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Brad Feld
Re: TechStars Seattle 2013 Applications Are Now Open - http://www.feld.com/wp...
"Absolutely." - Brad Feld
Brian Solis
Coming Soon: The Facebook Phone - http://bub.blicio.us/coming-...
Steve Gillmor
Gillmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PST participate at http://www.building43.com/realtim...
who's on today? - Kevin Marks
you are - Steve Gillmor
kevin ... steve ... + ? ... - Xenophrenia
just me? - Kevin Marks
.Oscon takeaway, the boom's about Big Data. - clive boulton
Tina - can't find Gillmor Gang on Ustream for iPad - used to work fine with the iPhone version - Ankush Narula
hmm... need to work on that later. need to start the show. - Tina Chase Gillmor
Danny's mic is hot - Jerome Hughes
getting some packet loss here, I may need to switch to my 4g - Kevin Marks
that's good Robert - Tina Chase Gillmor
well ... overlap with TWiL ... missed the start .. hmm - Xenophrenia
I created a filter for gmail that autoarchives notifications or comments on g+ - Christian Burns
Hey Forget about Twil ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
G+ circles making FB design antique - clive boulton
This is a beta being tested out on the public - Xenophrenia
Just catch twil later, this is realtime folks - Christian Burns
they need to test it at scale - Kevin Marks
a brilliant comment Christian! - Tina Chase Gillmor
TWiT shows are where I started (actually TechTV is where but... ) ... didn't discover this til later ;-) ... I have an interest in the legal issues with tech - Xenophrenia
Tina chucklin'! :D - Jerome Hughes
Joe Hewitt talking to MG over on TechCrunchTV - Ankush Narula
Its called failing better than facebook. - Christian Burns
Denise Howell is very smart... - Kevin Marks
Brand Profiles across any area of Google will fail - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Loren said that about the squid - Christian Burns
how about Places, Moe? - Kevin Marks
Mute this gif - Christian Burns
I love Denise...really I do1 - Tina Chase Gillmor
Not sure Kevin, their Brand Profiles are all over the place - Moe Glitz from iPhone
perhaps it could be both - Jerome Hughes
Twitbook - Moe Glitz from iPhone
with different views once that's more possible - Jerome Hughes
Community is building with chrome plugins - Christian Burns
This is so much more about profiles and identity... the activity stream and comment systems are a byproduct - Jerry Schuman
Google can adopt the best features later - Christian Burns
Google needs to accelerate personas combined with trust network validations - Jerry Schuman
yep Jerry - Christian Burns
Jerry - those just rollin' still get to breathe exhaust - Jerome Hughes
yes - Xenophrenia
Did Amy Winehouse's death hit Twitter or Google+ first? - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Steve, bringing it back, - Christian Burns
and then what happened? - Jerome Hughes
2 much G+ noise like corp email CC - clive boulton
Google can address one of the biggest stumbling blocks today.. DISCOVERY, especially when it comes to how I can be contacted.. via a circle, via a VoIP call, via a Hangout etc etc etc. Combine webfinger with profiles and you're talking the directory of all directories. - Jerry Schuman
Its still a mystery to me, few of my contacts use it and so it remains idle. - Arnie Klaus
Twitter celebrated 5 years. Will Google+ do the same in 2016? - Moe Glitz from iPhone
g+ is here to stay - Christian Burns
cross posting sucks - Xenophrenia
I would like to crosspost to facebook - Christian Burns
I stop following people who do that - I'll follow your Twitter feed if I want to see you Twitter feed ;-) - Xenophrenia
this is a great example of how I want to see a message... the message routing should be recipient determined.. not what the hell service I'm logged into. - Jerry Schuman
Cross posting *everything* sucks, but cross posting *some* content across many networks can be useful. - Chris Bray
Facebook killed our family blogging, g+ is going to bring it back - Christian Burns
cross posting should be earned ? - Jerome Hughes
Apple-Twitter all the media and best personal tools. - Arnie Klaus
Cross post photos - Christian Burns
Chris: exactly, and copying and pasting doesn't take long. - Robert Scoble
yes - it depends on how and where ... but many who do that only post in one place and forward it to everyone else - Xenophrenia
I understand *why* they do it ... but just because you can doesn't mean you should ;-) - Xenophrenia
I copy and pasted my blog post in, but the lost links made it less useful - Kevin Marks
I tend to use #fb on the end of a Tweet to cross post to Facebook, #li to post to LinkedIn, I'd use #gp to cross post to Google+, but I use them sparingly and only when applicable. - Chris Bray
solution... be a better noise processor - Jerome Hughes
our 8 year old family blog has been silent for 2 years - Christian Burns
Tumblr's got blogging dialed right in - clive boulton
Ping is still a sleeping giant. - Arnie Klaus
Posterous is how we do photos - Christian Burns
Kevin has mad self mute skills - Christian Burns
Kevin, nice headset and noise reducer. Brand? - Arnie Klaus
suddenly I'm surrounded by lunch people. oops - Kevin Marks
Is Steve now bored of Apple? - Moe Glitz from iPhone
skillz! - Jerome Hughes
Posterous seems to do pictures best, overall prefer Tumblr's edge - clive boulton
Moe... iOS5 *tw integration to the rescue - Jerome Hughes
It's a Sony headset, with active noise supression. - Kevin Marks
I have Danny in a circle called "flame bait" - Jerry Schuman
kevin -- people found you. there are no private corners! - Tina Chase Gillmor
gmail was a beta until they had it replicated across data centres - Kevin Marks
Google+ shows there still is room for someone else can get into the game. - Arnie Klaus
g+ is whats happening now - Christian Burns
the keynote just ended, and the 1000 or so left are snacking - Kevin Marks
did you see MSFT's attack video on gmail? - Kevin Marks
food rules - Tina Chase Gillmor
google corp does need to learn, Danny pushback helps make that happen - Christian Burns
Kevin, MSFT's 'GMail Man' is cringeworthy isn't it! - Chris Bray
like with Apple - it's a religious type of thing ... people get a little crazy when they nearly worship something - Apple inspires religious experience according to science ;-) - Xenophrenia
I wish Scoble hade a circle for posting to non noisy commentors. - Christian Burns
Apple religion will launch ping - Arnie Klaus
GMail Man is FUD ... scaring people for profit ... - Xenophrenia
Scoble, do you read every comment? - Christian Burns
I try. But I do fail. - Robert Scoble
Like Leo said on Windows Weekly to Paul Thurrott - it's really no different than spell check only using it for different purposes ;-) - Xenophrenia
totally understandable - Christian Burns
I miss OSCON.. needs to come back to San Diego - Jerry Schuman
I dont comment on a scoble posts because It feels like I wont connect, just add to the noise - Christian Burns
Kevin's got a bug - Moe Glitz from iPhone
call me back - Kevin Marks
g+ embedded Peter Norvig direct report Ed Chi for HCI analysis / noise control etc - clive boulton
I love the nearby stream for g+ - Christian Burns
node,js getting a lot of attention too - Kevin Marks
Can Brands really target Three Streams? - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Christian: when I'm posting I'm almost always reading every comment, even when they come hot and heavy. But after say 30 minutes the chances I see it go down. - Robert Scoble
Good to know, I also dont post unless I have something to add :) - Christian Burns
Dont comment I mean :) - Christian Burns
a bug? - Kevin Marks
So the people who think before they type are the ones you don't read ;) - fuzzyscorpio
@robert i found a complicated way to share a circle with people who are part of the circle. - Abhijeet Desai
anyone going to the TechCrunch party later today? - Tina Chase Gillmor
yes, flying back for the TC party tonight - Kevin Marks
Where's the TC party - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Cant go, Need to take care our our goats. - Christian Burns
August Capital, tho' I think it's sold out - Kevin Marks
send them a huddle message . when u c the participants of the circle . @ the end u c an add to circle option so u can add all those people in the huddle to a circle, - Abhijeet Desai
see you later then Kevin. Maybe a drink together - Tina Chase Gillmor
Christian - Goats sound like more fun! - Tina Chase Gillmor
I search for Rackspace and I see that Robert and Ben Fisher +1'd the site - Jerry Schuman
Interestingly that same "xxx Shared This" also seems to hook into my Twitter feed somehow since it identified a share from a contact that's not on Google+ yet... - Chris Bray
ya even i saw that - Abhijeet Desai
I get HD net from Mark Cuban and Virgin inflight from Porter Gale when I search for movies - Kevin Marks
So if lady gaga will +1 a page on google, would up the ranking for the little monsters? - Christian Burns
probably separate DBs at the moment - Kevin Marks
yes, christian - Kevin Marks
they are working on it is what google said - Abhijeet Desai
It'll be interesting to see how the fact that my Google+ and Twitter social graph is very different to my Facebook social graph (mainly tech/work rather than family/friends) affect these result promotions. - Chris Bray
yes, social search is part of this - Kevin Marks
lost you Kevin - Tina Chase Gillmor
crazy to be able to have these meaty commentaries and conversations but unable to retrieve any of it - fuzzyscorpio
you're back! - Tina Chase Gillmor
It’s a Chrome application that will silently build a small firehose of all the web services that you use online. It will show you some of these messages as HTML5 notifications. - Jerry Schuman
Your mom on Facebook has never heard of Twitter or Google+ - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Got to make lunch for the kids, see ya - Christian Burns
there's now a right-wing plan to report Barack Obama for spamming twitter - Kevin Marks
I actually think almost everyone now has "heard" of twitter, even if they don't use it - Tina Chase Gillmor
I can guarantee that my mother knows about both Twitter and Google+. Primarily because I'm her son and we're connected on FB and she's actively involved in politics. She's also 72 - Jerry Schuman
(mental image of Kool-Aid guy with a Facebook tattoo breaking through a firewall) - Ankush Narula
What Barack never mentioned Google+? - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Can someone explain the difference between search and track? - Ankush Narula
twitter is now fail-whaling for me. did Obama DDOS it? - Kevin Marks
Get rid of Xeni and you'll cut down on the cat photos ;-) - Jerry Schuman
ya we need search for google plus - Abhijeet Desai
Abhijeet: Sparks might eventually be that - Ankush Narula
it's bloggy :) - fuzzyscorpio
Anybody found a really good use for Sparks yet? - Ginger Zumaeta
ankush... track was realtime push, search is just behind pull - Jerome Hughes
may be but sparks is more like google news - Abhijeet Desai
But sparks isn't nearly as good as google news - wish it was - Ginger Zumaeta
If Google+ fails can you see them trying to buy Twitter? - Moe Glitz from iPhone
i doubt it will fail but they may plan to buy twitter anyways !! - Abhijeet Desai
sparks is a placeholder at the moment - I think we're going to see something really cool there that uses search algorithms and filters based on your social interactions/profile - Ankush Narula
Facebook missed out on purchasing Twitter - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Nice Steve Gillmor gave Amy Winehouse props - clive boulton
one of my friends at Google who codes for Apple just quit to build his own iOS apps - Kevin Marks
Google should look outside and hire contractors that can kick ass with iOS. - Alex de Soto
LOL robert - Abhijeet Desai
Big companies create their own silos - Arnie Klaus
Google has 10 iPhone apps - I don't understand what Steve is alluding to - Ankush Narula
Big G running a torrent of Android Hack-a-thons 3rd and 4th qtr - clive boulton
Steve has been playing Amy Winehouse at home all week - Tina Chase Gillmor
the primary users of plus in its limited trial is alpha-geeks. I believe there is a general perception that IOS isn't for alpha geeks... that's Androids domain - Jerry Schuman
Google got burnt by Apple holding up apps before; I bet Vic is still grumpy about that - Kevin Marks
right Jerry - fuzzyscorpio
@Kevin that too - fuzzyscorpio
She was a legend Tina. Visited her home yesterday - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Tina, great, he was not alone. - clive boulton
the Google+ app on android is not specially tuned for the android tablet either. - Kevin Marks
the politics of dancing - Jerry Schuman
Rapid adaptive social tool design - Arnie Klaus
Jerry: most alpha geeks I know use iPhones. Android has that peception, yes, but only 20% of the Where 2.0 attendees had ANdroid. Everyone else had iPhones. - Robert Scoble
Robert, I totally agree with you. It's also my experience but I can only imagine the discussion among product management on Google regarding platform priority. - Jerry Schuman
@Robert that's nice to hear. - fuzzyscorpio
(I am an iDufus :)) - fuzzyscorpio
I'm currently using an HTC Inspire and curse it daily - Jerry Schuman
Noise: Betas are so 90s. I'm using Mac OS X Lion $29 "non-beta" now. Issues crop up daily but friendly geeks share their workarounds while we wait for an update from Apple. - Alex de Soto
not very well defined noise - Jerome Hughes
Hangout on the iPad would bury FaceTime and Skype - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Steve - in the meantime use Boxcar for notifications (http://boxcar.io) - Ankush Narula
hangout isn't on android either yet - Kevin Marks
they never get surfaced... that is a badly flawed part of Circles - Jerry Schuman
Right on the money Steve! - Alex de Soto
I thought it was a major mistake when they gave the example of: - Jerry Schuman
there should be a way for your private messages to go to your priority inbox or something. but has to be a message from someone you want to hear from. - Laura Norvig
pseudo email with Google+ - Jerry Schuman
what value does this unknown entity provide? - Jerome Hughes
Jerome: explain, sorry, I lost context. - Robert Scoble
Google is crowdsourcing features for Google Plus. They have so stated. Their wheels are spinning... - Alex de Soto
Condensed view and other cool G+ features for Chrome: http://huyz.us/google-plus-me/ - Ankush Narula
ya we need hangout for mobile - android/ios - Abhijeet Desai
@Robert why don't you turn off "added-you" notifications? or did I miss something? - fuzzyscorpio
btw: you can create a circle and stick yourself in it to create the idea of an inbox. - Jerry Schuman
I'm in marketing, and I don't see a problem with keeping all brands out for now. Their problem was letting a handful in. - Alex de Soto
you can't turn off added you from the notification stream, only from email - Kevin Marks
when someone you don't know injects, what does their history tell you about their motive? - Jerome Hughes
thanks @Kevin, sorry, I see that now - fuzzyscorpio
but how are you ever going to see my new product code named SQUID? - Jerry Schuman
Didn't Google learn anything about noise from Google Buzz? - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Jerry points out the boy in the filter bubble - Jerome Hughes
That right Jerry. I use one as a "Read Later" circle. - Alex de Soto
you can filter your notifications though, in the web interface. You can see either "added" or "posts you made" etc. - Laura Norvig
G+ Android app is sweet (to me) - clive boulton
I do wish cats and their admirers weren't becoming the whipping post of G+ :) - fuzzyscorpio
I'm having way more fun with Spotify this week than with G+ - Laura Norvig
like a twitter retweet in the web ui - Ankush Narula
more seriously, I also kinda wish I could refuse people the right to circle me... already I'm thinking i should stop using "Public" - fuzzyscorpio
good idea robert - Abhijeet Desai
Certainly you want to hear about MY cats! - Tina Chase Gillmor
I should be able to mutea user from my incoming stream - Christian Burns from Android
thanks for the snappy ringbacks tina - Kevin Marks
feline order of personality - Jerome Hughes
you should have some special circles for that - Kevin Marks
gesturing! - Jerome Hughes
exactly - Kevin Marks
alert me more strongly with... - Kevin Marks
I missed that notifications filter dropdown on plus.google.com, thanks @Laura Norvig! that's handy - fuzzyscorpio
Hey Christian... did you already feed those kids. Man you're fast - Tina Chase Gillmor
Noise prolly inspired Dave Morin - clive boulton
it's easy to miss, fuzzyscorpio - I stumbled on it randomly. - Laura Norvig
the notifications filter probably doesn't help Robert because he doesn't want to break from the stream - fuzzyscorpio
Noise is relative. So filtering en masse would be difficult. User tagging (of posts) would help. - Alex de Soto
Does Apple ever do Beta? - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Hold on they've said that this deployment is a stripped down version of something more fully fledged that is deployed internally. - Jerry Schuman
@Tina I'm going to look for you over there and put you in my "feline" circle :) - fuzzyscorpio
Danny's got it. - Arnie Klaus
Geez I hope The Google+ dev folks are listening today. we're doing some good work for them here - Tina Chase Gillmor
Google is gun shy from the Buzz blow back - Jerry Schuman
they intend to add it to other google products, they've said that, so probably testing that internally - Kevin Marks
other teams didn't believe in it initially? - Kevin Marks
Ping is a field trial with patience. - Arnie Klaus
Yep, I'm standing in the kitchen just eating now. Not able to listen, just ff on the android - Christian Burns from Android
I love broughten... it's good with brautwurst. - Jerry Schuman
lol @Jerry - fuzzyscorpio
Reuters FLASH: Bill Gates sells 5,000,000 shares of Microsoft for average $27.59 each on July 27, 2011 -SEC filing. - Alex de Soto
I saw the WebOS tablet from HP here, nice OS, tablet too heavy for now - Kevin Marks
But Apps won't around then Robert! - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Jerry ha - Tina Chase Gillmor
Short MSFT.. - Jerry Schuman
Do they still use Zunes? - Arnie Klaus
Ballmer has to go - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Sucks deep... no comment ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
I use Facebook - Tina Chase Gillmor
Facebook = Family and Friends - Alex de Soto
Windows Phone 7 - Arrington's comment on Gillmor Gang back in September: https://twitter.com/#!... - Ankush Narula
Ankush: exactly. - Robert Scoble
At least Google tries out Social Media - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Just the idea they called it "Windows" shows how utterly borked MSFT is... - Jerry Schuman
Scale of Microsoft and Partner channel biz model require top guy to be product guy (not sales guy) - clive boulton
and then to name it after years... ooops! - Jerome Hughes
lets carry this discussion forward on google hangout https://talkgadget.google.com/hangout... - Abhijeet Desai
For Microsoft their idea of Social Media is investing in Facebook - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Jerry++ - Ankush Narula
Someone ask Loic how grateful he is that Microsoft lead him down the silverlight path for Seesmic and then abandoned it. - Jerry Schuman
haha - Ankush Narula
RIM is dead. - Jim Turner
Jerry: Loic Plays for Sure ;-) - Ankush Narula
MSFT + Nokia - Too little too late? - Chris Bray
-honeycomb (in my searches) - Jerome Hughes
RIM is valuable (to Google?) - clive boulton
Cadence - The root of social. - Arnie Klaus
API!!!! embrace the developers - Jerry Schuman
"HP TouchPad. Works like nothing else." - I was at BestBuy yesterday and both display units were uncharged and turned off - unlike the iPads in the next display - Ankush Narula
they need the eco-system - Jerry Schuman
but can they tolerate it? - Jerome Hughes
Is Google+ turning into a Soap Opera - Moe Glitz from iPhone
a deprecating decorator icon is optimal! - Jerome Hughes
Instagram Cat Pictures! - Alex de Soto
Cadence (lack of it) is MSFT's cross to bear. - clive boulton
google has launched photovine isnt it like instagram ??? - Abhijeet Desai
I've been waiting for a Photovine invitation for a while.... - Alex de Soto
Very true abhijeet - Moe Glitz from iPhone
I can't believe Steve said that about solarization, LOL - fuzzyscorpio
throw your phone in the air, just like you just don't care! - Jerome Hughes
@Abhijeet same general idea, as I understand it - fuzzyscorpio
who cares, Roku rocks! - Laura Norvig
3DS price slashed abt 1/3rd - clive boulton
Roku supports Hulu and Amazon as well as Netflix - Ankush Narula
apps on AppleTV... it's just around the corner - Jerry Schuman
they turn on that bluetooth chip and it's going to get interesting. - Jerry Schuman
What does the bluetooth chip give you that the Wifi doesn't? - Ankush Narula
Live stream that one Steve. - Jim Turner
good save! - Jerome Hughes
bye ;-) - Xenophrenia
Good show guys :) - Chris Bray
guys join a hangout to discuss tech now https://talkgadget.google.com/hangout... - Abhijeet Desai
Thanks! - Robert Scoble
Adios muchachos(chas)! - Alex de Soto
Interesting, I'll definitely tune in again! Sorry I haven't sooner. - fuzzyscorpio
hello? did y'all finish? - Kevin Marks
its over Kev - Jerry Schuman
We should charge Google for product consulting. - Robert Scoble
Amy Winehouse - Tenderly http://youtu.be/LNA2TdfsQhg - clive boulton
r they listening? :D - Jerome Hughes
Robert: We are the product - Ankush Narula
@kevin the show has ended - Abhijeet Desai
Doing daddy blogger research. Swooning a little. It's so cute to see what dads write about their kids!
Tac Anderson
Agreed: RT @cc_chapman: Modern Media Man Summit should be an interesting time. http://modernmediaman.com/
Amber Naslund
And for the record I feel the same way about showing the human devastation in Haiti. There's just no reason other than sensationalism. /rant
Shira Lazar
Oh: "is she a lesbian? No she's a trained dominatrix"
Jenn Satterwhite
If you & I woke up in jail together...using only FOUR words...what would you say to me? Copy and paste this in your status and see what funny things your friends say....(And if you make a comment, you gotta put this in your status. Fair is fair.) (via my hubby).
alex de carvalho
Check out Jim Turner's @genuine 24hr Haitian Assistance Telethon http://www.whatgives.com/haiti... #HART
Stephen Winkler
Blog World Expo | The Original Blogger Conference - http://www.blogworldexpo.com/
Louis Gray
Loic Le Meur
Seesmic Desktop seems to work perfect under snow leopard, good news!
Robert Scoble
Great book by @chrisbrogan:
I've now read it and everyone who wants to change the world should read "Trust Agents: using the web to build influence, improve reputation, and earn trust" by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith. - Robert Scoble from email
Still don't like that title. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Excellent book - devoured it! Although - got to agree - the cover a little communist feeling. Took it off on the plane just to feel, well, less sickle and hammer. - Mary McKnight
Couldn't put it down last night even though I was on a 24 hour day - Dave Ferrick
I really enjoyed Chris & Julien's talk. As Chris said initially, the book is something that any one of us would've written and I agree. It was just really nice to hear echoed back to me in a far more more well thought out way the things I've been realizing myself since launching Misanthropic Geek. - Akiva
Robert, Thanks for the hype. Why don't you write a decent book review instead? I'd love to read your in-depth synopsis. - William Mougayar from iPhone
William: it is a freaking great book. You can pay me $40 for a good review. Geesh. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Hmm, Robert: don't tell everyone your price - that's not good policy :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
You read it? - Eric
This is an excellent book. However, trust is a journey into the unknown and we all know that the unknown is at the root of the fear emotion. If this concept is to take hold, some of what was valued in the previous century, information and exclusivity, will be devalued in this century, If we don't, much of this social media era will be a waste of time. Here is the first of a two part interview with Brogan on Trust Agents http://bit.ly/8pzOm enjoy. - Albert Maruggi
So I Google 'book review trust agents Chris brogan' and the 11th result is this very post (boomerang!). I was trying to find a real review by an unbiased non-friend of Brogan that I shld trust more than friends of Brogan. - William Mougayar from iPhone
I can't wait to get my copy of the "Trust Agents" book. Chris Brogan is one of the smartest guys writing today! - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
William everyone is a friend of Brogan's and that is why he is a trust agent and why you are having trouble. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Naturally, I'll have to track down this book and read it. - Dennis Jernberg
What's a book? - Cliff Gerrish from iPhone
Cliff: a thing you read on a Kindle. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
or on your iPhone (Kindle app) - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
Just clicked the Amazon "Tell the publisher!" "I'd like to read this book on Kindle" link. Actually yes, on iPhone Kindle. - Peter Thistle
Robert - But the hype doesn't serve a friend. That was my point. Substantial statements go further than "read this, it's great". I was looking for 1 or 2 nuggets. "...will change the world" is a hype statement,- but I get your enthusiasm. - William Mougayar from iPhone
William: it has tons of stories and ideas of how you can gain trust, credibility, etc and use that to improve your business. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
bought one yesterday - got it signed! Whoot! - Dan owns Comicsforge.com
I'm reading mine on the plane ride home. - Jim Turner
After all these reviews I'm really looking forward to reading this. - Daniel W. Crompton
I'm looking forward to reading this too, ASAP. - Michelle Nicol
drew olanoff
Geeky pick up line: "Hey baby, wanna manipulate my protein?" #gnomedex
Hey, baby, fold around here often? #gnomedex - Akiva
laura "@pistachio" fitton
Maybe there'd be more women speakers at tech events if more women had jobs where they're paid to spend hours preparing & giving free talks.
Louis Gray
Let's Have Some Fun With This: Facebook Buying FriendFeed Is Like ____ Buying _____.
GM Buying BMW - Louis Gray
Paris Hilton buying Thomas Pynchon. - Akiva
Wal*Mart Buying Macy's? - Louis Gray
God Buying Buddha? - Jonathan Hardesty
Louis Gray buying the Giants. - Mark Krynsky
McDonald's Buying Ruth's Chris? - Louis Gray
Mark - exactly the route I want to go. - Louis Gray
Louis Gray buying sleeping tablets - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
like Lyndon LaRouche buying Barack Obama. - Spidra Webster
The Yankees Buying the Green Bay Packers - Louis Gray
Dell Buying Apple - Louis Gray
Ford buying Ferrari - Ken Sheppardson
tr.im buying bit.ly - Jonathan Hardesty
QVC Buying Ebay - Louis Gray
China buying the Internet - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
China Buying the USA - Sean Reiser
like Microsoft buying Adobe - Marco
Canada Buying Puerto Rico - Louis Gray
MySpace buying Twitter - Ken Sheppardson
like Juicy Couture buying Christian Dior. - Spidra Webster
Facebook Buying FriendFeed Is Like POP Buying CORN - chaz2b
+1 Spidra! LOL! - Michael Forian
McDonald's buying In-N-Out - http://ff.im/6q8Qp - chrisofspades
CBS buying CNET. Oh... no... wait - Ken Sheppardson
Some big GOOFY company buying some little KICK ASS company - Marco
Techcrunch buying Engadget. /me hides behind his desk. - Matthew Horton
The Catholics Buying the Mormons. :) - Louis Gray
AOL Buying Microsoft - Jonathan Hardesty
Swatch Buying Movado - Louis Gray
A teenager buying condoms. Awkward. - Andrew Smith
Microsoft buying Yahoo. Wait... shoot. That's not right. - Ken Sheppardson
Time Warner Buying AOL - Cathleen Rittereiser
Entrepreneurs buying futures - Josh Haley
Internet Explorer buying Opera - Marco
Yahoo buying Broadcast.com - Cathleen Rittereiser
GoDaddy buying InterNIC - Ken Sheppardson
Everybody Loves Raymond buying Arrested Development. - Jandy
Wall Street Journal Buying Seeking Alpha? - Louis Gray
Fox buying Revision3 - Matthew Horton
Looney Tunes Buying The Simpsons? - Louis Gray
Rupert Murdoch buying The Huffington Post - Ken Sheppardson
Drudge Report Buying the Daily Kos? - Louis Gray
National Enquirer Buying the New York Times - Louis Gray
Michael Jackson buying the Beatles. - tehKenny
Batman buying the x-men! - Wayne Sutton from iPhone
Comcast buying TiVo - Ken Sheppardson
Beige Buying The Color Spectrum (think about it) - Louis Gray
G4 Buying TechTV - Jonathan Hardesty
Ouch +1 Jonathan - Matthew Horton
CNN buying TWiT - Ken Sheppardson
Experts Exchange buying Stack Overflow - Brian Sloane
Google buying YouTube. ( YouTube and FF are my favorites) - @Renchin@
Microsoft Buying Quicken - Louis Gray
Hey now, LG, Looney Tunes is frakking awesome. How about Disney buying Pixar? Oh, wait..... (and actually, that one hasn't worked out badly, so is there yet hope?) - Jandy
elephant buying wings - K.D.
+1 Jandy - Guess that means there can be light at the end of the tunnel - Matthew Horton
Microsoft Outlook Buying Google Reader - Louis Gray
Google buyingTwitter - Bob Morris (polizeros) from iPhone
Polyester Buying Silk - Louis Gray
Larry Flynt buying Vogue - Ken Sheppardson
Fox News buying The Onion - Brian Sloane
Warner Music buying Labrador or Barsuk - Jandy
Budweiser buying Guiness - Matthew Horton
LE, that one works. :) - Jandy
Utah Buying Las Vegas - Louis Gray
Jimi Hendrix buying the farm. - Adrian
Geocities buying WordPress - AJ Kohn
USA buying Australia :) - Matt G
Ticketmaster buying The Fillmore - Ken Sheppardson
Polaroid buying Flickr - AJ Kohn
lol Holden I think that sums it up - Franc, a rememberer
Like Scoble buying decaf - Eric Rice
Oops I think Eric just killed the thread - Gilbert Harding
The Atlantic Ocean Buying the Carribean Sea - Louis Gray
Casio buying Steinway - Richard Walker
like trees buying flowers - Marco
Baskin Robbins Buying Coldstone Creamery - Louis Gray
The Pirates of The Caribbean (film) buying The Secret of Monkey Island - Jonathan Hardesty
Britney Spears buying Billie Holiday - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Bill Gates buying Steve Jobs dinner? - Gilbert Harding
Payless buying Zappos. - Jandy
TWiT Buying FFundercats - Louis Gray
Walmart buying Barney's - AJ Kohn
@Jandy, or how about Amazon buying Zappos? - Jonathan Hardesty
Like Bud buying Cuervo - jacky
LOL: TWiT Buying FFundercats - Marco
Amazon's cool, though. :) - Jandy
USPS buying FedEx - Ken Sheppardson
Bee's buying Honey - Mac Sharp
@Jandy, they insulted my grandma. :P - Jonathan Hardesty
+1 Mac - Gilbert Harding
UGO buying 1up - Matthew Horton
The IRS Buying H&R Block - Louis Gray
New York Yankees buying ... oh, well, that doesn't work. - AJ Kohn
India Buying Pakistan? :) - Louis Gray
Michael Bay buying Joss Whedon - Jonathan Hardesty
+1 Jonathan - Jandy
+1 Jonathan Definitely - Matthew Horton
NASA Buying Star Wars? - Louis Gray
Microsoft Buying Linux - Louis Gray
Microsoft buys Toys R Us - Gilbert Harding
Sears buying HBC - Chris Charabaruk
Valve buying Playstations - Eric Rice
Like your grandma buying a nose ring http://www.youtube.com/watch... - BairdWilliamson
Wikipedia buying TVTropes - Chris Charabaruk
Apple buying Xerox Parc - Richard Walker
Activision (Instrument Controller Division) buying Gibson - Jandy
Encarta Buying Wikipedia - Louis Gray
Huffy buying Cervélo (for you cycling fanatics) - AJ Kohn
Richard: Waitaminute... - Chris Charabaruk
Swarovski buying DeBeers - Spidra Webster
Thompson Guides buying GoogleMaps - Jandy
Microsoft buying Digital Research - Richard Walker
AJ: Or Trek buying Gary Fisher? - Ken Sheppardson
Chevron buying the Sun - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Lucifer buying heaven - Zulkarnain K.
You can tell you're still an LA n00b, Jandy. It's Thomas Guides. :)) - Spidra Webster
George Lucas buying Star Trek - Jonathan Hardesty
+1 Ken - Mainly because I actually got that one ;-) - Matthew Horton
Spidra, lol. I even started to look it up! I have a Thomas Guide somewhere, but haven't used it since I got an iPhone. - Jandy
Digg buying reddit - invariant
Forrester Buying Gartner - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Me buying a Mars Bar - easy, relatively cheap, good for me and ultimately the end of the Mars Bar. - Martin Bryant from iPhone
Mike Nayyar buying his Dumpster - Jonathan Hardesty
Night Train buying Chateau Neuf du Pape. - Spidra Webster
Nokia buying iPhone - Zulkarnain K.
Starbucks buying Pete's - Richard Walker
@Ken: Yup. - AJ Kohn
Exxon Mobil buying Greenpeace - Ken Sheppardson
The News of The World buying Twitter - Zackatoustra
Australia buying Bali - Zulkarnain K.
is like, well, there's nothing truly like it, but it might be like Myspace buying Fox.... - Mike Shields
That would possibly /improve/ Myspace - Matthew Horton
McDonalds buying Arby's? - Matthew Horton
Louis Gray buying China. - imabonehead
Boeing buying NASA - Zulkarnain K.
Coca Cola buying Starbucks ! - Nir Ben Yona
Coke buying water - Chris Nixon
Australia Buying New Zealand - Louis Gray
National Enquirer buying Louis Grey? - Matthew Horton
Simon Cowell buying Radiohead - Mark Evans
Japan buying Hawaii - Zulkarnain K.
U2 Buying Nine Inch Nails - Louis Gray
Warner Bros buying Lucas Film - Zulkarnain K.
Radiohead buying Muse /me runs for his life! - Matthew Horton
Hilton buying Paris - Zulkarnain K.
Dracula buying the Blood Bank - Matt G
Marriott buying W hotels ... - Amani
I think the sentence should end like so: Like ______ _____ing ______. I would have SEVERAL suggestions then. ;) - abacab
"The Most Boring Man in the World" buying Dos Equiis - .LAG liked that
Steve Ballmer buying The Cluetrain Manifesto - Richard Walker
Mike Arrington buying Leo Laporte - Larry Roth
Like a fat old guy buying a mail order bride. - Willem (@wim66) ☠
Fail whale buying the skater snail - Matthew Horton
Oil buying water - Mark Evans
Premiere Radio buying FFundercats - Richard Walker
Bono buying Pirate Bay - Zulkarnain K.
LA Galaxy buying Manchester United - Larry Roth
Like Ask buying Google - Keith - @tsudo
Pirate Bay users buying anything - Larry Roth
Night buying day - Mark Evans
Lars Ulrich buying Megadeth - Zulkarnain K.
Russia Buying Europe - Louis Gray
Flash Buying AJAX - Louis Gray
Lars Ulrich buying Napster - Larry Roth
I would say you're drunk with that Flash / Ajax one but I know it's not possible unless your milk is spiked. - Mark Krynsky
The Queen (HRH Elizabeth Windsor) buying France - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Yahoo buying Flickr. - Gus
Safeway buying Whole Foods - Matt Weeks
Louis: Aussie buying NZ! that will never happen - Geer
Jon Bon Jovi buying Van Halen - Zulkarnain K.
Timmies buying Starbucks - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Nike buying Converse... oh wait.. - Richard Walker
The Earth buying the Moon - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
U.S. buying the moon - Zulkarnain K.
WalMart buying Whole Foods - Dominic Jones
Italy buying Mediteranian Sea - Zulkarnain K.
Myspace buying Facebook - Aaman (Clone of FF)
England Buying Wales - Louis Gray
The Yankees buying a World Series...oh wait... - Larry Roth
Silvio Berlusconi buying English Premier League - Zulkarnain K.
Shopper buying his necessities, (it's a business decision) - Wins Fern
Mark Cuban buying NBA - Zulkarnain K.
Berlusconi & Murdoch buying NPR - Richard Walker
Edward Lewis buying Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman - Andrew Smith
"India buying Pakistan" rofl - James Rishabh Mishra from Android
LOL @ Rishabh - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Oracle buying Sun Microsystems. - imabonehead
Scientology buying Anonymous - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Vanhalen buying Sammy Hagar - Mac Sharp
Robert Scoble buying Louis Gray. - Wins Fern
The Vatican buying Hubble Telescope - Zulkarnain K.
lol you guys :-D - Richard Walker
Christmas Buying Hanukkah - Louis Gray
Swine Flu buying Tamiflu - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Monkeys buying footballs for the expressed purpose of fornicating with them. - abacab
Nerf buying the NFL - Keith - @tsudo
Bing buying the Google search engine - Ian
Java buying C# - Ian
Chris Pirillo Buying Mona - Louis Gray
HAHAHAHAHA, LG! - Spidra Webster
Dodi Al-Fayed buying a Mercedes - Zulkarnain K.
Amazon buying Zappos - Ian
AT&T buying T-mobile - Richard Walker
Mattel buying LEGO - Zulkarnain K.
Philip Morris buying Club Penguin - Dominic Jones
My school buying me, and I kick it off. - Lizunlong
Mickey Mouse Club buying Porn. oh wait. my bad. they had us at Spears. - Melissa Davis
SFMUNI buying the Concorde - Spidra Webster
Bono buying into "sunglasses are not cool". - Gilbert Harding
Delta buying NASA. - Frankie Warren
UGLY.COM buying BEAUTY.COM - David Newman
Tom buying Jerry :) - Serkan Ünsal
Oracle buying ... oh wait ... - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
Twitter buying Facebook - Tyson Key
Facebook buying whole web - Jacque
Apple buying Fisher Price. - Jemm
Mark Zuckerberg buying Bill Gates - Jacque
Walmart buying Zappos - phil baumann
Apple buying Facebook (and believe me it's coming) - Thomas Power
Oracle buying salesforce.com - Dave Food
*smacks MVB* How DARE you besmirch tinker toys!!! Oh, and what's up with fiddling with your name, you trying to make me get MDV and MVB confused? - FFing Enigma
Lenovo Buying IBM (PC Group).. Ops! - Jacque
Microsoft buying Apple..... - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
A big fish buying a little fish - Angelo John Lewis
A man buying a sweet pretty dress, guess he pay and will never wear it himself. (some spend money just to impress others). - abdellah
Real Madrid buying Cristiano Ronaldo? - Faraz Mullick
Sony buying Apple? - Tyson Key
Eric buying Sookie - Andrew Terry
Volkswagen buying Skoda? - Tyson Key
GM buying Ferrari - Ordinarybug Heather
MySpace buying Twitter - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Macy's buying Gimble's - Thom Kennon
The Sun buying The Guardian - Patrick Jordan
Twitter buying the corpse of Pownce - Tyson Key
Bacon buying Memes. - imabonehead
IBM buying Seagate - Tyson Key
Xzibit buying Chuck Norris (edit) - AJ Batac
Real Madrid buying Manchester City - Jan Mulder
Satan buying Heaven? - Tyson Key
I liked MySpace buying Twitter. - Aram Zucker-Scharff from twhirl
Samsung buying Motorola - Tyson Key
Microsoft buying Mozilla - Pete D from iPhone
The RIAA buying The Pirate Bay - Tyson Key
Home Depot buying Bob Villa - Pete D from iPhone
HomeBase buying B&Q - Tyson Key
Bed, Bath & Beyond buying Ethan Allen - Pete D from iPhone
Axe body spray buying Old Spice - Pete D from iPhone
Rupert Murdoch buying Huffington Post - Pete D from iPhone
Best Buy buying Amoeba's Records - Pete D from iPhone
WoW buying LOTRO - Pete D from iPhone
Huntingdon Life Sciences buying PETA - Tyson Key
Warez-pirate buying DRM'd music - Jemm from fftogo
McDonald's buying StarBucks - Tyson Key
Colleague here suggested "First blank FriendFeed, second blank...change that to Selling, and last blank...Out." Ouch? - abacab
Hugh Grant buying Divine Brown's services. - Jordi Soler
ITV buying the BBC - Tyson Key
Yahoo! buying Google - Tyson Key
Lycos buying Yahoo! - Tyson Key
Dogpile buying Google - Ordinarybug Heather
Google buying Jaiku / Dodgeball - Sidharth Dassani
Dolly Parton buying breast implants - April Russo (FForever!)
lol except didnt porsche end up cornering the market on VW shares? That would be like friendfeed buying facebook ;) - Frankie Warren
a Hyundai owner buying a Ferrari for parts. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
U of Mich Flint buying Kettering University... sorry, no one else will get that - Kevin L
Xing buying socialmedian - let's face it, they bought the talent! I've only heard good things about Xing though:) - Michael Fidler
Yahoo buying Delicious.... oh wait - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
Mephistopheles buying Dr Faust... - Laurent
Jon Gosselin buying Ed Hardy...Eew - Denise
Ted Turner buying Times-Warmer - Houseofmax
Dumb buying Ass - ‘-.-’ Tutivillus Grift
like a cheerleader buying a software engineering book .. WHY ?! .. who will read it on facebook! - fouad
AOL buying Facebook - Tyson Key
N. Korea buying the US :P - mjc
a nerd buying a condom. They'll never use it - Jim Goldstein
China buying Taiwan - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
lol yours was the best. - Tinu Abayomi-Paul
Ball Park buying Redondos - Summer Fling
I used a "Kia bought Cadillac." analogy yesterday. - Robert Miller
Hersheys buying Scharffen-Berger - Spidra Webster
A bigass mofo kicking the shit out of you and then buying out the cops so he won't go to jail!!!! - sofarsoShawn
Google buying Jaiku - BRҰANSAҰS
Guy Kawasaki
I love that someone with 18 followers just unfollowed me because she thinks I don't know how to use social media...
That happens to me all the time. - Robert Scoble
Does anyone "really" know how to use social media? - David Damore
lol, that's hilarious! - Melissa Cherry
Looks like Scoble beat me on getting the first comment ;) - David Damore
It's the noobs like Guy who ruin it for the rest of us. :) - Chris Foley
David - That's probably because you don't know how to use social media! ;-) - Herb Hernandez
How do you even know that? You have almost 155K followers. How do you track who comes and goes, let alone their reason? - Chris Spizzirri
Chris: ever hear of @replies? I see everything you say about me. - Robert Scoble
Maybe you were really annoying and just posted link after link after link after link. Are YOU the example of what's correct in the world of social media? Is someone with 18 followers somehow wrong> - Tyler Hurst
@Herb Hernandez Ouch ;) ;) - David Damore
Scoble: Of course I've heard of @replies. Seems condescending for you to ask. Either way, Guy didn't say that's how he knew, so I asked rather than assumed. - Chris Spizzirri
I personally AM willing to assume that Guy knows about @replies. Just saying... - Chris Foley
Of course he does. We all do. But discounting someone with a limited number of followers smacks of condescension. Nice attitude. - Tyler Hurst
Tyler: sorry, but sometimes that attitude is correct. Why does everyone's opinion count equally? And here it didn't seem to be condescension, but rather a blowback. Anyone who says they are unfollowing is being a jerk. Just unfollow quietly. Someone who says they are unfollowing intends to injure and SHOULD be met with condescension. - Robert Scoble
Not only does Guy know how to use Social Media, so do the people who tweet for him! - Garin Kilpatrick
Garin: that actually was Guy. When his staff tweets for him they include their initials after the Tweet. - Robert Scoble
Here's an interesting argument: I agree mostly with Scoble here, but there is a communication issue in business today. Most people, when faced with a "bad" experience, they will simply discontinue patronizing that business. They will then tell all of their friends about the bad experience. This behavior creates a churn that's very difficult to track and understand. I personally love any... more... - Chris Foley
Robert - I agree with you in part. I hate people who announce they are unfollowing, but also can't stand people who then complain about that same thing. Guy did the near equivalent of what the first person did. Shouldn't we expect more from you popular kids? - Tyler Hurst
Tyler: no, we're human and we like lashing back just as much as anyone else does. - Robert Scoble
Robert - okay, but we still can and should hold people like you, guy, brogan and others to a higher standard. It's just part of leading the charge. - Tyler Hurst
Should we be thrusting the mantle of "role model" on these guys because they were here first, and caught fire? - Chris Foley
Chris - oh heck no. Not role model. I don't think we should aspire to BE them, but we should expect more from them. - Tyler Hurst
Chris: people with a big audience do have a bigger responsibility, yes. But then if we stop taking risks and stop being human we get boring and then we'll do no one any good. Personally Guy is making a point tonight. Those on Twitter are often full of crap and who said that people who are full of crap should be listened to, or engaged with, or even coddled? Anyway, I'm off to bed. - Robert Scoble
um, I just wanted to Tweet to Guy that we're all talking about him over on his FriendFeed account. See ya! - Robert Scoble
And that last statement is why most of us don't have to worry about Scoble fading out or becoming irrelevant. Nice. - Tyler Hurst
Scoble, I don't expect anything more from you because you have a larger audience, but I do recognize (as you obviously also do) that you have a bigger opportunity for positive (or negative) impact. I like my leaders as real as can be, and that includes the occasional barking. Keep taking risks, and thanks to you and Guy for having your necks out there. - Chris Foley
Thats amazing, saying that to guy with 154,953 Twitter followers - Luis Torres
Hmmm. interesting conversation here. So, what really is Guy' problem? someone unfollowing him, or someone with ONLY 18 followers unfollowing him? seems to be the latter! I like how @scobelizer just generalized everyone on twitter as full of crap. Amazing!!! - Ramesh Prabhu
Ramesh - I'm mostly full of crap. I have 2300ish followers. Does that make me important at all? - Tyler Hurst
Luis - who cares about followers? - Tyler Hurst
Scoble: I meant you were being condescending to me by asking if I knew about @replies. I expect Guys know about them also. Incidentally, your opinion (or the opinion of the other elites) is no better than anyone else's. Just because someone only has 18 followers doesn't mean they deserve your condescension, nor do they deserve it if they choose to announce the reason for their decision... more... - Chris Spizzirri
Chris Spizzirri, don't you think you're taking that comment a little bit personally? What Scoble said to you seemed a bit tongue in cheek to me. But to you it was condescending, which means he's an a-hole (your words.) That's a pretty big character judgement made from one 4 word sentence. - Chris Foley
and.... crickets from Scoble. Typical. - Chris Spizzirri
Chris: I am potty training my two year old and responding to other things than your condescension. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I love how someone with a billion followers on twitter asks how to follow on FriendFeed :) - Robert Higgins
Spizzirri - Hey, thanks for taking over the biggest douchebag in the thread from me! Some ppl's opinions ARE less important than others. - Tyler Hurst
brush it off - you're the man! - shaun mclane
Chris Foley, no the character judgement was not made from a 4 word sentence, but from the entire thread, and who do you think is making the character judgment here? who's making the assumption that someone with only 18 followers knows nothing? who's making the assumption that no on on twitter knows diddly squat? Gimme a break! - Ramesh Prabhu
Scoble: Try paying attention to your kid and ignore the internets for a minute. OK? Also, try being less arrogant. - Chris Spizzirri
@Chris Foley: No I don't. He was being condescending. Read the whole thread. - Chris Spizzirri
It's so cute that Spizzirri gets so mad at Scoble. - Tyler Hurst
@Tyler: You're welcome, and you've proven your own point! Well done! - Chris Spizzirri
@Tyler: What's it like being a Scoble fanboy? - Chris Spizzirri
I did read the whole thread (Chris Spizzirri and Remesh Prabhu). I've been in since the 5th comment. I don't see people being condescending here. I see people airing their opinions. I also see you and Remesh putting words into the mouths of others. If I disagree with you, am I also condescending? Chris Spizzirri seems to me to be looking for a fight here, he's now lashing out and... more... - Chris Foley
@Chris - WTF are you talking about? Now you're going after me? Man, you're a dick! - Tyler Hurst
I don't like being condescended to, that's what's under my skin. How is Scoble asking me if I've ever "heard of @replies" not condescending? If I'm on FF, it's safe to assume I know about and understand Twitter. Moreover, as I pointed out, Guy never said he knew from an @reply--Scoble assumed that. I was just asking a question, but got his smarmy reply. - Chris Spizzirri
It takes arrogance to tell me to stop being arrogant. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
@Tyler - "It's so cute that Spizzirri gets so mad at Scoble" and "Spizzirri - Hey, thanks for taking over the biggest douchebag in the thread from me! Some ppl's opinions ARE less important than others." How again are you surprised that I don't like you? - Chris Spizzirri
Chris, we're clearly very different guys here. If Scoble ribs me, I'm going to rib him back. I'm not going to get all bent out of shape, and get angry, and in getting angry, become a bigger jerk in retaliation than he was being in the first place. When I see you getting all pissed of because of some opinion that a stranger has, I have to wonder what is wrong with you, not wrong with that stranger and his silly opinion. - Chris Foley
@Scoble: "It takes arrogance to tell me to stop being arrogant." I don't agree. How do you figure? - Chris Spizzirri
Um @Chris, hate to break it to you, but Scoble's first comment wasn't condescending toward you, he was trying to make a point. I never said I was surprised, I just said you were a dick. Thanks for helping degrade the conversation! - Tyler Hurst
people are people so why should it be you and i should get along so awfully - Robert Higgins
It takes arrogance to disagree with someone who is arrogant too. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I disagree with that statement :) - Chris Saad
Chris Tyler is right. You are overreacting to my prod. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Could be that the person with only 18 followers has a kind of native wisdom we all might learn something from, hey? ;-) - Kathy Fitch
Scoble seems to be in a bunch of flamewars and arguments lately, like, within the last month. I think it's all a big experiment. - Eric Florenzano
@Chris Foley: Fair enough, but things that Scoble says get under my skin more than someone else because of his stature. I think his comment was rude. If you had said that to me I likely wouldn't have paid any mind, but when Scoble treats people like that it's different. Whether he likes it or not, he's made himself an ambassador here, and wisecracks to newcomers aren't very diplomatic.... more... - Chris Spizzirri
You started it by not understanding how I could see everything said about me. That demonstrated you haven't learned about how @ replies work. That is all. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
@Scoble: "It takes arrogance to disagree with someone who is arrogant too." You've just restated what you said before, but you haven't explained. I understand what you are saying: I must be arrogant to say that you are. What's the basis for your claim: "It takes one to know one"? Do you have something more substantial? - Chris Spizzirri
@Chris Spizzirri. Thanks for your last explanation. I appreciate that kind of straight communication. I find that a lot more productive than when we resort to finger pointing and name calling. I also don't disagree with you there. - Chris Foley
Chris: don't you get I am just poking you? - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Why don't boy fights ever involve anything interesting, like jello or something. Sigh. - Kathy Fitch
2 X Chris UFFFFFFFF - Johni Fisher
@Tyler - Pretty sure the sentence "Now you're going after me?" indicates surprise, but thanks for calling me a dick without provocation. Boy, this is my first real foray into a FF conversation, and it sure seems like mob mentality dominates. - Chris Spizzirri
Kathy: those are on my pay-per-view channel. Chris: geesh, two people are now a mob? And +I+ am arrogant? - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Whipped cream could also work. - Kathy Fitch
No @Chris, you just don't understand how to participate in a threaded conversation with multiple people. It's not personal until you make it. Learn to banter. Learn to see beyond the literal definition. LIGHTEN UP. @kathy, how about something manly, like caramel? - Tyler Hurst
I dunno, Robert, some things just can't be purchased, but must emerge naturally. Or so I think. - Kathy Fitch
But I like red jello. Just FYI. - Kathy Fitch
As it happens, caramel could totally work. Is butterscotch manly? It does have "scotch" in it. - Kathy Fitch
Okay, the value of this thread has petered out for me. Thanks all for sticking with it. And Kathy, thanks for making me hungry. - Chris Foley
@Foley did you say you're UNFOLLOWING our conversation? The other @Chris might see that as condescending. Please apologize. - Tyler Hurst
@Scoble - again with the condescension. I know how @ replies work. I already said that. Guy didn't say that's how he knew, so I asked how he knew. You started it by assuming it was via @ reply. I sure hope this is an experiment of your's (as someone suggested above), and that you're not really this much of a jerk to people who disagree with you. I've had a boat load of fun here in FF... more... - Chris Spizzirri
Any time, Chris. Robert, I suggest posting a sample on B43. That would go viral, for sure. - Kathy Fitch
@Chris, if your friends are anything like you, we'll all be sure to ridicule them. - Tyler Hurst
Spizzirri: I looked again at this thread and all I see is YOUR condescension. Geesh. I have explained what I meant and you just turned up the heat hotter. Why? - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Alright, I'm at a disadvantage, because FF stops updating the thread and I miss out on replies while I'm typing. Replies that would be enlightening. @Scoble - maybe I was being too sensitive, but you should be more aware of how the things you write are interpreted. Sarcasm is the most difficult thing to convey in writing and is prone to misinterpretation. I didn't come here to get in a... more... - Chris Spizzirri
Chris: I have no idea whether you are a newbie or not. If you are met with an arrogant (to you) reply the RIGHT answer is to ask questions and explain yourself, not to start throwing bombs. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Ryo: hint. Guy was making a bigger point than the number of followers. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
you are the leper of social media... mmmm (where's the savior?) - Jeffrey T. Sooey
It depends on your definition of 'use', I suppose. - Will Higgins™
@Scoble- I did ask questions and explain myself. How arrogant of you to tell me what the "RIGHT answer" is despite constantly saying 'no one is a social media expert.' I guess you've decide you are now, huh? I have a right to say I thought your reply was rude. What gives you the right to tell me how to interact with ppl here? This is no different than a conversation in person, and I can... more... - Chris Spizzirri
Spizzirri... When an argument flares up, the wise man quenches it with silence. @scoble is prodding you, and not going to be silent. How about you? I know I am ;) - Ramesh Prabhu
No jello, yet? (Drumming fingers and yawning.) - Kathy Fitch
Kathy I just blocked that dude so we can bring out the jello. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
@Ramesh - I'm evidently not very wise, but I'm going to take your advice. I think I'm guilty of assuming that Scoble would be better than an average person because he's in a position of prominence. That's my mistake. I apologize for my faulty assumption and for ruining this thread. Good night. - Chris Spizzirri
He blocked me. What a jerk. I hope this is a lesson to anyone as naive as I was 2 hours ago--Scoble, at least, feels entitled in this space to your deference. Be wary of questioning him or anything he says. - Chris Spizzirri
lolwut - Rodfather
Rodfather: what flavor of jello would you like to throw at me? I am throwing lime. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Who are you exactly ? Are you familiar with Twitter, FF and other ICQ ? :-) - Pierre-Olivier Carles
Yay--no orange, that's all I ask. It's a childhood thing--long and painful story. Suffice it to say that it would utterly destroy the moment. Lime, though, is a good thing. - Kathy Fitch
If I had jello, I'd be nom'ing it right now. Mandarin orange jello sounds good right now. - Rodfather
Rodfather: that is why I picked lime. I don't like that flavor and would rather throw it. By the way, I have blocked that Chris dude to save him the pain of having to deal with me. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Always someone who insists on orange. I'm wounded to the very core. - Kathy Fitch
Grinning and throwing orange jello at Rodfather. - Kathy Fitch
I question @Scoble's decision to waste perfectly good lime jello. @kathy, i have cherry. FIGHT! - Tyler Hurst
I just utterly approve of edible weaponry. - Kathy Fitch
I find it hilarious that Chris Spizzirri is an attorney. - Tyler Hurst
Tyler: throw some lime jello at him for me! - Robert Scoble from iPhone
At the ER with my wife. Glad I have something to entertain me for the 3+ hours it has been thusfar. - Herb Hernandez from iPhone
an attorney who studies Zen, no less. - Chris Foley
@herb, glad to have helped entertain, I hope you and your wife are okay? - Chris Foley
you guys - Paul Greer
# of followers has nothing to do with your understanding of social media. I think some people who claim they know how to use it think its just for spamming and promotion. - Thac0
I think there is some danger of flooding the zone with tweets. Think about it from a person following just a small handful of people on twitter. If one person is supplying 95% of the tweets they get, it's likely to be really frustrating. - Trent Hamm
Robert Scoble
Oh, oh, Teens in Tech was apparently hacked: http://netnewsdaily.com/2009... is this a way to get back at TechCrunch? (Teens in Tech's founder now works at TechCrunch).
Sounds like a script kiddy who made enemies with Daniel for some reason. - Jesse Stay
ouch Scoble what you saying :P directly linking a hack to TechCrunch, what next TechCrunch getting hacked now ;) - Keith Dsouza
Keith: nah, it just sounds like the same kind of thing that the hacker did to Twitter. - Robert Scoble
This is not Drew, I hacked his FriendFeed. Ok thats not true, it's me. - drew olanoff
This isn't at all what the hacker did to Twitter. He simply got auth to Wordpress, most likely a brute-force dictionary attack, very easy hack. He didn't get any other info from him - the kid who hacked in (and I say kid because it probably was) is inexperienced, I'm willing to bet. - Jesse Stay
That page doesn't even render right for me. Maybe it's an IE8 problem. Do you really think it was anti-TechCrunch? - RobinDotNet
I was just about to blame Drew's Cancer for this. - Jim Turner
Jim, is it *really* Drew's cancer though? - Jesse Stay
Okay bad joke, sorry Drew! I #blamedrewscancer for that. - Jesse Stay
I am so changing my password now. - Jim Turner
You could change your password to 'password'. Surely they wouldn't try that, because who would be that stupid now? (Only like 25% of system administrators I'd bet! ;-) ) - RobinDotNet
But I use 5's for the ss. Shhh don;t tell. - Jim Turner
Hey everyone - Daniel here. We just did a security audit, and no information, other then the screen shot posted. There is no way that the data could compromised in the future. We turned all registrations off until further notice as well. - Daniel Brusilovsky
My passwords are all in binary - Jesse Stay
script kiddies don't need a reason. - Eric - Final Countdown
jesse stay -- I love that. Great idea, but lots of 1's and 0's. Hex would be shorter. - RobinDotNet
Robin, I'm referring more to Unicode, so I guess not binary. It's all binary in the end. :-) - Jesse Stay
Jesse Stay -- still love the idea. I feel the urge to write a translation program coming on... - RobinDotNet
It must be revenge! Nope, sounds like a regular hacker. Nothing REALLY serious. - wiredgnome from iPod
This has nothing to do with TC and Twitter. It's a middle-school rivalry and very small scale indeed. - Louis Gray
Louis, there's nothing more evil than a middle school rivalry. Handling those with aplomb prepares one for all challenges that will come thereafter. (Middle school. Shudder.) - Kathy Fitch
Daniel has issued an official response: http://blog.teensintech.com/2009... - Louis Gray
I think Daniel's being too nice to NND - Jesse Stay
oh man, that sucks, sorry daniel! - sean percival
"accessory to the crime" comes to mind on this one... - Jesse Stay
isn't this a newsworthy story? **confused** - Allen Stern
NND are only in the interest of keeping the security of sensitive information up-tight and secure. That is why we published the story. - Nathan Adam
Allen, newsworthy stories are typically worthy of being properly researched and documented, and are not littered with "our anonymous source." If a source must be protected, at the very least there would be some discussion of why, and an attempt to explain the source's credibility. This was pretty mudslinging stuff, the tone of which was not at all dominated by concern for end-user... more... - Kathy Fitch
Kathy, we have spoken to Daniel Bru, and he has also written a blog post revealing the truth of this article. The Blog Herald and the Inquistr both picked up the story and sourced our article, we also have credible screenshots of the admin panel, how could we possibly have these screenshots, without the source. Please read some of the tweets made on the @danielbru and the @teensintech for more information on the security concern that we uncovered. - Nathan Adam
I watched the whole thing unfold last night, Nathan. I'm curious--when did being able to produce stolen goods ever count as making a source credible? I'll stand by my take on it: a fact isn't the same thing as a truth, and posting a fact gained by nefarious means isn't inherently ethical. - Kathy Fitch
Nefarious means? This was not gained by criminal means, we were sent this by a source. Stolen goods? This is exposing a very big security leak of Teens in Tech, Net News Daily is trying to uphold the security of Teens in Tech members, we have spoken with Daniel and he agrees with our stance that we are trying to uphold the security of his members. - Nathan Adam
Someone hacked into it, Nathan. Who? That isn't newsworthy? - Kathy Fitch
Yes, but your comment makes it out that we criminally obtained this information. Net News Daily did not obtain the information criminally, the way the hacker obtained the information was unethical, but highlighted how easy it was to access a site that is used by many people of the younger generation. That is what I am stuck at. - Nathan Adam
I read the initial NND post, Nathan. A big part of the story was that the site apparently claims more visitors than the theft indicates is warranted. What's with that? How you came into possession of the stolen evidence of a hole in the security interests me. Is that story in the offing? - Kathy Fitch
Sorry, Paul, I don't agree. Of course, the theft is newsworthy, but the path the evidence took to the outlet is, as well. That matters. - Kathy Fitch
Yes, we got information that he had said in an interview on YouTube that he was number juggling, this was something that we were asked to highlight in our article, and was exposed in screenshots that we were given showed this. We just added this to our article after watching the video and seeing the lying. We do not know if the person who got into the site has something against Daniel because we really don't know. We have just been given this information. - Nathan Adam
Guess we'll have to call this one a permanent disagreement. Whatever the motivations of the hacker/thief, those screenshots were obtained unlawfully. To me, that's not, "oh, well, that's life, and we got a helluva story out it" type deal. That Daniel has responded with such aplomb, under the circumstances, does not alter my gut take on it. - Kathy Fitch
Ok, Kathy you are entitled to your own opinion and we have to accept everyone's take on the situation. I hope this one story doesn't give you a casting decision over our careers, as we are are still very young and learn a lot every day. We only know that we published the details of someone getting into an admin panel. The source was adamant that he wanted the post published on our site. We unfortunately cannot do anything about the access by the hacker, as we cannot go back in time.. - Nathan Adam
At least I can say that the good thing that comes from this is that the security leak has been patched, and we can move on from this and make sure that the internet environment is safer in the future. - Nathan Adam
If a bank robber circulates evidence of his crime, and I come into possession of that evidence, I'm interested in tracking down the robber, and getting him caught. Part of the story will surely be that clients of the bank should exercise due caution, and that the bank will need to tighten security, but a huge part of the story is that there's a robber on the loose, who endangers us all. I'd do whatever I could to get him caught. Do you plan to turn your focus to identifying the hacker, now? I'd admire that. - Kathy Fitch
This has happened before and as you have seen by Paul's input, TechCrunch recently released the Twitter documents, by an anonymous source, and I don't see your opinion stretching to this topic. Just because we are younger doesn't mean that you need to target us rather than the big fishes. Sources have a legal right to be kept anonymous. - Nathan Adam
Why invoke age? In life so far, I've noticed no correlation at all between age and ethical development. But I take it that's a "no" on nailing the hacker. - Kathy Fitch
We published the Teens in Tech article in the interest of making sure that the Teens in Tech is as secure as possible. If it wasn't primarily about that we would have thought twice about publishing it. However, we did believe that this in the long run would help, even if you do not agree with the ethics behind our way of making the internet more secure. - Nathan Adam
Guys, I do hear you--I simply have a different take on it. "Who would do that, and will he/she be nabbed?" interests me as a consumer of your story. Paul, I can see you're ticked (I think it's quite impossible simultaneously to welcome feedback and to designate it as bitching), so I'll leave it at that for now. I'm not a devotee of TechCrunch, so "hey, *they* do this too" is immaterial... more... - Kathy Fitch
As I said before Kathy you are entitled to your take on the story, and I do respect that. Paul has reflected his take too! Haha. Hope this doesn't create an overcasting impression on Net News Daily, for the future. Bye. - Nathan Adam
No worries there, Nathan. The story did the job of getting you on lots of radar screens, I think, so there's that. - Kathy Fitch
Haha, thank you again for your take, it has certainly been interesting! In some ways, on the negative radar screens, unfortunately. However, hopefully the reason for publishing has been and will be implemented. - Nathan Adam
Apparently the Patriot Act has been extended to cover corporate ethics...? And can be executed by anyone with a news blog? Give me a break. - Jason Hargrove
Incredible. I left a commentary on the original post a bit earlier. (I'll post it here for the record). In response, the original post was edited, with various information removed. A note was left stating that this action was in response to posted comments. I then left a third comment about how the original post should not have been edited, but perhaps updated. Minutes later, the entire post was removed. - Jason Hargrove
/////// For The Record /////// The following comments were addressed to Nathan Adam, Scott Campbell and Paul McEnhill at netnewsdaily.com. After comments 1 and 2 were posted, the information mentioned in my comments was removed and the original post edited. After comment 3 was posted, the entire post was removed. So much for transparency and accountability in "journalist" blogging.... more... - Jason Hargrove
Hi Jason, I have spoken with Daniel and I have taken the article down for re-creation. I am happy to speak with you on the matter over e-mail. - Nathan Adam
Hi Nathan, I'm glad that you are working to resolve it. As you see from the many comments above (and via Twitter Search), you've left a trail of damage across the internet. It's only fair that the entire trail be recorded. I have nothing left to say. It's not my beef. I hope you and Daniel are able to resolve your issue, and wish you luck. More than anything, I hope that this event results in a higher standard of integrity from tech bloggers. I don't like the precedent that has been set this week. Peace. - Jason Hargrove
Thak you Jason, there is a story behind the story, which is quite depressing upon me. However, I am glad that I have been able to resolve things with Daniel on behalf of Net News Daily and myself. Thanks again, bye. - Nathan Adam
Nathan--that is one smart rewrite. I'm impressed. - Kathy Fitch
tony felice
Social Media Infiltrates the Traditional Agency | Red Door Buzz - http://reddoorbuzz.com/2009...
Robert Scoble
There's one thing NO ONE is talking about in terms of #twittergate (the role of the SUL in pressure on @techcrunch). Will discuss here:
TechCrunch is on Twitter's Suggested User List. They have been gifted about 880,000 followers by being on that list, AKA "SUL". That's worth a lot of money. - Robert Scoble
SUL? - iconic88
SUL? Sulfuric acid? - Richard
So what are you saying? That they shouldn't leak the docs because they got a lot of followers from Twitter? - Dare Obasanjo
That they leaked the docs to become more popular on twitter? - Tyler Hurst
the point most people are missing is that TechCrunch states they have spoken with Twitter. I am sure Twitter execs know what's coming and are prepared - Kevin
Wouldn't you think the <800k SUL-generated followers would have made @arrington LESS likely to publish the docs? - Tom Guarriello
Dare: I bet that Twitter is threatening Mike with getting kicked off. - Robert Scoble
Here is a link to a post of a dozen screenshots of Twitters admin panels http://www.nowhereelse.fr/admin-t... "There are 187 featured SUL Uusers" - Mark
Tom: it's gotta be one consideration Mike is considering. - Robert Scoble
Techcrunch did mention in one of their posts that Twitter is generating a lot of traffic for them. So the SUL does work for them. And it works for twitter as they stop TC from posting the documents - Sidharth Dassani
Sure, Robert. But he's pushed it this far despite the SUL factor. - Tom Guarriello
SUL = Suggested User List - Manuel Arroyo
I bet that twitter prefers this to leak on techcrunch where Mike can spin some stories for them than to see the zip file with the docs appearing on a torrent site ! - Eschnou
wikileaks maybe? - Mark
So twitter kicks arrington off. does he publish the docs? does that help him? - Tyler Hurst
If Twitter kicks him off get ready for a big time firestorm! (Just mistyped: "firestory"!) - Tom Guarriello
Tom: Mike is a journalist. He also says that someone else will publish them, so might as well tell everyone that these things are knocking around in public. - Robert Scoble
Even without the suggested users list, TechCrunch must be weighing the cost of enmity with the most popular startup in the Valley right now. Don't they write like 3 Twitter stories a day? What happens if Twitter stops talking to them and takes all their press communications to Mashable (who are already beginning to kick TechCrunch's butt with their social media savviness? - Dare Obasanjo
Robert - Arrington is NOT a journalist. Journalists check sources. Process journalism is NOT real journalism. He's a writer. - Tyler Hurst
How did Arrington not check his sources? He confirmed they are real docs - Kevin
Yes, read all his rationale. Seems sincere in trying to separate juiciest from items he considers newsworthy. BTW, I do believe he is a journalist. - Tom Guarriello
Which would they kick? Him with ~8K followers? Not TC with ~1million followers. - Mike Shea
Kevin - not just this article. did you see his article on how the free google apps was gone when it was just a page layout change? - Tyler Hurst
Tyler: I've been in the hotel room watching as Arrington checked his sources on a story. You're wrong on that one. - Robert Scoble
Mike: almost all of TechCrunch's followers were gifted to him by TechCrunch (same with Mashable, by the way). Before the Suggested Users List came along both had fewer followers than me, Leo Laporte, and a couple of others. Being on the SUL is worth lots of money (I believe it's worth millions, if you stay on it for a few years). - Robert Scoble
Tom - these are stolen documents. What does his rationale matter at this point? - Tyler Hurst
Dare: yes, I'm sure Mike is considering all the consequences. Also, if these documents really do exist someone will publish them. When I quit Microsoft I told 15 people and I didn't even know the guy who leaked my story. - Robert Scoble
For the record, so far, I have not been given the Twitter documents. - Robert Scoble
Scoble - so why doesn't Twitter just publish them? Get ahead of any new site? - Tyler Hurst
Tyler: journalists have printed stolen stuff that's newsworthy in the past. - Robert Scoble
Tyler: I don't know, but I bet that Twitter does not want these released. - Robert Scoble
Tyler - So were the Pentagon Papers. - Tom Guarriello
Tyler: I wonder, if I did have them, and I talked with @ev, would he offer to put me on the SUL in return for not publishing the documents? - Robert Scoble
Scoble - are they newsworthy because they're stolen or newsworthy because they're juicy? What good does this do? - Tyler Hurst
Scoble - now that's a damn good question about SUL. - Tyler Hurst
No journalist should have accepted to be on the SUL and at least at this moment ask that they be taken off. - Stephen Pickering
Dare, to answer your original question, the SUL is a gift worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe even millions. Jason Calacanis has already set the price at $250,000. So, the SUL is, in effect, a bribe that can be used to keep journalists/bloggers/twitterers in line. If you had a gift in your hand worth hundreds of thousands of dollars you would think twice before turning that gift away. I know I would. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I'd say no to that, @ev knows that those docs are out there now anyway. If you were the only with them (hypothetically speaking), then he might have. But he'd probably equate it to extortion. Would you really want that? - Mike Shea
I think twitter could just delete the techcrunch account if it wants to make a point. SUL removal wouldn't do much as they already have a lot of followers from it. - Darren Stuart
Stephen: that is a very difficult ethical position to arrive at, especially if your competitors are also on the SUL (Mashable is on the SUL right now). - Robert Scoble
Darren: wrong. If you remove yourself from the SUL you immediately start losing followers and start falling behind your competitors. - Robert Scoble
Scoble - so you're saying that blackmail is okay as long as it benefits you? - Tyler Hurst
Darren: in the race for advertising and PR and all that being at the top of the follower list gets you all sorts of goodies. http://www.wefollow.com for instance displays people in order of the number of the followers. - Robert Scoble
How did the valuation for getting on the SUL end up being done? Is there a dollar value per follower based on link click throughs + ad clickthroughs? - Dare Obasanjo
No one in the TC office yet, according to CrunchCam. Probably all sleeping. Boy today is going to be a busy day for them. - Mark
Tyler: no. I'm not saying that. I'm hoping that if I am in any of these positions that I would take the high road. But living on the high road is very difficult. - Robert Scoble
Dare: I used to help run a magazine with 100,000 subscribers that made millions in revenue every year. - Robert Scoble
Scoble - That's the answer I'd expect from you. Journalists ALWAYS take the high road. - Tyler Hurst
Dare: you could use a CPM (advertising fee per 1000 viewers) of $5 and come up with some sort of valuation. - Robert Scoble
You can't objectively report on a company who is paying you directly and for that matter its impossible to also be a journalist and the owner of the news organization. In the past there's always suppossed to have been a firewall between content and the business side. But that's out the window. Notice all the puff pieces about bing on the NYtimes. Hmmmm, I wonder if that could be all the advertising dollars? Hmmmmmm - Stephen Pickering
Tyler: journalists don't always take the high road. There are several New York Times journalists on the SUL if I remember right. - Robert Scoble
Scoble - I wouldn't say the NYT is a leader in journalistic ethics anymore, either. - Tyler Hurst
Wise words from @arrington "News is stuff someone doesn’t want you to write. The rest is advertising." - Mark
Stephen: exactly. Money does cause news organizations to carefully consider their coverage, even those who say it doesn't and that have a "Chinese firewall" between editorial and advertising. - Robert Scoble
No one is in this tight economy its all about $$$$$$$$$$$$ - Stephen Pickering
Mark - BS. he publishes rumors too. - Tyler Hurst
Stephen: if I had the documents I'd have to consider its impact on my employer, Rackspace. That's why I disclose all my conflicts of interest. - Robert Scoble
Scoble - do you believe Arrington's claim that he just received these documents? - Tyler Hurst
Robert: Trick is to take the employer out of the equation. What would you do if you were on your own? - Mike Shea
Robert: good points, are techcrunch going to publish the stories is the question now? I think twitter is at a point now where it does not matter if techcrunch start a war with them if they were to just ban all techcrunch and employee accounts. - Darren Stuart
There's no better publicity than bad publicity. Just remember that. Remember the whole Ashton and CNN thing? That turned out to be backed by twitter and created HUGE publicity for them. Something doesn't smell right. Not saying all bad publicity is good for both parties, but in a situation like this, it's plausible that both Ev/twitter and Mike/TC are just laughing their asses off as the publicity pulls in more page views - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
Mike is not a journalist. He is a self-confessed showboater. - Mark Littlewood
Mike - so much for the honesty, transparency and authenticity we hoped social media and such would provide. A new ruling class has just replaced the old one. - Tyler Hurst
Tyler: yes, I do believe Arrington. - Robert Scoble
Does twitter go after the hacker? - Tyler Hurst
Tyler, especially with the whole mob thing and FF. Something is up here. Of course, I could be completely off my rocker and it's all just one big coincidence and Mike really is that much of a pompous ass. - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
The twit poll on the issue from TC http://twtpoll.com/2a1oiv showed an overwhelming stance from the community that posting the information is unethical. It might be better for TC to let someone else (Mashable) post the information, resulting in removal from a SUL and gaining both ethical rapport with the community and an edge over competition. This is one story that would be rough to break, why is that only TC has the information so far? That is the more alarming concern. - thestaticfrost
Mark: Mashable won't publish these either. They have benefited from the SUL a lot more than Arrington has. - Robert Scoble
Robert, interesting POV, I would still personally stand down on the issue. - thestaticfrost
ethics a side I think its a case of - if SUL pageviews > estimated story pageviews then do not publish - Darren Stuart
Mark: on the SUL? Yeah, but the SUL is interesting and won't stop being interesting just because I stop writing about it. There are rafts of new journalistic text books being written because of it. - Robert Scoble
The more I think about this...the more it seems plausible that twitter has been doing stuff behind closed doors to generate publicity. Who's heard of twitter going after ANY hacker? Why is it only TC that this email was sent to? If a hacker REALLY had this info, wouldn't they do something a bit less obvious? Like I dunno...sell the stuff? Which brings up another question....how much did TC pay for this info? I guess if TC continues to be on the SUL we'll know the answer. - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
Mike: what would I do if I were on my own? I'm biased toward publishing, but I need to know the facts first before I really could say one way or the other. - Robert Scoble
To put it in reverse, maybe if you got the documents you could give them back to Twitter in exchange for getting on the SUL. :) - Louis Gray
Mike: it's possible that the hacker works for TechCrunch or has a business relationship with TechCrunch. Mike has built a good network of people who offer him news before anyone else. The thing is now Mike has access to internal info at Twitter that will be hard to avoid in interviews with Twitter. - Robert Scoble
Mike/Robert: If a less reputable blogger/company had this information, it would already have been posted and this conversation would be moving another direction. The pageviews would trump any SUL. - thestaticfrost
mark - what a crappy way to make a name for yourself. publishing stolen documents to serve the public good is one thing, publishing as a smear campaign is wrong. - Tyler Hurst
Mark: I don't believe that's true. Remember, TechCrunch only had about 50,000 followers on Twitter before being added to the SUL. I seriously doubt one story would get them more than 100,000, even if it was the most interesting, sexy story around. - Robert Scoble
Tyler, it would be an awful way to make a name for yourself, I agree but that is not the issue. - thestaticfrost
Louis: word gets around when you extort companies. It's not a good thing and almost always comes back on you eventually as the people involved move to other companies and spread the news around. - Robert Scoble
Louis: if I had the documents I wouldn't use them as extortion for that reason. I know one guy who extorted a company and I'll always remember that. - Robert Scoble
Tyler, if TechCrunch was doing it as a smear campaign they would publish a lot more of the documents and have started off with something other that a softball. - Matthew McCowan
Arrington is getting it both ways here. He writes about it to say they're not going to post the most juicy stuff but he still gets most of the benefits of posting everything. A lot of people are talking about it. He's a master hypeologist. - Justin Whittaker
Matthew - that was in reference to a small blogger grabbing the documents and throwing them all out there. - Tyler Hurst
Justin: that is accurate about Arrington. - Robert Scoble
Tyler, oh gotcha - sorry - Matthew McCowan
Matthew - no, techcrunch is doing it for the page views, of course. - Tyler Hurst
Robert, interesting tie of numbers into the SUL growth of TC. Perhaps there is an exorbitant value of the SUL, this story would just be pennies in comparison. I see no feasible monetary gain available for TC to violate this ethical issue. - thestaticfrost
Patrick: even if you aren't on the SUL most of your followers aren't listening. :-) - Robert Scoble
I'm sick of being monetized into the services I use.. It's almost enough to make me stop it all altogether. - John Blanton
John - stuff has to get paid for. - Tyler Hurst
Says John as he drinks a $4 latte from Starbucks. - Robert Scoble
"I'm sick of being monetized into the services I use." - Then turn off the TV and radio, don't buy any newspapers or magazines, or look at any ad-supported web sites. It's the way of the world. - John Craft
Stupid posh coffee. Normal coffee, with milk, please. - Mark
Patrick: Arrington tells me that being on the SUL has brought them audience and, therefore, money. - Robert Scoble
I don't have a problem with Techcrunch releasing the articles they are, however don't say they are doing in for public interest. They are doing it for Techcrunch interest, nothing wrong with that, but lets be honest. - Kim Landwehr
Right now the man with all the answers is fast asleep in his bed, dreaming of world domination - Mark
Kim - yep. - Tyler Hurst
Matthew: pat of the "Mission" of a business is never to shoot yourself in the foot. - thestaticfrost
Robert: This is what happened when the lovely Veronica Belmont finally responded to my questions regarding the number of 'bots' following those on the SUL :http://ff.im/57MjU - Jim Connolly
I'd like to see an estimate of the ROI of being on the SUL. Different for everyone, but it can be modeled. Would bring an interesting new perspective into the discussion. - Peter Kim
Matthew - the only debate of SUL value would be total worth, not if it has a worth. - Tyler Hurst
If I could offer you hundreds of thousands of extra hits on your website a year, for FREE, would you accept? - Mark
Mark: there is no such thing as a free lunch. - Robert Scoble
Nothing is ever free. - thestaticfrost
hehe - Mark
What if Twitter is using their influence at TechCrunch, to manage the delivery of this 'story?' Better that, than someone publish the story, with a negative spin. - Jim Connolly
Matthew: how do you know it's not? Mike has already said he's talking with Twitter and he hasn't published the information. So, he gets best of both worlds. Gets credit for having the info, and now has inside access that no one else has. The SUL might never have even come up (I doubt it has, actually) but now we're wondering what kind of deal they made. - Robert Scoble
here is a link to a story that deals with Arringtons "wise words" http://ff.im/5g6LJ - Marco
Matthew: yes, which leads me to think that he made a deal with Twitter. - Robert Scoble
TC has not let the cat out yet, no reason to believe that it will. They made it past the first hour of having the information which is most crucial to it being fully released. - thestaticfrost
Good point Jim. That TC story was actually Incredibly measured. Not like arrington at all. Hmmmmm.... - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
Matthew: I'm not judging, just bringing up the potential conflicts of interest to discuss them. I don't see anyone judging here yet. - Robert Scoble
Robert: In your experience, would Michael Arrington NORMALLY be this careful about drip feeding a story, so as NOT to offend the person / company featured in the story? - Jim Connolly
Jim: Twitter is the story of the year. So, yes, he's being more careful here than he otherwise would. And, if these documents were stolen, he's also a lawyer and is being careful to make sure he stays on the legal side of the line. I would be very careful with this story too. I have a different conflict of interest, though, which is that I'm an employee of Rackspace and would have to consider the impact of such a story on my company. - Robert Scoble
Let's be clear if Techcrunch has the information, so does someone else. The information is going to get out. Techcrunch maybe releasing the story slowly to maintain the interest. My guess is they are getting a lot more hits with this story then they would normally - Kim Landwehr
Matthew: I like to pretend I live in a dream world sometimes too, but I don't. I doubt we'll hear what was actually said back and forth in an off-the-record conversation. If i were Ev the first thing I would have said is "this is an off the record conversation, right?" And then if Arrington repeated it he would lose status too, because sources wouldn't trust him to talk openly. - Robert Scoble
Kim: if other people have the story they will publish it all at once. So doing a slow rollout would actually be stupid. I bet no one else has the story, yet. - Robert Scoble
I don't see them on the twitter SUL - Orli Yakuel
Orli: see who? - Robert Scoble
Orli: if you are already following TechCrunch and Mashable they won't appear on the SUL, you've gotta check with an account that isn't following them. - Robert Scoble
oh, silly me. I remember that list before BTW, it's just got HUGE. who's checking there anyway? - Orli Yakuel
Orli: most new users of Twitter get shown the list and get the option to follow everyone on it. - Robert Scoble
It looks like some of the same information is being released on a French Web site per bizjournal - Kim Landwehr
Sorry if this is a repeat, I haven't managed to read every single comment... @techcrunch didn't even publish these docs first; why are they taking all the heat? This was the first place I saw it - http://bit.ly/10FySf - Kenton
um. - Orli Yakuel
Kenton: Because Arrington himself said he would publish them. Arrington is a joke and far from a true journalist. - John Fox
John: I disagree with you about Arrington. But so far nothing is that interesting in what the French site has published. So I'm wondering what the big deal is? Maybe Arrington knows that there's no real news value in what was gained, so he is making lemonade out of lemons? The real story here is that Google's security measures were overcome, so this is a cautionary tale about putting private info into the cloud. - Robert Scoble
I totally agree about your cloud comment Robert. This should be a lesson to everyone who's jumping on the bandwagon without thinking about the risks. - Kenton
Here's another post from Business Insider. Now that the docs have been published, everyone can link ethically, even though the info was stolen. Ahh, I love the journalism business sometimes. http://www.businessinsider.com/twitter... - Robert Scoble
Robert: I don't see where the educational part of the content is that he's going to publish. What will be gained except corporate secrets and Twitter's dirty laundry? If this was a major corporation, he'd an injunction would be in effect right now. Yes, shame on Twitter for putting that kind of information in the cloud without adequate security, but then again, Arrington doesn't need to take advantage of the situation for notariety alone. That's a poor ethical standard. - John Fox
John: Arrington gets the best of both worlds. He gets credit for thinking through the publishing of this info, while other people do the dirty work. See http://www.businessinsider.com/twitter... Why didn't Arrington just publish? Well, the SUL is one potential reason. Are there others? Did @ev give him an exclusive? Or some other reason not to publish? We'll never know. - Robert Scoble
I think by the time Arrington wakes up (lazy bastard) he will have been Scooped by other websites - Mark
Robert: I don't doubt that Arrington walked a fine line, thinking through the publishing of the info. I don't fault him for that. As a tech writer myself, I know there are certain things that will get you sued in a heartbeat. However, I don't see what Arrington has to gain from this other than notariety and to get TC's name out there even more. This is a tainted story from the start.... more... - John Fox
Ok question, are we mad at Techcrunch ie Arrington, because he published only part of the information or that he publish the information at all or that he said he would publish it and didn't? - Kim Landwehr
I'm not saying it's okay to publish ill-gotten confidential material but people would be less tempted to do so if Twitter were more transparent and less secretive. For a social network, they have a real 1.0 social media philosophy. Even Facebook reveals information about their userbase and growth. But Twitter is like a black box as the #fixreplies disaster revealed. And since that hashtag dropped off the Trending Topics, we've never heard any more about their proposed solution. - Liz
The lack of democracy on the SUL is one of the most disturbing aspects of Twitter. It pushes Twitter towards an echo chamber since new people just follow the same old people. There needs to be some serious rotation. - Trent Hamm
Matthew: yes, Rose runs http://www.wefollow.com -- the problem is that most people on the home page and at the top of most lists are on Twitter's SUL. - Robert Scoble
Just logged into twitter and a big red box tells me my account is suspensed for strange activity. Hmm - Mark
But I can still post. Hmm - Mark
I am reading that thousands of twitter accounts have been wrongly suspended due to "human error". Has anyone heard anything? - Mark
he sees to have delisons of Grandure Murdoch gets away with hacking becasue of his power and the willingness of cronys to take the fall and the plod to turn a blind eye - he still needs to mak the public interest defence which he has not - Maurice Walshe
Twitter's response: http://blog.twitter.com - Liz
Judging by Liz's link, looks like Twitter chose to play cards in public and Twitter just won. Talking about "The underware drawer" analogy flat out says the documents are gossip and not a story. This makes TechCrunch look like a gossip rag. Twitter also focused on their users and their security- the Ace of Spades. Bravo. - E-Advocate Network
I was wrongly suspended along with 9 others months ago. It was a terrible experience. - DaveDelaney.ME
my question for mr. scoble is, if the same documents landed in your inbox would you have done the same thing? - Tobias Lewsadder
Just curious about something. Earlier I tried following Techcrunch on Twitter and found I was blocked, supposedly "at the request of the user." Since I don't remember saying a bad word about Techcrunch or Michael (as Robert can attest from discussions in the past couple of months, I've usually defended Arrington on a few things), I'm wondering if the block was TechCrunch's doing or Twitter's. - George Hall (Australia)
Joe Dawson
If There Weren't Such A Thing As Blogging, We'd All Be Frustrated Bloggers.. http://www.joedawsons.com/2009...
Thomas Hawk
7 Ways FriendFeed Could Better Engage the Flickr Community - http://thomashawk.com/2009...
7 Ways FriendFeed Could Better Engage the Flickr Community
My friend Robert Scoble has a blog post out talking about the reasons why FriendFeed is not seeing the sort of growth that Twitter and Facebook are. Personally I consider FriendFeed to be a vastly superior platform to both Facebook and Twitter, but it is interesting noting that it does not seem to be getting the traction of these other services. That said, I think that there is a huge opportunity for FriendFeed to better engage a very large existing community that is Flickr and to offer power user sort of tools for Flickr’s most active users. I’ve already written in the past about how I think the existing version of FriendFeed represents a superior way for people to browse Flickr than Flickr itself, but I think that FriendFeed could go a lot further and could definitely attract more (and super active) Flickr users if they improved things even more. So this list represents seven ways that I think FriendFeed could build a better way to engage with the Flickr Community. It should be... more... - Thomas Hawk
I gave up browsing Flickr when I found FriendFeed well over a year ago. I have many, many groups for browsing photography on FriendFeed. In particular my Flickr Photography group: http://friendfeed.com/flickr-... - Kol Tregaskes
Agree about importing your Flickr contacts, been asking for that for eons. Similar request for importing non-FF Twitter friends would be cool too. I've manually added my favourite Flickr photographers, a chore, so an automated feature would be most welcome. - Kol Tregaskes
Freind Feed is great at being Freind Feed and Flickr is great at being Flickr - Kevin J Hatton
Quick tip if you do import your Flickr streams as a custom RSS into FF, use Ivan's Feed-Buster: http://feed-buster.appspot.com/ to get larger thumbnails. - Kol Tregaskes
Kevin I disagree. Both are great services for what they are. But Flickr no longer innovates. They are a static service sort of on autopilot. There's a need for power users to grow beyond what Flickr currently offers and fortunately Flickr has a robust API where these users can flock to things like greasemonkey scripts and FriendFeed to improve their Flickr experience. People like Kol... more... - Thomas Hawk
Agree with point 6 too. That would be cool. Also the ability to separate Flickr user's favourites and their own photos would be most welcome. I like to have a group for each separately. - Kol Tregaskes
I actually wish FF would not import Flickr photos in batches. They wouldn't do that with any other kind of imported media, and I think it makes it difficult to have any sort of engaging discussion around photos on FriendFeed. - Michael Hocter
how would you suggest they import flickr photos instead Michael? - Thomas Hawk
Point 7 sounds interesting. The saved searches are OK but the Best of Day/Week/Month feature would be great for this if it worked on searches. - Kol Tregaskes
One at a time, just like they do any other feed item. I understand why this would be a pain for Flickr favorites and people who post in huge batches at a time, but most of us only post a few photos at a time. - Michael Hocter
I like being able to see the Flickr favorites of other FFers since I find new and interesting Flickr users that way, much more than I do through Flickr itself. I don't mind having them come in batches. A particularly interesting photograph can always be given its own post. - John (bird whisperer)
Michael, I'm OK with that, what annoys me though is when it imports a batch, you go fave more then it reimports them and removes the old import with all the comments and likes. I'd like to fave a batch of pics, force a redresh, then fave some more then force another refresh and have both these come in as separate batches. - Kol Tregaskes
I guess I think showing photos one at a time would be super noisy. For someone like me who imports about 300 photos into Flickr a week this would mean 300 separate entries on FriendFeed. I think that would detract from the overall FF user interface and experience. I think they are doing the batch posting fine now, but it's just that they are doing it backwards and opposite of how flickr shows photos on Flickr. - Thomas Hawk
Michael, use an RSS feed of your stream with he Feed-Buster service, that's exactly what you're after. - Kol Tregaskes
Having Flickr photos come one at a time would be really annoying, at least for me. It would crowd out everything else in my feeds. - John (bird whisperer)
Thomas, like my stream from vi.sualizue.us? ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Another feature I'd like: In search, I wish I could separate Flickr uploads from Flickr favorites. I prefer to talk to the people who actually take and upload the photos, but when you search, the majority of photos you see are from Flickr favorites. - Michael Hocter
Kol, your vi.sualizue.us stream rocks! - Thomas Hawk
Michael, agree. I've never been able to separate the two. - Kol Tregaskes
Hehe, thanks Thomas. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Michael I agree with that idea as well. I think maybe the two can be one by default, but give users an option to split them if they want. I'd much rather be able to view the two independently. - Thomas Hawk
There are many ways FF could be improved to help us photo-happy people (and most features would benefit the community in general), such as the ability to search for entries with pictures *only* (on it's way I believe), search by date/time, be able to search by selective imported feeds, e.g. I cannot search for my vi.sualize.us images only, etc. - Kol Tregaskes
FF could even go further and let you sign into flickr and then you can like and comment and it flows back to flickr - Phill Price
hear hear Phill - Thomas Power
It would be pretty slick if I could hover over a photo on FF and fave it on flickr. I think that would take more than basic API stuff though. - Thomas Hawk
For me, FriendFeed needs to improve for new users. For instances the suggested users list is not the way to go and the lack of introduction to the service's features upon registration is virtually non-existent. When a new user has completed registration it needs a quick and simple Flash anim to demonstrate FF's basic features (an adapted version of one of Ross' videos would be cool),... more... - Kol Tregaskes
Faving a Flickr photo on FF would be super!! - Kol Tregaskes
JA, exactly. ;-) But that lies the problem, Flickr perhaps wouldn't want that? - Kol Tregaskes
The suggested users list on FF definitely needs to incorporate activity and not just popularity. That's a whole other subject though. - Thomas Hawk
Thomas, yep. Sorry going off in all directions. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
I suspect Flickr could be resistant to some of these ideas. After all, attention on the internet is a zero sum game and making FF that much better for hardcore flickr users could siphon off traffic from them. Still, I bet a bunch of this could be done through the API as it stands now. - Thomas Hawk
I prefer to see at least a medium-sized version of a photo before I fave it, so I doubt I would fave through FF if such an option existed. Agreed with most of Thomas's seven suggestions. - John (bird whisperer)
John, yep, bigger versions of the pics are needed, would that watch in the current batches? - Kol Tregaskes
bigger versions would indeed rock. It would be nice to have a user setting though to either see small thumbnail photos are larger photos. This way the people who are not as interested in the photos as some of us could still choose to see them small. In fact small should probably be the default with a user option to view them larger instead. - Thomas Hawk
I kind of like the thumbnail batches, and being able to choose which to click through. My comment was specifically about faves – it's hard to pick favorites from just thumbnails. - John (bird whisperer)
Another thing I'd like to see changed (or at least be toggleable) is the feature what hides entries under 'more form <service>' on lists. I have lots of photo-related groups in one friends list and having them hidden like this is annoying. Also the hiding of the Flickr photos in the batches is annoying too. Personally I'd like this expanded all the time but a toggle would be nice. I appreciate this might be set-up as it is because of performance. - Kol Tregaskes
Thomas, agree. - Kol Tregaskes
More user options for controlling the display of Flickr photos would be helpful. - John (bird whisperer)
I'm kind of disappointed in Friendfeed. Too much focus on competing with Twitter, and not enough on what was originally the core idea of aggregating services. And sadly they've de-emphasized service integration so much that I wonder if they'll even keep doing it, let alone improve the integration. And Flickr, for that matter, sucks too - Thomas hit the nail on the head above, Flickr has... more... - Eric P
Eric, I think you're right about Flickr. Flickr's mostly been laying people off these days. They laid off designer George Oates, Engineer Rev Dan Catt, and lots of the other original talent there has left, Cal Henderson, Stewart Butterfield, Eric Costello, Kakul Srivastava recently left the helm of the site as well to work on other things at Yahoo. The last innovative thing that they... more... - Thomas Hawk
Thomas, thanks for taking the time to write this up - Bret Taylor
Bret, you're welcome. I think you guys have the best opportunity to drive a lot more Flickr users over here. - Thomas Hawk
Hey TH, as always, great ideas from you about improving FriendFeed. I've always felt it's a great adjunct to Flickr. Personally, my social community isn't here (can't get them to join), so FF isn't as useful for me as I'd like it to be (or as it is for people like you and Scoble, etc). Friendbinder is what I've been using to navigate my Flickr contacts (it auto-pulls them all in, and... more... - Criz
Hey Criz, thanks. I'd obviously love to see more innovation via flickr come through FF and especially directly at flickr. Good to know that you guys are working on more than just new buttons. In terms of hiring, the only hire that I'm aware of Flickr announcing in the last year or so (unless I missed it somewhere) was zycster in the "abuse" "customer care" "censorship" bureau vs. the... more... - Thomas Hawk
Rutger, I suppose, adding video was a feature, unfortunately though I think that it was a feature at odds with the flickr community that many in the community saw as more of a negative than a positive. There was a pretty strong and vocal group opposing adding video on Flickr. I've only ever used video on Flickr once (ironically yesterday). Here again, videos are crippled to 90 seconds... more... - Thomas Hawk
I think FF on the other hand has offered us already fairly substantive improvements to the Flickr experience. Being able to see *all* of your flickr contact's photos vs. only the most recent 1 or 5 is huge. So is letting us see our contacts faves. Ideally though we'd get continued innovation from both Flickr AND outside developers like FF building on the Flickr API to best improve the... more... - Thomas Hawk
Thomas, I am zyrcster, and I am not on abuse :) And I think you'll enjoy what's coming down the pike. I hope so, anyway. - Criz
Ah, ok, zyrcster. Hopefully it's something good. I thought you were part of the moderation/customer service / abuse/ censorship dept based on the thread in flickr help. I should re-read that thread. Hard to know who's who on the flickr staff when flickr codes the public "about flickr" staff page to purposely hide staff members from me personally. I hope that coding project didn't take much time away from all that innovation going on over there. - Thomas Hawk from iPhone
Rutger, Flickr RSS feeds only contain public, "safe" photos... definitely not all of my contacts' photos - Michael Hocter
Hmm, never knew that, there should be 2 versions of the feed then so we can choose. - Kol Tregaskes
In fact, I can't even get a decent RSS feed of my own photos out of Flickr because many of them are not "safe" - Michael Hocter
Or is there an issue from Flickr's point of perspective having such content go outside it's site? - Kol Tregaskes
Kol, I think it's because they can't authenticate who you are or what your preferences are through RSS - Michael Hocter
I see. They could have a password protection/authenticated feed but FF doesn't support such feeds. - Kol Tregaskes
LOL, Mrsth, that's over censoring stuff! - Kol Tregaskes
that is actually a problem on Flickr's end. They've been censoring your RSS feed now for years. They won't allow any content deemed "adult" to be sent out of Flickr via RSS. It's incredibly stupid in my opinion. I'd love to be able to subscribe to Merkely's nudes (which very much are fine art) for instance and even though I've checked on Flickr that I'm an adult and want adult content... more... - Thomas Hawk
haha, actually Kol that was me. I was accidentally logged in as my wife though, just got home and was using the home computer. - Thomas Hawk
What happened there? Posting from your wife's acount? ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Ah, hehe!! - Kol Tregaskes
Now the thread reads oddly. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Kol, I don't know about you, but I really wish vi.sualize.us would implement FF's SUP or FF spider those streams more often. I end up having to manually get FF to pull them in after I've favorited a bunch or it takes *forever* for them to finally be pulled into the FF stream. - Mark Philpot
I've not really checked my vi.sualize.us groups, is there a delay in importing? - Kol Tregaskes
you certainly can easily add a photo as a favourite through the api - all you need is the photo id and the user to have given ff a token by signing in... http://www.flickr.com/service... - Phill Price
Ah, I did have an issue with my watchlist from vi.sualize.us. I notified them and they checked it and it started working. Are you having problems, Mark? - Kol Tregaskes
How recent was this? I've just been in the habit of manually refreshing my vi.sualize.us feed. Next time I'll try letting FF get it on it's own and see how long it takes. - Mark Philpot
Mark, a few weeks ago. I'd buzz them on their site and let them know you are having problems too. Works fine for me atm but they said they are keeping an eye on it. - Kol Tregaskes
BTW, people on this thread might be interested in this group for vi.sualize.us most popular entries feed: http://friendfeed.com/visuali.... It seems to import dups a lot, which is a problem but it's not a huge issue. - Kol Tregaskes
So I can now check vi.sualize.us on FF too. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Thomas, could probably do something similar for your Zooomr too. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
I just added six to my vi.sualize.us favorites... I'll see how long it takes for them to get imported. -- And a note to any FF developers on this feed -- Please implement a "Comment" link at the bottom of the comments. Especially for long comment streams, it's a pain to have to scroll up to the top to add a new comment. - Mark Philpot
Mark, OK, any issue go to the vi.sualize.us, they'll help you out. It's their feed after all. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
If you authenticate with the Flickr API you can get at the "unsafe" photos, FYI. But that would require a deeper level of integration that Friendfeed offers today. - Eric P
+1 faving a Flickr photo on FriendFeed - Thierry R. Andriamirado
FF is not seeing the growth other services are seeing because it is not designed for the casual, non-technical user the way flickR, Twitter, and Facebook are. An average person can "walk up" to any of those three services and get them almost immediately. By "get them" I don't mean that they understand deeply/optimally how or why to use them but that they can readily get their heads... more... - Anthony Citrano
Chris Brogan
Since When Are Blogs Not Social Media? - http://www.copyblogger.com/blogs-s...
Keep worrying about labels, others. I'll be doing stuff. - Chris Brogan
Agree Chris. Blogs are a part of social media IMHO. Blogs are a destination platform for 'socialising' (excuse the NZ English spelling) or environment for people to interact. See every 'comments' section at the end of a blog post. - iconic88
@iconic88 you can also socialize content among blogs and platforms. It's awesome to carry conversations across media and communities/networks. - Valeria Maltoni
Doing stuff like blogging! This just demonstrates how much education is still left to do about social media. We have a long way to go, and just when we get there, everything will change, again - Ken Burbary
Thanks Valeria. Yes you can indeed. - iconic88
if there are more than 1 person it's social. If it is communication it's media. - Roland Hesz
Allen Stern
are there really zero women on any of the panels at todays real time crunch event?
Some of the presenters have been ladies. Claire of Lazyfeed was up there, for example. - Louis Gray
uhm - claire didnt say one word, tho the woman from meebo presented - Allen Stern
David Armano
@amandachapel did you read the entire article? He made an accurate point about what retains talent. It's not always cash.
Sherman Hu
[SOCIAL MEDIA] Beware of the Self-Proclaimed Social Media Experts http://michaelhyatt.com/2009... {Agree/Not?}
Amber Naslund
RT @benkunz: The Amazing Girlfriend Manager - an iPhone app for multiple lovers. I kid not. http://www.apptism.com/apps... (Shut UP! HA!)
Oh wow.... - George Smith
Louis Gray
I wanted to welcome Tony Hung back to blogging. But Twitter suspended his account and says his site is malware.
His Friendfeed account is here: http://friendfeed.com/tonyhung - Louis Gray
He just wrapped up his fellowship (following residency and med school), and is blogging up a storm. He was missed, and I am happy to see his return. Hopefully the Twitter mess can be resolved. I tried to link his way and Twitter blocked it. - Louis Gray
Thanks for the props -- Twitter suspended my account for reasons that I can't fathom. Vive la Friendfeed! :) - Tony Hung
FriendFeed Dominates Twitter any day of the week. PERIOD. - Matt Ruiz
@Louis -- actually, I finished my fellowship about 8 days ago, which was a year; my residency was 4 years prior, which was just after I finished medical school (another 4 years). Taking some time off to celebrate finishing 26 years of schooling. Huzzah :) - Tony Hung
Thanks, Tony. I changed the above comment. Welcome home. - Louis Gray
tony is the man - Allen Stern
Tony rocks. Tony, perhaps you should ask Twitter what's up. They've done that accidentally before. Let us know. - Tamar Weinberg
welcome back, Tony! I concur with the sentiment here. - Valeria Maltoni
She just looked up at me, gave me a toothy grin and said "Yummy!!" http://twitpic.com/9joh9
She just looked up at me, gave me a toothy grin and said "Yummy!!" http://twitpic.com/9joh9
Robert Scoble
Looking at Dave Winer's screen shot of his FriendFeed (http://images.scripting.com/archive... ) I notice two things:
1. That he uses Helvetica theme. Me too. Love it! - Robert Scoble
2. That he doesn't accept or ignore invites. I know he's not the only one. About 80% of the people I invited to my secret group on Twitter didn't accept my invites. - Robert Scoble
It's too bad that inviting people into things no longer works. We're getting bombarded with things around the edges of our content so we just ignore it all. - Robert Scoble
Anyone else finding this? - Robert Scoble
I have dozens of invites that need to be accepted... thanks for the reminder - LPH™ and his dog P™
I always accept or ignore invites. Dave's doing friendfeed wrong. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I had to create a spot in my schedule for socialweb invite handling - not that "i'm all that!" but just that with so many sources it starts to get rather busy and I go and review and research each one carefully so it's a rather long process. - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Can't you only invite people who are subscribed to you? If so, the problem you are having is you are subscribed to the wrong people :) - Tim Hoeck
Tim: Dave Winer is subscribed to me. It wouldn't help with people like him. My request gets buried. - Robert Scoble
Robert, I do the same. Fortunately I follow your Tweets so I knew to check my invites for your secret group invites but I wouldn't have noticed them otherwise. - Jesse Stay
Haha. As soon as I saw the Helvetica theme, I thought of Dave. I use it because it is content centric. - Steven (optionshiftk)
I look at all my invites, but some of them are to rooms that I don't want to subscribe to, yet I'm mildly amused that they exist, so I just let the invites ride as a reminder. - Laura Norvig
I also use Helvetica, love it. - Craig Deakin
I feel so left out. I've never received and invite. ): - Steven (optionshiftk)
Robert, my point was RE: "We're getting bombarded with things around the edges of our content so we just ignore it all".. if you are getting bombarded with invites, rethink your subscriptions.. and it was sort of a joke, because you are screwed :P - Tim Hoeck
sometimes :) - Tim Hoeck
Robert: Just a side thought, but have you considered the potential impact of telling 99% of those who follow you on Twitter / FriendFeed that they are not invited into your various groups? - Jim Connolly
Jim: yes. I'm interested to see what happens. - Robert Scoble
Me too! - Jim Connolly
Helvetica theme is kewl - Shiva from iPhone
I wonder if it's not so much ignoring it as not seeing it due to too many other inbound requests. For instance, with your secret group on Twitter, unless you sent along a separate note, some people might not have seen it due to having notifications turned off and auto-follow on. - Justin Levy
Helvetica is like eating a taco without hot sauce. - Todd Hoff
@Jim: +1 for savvy marketing idea and understanding of consumer psychology. - AJ Kohn
LOL AJ - Todd Hoff
There's just so much spam going on so people decided not to look at it at all. Similar to followers on Twitter, so many new followers every day but majority of them are spam users, and people see it as unproductive to go through each new follower and decide if they are real or not. - HowToMakeMyBlog
Robert: what Tim was saying is that if Dave Winer gets overwhelmed with the number of invitations, then he may be subscribed to too many people - Mike Chelen
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