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was out at BJs 2day where I almost bought the Blackberry Storm (2 for $200). Decided I'll wait for the Palm Pre.
Anyone on twitter have a password for American Express Preferred Seating for Leonard Cohen in NYC?
@moonstruckmommy I think it would be more accurate to say that Facebook plans to become more like tweetdeck.
I am the great cornholio.
@loic Je suis le grand Cornholio
@robertmale I've read and enjoyed him also. Also follow him.
@robertmale Do you like the bizarro writers?
Video: It really was One Crazy Summer.
It really was One Crazy Summer. -
It really was One Crazy Summer.
@SashaKane lol, actually thought the same thing after I tweeted it.
@robertmale I suppose the body would be the car, the brain being the passenger (or soul if you lean that way)
Currently eating Cheez-it's Scrabble junior Edition. Hope i'm getting smarter.
@sweetcherrypop I'm not vegan(or veg) but I've read a lot. you can get plenty of protein on a vegan diet. Think soy, beans, peanut butter...
Aaron Wall of new blog post: "How Much of YOUR PageRank Are You Wasting on Twitter?" I disagree.
If you haven't already, friend me on facebook or I'll send you to bed without dinner:
RT @PurpleCar: Today is a Square Root day 3/3/09 (3x3=9) check it out: and It's Hip 2B Square!
Friend me on Facebook, the perfect cure for a Tuesday morning hangover:
Ever wondered what nanotechnology is? Fret no more:
Ever wondered what nanotechnology is? Fret no more:
@Danthetrimmer Had to look up the word hoon, lol.
Scratches his head at this one:
Any other parents out there mad they took off Jack's Big Music Show and replaced it with Toot and Puddle?
Morning tweeps! Glad you all can join me for another fantastic day.
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