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George Dearing

George Dearing

Dearing Group LLC. - I share tidbits on media, technology, marketing & sustainability []
RT @RicohTweets: Business processes are changing & so are the roles of CIOs in the 21st century, via @GeorgeDearing:
RT @philizzo Over 25 years, the shift from making things to taking care of people |
RT @andybellatti: Snapshot of the food system, circa 2014. The Corporate Takeover of "All Natural" Food --
"Eating food from plants that have struggled to survive toughens us up as well."
Simple thing to pass along.. avoid foods that have a TV commercial. [h/t @DaniNierenberg] #eatrealfood
Charlie Crist to FL. Gov Scott > “I’m not a scientist either, but I can use my brain, and I can talk to one” #climate
To me this reinforces we need more energy innovation. / "Corralling Carbon Before It Belches From Stack" | #CCS
"sticks you with the tab to make up for what they are stashing offshore.” #taxdodgers
“All of these apps are essentially tools for scalping a public good or open resource.” | #jerktech
Now we can sleep again -> “Now it’s O.K. again to buy an S.U.V., where for a while it was somewhat iffy” |
"38th consecutive June & 352nd consecutive month w/global temperature above 20th century avg"/
Good piece => Why you can't engineer creativity with "innovation districts" |
Big Blues RT @dkberman: In a matter of days, Facebook will be worth more than IBM.
“Stimulated by talk from consultants & sellers of data-crunching software, managers may have been misled” #bigdata
"If you..examined western civilization & posed question: How can we make all this worse? PeepMe might be the answer"
Strong piece RT @andybellatti Well said,@RobertLustigMD! Don't Believe Industry-Paid Experts on Soda and Diabetes |
Good piece @UpshotNYT on technology's impact on work during the downturn. |
And cheap labor RT @BurghDiaspora: The complaints about a skills gap are nothing more than companies looking for a handout, a subsidy.
Nailed re: #FL energy efficiency fight: "conservation can delay plant construction..that's what power Co's dislike"
Some good thoughts > "U.S. has a new kind of unemployment problem..solving it will demand new thinking."
Florida utilities want to gut energy efficiency programs and build more plants instead. Guarding obsolescence.
What could go wrong.."subprime auto lenders are loosening credit standards and focusing on the riskiest borrowers"
Best motivation to eat real food..
RT @DOTsNeverSay: We build highways for motorists who do not yet exist ergo we should build cycle tracks & sidewalks on that same philosophy #ShitDOTsNeverSay
RT @FoodShiftATX: "Sedentary lifestyle and not caloric intake may be to blame for increased obesity in the US"
"Dramatic downsizing is gaining interest among Americans" / #tinyhouses
In today's "what humans do to destroy the planet" news > "Walmart planned for endangered forest in South Florida"
"the price of solar has gotten so low it’s beginning to outbid traditional fossil fuels in utility deals" / #solar
MT @Revkin: Follow the cheap labor: Calif. squid frozen, sent to China, thawed, processed, refrozen, sent to US.
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