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Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for June 11, 2014 – “The Quiet Moments” -
Finding out that +Bryan Devonshire is still alive in the World Series of Poker has made me happier than I have any reason to be. . #fb   ...
A proper lady never conceals weapons in her foundry. E liza adjusted her Ministry-issue bullet-resistant corset, ...
. @scottsigler and Merry non-Christmas to you!
Thank you Google and all the other sites for the nice wishes on today, the fake birthday I give to computers.#twt
At #Heroescon I had a brief conversation with Matt Fraction about Oswald and Doc McStuffins.#fb #twt
Slusher's law of social media #7: No matter how great an improvement the innovation posted about, someone will piss all over it.#twt   #f...
Hard to argue with this. Tough to claim dusty shit crammed in a box is essential to your life . If you don't alr...
@willia4 I posted a podcast today about my frustration in dealing with The Cloud as a whole.
Every time I see someone post about an interesting podcast and what they are distributing is an iTunes link, it makes me die inside a lit...
Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for May 23, 2014 – “The Cloud is Raining on Me” -
Wow, Market Common is pretty sedate at 9:30 AM on a random Wednesday. #MYR   #twt   #fb
Tasteful Nudes: ...and Other Misguided Attempts at Personal Growth and Validation -
Grand Strand Blog Roundup for 06/05/14 -
RT @planetx: I went ahead and made a Doctor Strange movie poster. With @pftompkins, naturally. A&R stands for “artists and repertoire.” No one knows what that means, but the A&R guy is the person at the recor... “What—does she think she’s too good to offer me sex in exchange for money?” I whimpered to myself. “The nerve of ...
Hey @VeraHannaford Here's the link to XCon info:
I'm at Ryan's (Conway, SC)
Punkin swimming lessons (@ Conway Rec Center)
Social Media pro tip: The phrase "in my day" is followed 97.8% of the time by total bullshit.#twt  #TheMoreYouKnow
Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences; it allows your speech to achieve consequences. So suck it up. #twt
I'm at SweetFrog (Myrtle Beach, SC)
Mother's Day dinner, ie I didn't pick the venue (at @Chilis Grill & Bar)
I'm at Carolina Forest playground (Myrtle Beach, SC)
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