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George Dearing

George Dearing

Dearing Group LLC. - I share tidbits on media, technology, marketing & sustainability []
RT @RicohTweets: Not using tablets for your business yet? @GeorgeDearing shares why you will be soon: http://%20http:/... #WorkIntelligently
If anyone's looking for a lease in 78704 let me know..we'll be re-listing our place in late Fall / early Spring #ATX cc:/ @jmacofearth
Some perspective on the real impact of #IT on economic growth. |
Good analysis -> "Fossil industry is the subprime danger of this cycle"
"Defenders of industrial agriculture should stop characterizing the organic movement as elitist and inefficient"
"Disruption is often invoked by consultants and soundbite gurus to explain why these entities fail" /cc: @lance_io
A different real estate strategy..adding in fake homeowners before the sale.
RT @ACORE: $7.9M paid yearly to people hosting #wind turbines on their land is giving new life to our rural areas"
“N.R.D.C. is crafting regulatory policy for the E.P.A" | #winning
RT @RicohTweets: Insights from @GeorgeDearing: Apple v. Google – Are standards possible for the internet of things?
"some 60 U.S. Co's have chosen the never-here or inversion route..others are lining up to leave" #taxdodging
Quote of the day "Everglades probably has a ton of oil & natural gas. Don't let it just sit there. Our kids need it"
"Urban decay becomes a set piece to be remodeled or romanticised. This is hipster economics"
Libertarian's credo / "Eat like a caveman so you can live long enough to become a robot." [WaPo]
Bad design RT @OECD: Game consoles use 80% electricity just to maintain network connectivity /
$10 for Hank Jr. back in '80 #fb
RT @nyshepa: Proposed FDA label change sparks strong dissent from deep pocketed Big Sugar.
Awful food RT @CSPI: 1 of saltiest meals in America: @Chilis Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers w:5430 mg #sodium
[Revenues still comparatively low].."On-demand streaming continued boom, soaring 42% to 70.3 million streams" #music
Could be more than 200k EVs on the road by next month. /
New piece on standards and the internet of things..big players are making moves. | | #iot
Cheap imports FTW >“Stanley Furniture misjudged willingness of Americans to pay more for domestically produced goods"
Car ownership too - "socializing at malls has also been displaced, in part, by social media." #deadmalls
In better news, a solar company tells me it just installed a 5kW system for under $8K after Fed rebates. 2K sq.ft house in Houston. #fb
Chart from @WSJ says a / income going in different directions.
“We spend hundreds of thousands for our homes and can't even water the grass” | #drought #gonative [WSJ]
RT @fmlappe: "Added Sugar, Subtracted Science" Union of Concerned Scientists | how industry hides sugar, hurts health
RT @KyleTucker_CJ: Tim Howard never buys another drink. #fb
NYT on oil boom's have & have-nots."TX is not a good place to be poor..there is little political appetite for change”
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