Be sure you follow Genevieve Chappell as she travels through SEMA! (-Deb)
Busy times at SEMA!! Keep an eye out for GC as she spends her days in the crowd and various booths. (-Deb)
Day 1 @SEMASHOW w/ Brenton Productions shooting for @TwoGuysGarage
Dinner!!! (@ Whole Foods Market in Huntington Beach, CA)
I've been inspired by @ALOHA and their healthy products. Check out their Free Trial! #alohareferral
Laughing so hard! My 16yr old daughter is teaching our 67yr old doctor how 2 text a woman he likes. She just told him he texts like a child
How Rye Came Back - Atlantic Mobile
Sunday w/ friends (at @PortolaCoffee Lab in Costa Mesa, CA)
Don't miss this tonight: (Deb)
Has anyone noticed the ring and/or halo around the sun today? Crazy looking
This place is too white for me... It's like being in a OC frat
My favorite dish at Port... Tiger prawns with mixed rice
YES!!!! @LAKings take the cup!!! Good job boys! Check out @TFP @DennisTFP for more hockey news & updates #LAKings #hockey #StanleyCup
Okay get ready comes my friend and yours...amazing designer and builder....STEVE STROPE!
Great OC Food Truck turned Brick & Mortar...oh yea babe! (@ Samurai Burrito)
Anyone heading over to enjoy a great show? You won't want to miss this fun in the sun on a lovely So CA weekend!...
Ok, it's a beautiful weekend coming up here in So CA... where will you be taking your cherished ride? Special...
April 29th in automotive history: May 29th 1950 Preston Tucker's lawsuit against his former prosecutors was...
Hoping Clippers owner Sterling gets the highest degree of punishment! He should be fined & suspended! That guy is disgusting! #Clippers #la
Genevieve Chappell at the Downtown Hollywood Dream Car Classic
Genevieve Chappell at the Downtown Hollywood Dream Car Classic
Follow GC on Twitter - she has a BUSY season ahead of her! ( -Deb)
Halfway home (@ United Club - Terminal C North)
On my way happy & tan (@ Miami International Airport (MIA) w/ 74 others)
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