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George Dearing

George Dearing

Dearing Group LLC. - I share tidbits on media, technology, marketing & sustainability []
U.S. fridges use a lot of energy..some perspective via @CGDev
Great piece -- "WWI destroyed kings, kaisers, czars and sultans; it demolished empires.." |
RT @firecatsue: 16-yo @nickrubin coded @greenhouse, browser plugins show campaign $ by category for US reps. #MaydayPAC
RT @PeterGleick: The "war on coal" is being fought in CA w/ #wind & #photovoltaics. #Coal is losing. Looks like this:
Not just deadly streets & Disney..Orlando's energy efficiency strategy is paying off. [NRDC] #orlando
Good read @CIOJournal from an IBM vet -- "The Complex Nature of Cloud-Based Innovation"/
RT @RicohLegal: 10 traits to help your firm become one of the best places to work, via @GeorgeDearing
Some drought-era tips to conserve water. #8 resonates..don't let people off the hook. [@citylab]
Nice RT @JigarShahDC: Solar Freakin' Reservoirs: Kill Algae, power the country #PutSolarOnIt
Good piece on the future of housing - like the distant past. / "higher density with shared amenities"
RT @dangillmor: Again CNBC shames itself on climate change. They should just merge w/ Fox "News" and be done with it.
"remarkable how many supposed experts on health care made claims about Obamacare that were clearly unsupportable."
Alarming quote on shrinking mackerel numbers "last of the buffaloes..When they’re gone, everything will be gone.”
RT @ow: The future on your wrist
RT @RicohVision: Distractions are everywhere in a new world of work! @GeorgeDearing shares insights on their impact:
RT @TheTweetOfGod: World Cup: Germany 1, USA 0. World War: USA 2, Germany 0. #USAvsGermany #WorldCup2014
RT @FauxPelini: Just ran the numbers -- at this rate the final score would be 0-0
"millennial population growth in 2012-2013 in big, dense cities was outpaced by big-city suburbs" / #theburbslive
They're rewriting climate change forecasts to save property values in NC. Shave off 70 yrs. and we're good.
"It'll kill you" is the new whatever your parents told you when you watched too much TV. / --
BigAg couldn't have hired PR people to write something more anti-organic. CNBC is so irrelevant.
Deep pockets & developers..there's your standards fight. “(Google) paid developers $5B to code in past 12 months”/
RT @TheEconomist: On businesses banning kids 6-year-old's retort when we endorsed plane child-free zones in '98
RT @atjamie: Actual email from Path trying to convince me to come back. I couldn't have made this shit up if I tried.
"technology goes searching for beer cans or bottles or the red cups that are ubiquitous at any college party"
No words RT @adamsmithtimes:Tragic must-read: To fans,loss of Brooksville Golden Corral like a kick to the tenderloin
"typical Volt driver goes 970 miles between fill-ups..63% of all miles on battery power"<= Damn that sounds nice
"Ultimately the value of #solar will be determined in utility rate hearings across the country"
RT @ashleyrdtx: Combined #food & #environment pyramids - clear and simple. #rdchat #rd2be #fb
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