ghanes14 on iPhone 3 Deluxe Hard Case Orange -
"Not sure I understand what you're saying?" - Billy Haynes
ghanes14 on Lumosity Brain Game Comes to Android -
"> Lumosity It's been a while since I've used their website, I am currently trying out the app and so far I see some good and bad aspects (Will probably post a review in a day or two). I am currently mobile, but there's a link in the post." - Billy Haynes
ghanes14 on Check ESN & Avoid buying a stolen iPhone -
"Johnsu - I mention Swappa in the article, but I went ahead and added a link to the ESN checker as well." - Billy Haynes
I will put a santa hat on your web site logo or picture for $5-
reddit is offline in protest of PROTECT IP and SOPA -
"submitted by reddit to blog." - Billy Haynes
10 People Who Made It Cool To Be Drunk -
"Dugg for Lindsay Lohan and Jesus Christ Lmao. The big breasted slut had to make the list, she has the looks (well, some of the time she does), but the brains are more dead and gone than Justin's hopeless ex Britney. And we can't forget Jesus, he who turned water into wine and then preached intoxicating your body is a sin... Jesus Christ was a living oxymoron in that point of view." - Billy Haynes
10 People Who Made It Cool To Be Drunk -
The 20 Weirdest Zombie Movies Ever Made -
"Only one I remember seeing is Planet Terror. I'll have to look into the chopper chicks in zombie town for sure." - Billy Haynes
The 20 Weirdest Zombie Movies Ever Made -
Big Momma's House 3!? Hollywood Officially Out Of New Ideas -
Pluckers Wing Bar, Dallas, Texas -
@weirdnews Captian Crunch flavored Gin!
@msparchman09 After you used it some it gets simpler to understand, in short you have few words to say as much as you can in. Then send.
@catrific ADHD, why did they ask that? Wait, no...are you sure :P lol just playin.
@THE_REAL_SHAQ - Oh come on, he already beat the cloths off dude in the back, what was this guy thinking? Well, ...
@THE_REAL_SHAQ - Oh come on, he already beat the cloths off dude in the back, what was this guy thinking? Well, ...
@THE_REAL_SHAQ Hey, I'm in Houston for today/tomorrow, would be cool to meet you, whats the chance? Come on by Hotel Derek ask 4 Haynes! :P
@THE_REAL_SHAQ Was you at the Galleria yesterday? A guy doing a drawing for a car asked if we had seen you pass, we didn't so was wondering?
Did this really happen, or is this fake? You decide!
@Shimmycocopuffs Really, or you just fooling? I was on Youtube earlier for about 5 minutes, everything was upside down! It was cool,at first
@Shimmycocopuffs I can log in, so I guess so...
I'm gonna be taking a trip to Houston next month, anyone from there or been there that can recommend some things to check out?
Wondering about the weather, 80 degrees Tuesday, 30's and hailed Wednesday, and I just look out, and through the nite, it snowed some! wth..
What a week, almost no free time! Got on to check what everyone's been up too, now I'm off to sleep..Philosophy class is so borring...
@biggunn Oh cool, I couldn't get interested in my history class though lol.
@biggunn If you double up all you classes, simple math would say a 2 year degree could be got in um, 1 year? :P what degree u goin for?
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