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gershbec on WTS - Brand New Eleaf iStick and Mini Protank 2 -
"Yes I do." - Gershbec
gershbec on WTS - Brand New Eleaf iStick and Mini Protank 2 -
"Sure - make me an offer." - Gershbec
gershbec on WTS - Brand New Eleaf iStick and Mini Protank 2 -
Farmhouse Evanston (3/5) -
"I've eaten here twice and my wife has been here three times, all for dinner. This could really be a go-to place for us if they could just work out some kinks. Unfortunately they've been open long…" - Gershbec
gershbec on Stevie wonder Atari advertisment from 1977 -
"If he could see then he'd be playing Intellivision." - Gershbec
gershbec on The greatest punch in boxing history -
"Very good Martin/Lewis movie, and the boxing scene features a pre-stardom James Dean." - Gershbec
gershbec on Tribute for all who have shared my childhood pains of being the younger brother.. -
"This also applies to dads." - Gershbec
holly #ravingfangirl
i love the instantaneous-ness of buying mp3s, but I do miss CD booklets. electronic's just not the same.
Nothing beats LP art....gatefold sleeves. - Mary Carmen
I don't miss the CD mess of cases and binders, but I do miss the artwork and liner notes. - Andy
I just designed one for a friend's band last year. Pretty sure it will be the last I ever do - Johnny from iPhone
when it's important, i usually end up buying the digital and physical. - holly #ravingfangirl
i used to pore over the liner notes, especially when there were lyrics. I realized that I don't know actual song titles as well anymore, and I think digital is partly to blame, because i'm not necessarily /seeing/ them as much. - holly #ravingfangirl
Plus you can't get an artist to sign your digital songs. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
Picking out the seeds and stems on your copy of the White Album. - Gershbec
holly #ravingfangirl
best Cheap Trick song. Go. #random
My favorite is "I want you to want me," but there are so many good ones. - Jennifer Dittrich
I only know a few, but "Surrender" is my fave of the ones I know. - Spidra Webster
I want you to want me. No contest. - Friar Will
Surrender. Definitely. - WebGoddess
I have a soft spot for Tonight It's You. - Katy S
Gotta go with Surrender. - Jason P
Dream Police, without question. "You know that talk is cheap, and those rumors ain't nice / And when I fall asleep I don't think I'll survive the night" - Stephen Mack
Dream Police or Hello There - Brent Schaus from iPhone
Maybe--tonight it's you.but, maybe I'm thinking of a different one. - Joe
She's tight is memorable, but not the best. - Joe
i am leaning toward Dream Police (which is what inspired this post) - holly #ravingfangirl
The Flame (I know, I know...) - Bren from iPhone
Oh, I love that one too. So cheesy, but so awesome. - Jennifer Dittrich
I think "The Flame" is the only one I know, so I'll vote for it. - MiniMage
First of all, I hate to go with the obvious but Surrender is the best rock song ever. Second, there are about 20 of their songs that tie for second. Caught a Rick Nielsen guitar pick when I saw them at Mabel's in Champaign. One of the best bands ever. - Gershbec
Sorry about using "best ever" twice. - Gershbec
both valid uses, so it's totally allowed. - holly #ravingfangirl
This is like asking me to choose between my children, but....."He's Whore" or "ELO Kiddies" or maybe "Hello There." - Mary Carmen
Or maybe "Southern Girls." This is complicated. - Mary Carmen
"He's a Whore" - kendrak
This is like asking "what's your favorite Kinks song?" There can't only be one! - Mary Carmen
Surrender. No contest. Well small contest but still Surrender - Steve C, Team Marina
gershbec on The Chicago Tribune's cartoon tribute to Roger Ebert :'( -
"Love Ebert, but Stantis is the worst." - Gershbec
gershbec on So I was in Auschwitz last weekend... -
"I visited Auschwitz a few years back and it was mind-blowing. You're not supposed to take pictures though everyone was doing it, including a bunch of Israeli army members who were shooting film too. What is really amazing to me is the evolution of Auschwitz, from phase I (converted prison camp) to phase II (designed as a concentration camp) to the planned phase III of ultra-efficient concentration camp." - Gershbec
Just ponied up to become and Old Town School of Folk member so I can buy Michael Nesmith tix tomorrow. Also, because it's a cool place!
I have friends who will be there. wish I could go! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan from YouFeed
Was kind of surprised at this choice of venue. Can't imagine that tickets will last, which is why I joined. - Gershbec
My office mate wants me to be concerned about her life problems when I can't even figure out where to stay in Venice!
I recommend the Best Western Cavaletto e Doge! - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Cool! Thanks! - Gershbec
I go back and forth with this movie. I either love it or hate it. - Jed
I liked it but I saw it so long ago that I'd like to refresh my memory. I'd also like to see the director's cut. - Gershbec
The director's cut is easier to follow...ish. I enjoyed watching it with the commentary. - Jed from iPhone
walt crawford
Is it old-fashioned of me to be less enthusiastic than real librarians about Freading--which is pay-per-use lending, from the same people who have your library pay for your music, pay-per-use, via Freegal? (Or: Why was HarperCollins' 26 terrible while Freading is brilliant?)
I'm a real librarian and I'm with you. But then again I feel the same way about patron driven acquisition - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I'm not a real librarian and my experience with Freading is entirely from the patron side. From that perspective - hell yes, I'm excited. The selection is excellent - better than Overdrive or 3M, two other options I have for ebooks - and the way the KS state library is handling it is very generous. If I were on the other side - the side providing the service - and knew what kind of expenditures were being made for it, yeah, I'd probably be less excited. But as a patron? Woot! - WebGoddess
I guess I'm philosophically opposed to pay-per-use gaining any kind of foothold in public libraries, even if--temporarily--it's a Gift From Above. Sooner or later, that money comes out of operating budgets and reduces the ability to develop/maintain a permanent collection. I suppose it's a slippery-slope argument. - walt crawford
I'm not a fan of that model. I don't like the idea of subsidizing patron purchases. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Devil's advocate: There's a certain amount of paternalism in the idea that We're Librarians, So We Know What You (Will) Want Better Than You Do. Circ stats in academic libraries trying out PDA seem to bear this out: if one person wants it enough to trigger a PDA purchase, others are likelier to want it than if a librarian chose it. - RepoRat
(That said, pay-per-view sucks and I don't like it either.) - RepoRat
I definitely see the devil's advocate view where PDA is concerned (all the more so for public libraries). I see that as entirely different than, well, Rochelle's version is a good way to put it. - walt crawford
Yep. And, unlike PDA, there's no possibility of that same money benefiting other patrons/the community. - walt crawford
Okay, those clarifying statements help me, because I was all primed to argue that Patron Driven Acquisitions is turning out to be a very useful and appropriate part of our collecting strategy... but we're doing it via a consortium with pooled money and purchases of ebooks for all consortial members as the end result. Which is way different than paying for one patron to get a thing once... which is where my philosophical challenge comes in re: document delivery/purchase in ILL. - Jenica
And I have no problem whatsoever with that kind of PDA, as a library user or as a pseudolibrarian. Paying attention to your patrons' needs and desires: Sounds like good librarianship to me. (Prob. not as the ONLY colldev model, but most libraries aren't doing that.) - walt crawford
Like Jenica, I see real problems with "you want it? We'll pay for it" which is how we skirt around unaffordable journals. We end up paying $40 for an article one person will use (and which is technically a 24 hour rental). That really bugs me. I also have been leery of letting undergrads order up a bunch of books that will have a paragraph useful for a paper they don't really care... more... - barbara fister
Patron Driven Acquisitions is like buying stuff instead of interloaning it. Freading is like interloaning stuff instead of buying it. - Deborah Fitchett
Except that at least with ILL the money stays in the library community rather than going directly to a spinoff of Big Media. - walt crawford
We have Freading and my problems have more to do with the technology and title selection than the payment model. For a town of <9000 people a pay-per-use model makes a lot more sense than something like Overdrive (which we subscribe to as well) in which we pay a ton of money for an ebook that will only circulate a few times. I am also not opposed to the Harper Collins model. - Gershbec
Maybe I'm confusing Freading with the Freegal model? Also, their reps are incredibly aggressive and off-putting. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Freading and Freegal are the same company. So, probably, the same reps. - walt crawford
With Freegal we pay a set amount of money per month that allows every patron up to 3 downloads per week. With Freading patrons are alloted a certain number of "tokens" per week. That number builds up until a month has expired after which the number of "tokens" resets. Each book "costs" from 1-4 tokens to download. We pay for the tokens that have been used. It sounds convoluted but that is irrelevant since no one seems to use it. - Gershbec
Yes, I assumed that someone would point that out after I wrote it. Let's put it this way - if we didn't have Overdrive (which takes up a long reference interview) and/or if Freading had a good, unique selection of titles I would be encouraging people to use it. But the books that our users want are on Overdrive so I mostly send people there and only mention Freading if they ask about it. I'm exhausted enough after spending all day trying to explain Overdrive. - Gershbec
The ski industry does not like this Broncos game today. 68 degrees and beautiful sunny day.
I'm gonna be there in January. I don't want to hear this. - Gershbec
gershbec on What song do you want to have played at your funeral and why? -
"Number One Song in Heaven by Sparks" - Gershbec
It's "American food" whatever that means. Ham sandwiches?
"American -New" is Yelp for foodie, seasonal, chef driven. IS it that? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
That sounds right. Apparently the chef is from NoMi downtown so he should know what he's doing. - Gershbec
Mary Carmen
Lunchtime Poll Topic: Who is your favorite Bond?
Pierce Brosnan. Not for his Bondness, though. Just for his Pierceness. - LB needs a break.
Lunchtime? - Micah
Daniel Craig, cause he's a kickass Bond - Sir Shuping is just sir
I have a fondness for Brosnan, possibly because of the order of which I experienced. Second would be either Craig or Connery; Connery's films were better, but as Andrew said, Craig is a badass. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Double tax free. - Todd Hoff
I honestly can't decide best. I think the worst (of the ones I've seen) are Moore and Dalton; but I'd have to rewatch to really say with any confidence. ... *reflects on own comment* Wafflest answer ever. :/ - Micah
Wait -- it became lunch time 6 minutes ago? - Spidra Webster
ionic - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Connery because he was simply gorgeous back then. Also relentlessly cool. Craig has that cool factor too. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
(I haven't seen any of the Craig films yet, which I will remedy. I also haven't seen any of the Dalton films, which I will not.) - LB needs a break.
Moore was the Bond I grew up with so he always seems like Bond to me. I'd like to watch the whole series one day so I could say which Bond is best. Casting Bond with someone lighter-haired threw me, I have to say. Because of Moore and Connery (I've never read the books), I've always thought of him as dark-haired. Although Craig seems good in the little clips I've seen him in. - Spidra Webster
Connery & Craig a close 2nd - tab from BuddyFeed
I realize that it's contrarian and just annoying to say Lazenby but there's a strong argument to be made that On Her Majesty's Secret Service is one of the best Bonds, so I can't just discount him. My more realistic answer is Moore, who was excellent but was saddled with some real goofy plots. Just watched For Your Eyes Only and it's a good look at the toughness that Moore could bring... more... - Gershbec
Dalton gave his best and I'm least familiar with Brosnan. Craig has been fun so far. :I'm slowly working my way through all the Bond films so my opinions have the benefit(?) of being fairly fresh. - Gershbec
Connery - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Connery, with a nod to Lazenby. That guy got a raw deal. - Steven Perez
Connery. I haven't seen a Craig Bond movie. - Jason from iPhone
nuclear - chaz2b
Connery - Elena
Craig and Connery. - Jenica
connery. hands. down. - αnnα vαȵ scoyoç
Lunchtime Poll Topic is a nod to Heathers. - Mary Carmen
Toss up between Connery and Craig. - Derrick
I'll be really contrarian: Woody Allen. I know it's not Part Of The Canon, but it had the best music and was definitely the funniest. - walt crawford
Hugh Jackman - Big Joe Silenced
Also: We own the corpus of Brosnan at what may have been his best, namely Remington Steele. - walt crawford
I like Craig a good deal. I have a soft spot for Brosnan, even if he is a bit ridiculous. - Jed from iPhone
Craig is awesome in that his characterization of Bond is much edgier & raw than any of the others were. But in all honesty, I love the franchise so I like them all for one reason or another. - Corinne L
Stephen Francoeur
What was your favorite video game that you played in an arcade (not at home, not on a portable device)?
Tetris. Still. - Zamms
I loved Battlezone too. It's the only one I was any good at. - Jason P
Does pinball count? - Meg VMeg
The Lost World Jurassic Park 2. Because Jay and I would go sit in the little cubby and shoot at things together when we were too broke to afford a real date. Good times. - Marianne
Narc and Time Pilot - Gershbec
Gauntlet. Street Fighter 2. - Victor Ganata
Gauntlet, Simpsons, Ninja Turtles - Harold
Oh, and Rampage - Victor Ganata
Golden Axe - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Centipede. MvM, have you been to the pinball hall of fame museum in Vegas? - Marie
Ooh, I have been there! It is awesome. - Marianne
star wars - Todd Hoff
awww, marianne, no fair! i just heard about it. sounds rad. - Marie
Yes, I went there last year. It's the best place ever. I smiled for hours. - Meg VMeg
My favorite games were usually driving games: Pole Position, Roadblasters (and its improved offspring Stun Runner), Hard Drivin'. But nothing ate my coins quite like Gauntlet. Oh, and Blades of Steel. - Greg Schwartz
Centipede - Bren
For me, it would be a tie between Galaga and Defender. - Stephen Francoeur from Android
adams family pinball - αnnα vαȵ scoyoç
Pole Position and pinball machines. - LB needs a break.
Anna, that's what I was going to say! - Meg VMeg
Street Fighter II...? - Julian
Discs of Tron - Mark H
Centipede - holly #ravingfangirl
If any of you are in Chicagoland, Pinball Expo in October offers all you can play for like $20. It's a lot of fun. - Gershbec
And if we're talking Pinball then Funhouse. - Gershbec
pinball? either monster bash or medieval madness. (though twilight zone and adams family are close seconds.) - kendrak
Donkey Kong, Ms. Pac-Man, and Centipede. - Derrick
Centipede and Ms. Pac-Man. I love pinball too. - Corinne L
There were a lot. Sinistar, Excitebike, 720 degrees, Star Wars, Tron, Donkey Kong Jr, Track and Field, Spy Hunter, Jungle King, Xevious, Punchout, Marble Madness. - Rodfather
Like Rodfather, I had a lot, too, but if I had one machine I'd want to have in my home, it'd be Tron. But I was also a big fan of Marble Madness, Crystal Castles, Gauntlet, Donkey Kong, Defender and Stargate, Zaxxon, Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga and Galaxian, and I could probably go on and on. I wouldn't mind having a full Star Wars machine, too. - Akiva
gershbec on 35 years of console launch prices, adjusted for inflation -
"The Intellivision was worth every penny." - Gershbec
I'm at Foodstuffs Gourmet Foods & Catering (Glencoe, IL)
you have no idea how jealous I get, every time you check in here. Which is like, every day! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
LIKE - Gershbec
What's your take on including all the jobs you've ever had on your resume, even if the early ones have nothing to do with librarianship? Would you rather have a new professional with a short resume full of relevant experience, or one with a long resume that includes jobs that may not strictly be applicable?
Well, having recently been on a search committee, my two cents are that jobs that include relevant skill sets ( supervising others, project management, demonstrated creativity) have a place on a new career resume. Just because it's not in libraries, doesn't automatically mean that the job is irrelevant. That said, it's also good to be able to see that someone can hold down one job for a longer period of time (definitely more than a year, preferably two years) even if it's not in a library setting. - Megan Sapp Nelson
I tend to agree with Megan, but I also think that you have to play up the skills that are relevant and make that connection very clear on your resume. Otherwise, I'm going to wonder why you stuck that random job you had in 1993 on there. - ~Courtney F
In general I lean towards keeping it shorter and relevant. However, keep in mind that that weird or interesting job that you had when you were 18 might just be the thing that catches a recruiter's eye and gets you into the interview. Also, managing that McDonalds certainly has given you skills that are very relevant to working in a library, as you can surely point out. - Gershbec
I think it also depends on the age of the professional. When I graduated from my SLIS program I didn't have much to go backwards with unless you wanted my college and high school jobs. I've seen some recommendations to go back at least ten years? Don't recall where. Obviously those jobs have fallen off now but I don't think there's one perfect answer - Hedgehog
I've heard what Abigail mentioned - 10 years back. Of course, I've been at MRRL for 13 years, so that means I only have one "location" on my resume, broken down into each of the different titles I've had here (and there are a lot...). Seems to be acceptable, so I keep doing it! - WebGoddess
depends on the gig, but i left stuff like my experience working for disney in because it showed that i had shit tonnes of public service experience, which was relevant to my first gig here where i was a liaison librarian. but i feel ya. i've been working full time since 1994 and not all of that stuff is in there. (i left my days as an event planner off, though now i see that is totally fscking relevant to libraryland. aargh.) - jambina
It's relevant, but you're not going to be hired as an event planner; you're just going to have to do it. - DJF
I leave off the irrelevant titles, but I list any special skills I picked up from them. For instance, I did alumni development for a year, so I have event planning and outreach experience. - Anne Graham
Short and relevant. But if an older job has relevance, I would totally include it providing you can clearly show its relevance. - Katie
One bit of advice I've had here is to include the last three jobs you've had. Which for me (because I haven't moved around a lot to date) still includes a couple of years teaching ESOL in South Korea. I've been able to spin that a bunch of ways, so hey. - Deborah Fitchett
I had good advice from a friend to separate my resume into categories, so there was a section for "library experience" and then a section for "teaching experience" (in which I listed my one year of ESOL teaching plus some other stuff). So if there's enough there, I might frame prior jobs in categories like "customer service experience" or "supervisory experience" -- I liked the category/header idea, helped set the narrative. - Regular Amanda
Ditch older unrelated jobs unless you can directly tie it to the job you are applying for. - Andy
Now that I've had a few librarian jobs, I only list previous employment if it's totally relevant to a position to which I'm applying. Like I ran a writing center as a grad student, so that often goes on the tailored c.v. - kaijsa
We just hired about 1.5 years ago and I really was interested in relevant employment/volunteer work. Nice that you were a bartender but in the children's room I really wanted to see some work with youth chops. With over 90 applications, reading past non-relevant employment drivel got old. - Marge LW
what if you're an old geezer who is switching to librarianship? the old geezer resume looks like this: (and yes, it's IT-specific for the moment). - henry
henry, cut down on the specifics of each job and combine stuff a bit more. If you're heading to librarianship (can we afford you?) we don't need that much detail. We are happy to know the basic job titles, and date ranges for the type of job you've had along with an aggregated description of skills in that date range for older jobs. - Marge LW
i'm already trimming down the oldest stuff (it is >25 years of work history) ... combining and summarizing the positions which share an employer. i'm working about 30% under market now so moving to librarianship may not create financial hardship. - henry
Dear universe, kindly stop beating up on my friends. They've had more than enough.
word - maʀtha
Seconded. - Catherine Pellegrino
And smite my enemies while you're at it. - Gershbec
Three fantastic movies today. If that's not an unqualified vacation success then I don't know what is!
don't leave us hanging! what were the movies? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan from BuddyFeed
Shotgun Stories (the director's latest was Take Shelter - both are awesome), The Ruling Class with Peter O'Toole (simply insane!) and Red Road, a Scottish psychological thriller that's not really a thriller. - Gershbec
walt crawford
Question to which I'm afraid I know the answer: Is there any humane way to discourage/eliminate pocket gophers?
any ag extension folks you can ask where you are? - RepoRat
Pocket buttons or velcro? :-) - bentley
[Used cat litter, flooding the holes, a cat statue, vibration, dryer sheets that almost killed my wife with the smell...all of them "worked." For about a day each. And we really don't want to potentially poison the magnificent hawks hereabouts...] - walt crawford
I was about to ask the same question about wild bunnies. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Hmm. There might be ag extension--but what I get from UC is an article about how good pocket gophers are for the overall soil structure. Never mind that our lawn would be completely destroyed, and cost a couple thousand to replace... Still, worth a try. - walt crawford
I've sent email to what appears to be the appropriate source--UC Davis' Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Program/Integrated Pest Management for Alameda County. I'll see what they have to say. - walt crawford
But you kill all the golfers they're gonna lock you up and throw away the key! - Gershbec
My wife is pondering coyote urine (no double entendre--it's supposed to work better than cat urine, but it's not cheap). Trapping is a last resort, since it's not, how you say, survivable trapping. - walt crawford
UPDATE: To our considerable surprise & pleasure, castor oil--in MoleMax, formerly GopherMax, which is 10% castor oil in Fuller's Earth--seems to work, after you figure out to *not* apply it in the direction you want the gopher to go. Crossing fingers, but currently appear to be gopher-free. - walt crawford
Here ya go RT @BreakingNews: Country singer Kitty Wells dies at 92 in Nashville, Tenn., her family says - @NC5
That's what, 5 today??? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
3 musicians, 2 authors. And a few people that no one is particularly interested in. - Gershbec
Mary Carmen
Hey folks, any last minute marriage advice or wise words?
Tell Scott that he has only today to be right about anything else for the rest of his life. :D MC The wife and I have been married for almost 21 years. I could tell you the secret to a good marriage if I knew what it was, ours just works. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Can you count to 10? - MoTO Boychick Devil from Android
I think so. - Mary Carmen
forgive early and often, try not to do things you'll have to apologise for, commitment is at least as important as romantic love, one day one of you will have to wipe the other's butt on a regular basis, drink plenty of water, know all this already, tho. - Big Joe Silenced
Then you're good, baby. And if you need to, keep counting. I've found it's the best advice I ever received about "making a good marriage." It helps control anger. It allows the other person to consider what they just said. It helps you realize that whatever you're arguing about really isn't worth arguing about. The rest is trial and error, or at least it has been for me. Also, to... more... - MoTO Boychick Devil
Always communicate when something is wrong or bothering you. Don't hold back, don't harbor resentments or grudges, no matter how tiny. Marriage is filled with compromises. As long as it is happening on both sides, you should be okay. Always give 100% to your relationship. Say I love you every day, never stop kissing. And, yes, forgive easily. - Jenny H.
Never go to bed angry...laugh often....always take time to nourish your relationship... Marriages take work...when it gets tough remember what attracted you...sometimes it gets lost in the muck of every day...stay a united front....instead of talking to try to get your point across try listening instead. - furrworld
Be happy. - Steven Perez from Android
dont 4get to say "I do" .. and always say " I love you" to each other before going to bed . - Peter Dawson
the wedding is just a thing. the relationship is what matters, at the core of it. And if you and Scott are happy at the end of the night tomorrow, that's the ONLY thing that matters. - Jenica
Lean hard on commitment when like or love isnt so easy. Be forgetful of wrongs. Be complimentary, even if it seems silly. Keep 3 checking accounts! His, hers and ours. And lastly, never ever wear matching clothes. - Lnorigb from FFHound!
Don't get too drunk at the reception, video is forever... - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Just keep talking to each other. And enjoy tomorrow-don't sweat the small stuff. You've got a lifetime together :-) - Heleninstitches #teamff
Playing together is important. You may want to buy a pair of Supersoakers. - Marianne
Say "I love you" frequently and mean it. Be affectionate towards each other as much as possible. Apologize when you're wrong. Say thank you. Don't hold grudges but hold each other responsible for your actions. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
I'll add to what Starmama said. Videos and Photos are forever. - AJ Batac
I've never been married, but my bf and I got great advice (at a leather bar in NOLA from an elderly gentleman and his partner who have been together for 30+ years)... he said "you want the secret to a successful and long relationship? Don't break up". Simple as that - now I understand that there can and will be circumstances that come into play, but I like to think of this when sometimes things get rough... don't break up... everything else if fixable if you love someone. blah. congratulations :) - Jason
Dance! - Lisa L. Seifert from Android
This is one of my favorite pieces of advice on marriage, courtesy of Martin Sheen: . <3 <3 <3 (And I believe this is how my parents have made it to 40 years - and counting - of marriage together) - Hookuh Tinypants
Marriage Day Advice: It will not be perfect. Life isn't so just go with the flow and enjoy the day for what it is: a celebration of your love and commitment. The rest is just extra. :) - That's So CAJ!
Pictures, pictures, pictures. Even embarrassing pictures. Even with the looming divorce, I've always been sad for not having wedding pictures. Other than that, remember vulnerability. Even when it takes bravery to achieve it. And loving yourself first. - Alix May
I hope you have a wonderful wedding! - YvonneM
what they said! Congrats! My personal advice - forgive and forget when its something small and its something that will not matter in the end. Cuz in the end all that matters is the 2 of you and that you love each other!! - Paulette
3 for 1. For every one negative interaction try to have 3 positives. And never show contempt for your partner. Contempt is like throwing acid on a marriage. - Todd Hoff
Date nights! Schedule them when needed. - CarlC from Android
Breathe! If you're feeling overwhelmed, just breathe. The good comes with the bad and it's with the bad that we can appreciate the good, the beauty, the love, and the fun! <3 - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
When you get married, you don't just marry the spouse, you are joining families. And you are making a family of your own, even if you don't have kids. A whole new set of responsibilities for each of us now that we are part of each others' family. I know some people say its just like living together, but for us it was definitely not. A whole other level of committment. - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Make time for each other; make space for each other too :) - Pete's Got To Go
Wedding day advice - If you are being taken away from the wedding location in a car that is not your own make sure you don't leave your wallet in the pants you left at the church. - Alan
Don't sweat the wedding day details - none of them really mean very much in the big picture. Stand together against the outside - don't let your family bully him, or his family bully you (even in passive aggressive ways that wear you out and make you want to give in). Don't try to change each other. Don't take on all kinds of bullshit responsibilities solely on yourself just because you're "the wife." Agree on how you're going to handle money, and communicate about it often. - Rachel Walden
And this is the advice I got from an older married friend: There will be times when you wake up and look at him and think "How did I get here?" That's normal, and it will pass. - I interpreted that to mean that yes your spouse will annoy the crap out of you at times and being an adult is weird and hard and you shouldn't give up when it is weird and hard. :) - Rachel Walden
none you two seem to be doing very well. - VALZONE#SCREWED
Be sure you get to eat pieces of your wedding (outside of the ceremonial one) and grooms cakes at the wedding. We didn't get to and I'm still not happy that 5 years later. I've been told they tasted good. :-) - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Be sure you sit down during reception. And also dance. Even if there's no music :) Much love and happiness to you both! - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
I haven't offered marriage advice because lasting marriages are all so different (and ours has only lasted 34.5 years so far, so I'm not sure we're experts). Pete's advice strikes me as good. - walt crawford
I'll pass along what was told to me for Scott. Only words you need to know for a good marriage "Yes Dear." - Me
I don't think this will be a problem for you two, but have a good sense of humor about things. Don't take yourself and your spouse tooo seriously. Take your time making major financial decisions together. The sales person is wrong, you can wait on getting that new couch. - Joe
We got married by a divorce judge. His only advice to us was to wait a couple of years before we had kids since if it's doesn't work out the kids get hurt the most. - Gershbec
I don't have any marriage advice (Rachel and Jenica got what I would say), but I do have wedding advice: charge your wedding party with making sure that you are eating or drinking something. On my wedding morning, I had to force myself to eat toast but having something in your stomach is better than nothing. Eat lightly but eat something. When they serve you first at the reception, eat... more... - Andy
On your wedding day, make sure you take a moment to really look at each other and appreciate the moment. It goes by sooo fast. - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
The food advice that Andy gave is good. Otherwise, you go through a Wendy's drive through on your way to the honeymoon suite because you realized you didn't eat. Not that I would know anything about that. - Joe
1. There is always Vegas... ALWAYS... 2. Ice cream heals most wounds - Johnny from iPhone
Trust yourselves. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Building on Rachel's with our simple guideline for the past 12 years of our marriage: Each of us remains THE primary contact for our own side of the family. Your partner will NEVER have the entire backstory/family dynamics/drama context (and criminy we both have this in spades) and it is our job to not let family spew their crap all over us. All of this intensifies tenfold if/when kids are added to the equation so practice now! - Nikki D.
Care. A lot. - #cryptic
Be excellent to each other :o) - Melly
Be present to each other in every moment. And laugh. A lot. - Corinne L
Love as you want to be loved. - Confessions Account from fftogo
What's with all these really old actors dying?
Who else died? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Ernest Borgnine - Gershbec
Here's a clue: "Really old." Even by my standards, 95 is not young. Really old people die. Really. Sooner or later... - walt crawford
I don't understand why they don't just keep hanging on. They've already made it so far! - Gershbec
Is there a social media divide among librarians? And if so, why do you think that is?
they are all hanging out on listservs? - maʀtha
lol :0) - YvonneM
Some library folk do not believe "social media" is a meaningful term, but I suspect that's not what you're getting at. - walt crawford
Martha wins it in one. - LB needs a break. from Android
For as connected as I am to librarians here and elsewhere, I'm surprised by the number that aren't really using social media. I expect everyone to be just as connected, I guess. - Derrick
There's a weird syndrome I've sometimes seen; I doubt it's the exclusive province of librarians. It goes something like this: 1. "That new thing? Nobody's using that; why bother?" 2. "That new thing? The only people who are using that are people who don't matter." 3. "That new thing? Maybe it works for some people, but I think it's a waste of time." 4. "That no-longer-new thing? It's... more... - RepoRat
Weeeelllllll... some days I'm willing to say there's a collective disadvantage from not having a critical mass of social-media librarians. But opportunity costs are notoriously hard to measure except in hindsight. - RepoRat
lol. touché, sir. - RepoRat
Good one. I think there is one, but I'm not sure if that's a bad thing. I guess I'm trying to figure out, are librarians who have not explored social media (vs. ones who have, and aren't into it) at a disadvantage, information-wise? I know I tend to hear about stuff before some of my colleagues who aren't online as much, but sometimes I'm overwhelmed by the amount of information... more... - YvonneM
I think there is a divide although I would characterize it as those who use it and those who don't. You can chop the 'those who use it' group into a wide spectrum of users (power users to very casual). If a story is big enough, people will pass it along every medium known to man; it will get through eventually. It's interesting to watch different stories pass through my social networks... more... - Andy
Another aspect of advantage is who pays attention to *you* on social media. Without ppl getting to know me thru social media I wouldn't have had -- well, *any* of the professional successes I have. Srsly, I can't think of a single important talk I've given or thing I've written that can't be traced one way or another to social media. So yeah, I definitely think there's a disadvantage to avoiding social media for folks who have certain kinds of professional-visibility aspirations. - RepoRat
@RepoRat Wow, that's really cool. @Andy Personally Twitter seems to be where I see stories move the fastest. It's truly amazing. - YvonneM
In defense of the listserv, it's a lot easier for me to search my gmail archives of listservs than FriendFeed, for example. I don't participate actively, and tend to use them as a knowledgebase for particular tools or aspects of librarianship (i.e. the EZproxy or Libstats listservs). - Holly's favorite Anna
I wonder, after reading these comments, whether the divide is between librarians who are insatiably curious about their professional world and those who care about their library, but not necessarily about what is going on in other libraries? A different sense of where their passion lives and who their people are? - barbara fister from iPhone
I think you're on to something, Barbara, but I'm not sure "my library/other libraries" is the only demarcation line. Library specialty is another (as Jenica's post today mentioning the cataloger suggests). - RepoRat
I was on Twitter before the big influx of librarians joined, and it was pretty boring. It didn't become relevant to me until the tipping point of enough of my peers using it. There also needs to be a convenience factor -- desktop apps with alerts made Twitter even easier to keep up with. One of the challenges of FriendFeed (for me) is being able to see quickly what threads/comments I... more... - Holly's favorite Anna
I see differences. Something that evolved out of our Medical Library Association meeting in May is a #medlibs chat that (unintentionally) overlaps with the tail end of #libchat. Very preliminary but I'm encouraged by the energy, community building & cross-field participation we're seeing and there have only been 3 of these things. - Nikki D.
True about the word "divide." The phrase "social media divide" is something I've been thinking about generally, and then a colleague at work asked me the question about an "SM divide" among librarians, which sparked my curiosity. Maybe the word "divide" stuck with me because of some of the hostility I've noticed with a few people--like, "Argh, here's thing I have no interest in and... more... - YvonneM
hmm if you care about your library shouldn't you also look at what others are doing outside are doing so you can learn from them to improve your library? - aaron from BuddyFeed
Aaron, your question makes me wonder about another possible difference - those who want to know what's going on right now in other libraries so they can encounter interesting ideas and those who seek information when needed. I have always had a beef with the ACRL information literacy standards because it's framed around an information behavior that is certainly not the only way we... more... - barbara fister
s/in other libraries/in the wider information world/g, but otherwise I'm right there with Barbara. (In one of my current worlds -- research data -- most of the interesting stuff isn't happening in libraries.) I do worry about the ability of someone who isn't under *some* kind of info waterfall (trickling is OK!) to avoid being blindsided by change, though. - RepoRat
I think Barbara's refined the distinction nicely. You can be aware of trends in libraries without participating in social networks; you just won't be RIGHT NOW!!! aware of them. Which for many librarians--even concerned ones who are future-oriented--is appropriate at times. - walt crawford
Steve, I like the way you are phrasing this. I see myself (41 years old, 18 years out of library school) as both a social media fan and a social media questioner. I often see young librarians doing things on social media where I wonder exactly what they are trying to accomplish. A librarian I know was trying hard to set up foursquare specials at her library, and I wonder "to what end?"... more... - Gershbec
Possibly they're experimenting? I don't see an immediate problem with that. It's almost always hard to know a priori which channels will turn out to be effective (and in which way), so the only way to find out for sure is to try (and to automate some of the gruntwork via tools like IFTTT and HootSuite). - RepoRat
I like "gap", I think it is more accurate. Also, some people blur their professional and personal lives when they use social media, and not everyone is comfortable with that. I might blog on some of the points brought up, is that OK? I won't use usernames (unless you want me to). Interesting stuff! - YvonneM
for my part, go for it, Yvonne - RepoRat
To the extent I said anything useful (which I don't think I did), feel free to use my username, which is also my real name. - walt crawford
Finally getting a chance to read this through, and it's a thought provoking thread. But I wonder, is the divide really around social media? I'd ask this: how many of the folks who avoid social media for networking, learning, growing personally or professionally also avoid going to conferences, reading blogs, or otherwise keeping up with what's happening on the ground around the... more... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
"But I wonder, is the divide really around social media?" Interesting question! And what about people who are nearing retirement who maybe feel information-saturated? - YvonneM
It's certainly an examination on information seeking strategies for an informational centric profession. It's an bit of introspection that may shed light on how only professions do their own personal information gathering because I have a feeling that there will be parallels. - Andy
I think you need some sort of "Ambient awareness" otherwise you may not even know there is something you need to do until it is too late. Whether it is Social Media (Twitter is the fastest), Mailing lists or even peer reviewed sources, it's great value is that informs you of the "unknown unknowns". It also helps if you are at the stage of chasing "known unknowns" by quickly recalling... more... - aaron
The other day, we got a question about the latest Journal Citation Reports on our virtual reference, and I said, "Oh yeah, that just came out like four hours ago" because I'd seen it on Twitter. And my colleague dealing with the question said "That's the first time I've ever heard of anyone getting any useful information on Twitter." And I was o.O - Deborah Fitchett
Yes, it's fun to see how one person's negative (or lack of) experience automatically generalizes to everybody else's. For certain values of "fun" that make me want to hit people. With rebar. - RepoRat
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