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George Dearing

George Dearing

Dearing Group LLC. - I share tidbits on media, technology, marketing & sustainability []
Good piece from @bittman on the SWEET Act..would charge manufacturers a penny per teaspoon of sweetener.
MT @CoolFoods Statistically significant" differences exist between #organic & nonorganic food. http://www.mariasfarmcountryki...
RT @rebleber: Gov Rick Scott is learning the hard way that Florida cares about climate change
MT @APA_Planning: True cost of driving w/ vehicle, insurance, taxes, repairs, parking & pollution / about 34¢ minute:
RT @heyitsnoah: Well put @albertwenger: If you believe tech is disruptive, you have to at least entertain its disruptions everywhere.
“In 1979, chief executive officer pay was 29 times higher than the typical worker's; in 2011 it was 231 times higher”
I'd be more impressed if big PR firms turned down retainers from fossil fuel Co's. | | #climate
"Put down the cupcake: new ban hits school bake sales" / Why not, child obesity has quadrupled in 30 yrs. |
“Spawned by either increased environmental awareness or soaring water bills, dry or desert gardens gaining ground” |
RT @BurghDiaspora: Made in the USA by Chinese manufacturers:
“country’s fastest-growing cities are now those where housing is more affordable than average” |
“Drought-Shaming Apps Target California Water Wasters” | | #DroughtShaming
RT @Dick_Florida: So I'm thinking I will describe "resilience" as "everything you wanted from sustainability but were too jazzed about making money to ask."
Go Steyer - "Billionaire climate-change supporter pledges to spend big to beat Florida Gov. Rick Scott" --
I'm at Canaveral National Seashore in New Smyrna Beach, FL
Well said => "Shattering Myths to Help the Climate"
RT @RicohVision: How distractions impact today's new world of work. @GeorgeDearing has insights: #Workintelligently
Big food's idea of "fuel for school" #runawayfast
"we’ve learned to treat cars intelligently, we’ve gone in the opposite direction with guns."
RT @RicohTweets: Can telepresence change the way we work? @GeorgeDearing shares insights on #WorkIntelligently:
“an oil company feels jeopardized by sea level rise” | / #ironypolice
I wrote about how telepresence is changing the workplace. --
How 'bout nationwide for these CA restrictions > “hosing down driveways and sidewalks is prohibited” | #drought
RT @evgenymorozov: According to Moore's Law for Big Data (TM), the amount of nonsense packed into the term "Big Data" doubles approximately every two years.
“In Europe..the average refrigerator is around 10 cubic feet, less half the size of the American jumbo” |
In first 3 months of the yr, food & biotech have nearly passed last yr's totals fighting food labels. What's to hide?
"none of us has been able to find any credible evidence to support the IT industry's assertions of labor shortages"
“banks are estimated to have collected..nearly $1 billion advising American Co's to move their headquarters abroad” |
RT @RicohTweets: Business processes are changing & so are the roles of CIOs in the 21st century, via @GeorgeDearing:
RT @philizzo Over 25 years, the shift from making things to taking care of people |
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