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George Dearing

George Dearing

Dearing Group LLC. - I share tidbits on media, technology, marketing & sustainability []
Good argument => "How Transit Pays for the Automobile’s Sins"
Nice job Okies.."Oklahoma bans local wage hikes" #darkagepolitics
Chinese company says it's built ten 3D printed houses. | [FT] #3Dprinting
Good piece from @portereduardo on tech's impact on jobs. |
Big savings for cloud customers as prices drop. | [WSJ]
“traders do not just look at order flows to gain an edge; they also try to get ahead of market-moving news” |
RT @greenhousenyt: RT @JustinWolfers: The democracy gap: Around two-in-five poor Americans vote; among the rich, it's four in five.
Americans construct tiny houses – and new lives [BBC]
+1 “Comcast is aided by the complexity of the US cable industry. Confusion is its ally..real game is the internet.”
Facebook sucks in almost 600 terabytes a day.."bigger than the entire Web archive of the Library of Congress” /
Housing Secretary says we're in “the worst rental affordability crisis that this country has ever known.” [NYT]
"We already have the technologies..We should stop wringing our hands and just get on with it." #climatechange
Well said @DrWeil --> “Leafblowers are diabolical machines.”
“American taxpayer money explains almost a third of Walmart’s worldwide pretax profits last year.” |
Minor footnote to that new Refresh app > “not useful unless you hand it the keys to your entire digital network" |
The WalMartization of America --
RT @TheFix: In 1960, the U.S. population was 85% white. By 2060, it will be 43% white.”
Bucket o' Blueberries!
Great read.."The coal industry, the politicians, and the big spill." [@NewYorker]
Light reading for a Saturday..futurists are always wrong and don't trust the "techno-utopians"/
Boomtown in H-town / "Houston had more new-home starts last year than the entire state of California"
-1 "Of the 5.1 hrs per day Americans have for leisure time on average, we spend nearly 60 percent of it watching TV"
RT @RicohTweets: Web design is the foundation of web strategy. @GeorgeDearing shares insights. | | #design
There you go..well planned bike lanes aren't causing traffic jams. | | #biking
500 words on the death of XP brings people out of the wood work. |
"Uberification" one of the billion-Dollar trends |
On investing in trailer parks => "“We’re like a Waffle House where everyone is chained to the booths.” |
RT @nxthompson: This WSJ infographic on cable-industry consolidation is terrific—and terrifying.
"Why We’re in a New Gilded Age" [Paul Krugman]
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