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Oculus Rift support unlocked in Alien: Isolation -
Every Game Boy game start screen will transport you back to your childhood -
This masterful Lego Mustafar diorama required 60,000 pieces to build -
The cost of Calvin: How much damage did one six-year-old cause? -
You can’t go to Mars, but NASA will send your name there -
Geek deals: $400 off Dell XPS 15 Core i7 3200×1800 QHD+ touch laptop with GeForce 750M -
Harvard researchers create a transparent smart bandage that glows -
Verizon is shutting down Netflix competitor Redbox Instant -
Nintendo: Wii U GameCube controller adapter only works with Smash Bros. -
Destiny DLC area discovered that Bungie won’t let you play until 2015 -
NASA: Earth’s deep oceans are not getting warmer -
Ubisoft backtracks on Assassin’s Creed Unity 900p/30fps parity claim -
There are now more active SIM cards than people on Earth -
PC classic Myst will be a TV series -
Opera Mini goes tiny on the Galaxy Gear S -
Plastc: An E Ink card that could soon be the only thing in your wallet -
Geek deals: Dell U2415 24-inch UltraSharp 1920×1200 monitor with 3-year warranty $252 -
Get ready for the “blood moon” lunar eclipse on October 8th -
NBA 2K15′s Facescan feature is creating an army of mutants -
Microsoft clears the air on Windows 10 “keylogger” -
FlexSense plastic sheet adds deformation gestures to any display -
Adobe software may be snooping through your hard drive right now -
So just how contagious is Ebola, really? -
A bottle of Belgian shipwreck beer will cost you $140 -
AI to blame for Assassin’s Creed Unity 900p/30fps lock on PS4 and Xbox One -
2014 Nobel Prize in medicine goes to the discovery of positioning neurons -
Geek deals: Lenovo IdeaPad U530 Core i7 touch laptop with GT 730M for $799 -
iPad Air 2 and new Retina mini: What we expect from the next iPads -
IllumiRoom evolved: Microsoft’s RoomAlive paints your room in a video game -
Prototype iPhone 6 reaches $100K on eBay with 3 days to go -
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