
niye, fare diye mi? - grizabella
ben de benzer hisler icindeyim. belki cok cok sevimli olusa. resimdekiler ciciş mesela. ama kuyrugunu her halukarda yemem. - grizabella
oyy yazik ona be! :) - grizabella
Ah, this is easier to get when compared to cazzocuore ;) (though now I know what that one meant as well) - grizabella
we have a somewhat similar one among turkish friendfeeders, so when mario explained the word, it felt quite familiar :) - grizabella
up! - grizabella
oh hi there. want a mouse cookie? :) - grizabella
:) - Derrick
eskiden resimlere tıklıyınca açılıyormuş. - hia
acilmiyor mu simdi? - grizabella
açılıyor, yeni yüklenen resimler iniyor ya direkt. - hia
ondan kurtulmak icin hokus pokus yapan bi link olacak, bulup atayim sana :) - grizabella
hop hop! - grizabella
aaa hakkaten! fark etmemistim daha once. - grizabella
hop! - grizabella
bunu alanlar sunu da alti kontenjanindan: - grizabella
asli subasi | ☮
Sinner Man'in başındaki piyano . . . - asli subasi | ☮
biraz da neşelenelim - Erdem Dur
oha bence siner man oldukça neşeli ve küstah ! - asli subasi | ☮
Oh Sinnerman, where you gonna run to? - Melin Ozturk
en orjinali olduğunu sanmıyorum ama bilemiorum da. antoloji albümündeki bu ama :) - asli subasi | ☮ Peter Tosh with a cool cover of Sinner Man... love this too! - Adrian from Android
a really different sound though. . . but i liked it anyways Adrian :) - asli subasi | ☮
Yeah, very different sound. I've had the Peter Tosh version on a CD for a very long time before I ever heard Nina do the original. As much as I've always loved it, when I finally heard her original... it just blew me away. Like tears! It's amazing. - Adrian
it felt like a new different spng which i happened to know the lyrics :) - asli subasi | ☮
:) Hi! - Adrian
Paul Buchheit
Young, Black and Frisked by the N.Y.P.D. -
Young, Black and Frisked by the N.Y.P.D.
"These experiences changed the way I felt about the police. After the third incident I worried when police cars drove by; I was afraid I would be stopped and searched or that something worse would happen. I dress better if I go downtown. I don’t hang out with friends outside my neighborhood in Harlem as much as I used to. Essentially, I incorporated into my daily life the sense that I might find myself up against a wall or on the ground with an officer’s gun at my head. For a black man in his 20s like me, it’s just a fact of life in New York. Here are a few other facts: last year, the N.Y.P.D. recorded more than 600,000 stops; 84 percent of those stopped were blacks or Latinos. Police are far more likely to use force when stopping blacks or Latinos than whites. In half the stops police cite the vague “furtive movements” as the reason for the stop. Maybe black and brown people just look more furtive, whatever that means. These stops are part of a larger, more widespread problem — a... more... - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Horribly sad. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
It's institutionalized racism. It's when you cross the street with your kids because you see a black or brown guy walking towards you, regardless of how he's dressed or what he's doing. When you lock your car doors because the color of the neighborhood changes, regardless of the economic stature of the area. You see 3 or more black or brown guys hanging out and call them "thugs" or... more... - Anika
:( - Amit Patel
the gun-at-head part can't be legal, can it? - Big Joe Silence
nice - Mariya Khan
Considering that only about 5% of stops (regardless of color) result in arrests, it's hard to imagine how they even justify this practice. - Gabe
ok ok ok - Ruslan Zakirov
Why people put so much emphasis on complexion, which is just a wrapper of a beautiful soul. If you abuse someone because of his color, you are abusing god, because god resides in every human heart.. - Ajay Agrawal
Mary Carmen
Guess what day it is!!!! Whoot! Whoot!
Photo on 1-22-14 at 10.11 AM.jpg
omg, that adorable face! cute baby, too. ;) - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Can i kiss her head Miss Mary ? :D - alireza6211 from iPhone
of course! - Mary Carmen
I think I need a translation. GT is failing me....durn. - Mary Carmen
That's where I'm going wrong. No Mariella in my Wednesday! ;-) - Marina's Godmother :-)
For what ? This : ? بگو ماما عمو ببینه! پدسوخته :-) - ماهان-Mahan - alireza6211 from iPhone
yes, please. - Mary Carmen
she is cute .. love her :-) - ماهان-Mahan
<3 <3 - Tamara J. B.
Hmmm , he said to your baby : tell mama ( mother ) cute .,....., something like this persian language - alireza6211 from iPhone
Thanks, Ali! - Mary Carmen
Meltronic Nyce! Hello :) - Pete
Great photo! - Stephan from iPhone
Our friend Anthea on seeing this photo "Aw, she's cute!" - Pete
The FriendFeed Swaps box has arrived! To be opened sooooooooon
Yay! Nice to see it moving! - Anne Bouey
:o it still exists, :O - chaz2b
PICS! - AJ Batac
It's amazing how much stuff is in here. - mjc from FFHound!
I've never seen it, in person. - Eric - Regulate
FYI (as of 12/30/11), I've got it packed up again and will be getting it on its way soon, coordinating a physical handoff rather than mailing for the next hop :) - mjc
:) - Anne Bouey
That's so cool. Perhaps I will see it someday IRL. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
DB, is it with you now? :) - AJ Batac
Yo yo yo bumpity bump! - AJ Batac
Where is the box? - Janet from FFHound!
mjc, is the box still with you man? - AJ Batac
:o the box :o - chaz2b
Holy crap, food in that thing is nearing three years old. Who is hoarding it? - Janet from FFHound!
I still have it, heh. I had a lot of craziness going on in my life - I guess I should throw out some of the old food and try and move it on its way.... - mjc
That would be wonderful, mjc! - Anne Bouey
Is it Joel+Michelle next? we never quite organized when to pass the box off even though I live(d) near them. do they still even live in florida? lol I don't know anymore :P - mjc
Here's the original set-up: I think it changed a bit when Michelle and Joel moved. You can DM them to get their address; I believe they're in Florida. - Anne Bouey
thanks mjc, please do continue and let us know the progress. - AJ Batac
Bumping so this doesn't reach a whole year in limbo. I saw the date of the original post. - Janet this still lost in florida?... - Colette
Yep. :( - Anne Bouey
Welp. :| - Colette
Wow, we're still beating this dead horse? Let it go, y'all. It's been far too long for it to be relevant anymore. - Hookuh Tinypants
Flickr: pery∼going with the flo-viz's Photostream -
Flickr: pery∼going with the flo-viz's Photostream
Flickr: pery∼going with the flo-viz's Photostream
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They are indeed awesome images samir - CarlC
Steele Lawman
Jason P
My tattoo artist texted me the other day because he noticed something he wants to touch up on my latest piece.
Me and Rachel were just talking about your new ink there, my friend. - Derrick
Wow, awesome relationship you have with your artist - Soup in a TARDIS
Well, he's a friend first and "my tattoo artist" second. We've been friends for over 20 years. - Jason P
We own this for some reason...
Photo on 4-20-14 at 5.09 PM.jpg
Obviously, because this is exotic food from the 60s, there's a chapter on pasta. - Zamms
The best part is the casual racism! I give you, "Chop Chop Chinese Fare" - Zamms
Tried a couple of recipes in this and you will not be surprised that it is world cuisine dumbed down to bland American 1960s-era palates. To Wonder Book it goes.... - Zamms
Happy birthday to the LSW, founded 4/27/2007. It's been a fantastic 7 years. *hugs everyone*
*dons festive hat* - LB's never Kippled from Android
So much love to everyone - maʀtha
cake? will there be cake? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
*sets up 15 French presses* - maʀtha
*cartwheels through the stacks* - laura x from iPhone
Huh, I joined tumblr the same day... - Aaron the Librarian
There will always be cake - Aaron the Librarian
The cake is a lie :( - Meg VMeg
Luckily, the professional development is the truth. #librarian - lris
I brought pie as a backup. - Julian
Thank goodness, Julian. We wouldn't want to disappoint #teampie - maʀtha
*raises a glass to Meebo* - RepoRat
Wow... happy anniversary to us. Can't believe it's been 7 years already - Hedgehog
How about Pie inside of cake. Because. - ♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫
Hey, that means the LSW is exactly 39 years younger than C! - Catherine Pellegrino
Wait... we need full tea service for this party. - Julian
and a butler - maʀtha
white gloves? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I want to restart the pie conversation, cuz I Like Pie. Happy Birthday, LSW, you old coot! - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
Laura Norvig
Google search autocomplete for "does Legoland ..." = "serve alcohol."
Not actually what I was looking for, but good to know. - Laura Norvig from iPhone
OK, now that I am here, I get it. Adult beverages are critical to the success of the mission. Everything is awesome. - Laura Norvig from iPhone
Finally got tired of spending $8 to $12 per drink and sent Jeff out for supplies. He doesn't drink lately so now I have my work cut out for me ... - Laura Norvig from iPhone
holly #ravingfangirl
Meanwhile, at the local diner...
Meanwhile, at the local diner...
Gotdamn. - Derrick
I'm filing a report. - Akiva
A splash of Tabasco and we're good to go. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
imma eat a salad for dinner. - holly #ravingfangirl from iPhone
Imma hafta steal that. - Yolanda from Android
Amit Patel
Springtime! Here, have some colors :)
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Some nice rain this weekend too. - Todd Hoff
Yes, the rain was much appreciated. I want more :) - Amit Patel
Say what you want about iPhone using "Gigantic" in an ad, but it gets Kieran dancing every time.
My fear is "Groove Is In the Heart" in an ad and I'll be depressed for weeks. - Zamms
Kieran is now wandering the house singing "Gigantic" and it is awesome. - Zamms what an interesting generation they shall be - Meg VMeg
Oh. Didn't, ^that. - Derrick
It's the "Lemon Song" for a new generation! - Zamms from iPhone
Considering the quality of the EPs and Indie Cindy, Frank Black has already sacrificed any cache of sacredness they may have once had. - Akiva
holly #ravingfangirl
um, i just realized i can make my new tattoo appt. now! \o/
GO GO GO - Jason P
Andrew C (✔)
I accepted a job in San Francisco. Will start probably in early June.
Grats! FFeedups to come? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Oh, wow. You just don't like Canada, do you? ;-) Congratulations! - Spidra Webster
Congratulations! - Anika
I love Vancouver, Spidra, but the games industry doesn't anymore. And I'm not partial to the colder winters of Toronto, Montreal, or Edmonton. - Andrew C (✔)
Actually, come to think of it, I was originally thinking of just quoting LL Cool J. "I'm going back to Cali" - Andrew C (✔)
Where are you from originally, Andrew? - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Damn right there's gonna be a FFeedup on the horizon! Gratz on the new job! :) - Hookuh Tinypants
@Spidra, Vancouver! But including a short-ish stint in college and this upcoming job, I'll have gone to California four separate times. Only other place I've lived besides Vancouver was 4 months in Calgary, in the summer. - Andrew C (✔)
Ah, Vancouver will miss you, Andrew! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
NorCal welcomes you! - Anne Bouey
Congrats! - Victor Ganata
At least you don't have to adjust to a new time zone :-) - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Congratulations & hope to meet you soon! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Woo! Congratulations! - joey
congrats! - imabonehead
Congrats on your new job! - Jenny H. from Android
Congratulations! - Jennifer Dittrich
Congrats, Andrew! B.C. won't be the same without you. - Brent Schaus from FFHound!
Congrats! - John (bird whisperer)
Picture from my new lappy's web cam.
I was just thinking I should start playing with my new laptop's cam! - Katy S
Nice! Did you get a Mac? The webcam on mine is crap. I think my first cellphone had a better cam. - Anika
nah, just a super cheap asus to replace my old dell mini. - Marie
That takes nice photos. Impressive. - Anika
Sarah G.
My town is a 1950s time capsule.
My town is a 1950s time capsule.
Is that Valpo Velvet? I am convinced you are tying to gaslight me with that place. - sglassme
Yep, Valpo Velvet. Smileys sundae. - Sarah G.
Washington Post
Most mammals are mere blips in the fossil record. Not these two, very different, species of exceptional survivors
holly #ravingfangirl
oh, hello. - Marie
Well damn, I guess I'm gonna have to pour myself a drink then too. - Derrick
Rita is a great gal. - holly #ravingfangirl from iPhone
I just came back from an evening with Sharon Salzberg. I even asked her a question! She is so kind. Here's what I want to remember:
re: starting over (and over, and over, and over again) when your mind wanders when you're sitting: "being able to start over is the best way to make progress." - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
doing daily meditation - 10-20-30 minutes - helps us remember our skills of returning to the breath, to this moment, when we're in a "situation." - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
"exercising the 'letting go' muscle." *sigh* - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
she's talking about her new book Real happiness at work : meditations for accomplishment, achievement, and peace. Anyone want to read it with me?! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
sure. maybe that would get me to actually read it :) - maʀtha
I keep meaning to do the "stealth meditation" I read about the other day: listen more than you talk in an appointment. I thought that would be a good reference interaction activity. But I haven't done it yet. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Parenthood means making an investment in previous Just Dance titles.
Kieran: "This one has 'Here Comes the Hospital'!" Jennifer: "That's Hotstepper, dear." - Zamms
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