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RT @FastCompany: Simple acts that build your leadership presence
Denton, slacker capital of the American South, grows up via @GuardianTravel ht: @GlenFarris - greg hardin
Denton, slacker capital of the American South, grows up via @GuardianTravel ht: @GlenFarris
LJ Index 2014: All the Stars, State by State -
Congratulations to the @LibraryJournal Star Libraries from Texas! @TXLA #TexasLibraries
20-14_ISTE_Standards-S_PDF.pdf -
ISTE Standards (formerly the NETS) for Students (ISTE Standards•S) are the standards for evaluating the skills and knowledge students need to learn effectively and live productively in an increasingly global and digital world. Simply being able to use technology is no longer enough. Today's students need to be able to use technology to analyze, learn and explore. Digital age skills are vital for preparing students to work, live and contribute to the social and civic fabric of their communities. - greg hardin
Characteristics of programs of information literacy that illustrate best practices: A guideline -- 73 (6): 355 -- crlnews -
informationliteracywactc / PILR Pre-college Information Literacy Research -
Project Description Research sites will identify information literacy learning outcomes, design instruction and assignments, and use standardized rubrics to assess student learning in pre-college courses. Sites will collect and report data to document student achievement of IL outcomes. Data will be used to explore the impact of IL instruction on achievement and transition for pre-college students. A limited number of teams will be selected for winter and spring 2010. Priority is given to proposals that: Demonstrate previous experience and/or collaborations with information literacy Reach the greatest number of students at multiple pre-college levels Involve multiple pre-college faculty - greg hardin
Library Courses | College of the Sequoias -
Note: Any one of these three courses can be used to complete the Information Competency Requirement of the COS GE (General Education) pattern for graduation. This requirement is only for COS students who were first enrolled at COS in Fall 2013 or those students who are returning after an absence of three consecutive semesters. - greg hardin
Research and Documentation Online 5th Edition -
The information on this site is also available in a print book, Research and Documentation in the Electronic Age, Fifth Edition, by Diana Hacker and Barbara Fister. - greg hardin
IRIS: Choose a Topic -
Welcome to Iris! a collection of research tutorials IRIS 4-2 is a collection of tutorials to help you learn about information and research. Your instructor may assign specific tutorials for you to work through, or you may use the links on the left bar to pick and choose the modules you need. Use IRIS to focus on what you need to know right now. How much do you know about information and research? Test yourself with the Quiz and print out results for your own information or email results to your instructor. Score 100% and get a certificate! Keep track of your progress with the Modules Checklist [Word] - greg hardin
Course: escinfolit: Information Literacy -
Information Literacy This is the non-credit, self-paced online information literacy course offered by the Empire State College Online Library. Anyone may enroll at any time. We expect that many people will want to just drop in and pick and choose which sections of the course interest them, and that\''s fine. However there are also options to complete practice activities, self-evaluation quizzes and a Research Portfolio. - greg hardin
Hate Small Talk? One Approach Anyone Can Use | -
Chatting with people you don't know is easy if you follow one simple rule. "Look around the room. Pick someone who looks uncomfortable. Pick someone who seems to feel out of place. Pick someone just like you. "Then go talk to them. Make it your goal to make that one person feel more comfortable. Then you'll feel more comfortable too." Try it. If it's painful to mingle, if it's awkward to make small talk, use those feelings in a positive way. Turn sympathy for yourself into empathy for another. Go rescue someone. - greg hardin
Echo & the Bunnymen – The Killing Moon -
Handbook for Information Literacy Teaching -
Welcome to the Handbook for Information Literacy Teaching (HILT). This Handbook was written by a group of subject librarians at Cardiff University to support their colleagues in Information Services as they developed their information literacy teaching. Since the appearance of the first edition in 2005, we have received many expressions of interest from outside the University. We are happy for you to use and re-purpose our material; please note that under the terms of our Creative Commons licence, your use of the Handbook is restricted to non-commercial purposes and you are required to acknowledge the source. Please would you let us know how you decide to use the resource. We look forward to receiving your comments. Nigel Morgan Chair of the HILT Group - greg hardin - digital literacies toolkit -
Welcome to the Digital Literacies Toolkit. This interactive learning tool was designed and developed by eLanguages in Modern Languages at the University of Southampton with support from the university Student Centredness Fund. The purpose of this set of learning resources is to help students: explore the educational uses of Web 2.0 tools and services; familiarise themselves with a range of useful applications for study-related purposes; highlight good practice in the use of social software and the internet, in general. - greg hardin
How to Organize and Print Years Worth of Photos | Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo -
I think photos and photo albums are one of the only things that really give me true anxiety…..because it’s so easy to get behind! The only way that I can keep myself from worrying about it all is having a system. I thought I’d lay out my system since it works well for me…..and maybe it will help someone else! I’m sure there are lots of ways to do this….but here’s what works for me since I get easily distracted! Most of this is geared towards a Mac system but it can be easily applied to a PC as well. Let’s get started! - greg hardin
Libraries as Enablers of Pedagogical & Curricular Change by Joan Lippincott @kimduckett @anu_vedantham via @EDUCAUSE - greg hardin
Libraries as Enablers of Pedagogical and Curricular Change (EDUCAUSE Review) | -
The Front End Librarian -
LibUX - Design and User Experience for Libraries -
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