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@xpollen8 This is turning out better than I expected. Thanks for the reply!
Please reply, retweet or favorite this. I'm testing to see if that activity pushes back to my blog
Grand Strand Blog Roundup for 08/25/14 -
"“Oh,” Lewis said, “well if you won’t let us then— Wait…wait a minute.… I’m looking at my shoulder patch and it t...
I love this guy "“I admit it’s fatally dangerous,” Watney said. “But consider this: I’d get to fly around like I...
"I can ever prove it was you, I’ll find a way to fire you for it,” Teddy warned. “Sure.” Mitch shrugged. “But if ...
Dear @PiaGlenn just heard you on @mentalpod 's show. I'm sorry you've had it so rough and I hope it gets easier for you.
"As usual, I’m working with stuff that was deliberately designed not to burn. But no amount of careful design by ...
Grand Strand Blog Roundup for 08/13/14 -
Dear @EllenFoleyNYC I love your music and your interview with @rnrgeek . You are the real deal.
.@starstryder I don't think the episode contains a timetable. It was recorded on 2nd anniversary of dad's suicide. Wounds relatively fresh.
Thank you @starstryder. That episode justified the act of starting a podcast. You are kind to remember it. I am sorry to find it relevant.
"An ironic death for someone with a leaky space suit: too much oxygen."
Grand Strand Blog Roundup for 08/09/14 -
Punkin : "Whoopdedoo birds! Whoopdedoo worms! Whoopdedoo squirrels! Whoopdedoo toads! Hope you have a great morning!" . #fb #twt
I'm gearing up for the +Dog Days of Podcasting next week and to get ready I recorded a new podcast.#EGC   #podcast   #twt   Evil Genius...
Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for July 24, 2014 – “Broken Windows” -
Punkin: "I'm going to put these stickers on you, daddy. Then you will be beautiful when you go to California." .#fb #twt
Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for June 11, 2014 – “The Quiet Moments” -
Finding out that +Bryan Devonshire is still alive in the World Series of Poker has made me happier than I have any reason to be. . #fb   ...
A proper lady never conceals weapons in her foundry. E liza adjusted her Ministry-issue bullet-resistant corset, ...
. @scottsigler and Merry non-Christmas to you!
Thank you Google and all the other sites for the nice wishes on today, the fake birthday I give to computers.#twt
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