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George Dearing

George Dearing

Dearing Group LLC. - I share tidbits on media, technology, marketing & sustainability []
RT @lydiadepillis Peter Capelli lays it out: Why the "skills gap" explanation for unemployment is largely BS.
RT @BloombergNews: CHART OF THE DAY: Hyperinflation in U.S. higher education:
RT @DevinMcCutchen: This 1985 @sfchronicle gentrification quiz tells you if "your neighborhood [has] become 'upscale"
RT @evolvingcities: Beijing subway offers passengers tickets in exchange for plastic bottles (via @sustainia)
RT @SportSourceA Complete list of FBS Teams and the number of Preseason AP-Ranked Teams they play against.
RT @TheTweetOfGod: Celebrity dumping an ice bucket on himself to raise money? Cute. Humanity dumping an ice cap on itself to raise sea levels? HILARIOUS.
Deloitte findings: "growing concern among developers around the world about the financial health of the app economy"
More pushback on labor issues / "In the sharing economy, a rift over worker classification"
"The process of teaching and learning is an intimate act that neither computers nor markets can hope to replicate."
"Piecemeal labor is hardly a new phenomenon. But..expedited by technology & packaged as apps, it has shinier veneer"
RT @ssstrom: Wall St. profits from strained infrastructure and deregulation gone awry, while public pays more for electricity.
So much for limiting special interest groups > "White House loosens restrictions on lobbyists" |
Shit journalism RT @UpshotNYT: Celebrities die in threes, right?
The distributed generation effect: Big utilities are buying consumer-facing solar startups. |
Good piece @ Der Spiegel |"Brave New Recycling Economy: Movement Turns Trash to Treasure" #C2C
"Scheduling is now a powerful tool to bolster profits, allowing businesses to cut labor costs with a few keystrokes."
RT @hiltzikm: Latest Obamacare freakout: enrollment "plummeting" (Spoiler: not so)
“The obesity epidemic is becoming a national crisis, but almost nobody connects that with neighborhood design.”
“Neighbourhoods that saw houses being sold for $210,000 four yrs ago are now marking up properties to $700,000” #ATX
Who needs a soda tax..just show people the pyramid of sugar cubes they're about to drink.
RT @alisaamiller: "Cause you're only given a little spark of madness, and if you lose that, you're nothing." Robin Williams, 1951-2014”
Handy map shows which drought-stricken area your bottled water comes from.
"Rules prevent solar panels in many states with abundant sunlight" [latimes]
MT @pewresearch: Since '04, # of reporters dropped 17%. Jobs in PR increased by 22%
"Free markets can’t solve all our problems. Just ask Toledo." | |
"dirty secret of the food movement is that the much-celebrated small-scale farmer isn’t making a living"
RT @FERNnews: More than 90% of corn, canola, soybean + sugar beet crops are #GMO via @WSJ
Good piece from Dennis Dodd on the O'Bannon decision.."end of the collegiate model"
"nobody has really looked at the environmental impacts of offshore fracking, and we find that incredibly concerning”
“This..calls into question the notion that disruptive technologies necessarily result in the demise of incumbents”
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