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Adam Turetzky
Google streetview driver crashes into a concrete embankment and ends up in hell. (click forward) -
Flickr: People in Photos | -
Flickr: People in Photos |
Flickr: People in Photos |
New feature in Flickr, and step-by-step tutorial on how to tag your friends! - Daynah from Bookmarklet
Jesse Stay, the Photo-Bomber. LOL - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Jimminy, I think there's another photo out there somewhere where I actually bombed (bunny ears and all) at the same event with Daynah. :-) (Sorry Daynah!) This one was by accident. - Jesse Stay
haha.. is there? Do you know who took the photo? - Daynah
Daynah, I can't remember - it was you and 2 of your friends. I stood behind with a really silly face and bunny ears over you. I wish I could find it too. :-) - Jesse Stay
Greg Schwartz
Adam Turetzky
danielpunkass: Apple now has more cash (savings!) on hand than Dell is worth. (34 billion vs. 30 billion). -
Toby Greenwalt
Rescuing The Reporters « Clay Shirky -
Chicago Sun-Times
UPDATING: Cook Co. cops bust up alleged dogfighting ring - based next to a daycare center. (edit)
FREEFALL: Newspaper Revenues Crash By 29% -
Jeremiah Owyang
Arnold Schwarzenegger Complete Japanese Commercial Filmography -
Arnold Schwarzenegger Complete Japanese Commercial Filmography
slow night at the library. nearly everyone here on the 2nd floor is either on a laptop or lib desktop.
Adam Turetzky
I'm speechless - Adam Turetzky from Bookmarklet
$150 "ride around the block" service for 1 ROTFLOL - Adam Turetzky
Dave Winer
Chicago Sun-Times
Get excited, folks. The full "Seinfeld" cast will be reuniting for the season 7 finale of "Curb Your Enthusiasm."
Bret Taylor
FriendFeed has been almost completely blocked in Iran as far as we can tell. We have a large number of very active Iranian users, and we noticed a steep decline in activity yesterday. Graph below.
:( :( - Rachel Lea Fox
Related to the election? - τorƍue
that's so bad... - Eren Emre Kanal
:-( - Kevin Fox
τorƍue: Yes, as far as we know - Bret Taylor
Bret: Is this based on IP numbers located in Iran, or actual activity from those users? If it's IP based, it'd be interesting to see the activity on a user basis and see if they've been able to route around the blocking. - Ken Sheppardson
Could it be related to Twitter being blocked (and therefore the twitter traffic import being blocked)? - Stephan Osmont
): - Jim Norris
Some users are definitely going through proxies. This is total # of unique visits from IPs originating in Iran - Bret Taylor
That tells it's own, sad, story. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
:((( - Oguz Serdar
Wow. - Rochelle
If Twitter were blocked and FriendFeed weren't, I'd expect an uptick in FriendFeed activity, not a 92% drop. - Kevin Fox
I.e. given all the users who've previously accessed the site from an Iran IP number, how many have been active from different numbers in the past 2 days. - Ken Sheppardson
Instead of "liking" this, shouldn't we have an "unlike" button? - Steven Melfi
:( Bret: According to Stephen fry, these are the iran proxies: . Can you track these IPs? - Roberto Bonini
I knew this day was coming. Too bad. - Robert Scoble
Steven - same feeling here. I always feel weird "liking" bad stories on FF - Mike Bracco
How does traffic from China look? Or North Korea? - τorƍue
do not like :( - Tamara, #TeamMarina
@τorƍue Twitter has been restored in China - Stephan Osmont
Hey... we saw issues with as well: - Kevin A. Burton
like for spread but not like for the situation - Imprenditore
I wonder what the international community can do about stuff like this. Eventually the "bad guys" will lose. - Michiel Sikkes
Hopefully, we'll never see a graph like this for Turkey... - Onur Şentüre
Man... :( That's really a corrupt government. Hope it gets better soon. - Peter
That's horrible. - @barisunver
Kheyzaran mentioned over the weekend that both Twitter and FF were blocked for Iran starting I believe on Friday. He is using a proxy when possible to keep us updated - FFing Enigma
Bret, any analysis about how many people unable to access FF directly are still able to access it via proxy? - Daniel Dulitz
:-( - bookmeister
So sad... - Luka
Sigh :( - Havang
I doubt any regular North Koreans have computers τorƍue - Eric - Final Countdown
Daniel: Well, we are still getting a bunch of Farsi comments and posts. They may be Persians from outside Iran or from Iranians using proxies. We don't have a detailed analysis breaking those down at this point. - Bret Taylor
The stigmata of evil. - Tim Tyler
all cominucation devices are blocked .even phone & cell phones ! - MohammadReza
Watching the "guerrilla cyberwarfare" aspect of the elections and reactions has been fascinating. Iran's universities are obviously full of resourceful, passionate geeks. - John Craft
not good in terms of freedom - Sheri Fresonke Harper
this is really bad. i hope there's some resolution to this. the people or iran have shown a lot of strength and courage to protest the illegitimacy of recent events. i don't think this will stop things - Cee Bee
please help us , we are under attack ,change friendfeed logo if you can - فرزاد
@MVB we all are Protests - MohammadReza
That's sad. - EricaJoy
:( Dislike. - Ruchira S. Datta
P.S. Kevin should turn the logo green in support of the Iranian's being disenfranchised. - EricaJoy
:(( - رامین
For those that are in Iran: Have you tried as a workaround? - FFing Enigma
I'm completely for having a fair vote, but I'm not sure that I'd want to try and align FriendFeed with a particular candidate, which is what a green logo would imply. - Kevin Fox
Many iranians using proxies to access FF. and therefore their IPs changes to fake IP . - آدمیرال
MohammadReza: Maryam's mom is still able to call her relatives and friends in Tehran, so they are keeping some voice traffic open, if not all. - Robert Scoble
Farshad, I'm trying to post news here: - Kol Tregaskes
@Kevin, totally understandable. - EricaJoy from IM
If Iran thinks they have nothing to fear, then why block Friendfeed? - Frode Stenstrøm
Frode: because the government is like China: they believe that by retarding the flow of information they will reduce the threat of protests and governmental overthrow. - Robert Scoble
Very reminiscent of the prelude to the fall of the Shah - Alan Morris
I don't speak Persian, so I don't know all the searches, but there are still (luckily) a lot of Persian users posting: If you are Persian and looking for updates, try our search engine to find the few users who still have access. - Bret Taylor
Frode: and in Iran's case, they are run by conservative religious authorities and they don't like the fact that they are not in control of information flow like they used to be. They like to think they can still control information sources and, since they can't, they try to block places where their citizens can go to share information. - Robert Scoble
is it a joke? iranian users seems the %90 of friend feed. it could not be real! - Fırat Demirel
Firat: There are no units on the vertical axis of the chart. - Ken Sheppardson
Firat: This is a chart of traffic from Iran, not of FF's total traffic. - Kevin Fox
Firat, i doubt that this graph is a percentage graph... probably more likely that it's measuring hits, sessions, or total data transfered (mb, kb, etc) - Chris Heath
Kevin: what impact did this have on FF's overall traffic? - Robert Scoble
Robert: Iran is the #6 country for FriendFeed in terms of page views per day. - Bret Taylor
something is cooking out there... - mehdi
Thanks all for answers. i told that it could not be real.. :) excuse me, i ve just read Bret's notice and looked at breaking point. i saw what i've missed before.. bad news for ff and iran.. :( - Fırat Demirel
These statistics are incredible, especially the normally heavy useage of FF in Iran. - Curt Mercadante
Bret Taylor, we can tag our pix and vids about iran election by an english keyword such as 'iran' or 'iranelection'. I think it will help to ff non-persian users to find out more about unrests in iran. - آدمیرال
Iran restored cell phone service Sunday that had been down in the capital since Saturday. But Iranians still could not send text messages from their mobile phones, and the government increased its Internet filtering in an apparent attempt to undercut opposition voices. Social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter were also not working. - Üstün Üzüm
Do *not* like. :( - Pete D
:( - Mitch
آقا یکی توضیح بده اینکه من(ما) لایک میزنیم! عملا دیسلایک ه ! :( - younes
Younes says that our likes to this graph mean dislike to tehran's regime censorship - آدمیرال
I can't find any evidence of Twitter being blocked in Iran. Anyone? - Martin Bryant
TechCrunch just picked this up: - Robert Scoble
Thanks for the translation آدمیرال ! - Ross Miller
ممنونم آدمیرال عزیز - younes
خواهش دوست من. - آدمیرال
martin: those words are not mine actually from a news article from washinton post. - Üstün Üzüm
On twitter people are retweeting the IPs and ports of unblocked proxies, can we do something like that here? - Canageek
martin, i'm from iran. twitter is blocked. what evidence you wanna? screenshot!? - آدمیرال
yes Canageek. we use proxies for tweeting - آدمیرال
Authorities blocking the internet are just reinforcing solidarity between people, can't they understand ? - stanjourdan
Stanislas: not to mention they encourage their smartest and richest people to leave (the ones who have technical skills). There's a reason why Silicon Valley has 10,000 or more Iranians living here. Their government sucks and the people are getting tired of it. Of course if their government was great I would never have met my wife (who grew up in Tehran). So, there is good to come out of a crappy government! :-) - Robert Scoble
it has always seemed to me that the iranian user base is ENORMOUS here. wow. unbelievable. - edythe
It is interesting how much civil unrest that is brewing across the globe towards their governments. The knee jerk reactions in attempting to block certain websites shows how much they didn't expect the net to become such a widespread conduit for cutting through the bs and informing those that wish to know. I wish those who take a stand all the best. - alphaxion
:( - Roberto
Another way for those that are in Iran is to access through Netvibes (but I don't know if it works or if it's blocked too), adding Friendfeed, Gmail and so on such as modules - Roberto
Thanks for sharing this, Bret. It's valuable evidence of what's going on, evidence which wouldn't have been available even a few years ago. - Michael Nielsen
Very much for democracy and voting rights in Iran... - freedom fighter mom
If anybody in Iran feels up to it, can you temporarily disable your proxy and run a traceroute to and then post the results here? - EricaJoy
Bret and Paul, can you let us know if the traffic comes back, which would tell us they've unblocked FriendFeed? - Robert Scoble
Robert: absolutely, we will let everyone know when it comes back up - Bret Taylor from email
Steven: You Like that it was posted, not the content of the post. - Tanath
Bret, thanks for sharing the info about the dive. Shame, but what could we have expected from the Iranian status quo? - Jon Osterholm
البته یه چیز هم هست اونکه بعد از فیلترینگ همه با آی پی غیر ایرانی می ان فرندفید و برای همنی آمارشون اینجا ثبت نمیشه ... وگرنه فکر نمی کنم از لحاظ تعداد نفراتی که میومدن کم شده باشه ... بلکه هم بیشتر - Hamed Safa
@بی بی, you might try - Jim Norris
Damn. - El Conejo Viejo
Good luck to all of you trying to get around the censorship. I hope the big sites are doing what they can to help out. - Eric - Final Countdown
Looking at the potential of this event in the future for numerous causes is mind-boggling. Really amazing. - Charlie Anzman
Come to think of it, does FF have a presence in China? I'd imagine it's blocked there. I've seen Chinese on here, but never sure if that's from China or speakers outside. - anna sauce
Tnx Bret - Conformist
Thnaks :) - Exir
ببین شب انتخاباتی چکار کردیم با این فرفر. wow! - ابوهدی
چه همه لااااااااااااااااایک! - ابوهدی
:(( - AJ Batac
Damn. - Derrick
Expected. - Michael W. May
Yes, Friendfeed is blocked in Iran. Right now the papers and TV channels here are ‎controlled by the government and our access to satellite channels is blocked too. ‎Friendfeed and Twitter are quite vital for us now. Our main source of exchanging ‎information and news is Friendfeed. Via Friendfeed we let everyone know that where ‎people need help and where to go and how to help them and... more... - Selma
Selma: does work for you? - Bret Taylor
Nope, they have blocked all https addresses, we have had to sign in to Friendfeed via anti-filters for the past few months. - Selma
Can't we "help" in some way? Providing proxies, I don't know, the kind of stuff pirates do. Pirates, and people trying to make a Revolution happen.... - Zackatoustra
It's very sad to see this happen - Michael Fidler
tnx all of you... - امین
I just spoke with my friend Andres, the main BBC correspondent for the Middle East/Afghanistan, and he mentioned the web is being fire walled in Iran much the same as the the "Great Firewall" during last year's Olympics in China. - sofarsoShawn
The Iranian websites that people used to exchange information about the election protests ‎in Iran are under cyber-attacks by the government forces and from anonymous sources. ‎Many of them are down right now. These Iranian websites were our few last remaining ‎channels to inform people. What can we do about that? Is there anyone out there who can help us with this?‎ - امین
i was 53rd active user in friendfeed until this filtering. now i can open FF with proxies and if i can fine. a Vpn but many Vpn here come from companies that have relations with security services, i thunk they allow us to bypass filternig and then, they will arrest who has wrote against their goals - خیزران
Can't we transfer the data/databases of the sites you, iranian guys, use to any new domain we could buy? I want to help. Not by throwing rocks to "security service" forces, but, at least, by making possible for what YOU have to say to go public, worldwide. - Zackatoustra
so so sorry for iran people... I hope they will win... - Tanaydin Sirin
Some amazing images from Iran - - Brent - Yes I am
Does work still? - FFing Enigma
Selma: 1- I don't use a proxy but clearing all but one (deleting them all logs me out) instance of each cookie name and refreshing the page always solves this for me in Firefox. Has never happened on Lunascape or IE. Good luck. - Alexandros Georgiadis
Friendfeedがイランでblockされているというコトらしい。いったいどういう理由でだか分からないけれど……もし、国内のゴタゴタの影響であればいずれtwitterも、ということになりかねないのかも。/でも、fftogoを使えば迂回できるのかな? - Sakurai.Catshop
What about email, amin.m? Are you able to post to FF by emailing share@friendfeed? - FFing Enigma
Very sad. - Parth Awasthi
The reason I ask is because if you can email a post, then try sending it to share@friendfeed and also to YourUserName@friendfeed. Then when someone comments you'll receive an email about it and you can comment back to the thread via email as well. - FFing Enigma
:(( - Nimaa from MojiPage
No wonder why ! - Pelin
+ don't use your ISP's DNS server, verify your Firewall, search for rootkits.. + If you really wanna use Tor, be 'mobile', check the onion's status, don't be too confident, continue to use encrypted protocols & 'mobile' ports. At least, read Tor's docs and articles about Tor & privacy/security.. - Thierry R. Andriamirado
I don't know if these can help but I put them here anyway - M F
Alexandros: Frienddeck could work for certain parts - posts and queries against user accounts are proxied through the App Engine, searches are direct against Friendfeed so they could probably not work. - Paul Kinlan
Thanks :(( - Mahdi Motamed
:( booooooo - Duncan Rawlinson
:o - FF88
DAMN! - Vicey
whoa, NOT good - Susan Beebe
We wish the people of Iran well in these difficult times - Marc
Not good at all. Best wishes to the Iranian FFers. I hope this whole mess gets cleared up quickly and with as little violence as possible - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
this is terribly wrong - Francisco Tomé Costa
A government that takes away people's Friendfeed will not last long. - Goran Zec
WOW CRAZY - Matt Kaufman
I like that 667 people liked this, that's 667 people hoping it all gets resolved justly and peacefully. - Steve C, Team Marina
now we are 676 people who liked that =) hoping too everthing gets resolved peacefully. - Ibrahim Tarlig
Bret, is there any update on this? Is activity still low? - Kol Tregaskes
Yes, we are still being blocked - Bret Taylor
definitely DON'T LIKE this... >_< ...would love to be able do more than retweeting proxies - Daniele
Best regards from Chile to all iranian people, we know a lot about bad government and human rights. Good luck, strength and courage to all of you. - Roberto Arancibia
:( - Shey
It's to bad there is such attempts to block free flow of information, how long will it be before there is more amazing differences happening? Such limits, hmm. - Raymond Marr aka Knatchwa
They have to keep the militants in check. Thank goodness for the pipes that were broken. - tony is block in Iran now. - 
:-( - Spottino
Interesting censorship- same can happen in America - I would like to talk to you abt Friendfeed and bringing over some large groups do you have time? - JanSimpson
I've seen those censorship about FriendFeed (Iran). Do you know some interesting and objective blogposts about it? - Thierry R. Andriamirado from email
Do you have a similar graph as ff's been blocked in China? - K.D.
And China now has a similar blockage. You should also check on it. - Kenyth
Sometimes we forget how easy we have it than other countries. But until people revolt & I mean a HUGE revolution injustices will still go on. - Gabriella Sannino
پرلایک ترین فید فرفره این - رامین
jeddi? - Hamed Safa from IM
che jaleb , oonvaght por comment dartarin feed kodoome? bebinim mishe feed 2khtare mardom e farzad davan davan ro be oon beresoonim? - Hamed Safa from IM
ba mobile am ... to bebin bara manam tarif kon :D - Hamed Safa from IM
:))))))))) - حسین آفلاین
is it still filtered? - آرام
یادش بخیر! - ابوهدی
همین باعث شد فرندفید رو بفروشه فیس‌بوک - Makhmal
تاریخ فیلتر فرفر - امیدم
Dave Winer
You'll know we're in the age of real-time when Google Maps are real-time. That means 24-by-7 global satellite coverage of teh planet.
I have it on good authority that a non-trivial fraction of Google Earth / Google Maps support emails were related to this. "I'm looking at a satellite image of my house and I can't see the goats in my back yard -- and I *know* they're there!" - Tudor Bosman
That's a rather terrifying prospect. Imagine being able to stalk people in real time from your pc? - Mark
I'd rather everyone have this ability, not only powerful governments and big corporations. May David Brin's dream come true :) - Tudor Bosman
Reminds me of the movie 'The End of Violence'. One character used a satellite surveillance and could shoot anyone he sees. - Rodfather
Imagine the processing power needed to photograph the entire world, put it on the net, in real time! - Mark
Dave would say "I am going to the Apple store" and we would see him walking there on google maps lol. It would be disastrous if this happened - Mark
Mark: when I visited the aircraft carrier Nimitz I learned why this isn't possible. Our satellites don't have enough bandwidth to do this. And, anyway, even if they did, their cameras aren't aimed at very much of earth's surface at any one time. That said, it would be most cool to see what they are aimed at right now. That won't happen because of national security issues and also... more... - Robert Scoble
Well its not possible now, who knows what the world will be like in 25 years with nano computing and 256 core CPU's, and 8 TB ipods :D - Mark
Although in 25 years time I suspect most of you will be either dead or dying :P - Mark
seems more likely that it won't be satellite, but earth-based cameras. I would expect earth-based stuff to get cheaper faster than space-based. - Carlos Eberhardt
this is not real time, is big brother!! :) - CantorJF
This post reminded me of my grandmother when she thought that the Google street view images were live and asked me when can I see somebody leaving my aunt's house? - Ashish
oooh! private spy organizations or public spying? Muahahahaha - Thomas V. Fischer
Why on earth would we ever want something like that? - Tyler Hurst
Well for one, tyler, it would solve thousands of crimes every year. - Mark
Scenario: a woman is attacked walking home work, the man steals her purse and pushes her to the ground. Google Maps real time lets us go to the point the woman was standing and get a good luck at the attacker :D - Mark
In fact we can follow him in real time as he walks home! - Mark
Tudor: while some EDU re:satellite images has gone down, it is still a major question on the support side. I think it is more likely we'll 'special events' faster - major disasters, major convocations, etc... - Joel
Chicago Sun-Times
BREAKING: Mark Buehrle throws perfect game.
Dave Winer
@eastgate -- "a crusty, ill-tempered, and usually old man"
Adam Turetzky
Alan Ruck and Jamie Gertz in 80s D&D commercial (via @codinghorror)
Alan Ruck and Jamie Gertz in 80s D&D commercial (via @codinghorror)
I was watching the Muffy's New Wave Bat Mitzvah episode of Square Pegs with a friend who went to Maine East and he pointed out that Jami Gertz' real life dad played the rabbi. - Gershbec
Adam Turetzky
CIGNA Chief Admits: Michael Moore's SICKO "Hit The Nail On The Head" -
Ari Turetzky
ok just feeling the need to say WTF. WTF! SRSLY WTF!
Sahel Kazemi, who was found dead with Steve McNair in an apparent murder-suicide, listed all her furniture on Craigslist days before. (corrects earlier version which incorrectly stated she was selling it for $1. The headline of the ad was listed for $1 but the post itself mentioned higher prices.)
wow! - Mike Bracco
Dave Winer
Прыжок с крыши. Жесть! -
Прыжок с крыши. Жесть!
Hell, ya! Who is that? - Marcus Schroefel
Scott Beale
How addicted to Twitter are you? -
How addicted to Twitter are you?
If being connected to Twitter every waking moment is addiction, then I'm very addicted, but i could quit if i wanted to lol - Jacqueline
I was riding my bicycle and checking my Tweets on my iPhone w/ Twitterrific yesterday. I had to stop myself after about 2 mins realizing what I was doing. I'm unrepentant though. I mean, I could be smoking crack and robbing liquor stores and, well, comparatively that's far worse. :) - Adam Turetzky
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Mount Rushmore as seen from Canada.
Fair trade for them getting the good view of Niagara Falls I'd say. - invariant
frickin sweet! - BEX
LOL - Tibor Holoda
LOL! too funny. - John Blanton from twhirl
Heh. B. Kliban did a cartoon of this with their pants down. Good job on this, tho :-) - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
hahaha, that's funny! - freedom fighter mom from twhirl
What? There's another view? Please post. - Ken Morley
I'm pretty sure it's in the collection "Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head", published back in the early/mid 70s. I know I've got it around here somewhere... - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
ROTFL, "the other side" - Roberto from fftogo
Hahaha. Awesome sight for 'em Canadians! - Santosh
face down and ass in the air! Love it! - John Hillestad
Cool, except anybody who's been to Mount Rushmore knows it faces east! So really this is the view from Wyoming. - Ben Hanten
Ben: Americans have never been known to have a sense of direction. - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Hilarious :-D - Ace
Sarah Palin sees this from the other side of her house. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
awesome - Nick Humphries
ahahahahahahah - Adriano Mercurio
LMAO! :-) - Mathew A. Koeneker
lol ... yup that's just what we see from Canada ... a bunch of asses - jay macpherson
*access memory: Braveheart battle scene* - Mo Kargas
Too funny! - Mark Harai
Haha... I LOL'ed for real too. - Barbara
wiping away tears. rofl - Capn' One Eye - adrift
+1 Jay (not really true, but still very funny :o) - Ken Morley
Hay I am Canadian !.....giggle - hollyseven
How did I miss this?! HAHA - Mona Nomura
I think somebody has a wedgie! - That's So CAJ!
that is epic. ;) - Philip "dmouse" Campbell
Awesome! - Timothy Federwitz
hahahaha wtf - tohuko
Teddy has a nice butt =p - Zulkarnain K.
where do you get this stuff from - Frank loves it - Kathi Barrett
That is brilliant. B3TA or somewhere similar? - dannystaple
Hahahah! Mount Rushmore as seen from Canada. - KyNam Doan
haha ace babes xx - abigailashleawhitaker
This is an old pic, but is still always funny to see. :) - John Pyper
ha ha ha - shaquille
Bump. - Kol Tregaskes
woooowwwwww steady, sweet - Dc L Ie
ROFL - denis
wow - renga
Chicago Sun-Times
PHOTOS: Floating at 1,300 feet at the Sears Tower -
Adam Turetzky
I honestly can't decide whether this is one of the best threads in reddit history or one of the worst. -
Jason Griffey
My fun for evening: Massive Black Widow in our mailbox:
holy crap...that's scary - Sir Shuping is just sir
you signed up for the banana of the month club? - DJF
gah!!! just.... gah!!!!! ima have nightmares now. why in the world did I click on that link?! - holly #ravingfangirl
hey holly, here's a different link for you to click (no nightmares) - Sir Shuping is just sir
I will assume the correct response was SQUASH IT SQUASH IT SQUASH IT GET THE BUG SPRAY!! - Hedgehog
Whoa scary - Rodfather
Wow, in the mailbox. Waiting for some fingers to take a bite. - Ricardo Vidal from iPod
Wow! She's a big'un! Used to see them like that in my garage, but only rarely. Guess that one knows how to kill pretty effectively, yeah? - Absentee
Daniel B. Honigman
From the page: "Times executives believed that publicity would raise Mr. Rohdeâ val...
Very interesting! - Gershbec
Dave Winer
Wikipedia damages shaky credibility with Rohde coverup.
"Luckily for Wikipedia, this issue was clearly life or death. But what if it isn’t?" But it was-- the rest is all hypothetical. - Kevin Gamble
Colonel Tribune
Chicago college student keeps blogging, this time from the more "normal" Tehran suburbs. #IranElection
Adam Turetzky
Nothing pertaining to Iran is any longer a Trending Topic on Twitter. I love the human race. (via @75th)
I noticed that MichEAl Jackson is up there now - Gershbec
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