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Re: Updated Script to Download Google History -
"Exporting to CSV was the easiest option, because it didn't take much to combine all of the records into a flat file, using the Downloadify JavaScript library. If there is a JavaScript library for creating Excel files, it could be utilized in my script to output to Excel. I have converted data into Excel before, but only using PHP on the server-side. I have my doubts as to whether or not there is a library create Excel files within the browser. Unfortunately, unwieldy as it is, I think that creating a CSV in the browser window may be the best option as far as keeping it all within the browser. Thanks for sharing your thoughts." - GeekLad
Re: Updated Script to Download Google History -
"No, I'm doing nothing with it. You will need a Flash-enabled browser for it to work. If you're using iOS (iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch) it will not work. If you have Flash disabled on your browser, you'll need to enable it for it to work. A small Flash file is what makes it possible to convert the data to CSV within your browser, without having to transmit it to a third-party server." - GeekLad
Re: Download Google Web History -
"I promise I will steal nothing. :)" - GeekLad
How to Delete History on Google Chrome -
Re: Stay N Alive: My Official (and Obligatory) "Traditional Blogging is Dead" Post -
"I agree that earning a living with a regularly engaged subscriber base is becoming exceedingly difficult, unless you have huge numbers following your blog.  However, as you stated, it can be done with how-to and tidbits of interesting information others are seeking.  Search is the gift that keeps on giving, but the gift of audiences following blogs is indeed dwindling. It also depends on the topic of your blog.  Technology is one of the most competitive blogging topics, making it a very tough nut to crack.  Social networking, although a bit more niche within technology, is still extremely competitive.  It is easier to compete in niche markets with fewer competitors, although markets with few competitors are becoming fewer." - GeekLad
Modifying the JavaScript String Prototype -
Updated Script to Download Google History -
Re: Download Google Web History -
"I've blogged about the update here: One thing of note that you'll be interested to learn is that I may have uncovered a bug in the RSS feed.  If you're not careful, you can end up in an infinite loop with consecutive days with a lot of history. For example, you load the feed starting at July 1 and the last record is June 30.  You load the next page starting at June 30, but instead it loads starting at July 1, and you end up in an infinite loop.  This is something to watch out for if you develop your own script to pull the history the way I'm doing it." - GeekLad
Re: Download Google Web History -
"Ok, I've made the updates and it appears to be working quite well.  My entire history came out to 28.5MB as a CSV!  I also improved the cancellation process by adding a cancel button that would allow for a partial download and resumption.  It also handles time-outs and re-login requests gracefully. Thanks again for the tip on the date parameters.  I hadn't seen those posted anywhere.  I'll work up a blog post describing the updates to the script.  If you have a blog you'd like me to link to (and/or another handle you'd like me to reference), let me know so I can give you props in the new blog post." - GeekLad
Re: Download Google Web History -
"The solution just hit me like a ton of bricks.  It will require parsing the dates and a good bit of extra code, but here's what we do: First, load the first 1000 results as I'm doing now.  Then parse out the month, day, and year for the very last result.  Load the next 1000 records starting there, parse out the month, day, and year for that result and then continue with the iteration.  I'll work on it and then post an update.  Thanks again for your help!" - GeekLad
Re: Laptop as a Wireless Router -
"The password and security settings would need to be set on the main wireless router. Then you set the security settings on the wireless laptop to match those on the main wireless router." - GeekLad
Re: Download Google Web History -
"You're right. It does not bring in everything, only the most recent ~4k records or so. So you load in every other day, with the assumption that you have fewer than 1000 searches every two days, a good assumption to make. I wish we could devise a way to do it without downloading so much superfluous data. This would especially be good for a browser-based solution, because a browser user doesn't have the convenience (nor patience) of just kicking off a script and let it run while they go off and do other things. If you do find a better way, please let me know and I'll update the code accordingly. Thanks very much for sharing your experience with this. Perhaps others will chime in and we'll find a working solution." - GeekLad
Re: Download Flash Video from Any Website -
"The .swf file is not the movie, it is the player. The movie file will be a much larger file than the .swf." - GeekLad
Re: Find Free WordPress Themes with Google Image Search -
"Awesome, I hope the tip helps you find a nice new template. There are some very good ones out there that are very customizable without even using HTML. Some have tons of options to easily change the look and feel of your site." - GeekLad
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Find Free WordPress Themes with Google Image Search -
Updated CyanogenMod 9 Ice Cream Sandwich for EVO 3D (CM9 ICS) -
Re: How To Download & Back Up Your Gmail & Other Google Data -
"I finally finished tool to Download Google History and wrote up a nice blog post on it.  Be sure to check it out! :-D" - GeekLad
Remove Stop Words in JavaScript -
Re: Free WordPress Store for Amazon Associates -
"Aaron, I think I've finally resolved the issue." - GeekLad
Re: Free WordPress Store for Amazon Associates -
"I believe I've resolved the issues with the order submission errors.  I also modified the order submission page to retry submitting after 3 seconds, if and when an error does occur." - GeekLad
Re: WordPress Plugin to Remove Google AdSense and Google Analytics -
"All users. If you have a blog where you allow other users to log in, those logged in users will see the placeholders as well." - GeekLad
Re: How To Download & Back Up Your Gmail & Other Google Data -
"Sonofagun!  I wish I had known you were going to post this Chris.  I just happened to be working on something to export my Google history to a CSV.  Any chance you could add it in later once it's ready for public consumption?" - GeekLad
Re: Retrovision: Enjoy The Old-School Demo Scene On Your Modern PC [Stuff to Watch] -
"I remember debris.  Amazing what they were able to do with less than 200k of code." - GeekLad
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WordPress Plugin to Remove Google AdSense and Google Analytics -
Re: Download Flash Video from Any Website -
"Yes, I've been working on a new blog post that includes a solution that works with Hulu and other RTSP websites. Stay tuned..." - GeekLad
Install ClockworkMod Touch for Free -
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