Sneak a peek at the Simpsons Futurama crossover teaser and couch gag -
Reverse reading program shows text in the eye of a computer -
Chinese OEM crams a huge 5000mAh battery into 5-inch budget smartphone -
Star Wars: Episode VII will be called ‘The Force Awakens’ -
Cards Against Humanity Science Pack puts Uranus in the game -
Geek deals: LTE Hotspot for $50 with 100% free high-speed internet from FreedomPop -
The solid gold Apple Watch could cost $5,000 -
With Echo Amazon is finally flirting with voice commands and connected home tech -
New South Park episode hates free-to-play games like everyone else -
WireLurker malware is infecting Macs and iPhones with no jailbreak required -
Motorola Droid Turbo really is just a super powered Moto X. Again. -
Halo’s 20GB day-one patch reduced to a still huge 15GB download -
Onbeep is a Star Trek communicator for 21st century workers -
PC cooling specialist Zalman goes bankrupt due to fraud -
Microsoft Surface used as iPad kickstand on CNN, live -
Australian firm will blast space junk out of the sky with lasers -
Microsoft lists 100+ Xbox One additions, comes off desperate -
Geek deals: Core i7 touch laptop $750, Nike Fuelband $99, 48-inch Roku TV $398, more -
Take out your rage on this punching bag keyboard -
BeON smart light bulb learns how to fool would-be burglars -
Geek Answers: How do tornadoes form? -
Marvel’s Agent Carter teaser introduces the original Jarvis -
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare nails co-op gameplay in Exo Survival mode -
“Black hole of sunlight” converts 90% of captured light to heat -
New theory suggests quantum behavior explained by parallel worlds -
Watch a bowling ball and feather fall at same speed in world’s largest vacuum -
Destiny 2 already in development as Destiny reaches 9.5 million users -
Play GTA V as if it were Skyrim -
There are only 6 secure messaging apps -
Your local mall may also be a data center -
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