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RT @typewritersball: Old "Byte" covers are my new favorite thing for the day.
RT @CapeTownHipster: You may be hipster, but you'll never be listening to a record player at a coffee shop hipster.
"Windows PowerShell is better than cmd.exe" - faintest praise ever
RT @mjomark: Miljöpartiet vill förbjuda anonyma bloggar? På riktigt?
One butt, two votes!
RT @mjomark: Förlossningar och förlovningar dominerar min Facebookfeed just nu. Måste börja umgås med yngre människor.
#Bitcoin: 21st century technology, 19th century economics.
$420 sell #bitcoin erryday
Heartbleed: 64KB of memory is all anyone needs!
$404 #bitcoin not found
RT @seatrout: RT @D_Shariatmadari: German translations of London tube stations cc @philipoltermann < totenschinken!
RT @DougCoupland: Vancouver Airport terminal diagram. Even includes a vas deferens. @yvr
RT @Pinboard: A good time to re-read this key article on Internet security, which is still the best advice I’ve seen:
I need a break from the Internet.
RT @mkronline: Demilitarized friendzone
RT @YuliaSkyNews: That was quick. Donetsk Parliament announces itelf People's Republic of Donetsk and will hold a referendum on joining Russia on May 11.
RT @AnnoDracula: The Fall of the House of Usher
Accidentally Turing Complete is the name of my next band -
RT @marinebugs: Someone actually did it: "Give your #R charts that Wes Anderson style"
RT @simonpegg: True Detective Season 2.
RT @ANIMALNewYork: Hacks, Scams and Shut Downs: A Sad, Incomplete History of Bitcoin Exchanges Enjoy the ride.
RT @aantonooooop: Food has no intrinsic value. In the future, hunger needs will be solved through decentralized Proof-of-Steak.
Sad you didn't get in on #Bitcoin when it was worth $10? The way it's dropping you'll have that chance soon again!
Please explain again how your incompetent disk space monitoring became my problem?
RT @stefangorling: Hämtar barn, cyklar hem, stannar ute i solen på verandan.
RT @jeresig: I frequently get accused of “hacking” web sites because someone views source and sees my name on jQuery.
Doing the needful for customers at #work
Remember when Google chose the worst day of the year to announce a free email service with 1G of storage?
RT @seatrout: "The surgical solution proved surprising unpopular" How Kings College will do without boy trebles:
RT @emanuelkarlsten: Dagens bästa aprilskämt får nog ändå sägas vara om Herrljunga som byter namn till Henljunga för att bli könsneutralt.
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